How to wax down there by yourself

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How to wax yourself at home!

165 204 views | 8 Nov. 2018

Hey y'all so today I did

Hey y'all so today I did some pretty scary shit... I waxed myself... shit hurt like a bitch... so this video consists me being in pain... disclaimer: if you don't like the word vagina, don't watch this video, if you don't like hairy armpits, don't watch this video, if you don't like the sound of someone in pain, don't watch this video. Love you all!

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the whole time watching this i was like: “LET ME HELP YOU DAMN” as if i actually can lmaooo

Jana Nouh

Your actually really funny?

Olga Castillo

I feel normal ???????????????????????‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Sehar Sarwar

I saw this video to seek help but sorry to say this not helpful in anyway ?

Maggie Marti

Lmfao!!!!! I was hoping to get help ??? i think im scared ?

Miguel A. Gamon

Lol you are so beautiful!

Lauren Bonzell

holy shit you're so fuckin funnyyyyy I'm so glad I found this vid lol

Melissa Buss

I’m watching other people wax their vaginas bc I dont want to

Akpomiemie Nyerhovwo

Dude ur hilarious ???

Money Heist

This was literally me yesterday omfg I’m laughing


When she hit the door ?? I felt that


i appreciate you talking about the bumps. makes me feel like i’m normal lmao


Watching this cause I’m about to try it myself and I love you already.. 2 years later but better late than never ?❤️❤️❤️


You should never wax ln period, a week before or after a period. Its painful

No Name

Here before you hit 100k

Justin Bingham

do you have twitter ? ??

Chemical Child

This makes me feel normal thsnksy

Cali Hillman

Oml your halariouse

Marguerite Chastain

I shouldn’t have watched this before I’m gonna do it she’s look like she’s in pain?


apology accepted jordan understandable have a great day

David Hooper

why was this so funny?????

Taylor Poullard

Use sugar wax next time girl!! You don’t have to heat it up and it still hurts but not as much as wax and if you don’t wanna do it anymore you can just wash it off

Juliett Cotera


Jake Marker

I have no idea how? To do this

Monae Martin

Your funny


I really should have watched this before I did the exact same thing ?

Fery Ferdian

your funny ?

Logan Paul

1:32, woman dont have a mustache

Michelle xo


Rebeca Garcia

So funny

Aonna Stevenson

Lol omg ur so funny

Alyssa Phillips

How are you so beautiful sis ?

Andrea Goldhurricane

This is hilarious

Angelica Flores

I’m trying to get the strength to rip off this strip

Marissa B

Omg ?? love this!!!

Michelle xo

Im literally about to make my own waxing video

Claudia Lamaj

i shouldn't have laughed as hard as i did

Ramona Ah Fook

Lol girl! No comment ?❤

Sheys X

She is wayyyy underrated


I came here for help. I didn’t get any but you did just get a new sub because you’re hilarious ?

Cheyenne Hewitt

omg this video brought me so much happiness like your personality is dope! been thirsty for a new youtuber to be obsessed with and i wasnt even trying when i stumbled across your vid!! yaay!!


Jesus fucking christ this video was a rollercoaster to watch


The thumbnail definitely says “how NOT to wax yourself at home” but I’ll let it slide?❤️


Girl you gon get famous

Awa mou Viviane Sylla


How to wax down there by yourself

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waxing my **bleep** at home in quarantine (MY FIRST TIME EVER)

46 396 views | 20 May. 2020

At this point in

At this point in quarantine I'm basically a certified aesthetician. I've never waxed ever before in my life so I saw this as a PERFECT opportunity to try something new and document it for your entertainment. Buckle in your seats belts folks, because this WILL be a bumpy ride. Join me on this magical journey to my first Brazilian wax ever. Good Luck Charlie... ur gunna need

S H O P M Y M E R C H !


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B a i l e y

I want to save up for your merch it is so pretty plus purple is my favorite colorrrrr


By the end of quarantine kilee will be bald ??

Poon Iris

That’s so funny

Marialys Askew

the no strip ones hurt more than the ones with the strip and the strip ones don't even hurt that bad

Savanah Jayne

for some reason i thought Kilee had like 1 million subscribers, and i was surprised, when she only had 100k.
this girl deserves more peeps.


She's going to shave all of her hair off

joshua arguelles

Kilee: maybe I do my head

Me: me has long hair and also want to to the same ??‍♀️

Ellie Rae


Tashina Obas

Hii mum??

Mia __11

A lobster is my second form

Star Sharri

Oh My God!!!!!!! You have to record every time you wax! Thanks for doing this! You are hilarious! ??? #newsubbie and you posted this on my birthday! ???

Jack Patterson

Wax ure bfs bleep

Jacinta Turner

so brave? i love your videos sm and you’re so pretty x

Sofia De Gioia

once the wax is on your commited

Jason Williams

I Wasn’t Trying To Laugh But Your Reactions To The Pain Made Me Laugh So Hard.

Cora Berg

I'm trying so hard not to laugh because my mom is in the room and I'm not supposed to be watching youtube I'm supposed to be doing homework but you know I just click on the funniest person on here how the heck am I supposed to not laugh idfk

ella mae

i miss u lovey! -ella from cuba??


i like the pain.

mgg lover

you look so fit sis yessss


Haha I love you ?

Phoebe Sparks

Early! Luv ya kilee??

cleooo marie

me- chilling

kilee- just waiting for my armpit wax to dry ?

Mermaid_ Lola

Kilee: “ my arms are slightly red”. Kilee’s arms: “ NO WERE TOMATOES”


You might be allergic we will never know

mary m

i’ve been subscribed for a while and i still can’t see why she’s not in the million sub range yet, she always entertains me


On too hot to handle they call their v*gin a yoni ?

Peyton Rossbach

Where’d you get the plants

ren cho

next video: waxing my HEAD at home in quarantine (FIRST TIME EVER)

jimin's Wifey

Kilee:"this hair took me three weeks to grow out and it's about 2 millimeters long sooo..."

Me: shaves (two days later) *looks like bigfoot*???

Giorgia Balbi

I'M SCREAMING HAHA I'm dyeing inside


bro as a soon as she folded her armpits i was like OHHHH SHITTT 7:09

Jason Williams

I Wasn’t Trying To Laugh But Your Reactions To The Pain Made Me Laugh So Hard.

ella ann

Girl!! Are u ok you looked like you were having an alergic reaction btw I love your videos❤️

Stefanie A’yanna

Kilee is so pretty?❤️

nonya business

the pain i felt when i read the title

Tindra Bergström

I feel bad 4 the albinos...

Casey Malfoy

Her eyebrows are uneven and it bothers me (no hate) also your an brave brave person

Kimmy Santarina

Omg you didn’t even put some baby powder down lol.

lil bubba

Went From razor now to nair strips ya I am a big kid now .

Ellie Thatcher

I really feel bad for laughing. Things you do for YouTube ?

Rylee Shay

i’ve been laughing the whole time cause all i can think about is the babysitter from the incredibles cause her retainer ?

Daniela Torres

okay but you’re such a great youtuber

Destiny -.-

monthly demon.

ali g

i didn’t know you live in canada, omg canada gang?

Rim Elmmala

Kilee i wonder how kyle is handling you! It must be hard! I'll pray for you!

Fatima Becerra


Júlia Almeida

That’s the spirit

Melissa Fowler

I want to try and wax...but...i'm scaredddd

Jailyn Jaimes22

Me: doing home work
Kilee: I’m going to wax my bleep
Me: frick homework let’s watch this ??

Ma ja

Are you Haley Pham?

morgan obrien

i swear, kilee is the only reason why im skipping online class

taryn clevenger

When you closed your arm with the wax and realized you made a big mistake i was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe


bruh i just realized you have only 192k subscribers and i am like WHAT, HOW YOU ARE SOOO FUNNY YOU DESERVE SO MUCH MORE.

Keya Mookencherry

“penis fly trap” has me dead lmaoooooo

Manu Berrondo

u are SO brave omg i love uu


"she's bleeding, and it's not the monthly demon" had me laughing.

Kaydence Brown

Soon enough she’s going to wax the hair off her head

Amy’s Life

U know how kids copy what other people do well yah don’t watch this video if ur one of those rip kids love u kilee but r rated content girl ???

Halle Johnston

When kilee was saying possible names had me ROLLING on the floor with laughter

Zara Hussain

My 11 Yr old cousin does it so I can relate with you

angelina napolitano

Kilee... you got your WHAT PIERCED

Hollie Mitchell

I’m actually pissing myself


When she said if she doesn't leave the bathroom looking like a lobster after her bath I felt that on a personal level ? also if you don't want your skin to be so red use aloe it soothes the stinging and helps the redness go away. But I love you and love your videos your so beyond amazing❤️❤️

Evangelime Quintana

When she realized she folded he armpit and the music ???

Kaleigh Jaymes

im terrified of doing this, but i'm kinda down. ahah

BrazY Breezy

She spelled through wrong she said threw lmaooooo

joshua arguelles

Me trying not to lose it every time Kilee put the trigger noise over her scream

Ray Petter

wax hurts
but its worth it tho


You should’ve did your initials

Evie Gair

Wait u live in Canada ???

eliana Hastings


Rubi Treviño

Omg I love u

Serena Nieves

“I just folded my arm pit...” said Kylie with genuine concern Had me Die-ing!?

Kyla Campoy


Kenzie Leavitt

oh no... and i havent even watched the video and im horrified :0

Morgan k

praying for you ?

Sophie Matthew

I love your an all, but I just couldn't watch this ? but I did give it a like cause like I said I literally love you ?❤️❤️❤️

Khushi Thapa

You are amazing kilie❤?love yaa?

Imen Collins

You don't have to be tan to be beautiful, don't worry ??

kk hc

I waxed my armpits once and it scared me for life. It hurt so bad I was cry trying to RIP it off??


Doesn’t that hurt 5 times more??


I honestly love you kilee ?❤️

Brooke Haynes

I PRAY FOR U B !! ❤️❤️❤️??

Eva Liu

I love you so much.I don’t have much friends.But whenever I watch your videos I think I’m hanging out with you.❤️❤️❤️

Adyson Tredway

youtube: notifcation
kilee:im going to wax my beep
me:frick omegle

Ellie deli Creations

Hi fwend

Disaster Rat

Oh no


Its very fun and you can learn a lot about yourself :)


wow I'm a dumb blonde I just realized Nair is just no hair combined wow

cheese chief

“my arms are slightly red”
her arms: ?

ariana martinez

Girl I havent been on this channel for a year??

Kim And Rudy Maidment



fascinating to see what quarantine has done to people
som people dye their hair, other people.. wax their.. you know what

Melanie Mp.

it only took a few hairs because you’re supposed to apply the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth and pull in the direction of growth so the wax really pulls the hair from the root and everything comes out

Penelope Worley

Who tf is tommy



lil bubba

Do a room tour

nina h

Im TuRniNg iNtO a ToMaTo!!!

Adalie Delgadillo

i would be so scared you are so brave girl you really took one for the team

Nagini's World

im pretty sure ur meant to put pressure after waxing to prevent bleeding or something