How to make hair look less greasy

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What can you do to make your hair look less greasy

4 views | 18 Mar. 2019

When the level of

When the level of androgens (hormones) increases, which happens when you're experiencing a hormone imbalance, this puts your body in a slightly stressed state, making the glands in your scalp produce more oil. To help combat this extra oil your hair is producing, try a clarifying shampoo.Have greasy hair and oily roots? Follow these tips and use our product recommendations, including dry shampoo for hair that looks less greasy.We can help. We've worked out 12 easy hairstyles to hide oily roots and still look cute AF. No matter what your hair length, long or short, we've got you covered. ... @brittsully, you make it look too easy. A post shared by OUAI

Oily and greasy hair can make your hair look flat & weighed down. So what to do with ... You want hair that looks and feels great – not greasy and flat. If you have this and more in this post. Here are 6 easy tips on how to get rid of oily and greasy hair fast. ... how to get rid of oily hair? Look no further - we have your back.

How to make hair look less greasy

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595 712 views | 3 Jul. 2018

A week without washing my

A week without washing my hair hairstyles - 6 quick & easy hairstyles for greasy hair! Hairstyles for dirty hair

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I can’t exactly explain it but these are very UK hair styles

Faith Lasack


Cat but Human

I love your accent! Also my hair looks like that after 2 days!

onion fetus

Idk but I pick at my scalp so it get oily in like a day- its so annoying

L. Haanen

6:06- 6:10 has my crying hahahahahah

Soekayna Cupido



Bobbin call hair tie


Oh my gawd, my greasy hair enemy comes RIGHT AFTER 2 DAYS. Probably the reason that the hair is not clean enough-

yellowbears o_o



you like Ross's cousin from Friends

Marcus Sutliff

Love the makeup, besides the pink underline. But that's just me ok basic

L.C 123

Am I literally the only Irish person who doesn’t say bobbin?? I say hair band ??

Golden Glow

Your ponytails look so nice! Mine don’t always turn out like that... maybe that’s cuz I have short hair? So I just do that but in a half up half down ?

Annalillia Romero

Is it just me or died her voice remind me of the movie brave??

Consciously Pure

Love these!


When your too depressed to take a shower.

kim Anpangirl

Those eyes are so satisfying to watch

Can you please try to not wear that eyelashes and that eye lances in your future videos

Jenny Mason

bruv my hair gets greasy after like one day and it doesn't have 'volume' it looks like a fricken bike helmet ?

Ksomya Joshi

Yur eyes are so beautiful

slate grey

U are STUNNINGGG?????❤❤❤

Caroline Benoit

i’m sorry but the ponytails have so many bumps that it gives me anxiety

Anni !

Ugh I regret using handfuls of shampoo and conditioner on my head ? I thought my hair will be CLEAN

Alex cooper


Ειρήνη Χαμουζά

Girl your hair is not greasy my hair is like that literally 7 hours after showering

Cherokee Wolf

I attempted to do the 2nd hair style and things kept going wrong.
First, when I did the high ponytail, it was right on top of my head. Second, when I did the fishtail braid, it seemed to be going well, but was super loose.
XD Guess I better keep practicing on it.


After 1 day of washing my hair I can totally make fried eggs on it ?

Captain Marvel

Why don't you try modeling or acting as a career option you look better than actresses in Hollywood

Benita Juraite

Actually when ur hair is freshly washed that’s the time u have smmm volume

ZaynUb waQar

U speak so.bad

rajitha pulluri

Wow ur hair is so silky and strait

Jess Brown

When me name is Jessie B......

Elysium Entertainment

I need your hair length my hair is taking the absolute mick to grow, I've seen a difference in my hair but its still not at the length I would like it to be.


Just put baby powder

Brownie Ocean

I cant go without washing my hair for over two days, itll get really greasy or my scapl will just get itchy so i gotta wash it


I just want ur baby hairs ?

Keisha Kole

Im sorry i dont mean to be rude but i just want to inform you incase others agree and are bothered by it also but again i am sorry if rude but you really do talk way to much during your videos.

Dunja Prelević

Thanks girl, you're a life saverrrr! I've been studying so much and simply have not had time for washing my hair ( I promise I will tomorrow :D)

felis haxby.x

Mines really annoying a day after its greasy again


If her hair looks like that after a week. I wish I was her.


Your eyes?

draco malfoyzz

My hair is greasy after 1 week and 4 days???

k c

your vibe is so addicting!!! i love this positivity



Aaliyah Scrine

I could never leave my house with a messy ponytail I don’t know why i just hate the feel


No one:

Me here because I forgot is was Xmas and I’m in my PJ’s trying to fix it

Anisa Hamati

Harry Styles ?

Consciously Pure

You’ve got really similar hair to mine, but somehow my messy bun never looks as good as yours!

pEpA pIg

Thank you Jesus


my stress levels are at 100 i cant even do a high pony fgs

Arysha Tehzeeb

How is she THAT pretty, like i literally can't take my eyes off her ? AND i'm a girl ?‍♀️

Lisa Stewart

Dang I’m not watching this while my hair is greesy but umm when it is I just do a messy bun like throw my hair up pull the sides out and we good

Kenia Liseth

I don't know why but her voice/accent makes me smile, love it


Gurls and boys! My hair looks like normal hair after not washing it in like a thousand years plus u are sooooooooo sweet like my hair a husky looks normal

Lucky Lily

So curious about your hair colour ? can someone tell me plz

Harry Jon Hair & Makeup

You gotta love a cute bun. ❤

Nancy and Ava Summer vlogs !

I’ll just brush troo

Mohammed Bakooban

Hi jessie b I'm from India u have a beautiful eyes

Secret Queen

I’ve one hour to go
But too lazy to wash my hairs so watching this


You're adorable!? I'm barely halfway in and I'm subscribing. Can't believe I've nevwe come across you before. Also thank you I'm constantly in a rush and my poor hair suffers sometimes so this should help immensely☺

Marlene Jansen

I don't have enough hair for these styles, lol. I have long hair, but it's fine. ?

Addison m

You hair looks more greasy with those styles

魏霄 魏谨

My hair goes greasy soooo fast I feel like I have to wash it every day but my mum say is bad for your head

Emmalee Donohoe

Are u Irish ??


at least she looks good with greasy hair mine is greasy after max 2 days and it looks like sheet

Kaylene Scott

Does your head ever hurt when you have it tied tight all day? You have a lot of hair and it seems thick too.. my hair is similar and I can't have it tied tight without getting sore or a headache

Ishii A Human

My hair looks like that at the end of the day after washing my hair ??

Brooke Ramshaw

You lowkey look like Olivia Neil, you’re so pretty !!

Tamanna H

you look like indian model Aishwariya ray , you're literally so gorgeous wtf!!!!

Hannah Bang

My forehead could never. My forehead be saying HI ?

Valeria, Ig lives

I feel like my hair is way too thick for these


I love your accent SO much

Niamh Wrafter

Thanks your very pretty and love your accent ?

Appu stha

So much like in everyones comment can i also?


My hair is always greasy

Emzo Mul

I’m Irish too!

Aaliyah Scrine

Omg I love your accent so much ❤️

Ponnu Jeyaraj

Love from india

Shanna Robertson

And this is why I wash my hair everyday. Don’t come for me because idfc I know it’s considered bad?


I just put in dry shampoo and tie it int9na low pony tail

Hailey Evans

What the heck are these is looks terrible and you look like you where dumpster diving

Meena Gautam

What's your zodiac sign..?? ?

Tori W

Me watching this because I can't get water on my hands bandages: smert

Me after realising I can't even use my hand to do these styles: s h e t

Leah 379

You are incredibly pretty wow. And i love your make up.

Olivia Peterson

Orrr, just take a shower.


I love how she’s so genuine and doesn’t lie like other you tubers ❤️✨

Felix Felicius

What the fuck are these

Nika V.

2:00 if i put my hair like this my head hurts ;-;

Rylee Marple

Yah aha I don’t leave the house if my hairs greasy

amani alm

“grease hair got our back” LMAOO??

k o o k i e d o u g h

I dont even have greasy hair rn.
Im just watching cos i get greasy hair quickly


You are really pretty gal and thanks for the video ??

Jasmine Bolan

My hair looks like that after not even two days

Captain Marvel

Why are you so beautiful ???


2020 coronavirus

Benita Juraite

I’m sorry but what’s with the bumps when she does her pony tail it makes the hair look even more greasy

Shine Brida

My hair feels so gross when it's greasy though. It's hard to feel cute cos it makes the skin all around my hairline feel greasy and somehow makeup feels gross on my face too lol. I did your messy pony this morning tho and I got a hair compliment so thanks!

Jamielee Stevenson

my hair looks like that and its been a day

Cool Stuff

Hey jessie b I did the the fish tail one
Thank you!!❤❤❤❤


Well my hair was greasy because of a new hair product I was using so I put it in a Dutch braid until all the grease washed out and you couldn’t even tell ?

Sunil Kumar

Your first hairstyle I don't like and also so boring even when I have s greasy hair on that this hairstyle are made good as from you and In your second hair'style your hairs comes out do it properly and again you push your hair you think that there have a volume as you seeing a video there is so odds I like third hairstyle and in a fourth hairstyle also good but not so your fifth hairstyle also you have to improve more and sixth hairstyle seriously I don't like improve ok this is my advice if you have to take take it

How to make hair look less greasy

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How To Make Hair Look Less Greasy - Oil Training Hair

143 views | 29 Mar. 2020

If you are oil training

If you are oil training your hair these are great styles to try. A few of my favorite tricks to make hair look less greasy.

oil training is a technique where you slowly reduce the frequency of hair washes to get your scalp accustomed to not being rinsed often, naturally minimizing oil production.

Pearl Hair Clips - https://bit.ly/2xvPUkT

Knot Crystal Headband - https://bit.ly/3dIV6mj

Aveda Hair Oil - https://bit.ly/2wNre7n

Atarah Hair Oil - https://myatarah.com/shop/scalp-and-hair-treatment

Let's talk more!

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/DawnDelRusso

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Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/dawndelrusso/

I am an On-Air TV expert seen on National TV Access Hollywood Live, E! News, Extra, NY Live, Fox 5 and in print like Vogue Italia, InStyle, Life & Style, US Weekly. I am the author of "101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle"

Christopher Armistead

Amazing Dawn great tips for keeping our hair in good condition you give out some great tips and I can use those and you have gorgeous hair its lovely. Thank you Dawn for a wonderful video and stay safe. Love XO❤