Piercing antiseptic

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Studex After Piercing Care

19 508 views | 9 Nov. 2010

In order to promote a

In order to promote a trouble-free healing process, all customers receiving an ear piercing with Studex® products should observe the following after care advice:

• Wash hands thoroughly before touching studs or ears.

• Cleanse front and back of ear with Studex® After Care Lotion twice a day without removing studs.

Then rotate studs 2 or 3 times, 180° left and 180º right, i.e. ½ turns only, thus avoiding hair wrapping around

the post at the back of the lobe. In between cleansing, keep ears DRY.

Read more here: http://www.studex.com/after_care/after_piercing_care.html

Piercing antiseptic

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How I got rid of my nose piercing bump quickly!

179 150 views | 28 Jan. 2016

Nose piercing bumps are so

Nose piercing bumps are so common- here's some tips and advice as to how I got rid of mine!

Places you can also find me:

Instagram: @sundayshows

Or click here: http://bit.ly/29lV9b7

Twitter: @Sunday_Jules

Or click here: http://bit.ly/29wMq5T

Pinterest :@SundayShows

Or click here: http://bit.ly/29rxFS1

Enquiries: [email protected]


Let see if this works I’m trying it tomorrow ?I’ll update if anyone cares

Unsa Salamat

thanks I will try it?

saraya taylor

Her voice is soo soothing?

Beauty Ayok

I'm gonna try cos I'm sick of having this bump on me

Jiya Satra

I have a bump on my ear and its been 6months I just want to get rid of it as soon as possible so how much time will it take?

Abby Arlena

Thank you for this video ❤️


You can also use toothpaste I put it only on my nose bump and left it on for a few hours and washed it off with saline solution and after 2 days it was gone

Blasian Vlogz

I put hot water from the microwave with tea tree oil dipped a qtip put it on the bump as a hot compress it drained its almost gone now i did it last night

Leila Rosette

I'm currently trying a sulphor based acne mask on my bump on my helix + hydrogen peroxide. If that doesn't work I'm trying this stuff!

Shivani Ghadi

I having same problem....I do so many methods nearly a one year but it doesn't work and also do so many things to heal my nose bump but can't get any results.....getting too much pain so what can I do for this?


Can I put dettol twice a day once in the morning and once at night, and tea tree oil on my nose piercing bump ??


Is it normal to have the piercing bump on both inside and outside of the nose?


Tried everything to remove mine, tea tree, salt soaks. Nothing seems to be working and it will occasionally scab near the stud but going to try this dettol thing and hope it works as i'm about ready to cut it off haha. I have had to repierce my nose twice with my stud as it fell out and i'm fairly sure that's why i've got the bump or an infection. Fingers crossed!

Myah Letts

You are so pretty!!!

Joshua Restrepo

thank you

Hannah Lily

This was super helpful! Thank you x

Luc Jo

You can shower and bathe in dettol

Kina Brownskin

I just got one that appear on my hear this morning when I woke up and I am really scared that it's get bigger .......

Mahiya muskaan

please speak louder

Priya Mondal

Dettol and water work for me....thank u so much for this video


you are so cute, your voice is relaxing hahah and thanks!


Did you leave the Dettol after cleaning your nose piercing? How long did you leave the Dettol on for?


what can I use instead of aspirin?

Najma Hussein

How can I get rid of dry bump on my ear?

Kishsn Sen

Hi last time I search on internet that the dettol is best way to use for nose bump and they said NO ....because it can cause irritation


omggg guyss dettol workss perfecttlyyy. It removed my bump in like a weeek. I lovee youuu soo muchh sunday showss thankyou forr this <3. Also before putting dettol i used to clean the bump with rocksalt.

Kelsey Jernigan

Omg you're so adorable

Katherine Chavez

Can i use this on my earlobe?

Jyothirmai M

use antibiotic tablet for 2 days.. it cures


my piercer said i should change mine in 12 days .. horrible mistake i have a scab on top of my nose ring and it's red and kinda bumpy and a little bit of puss comes out the hole idk i tea tree oil and witch hazel, it hasn't done anything yet :(

Asmit Chowdhury

I had my nose piercing 8 months ago. and i have a bump. i tried tea tree oil. and it kind of blackened my skin. how to get rid of the discoloration around my piercing. please help me.

Lala Hood

Ive had a bump inside and out my nose for 5 months. Ive been doing saline soaks twice a day, aspirin pastes, sea salt pastes and tea tree oil and its still there :/ i hope this works

jaebeoms gf

How do u only have 1k subs :(

Simply Simple

My nose had piercied around a month.and now i hav bumps inside and outside of my piercing area. Sea salt in warm water applied daily 3 times.bt no change.now i remove my stud.and no hole is seen yet bcoz reddish bump like fleshy substance only seen.wat can i do..plz help me


how do you make the dried skin go ?

Max Aspinall

What measurements do you use to dilute the Dettol with water exactly? I’ve been doing this for the past 3/4 days now and I’m not sure if I’m making the mix to harsh as recently it has has started leaking a type of puss from my nose piercing bump :(

Karoline 'karoe'

I'm really glad the tea tree oil did the thing for me, it took only 3 days actually. But amazing that you posts those tips!

Star X

Thanks you for this video I tried the dettol and it worked so fast and also used spot cream and it went away after 4 days

Shruti Kumari

I m having this keloid for 2-3 weeks and I have tried everything but it is not healing..
Now I'm going to try this dettol ...??‍♀

Neha Das

In the dettol formula.. we need warm water or just mineral water... n we need dettol water and what we need I did understood please help me

Francelia Jackson

I forgot to mention , I mixed saline solution with the detol

Selima Appiah Mensah

I'm definitely trying dettol, I hope, I really hope it works for me! Fingers crossed ??

Nur Ayunabila Mohd Sidek

omg i nearly give up but after watching this n try it at home it works for me! thank youuu!


Why didn't YouTube recommend me this earlier? ? I had a nose stud and after 2 weeks, I changed it to a hoop "cuz I thought it was fully healed". But then it had a keloid infection afterwards and I didn't had that Dettol Solution, so instead I used Dettol Antiseptic, after showering I would apply a thick base on the keloid and it works veryyyyyyy well. My nose keloid is almost gone rn after using the Dettol Antiseptic for only 5 Days.? Btw u can get the Dettol Antiseptic at any local pharmacy. ?

Cinnamon Boo

Dats what I have right now. The piercer told me to do the same thing

Akira Verma

I'm very upset , m suffer from bump 1 month

katlego mokaba

It's been 6 months ?

Khan Zadi

I 've little bump inside nose piercing can I use aspirin with sea salt or not??

daily village cooking Pakistan

My bump is inside the nose what shoul I do


I’ve had it for so long and tried literally everything. Nothing works. I went to dermatologist an they said I have to remove it surgically and close my nose piercing.


Where can I buy the dettol

Youdontneedto know

My mum is OBSESSED with that dettol ?

Zehra J

Thank u I love uuuuu

Melinda Hinojosa

So use dettol for the bump. I have been using sea salt and tea tree oil but nothing is working. Where do you buy dettol bottle at?

William Peach

Exactly what mine is doing!!!

Samantha Buchoon

I'm back 4 weeks later!!

Dettol did wonders ??

David Reese

Dial soap and water 4x a day took mine away in 4 days

AJ malik

Can i use essential tea tree oil instead of 100% tea tree oil??

Nshsh Hdhsbz

I thought my nose was infected oh thank god?

Jessica Levensalor

2/17/2020...The Dettol worked AMAZING! I ordered on Amazon as I could not find it elsewhere. Roughly $11. I am on day 5 and seriously, my bump nearly exsists. I have tried all the other methods as well. Nothing compared to the Dettol. I use it for most everything skin related now...
Wishing you the same positive experience

Update...9 days using Dettol BUMP IS GONE!!!
Beyond grateful to have found this video and Dettol!

GirLz Korner

Thanks alot dear... I was very upset about my nose bump... I have been pierced my nose for two times... But their is a bump.. but finally I found your video... Dettol is very effective for me ... For a single time use I see a difference... Thanks again...and love from Pakistan ??

Francelia Jackson

Well girlfriend second day using detol and bump almost gone ,thanks


Hi would this work on double forward helix piercings? I have hypertrophic scar on both holes where the needle went through. I have tired tea tree oil, sea salt, noting works. As well I have a industrial bar and I have a keloid on the bottom hole it never went away. It’s still there any advice? It sort of big but not like the ones on YouTube


Thank you so much!! I tried everything and this is the only thing that’s helped! It’s pretty much gone thanks to you xxx

Ally Kendall

the bump on my industrial piercing is fairly big, do you think it will work if I use the dettol? I’ve been using it for a week and it seems to be peeling a bit and scabbing. When it scabs I soak it off.

Faima A

I want to pierce my nose madam but how long does it take to get heal


You should of waited at least 6-8 months before switching . Lobe piercing heals differently

Laisa Guillermo

It's OK if u clean it little bit blood comes out

Morgan Richards

you look just like Carrie Underwood


I will try this!

Askiya S

You talk so much and not to the point

Alice Neema

OMG, I had a bump on my piercing for like 5 days and I try the salt thing but didn’t work but I find yo video and brought Detto right away, I put it on and next morning I wake up when the bump has gone, thank u for yo tips ❤️

celine sikabediden

oh my God it really wrks.jst use detol.

Simply Shannon

Wonder if Listerine mouthwash would work too? ? I'm desperate to try anything at this point ?

Shubhi Garg

I have got my nose pierced two weeks before and got a bump just like yours...should I try or wait for it to heal naturally

Ellie Longworth

I done this and when I put the detol in the water it turned white ? Is this right ?

Vanessa Rodriguez

So can I still wear makeup with the bump and add the dettol?

Miriam Yazmin

Is a nose bump normal. I had mine around and under where the other side comes out

Aqib Bhat

Mam I got my nose pierced before 2months but my nose is still swelled with a blackish bump....I put saline solution every day but there is no improvement in this....plzz suggest me something good


omg I started using detol 2 weeks ago after having the bump for 3 weeks it has now completely healed thank you?

Jamie L Senica

You are a literal clone of Gemma Aterton!

Debaleena Saha

How many days I have to apply?

Tanya Petush

Your voice is sooooo calming, I just love the way you talk. <3

Rahnuma Oishy

How much water did you take to dilute Dettol. ?

Bianca Kelty

I had a bump on my nose piercing and went and got dettol and it has worked great thank you as nothing else worked.

Jannat Hasan

I am use it.but now my nose is blace.
Please tell me .
How to get rid.

Faqeha Zahir

Does cortisone cream or toothpaste work?

Riyan Patel

Omg Dettol works trust me dilute it just a little and apply day and night poof flat in like a day it’s awsome thank u sooo muchhh i can finally enjoy my piercing now

Chris Brown

Dettol worked for me. After 6 months of trying everything else recommended, I stumbled across your vid, and after 3 weeks of Dettol, its gone !!!! thank you

Esther Owens

Trying this on my tragus.
Had a bump that wont go away, been to my pierce, shes fitted a bioflex bar but aggravated the shit out of it and it's worse than before. I've had enough now. Tried everything!!


My small keloid on my nose piercing had left scar ... Will it fade away on its own?


I was told to leave mine in 6 weeks!

Zoya Khan

Hey ! I got my nose pierced one month ago I don't have any bumps my it looks like some kind of wound cuz whenever I'm cleaning it it starts bleed I'm really worried ? does this dettol method will work for me?

Joe Canterbury

I just wanted to personally thank you for making this video. I litterally tried everything from Vitamin E Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Asprin Paste, Lemon Juice, Etc. It seemed as though the Tea Tree Oil was making it worse at certain points. The Asprin Paste made it slightly smaller, however, it completely made my nose dried out, flakey, red, and just wouldn't get any smaller after a certain point. When I started to feel hopeless I turned to youtube, again, and came across your video. I live in The United States of America, that said, it's quite difficult to find Dettol here so I went to Amazon and ordered some. Within a week and a half to two weeks I couldn't even see it anymore! Thank you so much!! You are a life saver!

Side Note: I'm such a huge fan of the UK and their Electronic Music Scene and I'm such a sucker for the accents over there! So listening to you was rather enjoyable. ? Thanks again. Cheers from America!


Can a keloid be on the inside of the nose ?

Terry Ansell

This video was awesome ????

Akira Verma

how to use dettol ?

Jakayla Smith

Where you get this from


I was told to keep it in for a month

Lacey Farmer

can I just use the soap that's not liquid but is that brand?

Piercing antiseptic

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Hibiclens Antiseptic antimicrobial Skin Cleanser

1 569 views | 25 Apr. 2020


Go get you some honey!!!

Justin Brodie

Those glasses are magical ??

T Rob

Ooooo one of your friends stole that from the hospital....?

De Gi

Great info

ResaATL Fragranista