Shell plastic surgery

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DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction | Veronika's Experience | PRMA Plastic Surgery

477 views | 26 Jul. 2018

After finding out she had

After finding out she had breast cancer, Veronika made her way straight to PRMA where she underwent a bilateral mastectomy with DIEP flap breast reconstruction. She shares her journey here.

Every woman has a right to breast reconstruction surgery after breast cancer. This has been a federal mandate for some time and insurance companies have to pay for breast reconstruction surgery by law. There is no age limitation for breast reconstruction and there are many different options available. We believe it is important for patients to be fully informed of ALL their options so they can make an informed decision that is best for them.

Veronika chose to undergo DIEP flap breast reconstruction. The DIEP flap is the most advanced form of breast reconstruction available today and is the preferred reconstructive technique at PRMA.

The procedure uses the patient's own abdominal skin and fat to reconstruct a natural, warm, soft breast after mastectomy. Unlike the TRAM flap, the DIEP preserves all the abdominal muscles. Only abdominal skin and fat are removed similar to a "tummy tuck". Saving the abdominal muscles means patients experience less pain, enjoy a faster recovery, maintain their core strength long-term, and have a lower risk of complications.

You can learn more about this procedure, view before and after photos and read other patient stories at https://prma-enhance.com/breast-recon...

About PRMA Plastic Surgery:

PRMA specializes in microsurgical breast reconstruction and performs over 600 DIEP flaps per year. Patients are routinely welcomed from Texas, throughout the US, and across the World.

We are in-network for most US insurance plans and we do not balance bill.

Contact us:

PRMA | Center for Advanced Breast Reconstruction

San Antonio, Texas


(800) 692-5565

[email protected]

#RebuildingLives after #BreastCancer




Shell plastic surgery

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5 Creepy & Disturbing Photos From WW1

3 939 809 views | 6 Mar. 2016

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Nikola Konpa


Dr Bright

This is probably my least favorite of your videos. Glad you improved since the 4 years ago this was uploaded.


The shellshocked soldier you see on the photo killed himself not long after it was taken


The last photo.

XxlololgamingxX BRUH

5.55 is uncle LARRY from scp containment breach

Jennifer White

Yeah! But however there is mental health issues which they didn't know how to handle it unlike today when soldiers can get some help with treatment and counseling

Ramiro Medina

Scp 106 :5 55

Macret Crisostomo

Scp 106

Aneesa Ali

Very creepy


All I will say though is that the ″shell shocked man″ could very likely been laughing as a joke that someone made, look at his face, when you look at it good enough, it doesn't look like he's traumatized at all, he really does look like he's laughing, don't assume everything is PTSD, just a good look at a few pictures tells you what you need to know

The Muse Next Door: ASMR and Commentary

I second the suggestion to read John McCrae's poetry, and I have one of my own.
Wilfred Owen, one of the best war poets of all time, wrote a horrifically beautiful account of a gas attack from his hospital bed before returning to battle. Due to the disturbing imagery, "Dulce et Decorum Est" is a poem best read with a box of tissues and a cup of soothing tea.

Alex Greb

World War 1 is undoubtedly worse than World War 2. Even though the overall death count of WW2 was higher, there were dozens of battles that reached or even exceeded the death toll of the D-Day landings. There were also practically zero restrictions on tons of weapons. Think about it, this was the first war to use planes, tanks, machine guns, and more. And worse was the destruction of the landscape. What once was a luscious forest or meadow was now a bleak, blackened wasteland of a scene. Truly a disturbing time to be alive.

Edit: jesus the spelling errors were bad here


WAITWAIT WAIT YOUR TITLE FOR THIS VIDEO SPECIFICALLY MENTIONS THE WORD *!CHIllING!* damit,, but your word describing the photoes im about to watch is •—<[{ TOUCHING*}]>—•
Well maybe touching means somthing else overthere in britain than it does here in the states...

atthallah nadhif

ww1 is crazy bruh, the medication still not as good as ww2, and you stayed on tranches all day. but there's chrismast eve where because religion enemy became friend :_)

Just Joshua

The shell shocked man is otherwise known as scp-106


That shell shock soldiers pic is used for the young man scp pic

Skyly Plays

The one in the thumbnail scared me sh1tless. It reminds me of the old man from SCP in NewScapePro...

Alexander de la Cerna

It's not creepy it's usefull

Gaming Buzz


Denise Kutzer

So cool I can't believe

Niko Faza Firdaus

One Of Them Are Terrifying The Smiling Gas Mask


WW1 was the closest thing we've come to to bringing hell to earth

Fred Ducaunt

Who wants WW3 now

LovroJe Kralj

The creepyest picture is 1st World war surdulica

oofer manmk2

Not to sound like a hater but the second image is a smoke helmet or gas mask.


War what ever is 1st or 2nd not treated as picnic . War caused death or leave the individual life into lifetime battle. Very interesting photos and I like it because myself is the leading military equipment artillery programs

underrated clusterfuck

7:05 are. you. fucking. serious.

Greasy MacHaggis

Shiiiiit....that poor smiling guy though. It looks like his soul had been ripped out..Fucking terrible.???


Lol the thumbnail was from SCP that’s a photo the writer of SCP 106 (uncle Larry)

Magda Lena

The guy who is smiling is SCP-106 u don't know scps? Search in Google SCP WIKI


At 2:52 I really got creeped tf out

MDani Ukail KZA

The shell shot soldier looks from the scp106 and that'd crepy

Greasy MacHaggis

That or he could be a demon?

OneCat Rocky

The shell shock soldier was so scary that it gave me shell shock

B - Buzz

the thumbnail is a scp. the old man.

John Davis

That last photo is more than a little scary.

djiu sian

Is that lary (scp-106) at the thumbnail


The soldier in the thumbnail is Canadian soldier Robert Lindsey Rodgers. In that photo he just survived a shot to the neck.
Sadly he was killed ten months later in another battle.

Jose_Gutierrez_Shitpost zip

Who is the man in the thumbnail

Yeetus Deletus

Is it bad that I've gotten so used to gas masks that the gas mask pictures don't bother me?

Traquelia Cooper

I'm sorry, but all these mask remind me of HELL RAISER the ?. This truly ? my ❤. This is so ?. Thanks

Aaditya Khandkar

@unkown5 hey I really really really like your videos. They are informative and interesting. I would love to watch more of such videos but, your the time is too big. Most of the videos are 30 to 45 minutes and that's too much. Can you reduce it in future videos?


Scp 106 the old man

insom dota

My great grandfather fought in this war, lost a lung to mustard gas, re-deployed, and was taken prisoner where he was sent to siberia and died in a labour camp. poor guy.

dkdjeje jesj

It's crazy man that people disrespect these soldiers they liccurly made the way we live today and went through so much shit and got fuck all for it

Debra Moore

When I was a teacher, I included the WWI poem by Wilfred Owen, "Dulce Et Decorum Est," which describes a horrifying gas attack...it not only taught my high school/college students about the horror of that war, it also showed them poetry that offered power impact rather than "hearts and flowers" verse. It was always striking when I told my classes hat Owen died in the final weeks of the war....


‘A sentry kit is available near your location’


Which picture did you think was the creepiest or most disturbing?
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Re 2 Hunk

One of the pictures shows a scp

Animation Dude

i came for radical Larry


05:56 SCP-106 image


The one of the battles your miss is the Battle of 1st Bull Run of the American Civil War!!!!?

Paweł M.

Shell-shocked soldier: Literally dies inside because of explosions and gunfire nearby
SCP fandom: SCP-106 has broken out of the facility at Gate A. Fire the H.I.D. Turret immediately. Do not let it across the bridge.

Bear Guy

The smiling guy is scp 106

The Pizzafoogle

I'm getting SCP-106 vibes from the thumbnail. Anyone else?

Michael Akkerman

I don't buy the 'Shell shocked Soldier' one. He was probably just smiling cuz he was getting his picture taken.

Haziq Azlan

Oh god help me this is disturbing i couldnt sleep

Trajan Fidelis

God bless the fallen on both sides


why there are World War?

Inferno The Bear

So huh 7:22 reminds me of scp-106

Mason Remp

Thanks I hate Russian gas masks


These are not pictures of WW1
They are pictures of Hell

Eoin Mogan

The James Connolly assassination is the most disturbing image I could imagine. It is an image that can truly capture the tyranny of Britain preying on a man who is already doomed.

Stefanos Prokopis

Humans can achieve so much good at the same time achieve complete depravity and evil.

Dark Times X

https://youtu.be/bDEmF4q0yq0 World War 1

Animated History

Animated short version of WW1: https://youtu.be/v_2GLVMP-Ug

Will Tux

I opening and disturbing, But... How can we move forward ,, without knowing where we came from. Its amazing the lengths people will go to, Too kill each other ??? in time of war☠


4:41 Ned Kelly came back from the dead


the smiling guy just.. reached my soul

Alexander de la Cerna

It's scp 106


The masks were fake so if someone shot threw it ,they saw the bullet hole and knew where the shooter was


number 2 is ned kelly


They should build a monument for the guy who killed Hitler. What a hero


If you’re wondering about the thumbnail, just search “Corporal Lawrence“

꧁The Mandalorian Ranger꧂

The thumbnail is SCP-106, the old man.

SCP Guard

6:00 who else didn't know that is SCP 106

Edit: SCP-106 has broken out of the facility at Gate A. Fire the H.I.D. Turret immediately. Do not let it across the bridge.

Debra Moore

WWI: "Shell Shock." WWII: "Battle Fatigue". Vietnam & Mideast: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" or just "PTSD"...every time they change the name it sounds a little less devastating and frightening, yes? Semantics = a clever game.

Johanna Vulpius

The shell shocked guy scared the living h
Out of m3!


R.I.P WW1 Soldiers and im so so sorry about your disfigured faces i truly feel for WW1 and WW2 and Korean War and Vietnam War US Soldiers im hoping some see this and understand


Ah yes, SCP 106.


YouTube's recommendation is starting to freak me out honestly.but this is actually interesting

VKR Gaming


Jennifer White

My grandfather served in the Navy during World war II


Russians in gas masks: sup
Photo dude: Ã

Vincent A.W

That thumbnail tho...

fitepits n bonfires

Yes the shellshock picture and the german gas mask was a bit creepy im not as firmiliar with ww1 stuff as ww2 and so on ww1 isnt talked about as much .

Faze Ivan

5:54 Scp 106

Hayden Nugent

I agree with you sir


Who loves this type of videos

Yusuf Kanber

Scp 106

Darth Maul

The shell shocked soldier photo is more creepy when you realise that no one smiled in photos back then

E A SPORTS ITS in the game

@Unknown5 you sound like the bf1 narrator for operations but a Male. I find that as a compliment to you.


The one in where we can see that man with that creepy face, it was scp 106! That was the origin of scp 106!

Ricky Frank

Soldier: sees the soldier smiling

also soldier: starts descending

banan gaming


Elijah Moore

That thumbnail? That’s just 106.

Johnny P

I love how you use period art and sources to describe these events and battles while giving quick background about the period all at once.


6:05 that is scp 106


The fact that those soldiers had their faces completely disfigured while fighting for the freedom of the very men who were making fun of them afterward makes my blood f%cking boil.


As we can see even WW1 wasn't a picnic.

Shell plastic surgery

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Choosing the Right Cheek Implant for your Face

56 965 views | 3 Sep. 2016

Dr. Joe Niamtu, III

Dr. Joe Niamtu, III cosmetic facial surgeon in Richmond, Virginia is internationally recognized for facial implants. In this video he discusses choosing the right size, shape and position for silicone cheek implants. Choosing the right surgeon and right implant placed in right place equals success.

For more information on cheek implants or cosmetic facial surgery visit www.lovethatface.com

Aikonov Relaxing Soul

Is that permanent

Eli Larrea

Great work so natural, isn't voluma a solution or it depends the age, are there risks of infections, how well tolerated is? thanks


mr clean?

david doggy

Do you do literal rim implants

Elishia Mata

Thank you so, so very much for making these videos. I am not a med student but I am looking to get a chin implant and possibly cheeks. Have this information makes me feel empowered.

Sunny Day

Dr. Niamtu I think cheek implants are right for me but I want to choose a surgeon who's very experienced in this, such as yourself. I'm in Michigan. Do you have any colleagues in my area that you would be willing to vouch for?


In your professional opinion, what type of implant do you theorize Angelina Jolie has gotten?

Blake Fisher

Hi, I have a question if you have the time. Will a cheek implant help smooth nasolabial folds?

Yadhira Morales

what is the average price for this implants

Andrew Ortiz

My left ear loved this

Ana Mira

Do you do lip implants?

sanam saeed

Sir what is the age of the patient in the video....plzz reply sir


Wow ?


What about a male with closer, deep-set eyes and a longer midface with a deficient cheek area/saggy cheeks? I've found some pictures where such type of a face ends up looking like a chimpmunk. I'd like to avoid that at all costs, preferably end up with volume where it lacks and an arch if possible. Cheers Doc :)


The web wouldn't open. I am very interested, but I need to know the prices. I had my cheeks done 3 years ago, bad job. Submalar or combined submalar. How much pelase? Could you recommend anyone in Utah for this job? Sorry, cant fly to VA.... :(

Mariana Gonzales

can i have cheek implants and chin implants in the same surgery?

Ambuj Kumar

My right ear is empty

Quick Stock View

Hi Dr Niamtu, when one gets cheek implants, do you feel that there is a feeling of the implant pressing against your bone in the healing stage, like a sort of sensation?

a w

Dr niamtu I have a lil bit of injected silicone on my cheeck about 28 years ago my lipfolds are very noticeable now can the shell implant help lift the cheeck improving the lipfold at the same time ?


Your my favorite doctor

Stefano Bianchi


Ashley Giantoli

Does the cheek recover good if they are removed? Or is there permanent damage?

newtoU blue

I,d lOve those. I need a little lift under my nose due to missing front teeth and bone erosion. Do they make a implant for there? I asked a dentist if a bonegraft would lift my nose corner back up and he said nooo. Shooot. Also wondering if a neck job will help the chest skin.
I know, I need a consult.

West b

i want to see the full video about cheek inplants

ZaynMalikthings ZaynMalikthings

possible to get high cheekabones

Adriana Pitt

Hmm....sounds like a possibility for me....Hi Dr Niamtu.....Im a trans woman who plans on having facial feminization surgery and cheek implants sound like a possible good idea for me and my situation...also I live in VA too so that wouldnt be a huge travel for me either


If you want to see how much better women look without surgery than with it, watch the show "Elvis and me" with Joanna Lumley and Priscilla Presley. Lumley with not a single injection or cut, and only very light make-up, and Presley with her whole face so swollen her eyes almost vanish into her head. Both around the same age, but only one of them still attractive, and it's not the one who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on surgery and injections, I guarantee you that

BlackVelvet Trash

Can a 20-year male have that implant in the cheekbone area? I really want my cheekbones to be prominent so my face won't look flat


thank you so much

Jr Marcos

How about very deep eyes ?

Morhaf Akary

Thanks dr.Joe
Can i ask you a question,What about the infraorbital foramen and infraorbital nerve ?
Does it near to them or do pressure and numbness ?


So many stupid older actresses having this done now and it absolutely never looks better and is always extremely obvious.
The worst I have seen recently are Mary Steenburgen and Katey Sagal. Two absolutely beautiful women who would still be fantastic looking if not for all the horrific surgery they had.
Sagal looks so bad now you can literally see the skin below her cheeks, in lines trying to stretch across her face as she has had bigger and bigger implants put in to try and hide the sagging. Sagging looks better. Every time.

But it's not just older actresses. Younger and younger celebrities are having this done, to the point where it is absolutely normal now to never see a single wrinkle in hollywood, and to always see swollen and stretched cheeks.
It looks horrible. Not in the slightest bit attractive.
And who the fuck would want those big bits of uncomfortable rubber inside their face even if it DID make them look better?

newtoU blue

I like the big old fash 1 dr. Joe. Why doesn't it poke up under the eye? How do u keep them in place? They are so hoky looking.
Do u have them in your face? looks like it.
What a pretty model.

Dana Sky

How long they last ? Do they need to replace after like 10 years or so ?

MY QUEEN ima give my dumass opinion cause

thank you Dr. Niamtu...i will be seeing you soon!