Long back hair

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How To Grow Hair Long! | Neck Length to Mid Back Length

719 392 views | 30 Jul. 2014

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In this video, I share how I grew out my nape. These tips can also be used on your edges and hairline. I hope this video is helpful to all of you.

p.s everyone's hair is different. This are the steps I took to grow out my hair

What is Nape?Nape is the back of the head. Close to the neck.

Other helpful suggestions- finger detangling, castor oil massages and low manipulation styles(braid outs and twist outs & etc) Relax nape and edges last, a few mins before rinsing out the relaxer.

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How I Make My Leave-in/Moisturizer



Frequently Asked Questions!!!

Video coming soon!

Camera: Canon Rebel T3I (original lens)

Editing Software: imovie




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Your accent sounds like american with a teensy bit of Barbadian mixed in..... What is it please? :-)

Casmire Ohanabalu Aca, Acifc

here's a few things for treating african american hair naturally
Ensure you get enough vitamins (A,B,C,D, and E all help keep hair healthy)
Take sufficient Calcium and Zinc.
Do Not wash your hair too much
Have your hair trimmed a little fairly often
Use conditioner
(I learned these and the reasons they work from Delfords Hair Fixer site )

Zyier Liddelow

does the braids help your hair grow?

EvolvingBeauty xoxo

My biggest problem my whole life since getting relaxers when I was in elementary school, are the sides of my hair. The rest of my hair will grow out past my shoulders, but the sides grow to one length and then stop. so annoying. This is my sixth month in transition, did a mini chop last month, and I have not put any heat in my hair in two months.

Ike_ Nike

i have a fro and front of my hair grows faster than back

Danni M

Nearly everything you said in this video is me! Thank you for the tips, I will be trying them out. Your hair looks really beautiful girl! :)

Victoria Emmanuel

what country are you from

ሸምማ አማን ሱበሃን አለህ

watha did use ???

nyasha ainthely chunda

My front hair is longer than my back hair my front hair is 22 cm long but my back hair is 14 cm long what do I do

Ivum Oufiterz


Janalee James

I'm mixed and when I was 12 I had long hair to my boobs and then now at 14 my hair is at my neck I'm not even sure how long it is but I'll like it to grow back???????

beautyniqueXO XO

I want to grow natural

Dani Tutani

It tools 4 YEARS

Sheena Anderson

Thank you so much for this video very helpful ?

Deshaun Broussard

I have very thick hair and it stops right above my bra strap in the back and i wanted to know would this help it get longer

Kelly Frazier

I want my hair to grow soo bad

Nkem Igboanugo

Hi what a gorgeous hair.pls what can I do to make my hair feel very...... soft?

Catherine Daniel

my hair will never be healthy no matter what I try. it's always dry it's like my hair just absorbs moisture like crazy. I rarely straighten my hair and when I do I do 1-2 passes my whole head. I texlax also about every 2-3 months I can go any longer because my new growth gets so tangled and feels dull and looks dry. right now I'm watching all ove there videos trying to think what the he'll should I do with my hair because I don't know. I honestly don't wanna go natural cause I feel like I would get heat damage because I will need to put heat on my hair so it wont be so thick. don't get my wrong I love my hair and the texture but it just so stressing how it will never be healthy can someone please help me ??

evanjelina shrestha

I have spent months investigating treating african american hair at home and found a fantastic resource at Delfords Hair Fixer (look it up on google)

Aniella St Louis

My front hair is longer than the back and break could u help me

Tish James

I Love You tutorial whatever your name is I don't have Instagram in my phone but I love your videos and I never watch them before but I watch them about how do you get your hair longer and I want to do I hate my hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth I whip my hair back and forth I hope you hear that song before but I love this song and that's how do you get in here so long that time I love you

Destinee Howell

if you have a silk pillow case, should you still wear the bonnet?

hi awesome

I'm 12 and my natural hair is like up to my neck not even on my shoulder and I want it to grow a little longer not that long up to my shoulders with home remedies can someone help me?

Miah Tv

where'd you get that hat?!??

Marion Stokes

does hair food make your hair grow faster too

Rejoice Chipepera

Wooooow you're are so helpful wow thank you

Jazzy Lashay

the back of my hair is not as long as the front of my hair what do i do

Written History

my hair takes a long time to grow

Robin Ferrell

Do Growth Oil and wild growth oil

Oluwatoyin Owosho

how long did it  take u

Johnnys Manager

2 years ago I permed my hair then I stopped and after that my edges broke its bearly growing! help

Tiffany Smiles

You are gorgeous! Great vid!

Neketia Buckley

Nape lol

Niagara Winston

hey. can you do a hair tutorial about using Pantene?

Nositha Dessalines

what if just blow dry and then braid is that gonna be a problem????

ShaniQua Harris

My middle pary of my hair grows longer that the back.

Kaelin Hawkins

The back of my hair doesn't have length for some odd reason. So Im thinking about cutting my hair. Any tips ?

Kanjana Kankler

What did u use

Sanya Nicoy

But wouldn't the changing from  Cream Hair to Texlax hair,cause breakage of hair to most ppl.Isnt there a way for cream hair,to keep the length you already have but to add unto it aswell?

Stacy Njeri

I use heat after maybe a month or 3 weeks


I cut my hair shoulder length about 2 years ago and my nape still has yet to touch my shoulders. I’ve heard that laying on your back can affect the growth n all that good shit so I try laying on my side but I always end up on my back ? any tips ? I have 3b hair btw. The front pieces of my hair somewhat grew n have length but due to my shrinkage you can hardly tell n tell everything is growing beside the back of my head. it gives me an Afro look in the back but looks even more Afro n matted when I wake up ???? over the years it has gotten very thin too so im able to feel my scalp waaay more in the back. Lol I’m just a hot ass mess looking for somewhere to start a long healthy hair growth.


thank you for this because the front of my hair is really thick and long then the back is just a hot mess

Tabara M

Hii. I'm bone straight relaxed right now. I want to transition to texlaxed hair. Texlaxed hair being healthier than relaxed, I'm afraid to experience breakage in my line of demarquation between relaxed & texlaxed. If anyone can help me & tell me how they proceed please :). (I'm french, sorry for my bad english :D)

Takeria Barnes

Hey I'm So Confused But Your Hair Is Pretty Now & Hopelly It Works For Me & Whoever Else Is trying !!

Rakiah Nixon

I cut my hair about three years ago and went natural but I've noticed that the middle of my head my hair is alot longer than around the edges is there any advice you have that can help me

Ami Justus

Hi I have a question. I am planning on growing my hair out this summer!??? do you know what products would do that? my hair is currently at my back bone but some hair is shorter. plzzzz respond


what oil do u use?

Neketia Buckley

Thank you will do

Mari Griffin

Could you give me some tips

Amia Chevannes

So when your hair is short it's in an Afro when long it stays straight

Mariah Jordan

I just did I big chop it like an afro but a curly afro I had got a perm when I was little and it messed up my hair pattern how would I be able to pattern back

Nemat Zakaria

wow u actually helpful me thanks

Marie Guerrier

can you help me. my hair was long but over this past 2 years my hair been shortened ever since I got a relaxer 2 years ago. that was the first and the last time I ever relax my hair

Neketia Buckley

The middle of my head has length but its not as long as the nap what's a gurl to do???

Kayla Johnson

Does this works??☺️

Just Jasmine

I'm the opposite, the back of my hair is longer than front of my hair

Sydney Spano


Heavan Marie

is it ok if u heat up the oil in the microwave then apply it cause that's Wat i did will this still work


Hi there thanks for that inspiring advice if at all I saw your video before now I wouldn't have cut of my hair off cos it was damaged at the back so I was like frustrated then I just cut it off now I know to texlax is better than bone straight cos as for me I still have some curls whenever I texlax thanks all the same byeee.

Jasire and lakyrah channel

Like does this really on black people hair because like my hair is short and I want to know will it grow

Angela Mcleod


Miriam McClinton

I am watching in 2019

Mariah Gbaluo

how do I textlacks my hair

Zyier Liddelow


Jammer4t1y2 AJ

is your hair relaxed?


My nape hair is way longer than the rest of my hair even though i only cut the back its still aroung 4 inches longer than the rest of hair....my middle is a problem area although im mixed my hair is tough to comb out


Your so Cuteeee and Great Video!!



herline joseph

what did you use

mvlaa .

Hi.. so I was wondering.. I have a 10 year old niece, I do her hair every single day. But she got a perm in it when she was about 5-6 years old.. Her hair is CURRENTLY growing.. but I need it to grow faster.. I'm wondering if I could use this for her, can I also use Jamaican black castor oil? I hear it makes you're hair, eyebrows etc grow longer.

Katrina L

How long did it take ??


this helped a lot!!

Style Domination

Hair looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing your tips!

Naturally Andrea'

How do you go from relaxed hair to texlex? I have thick and health hair but the back of my hair is short... So can you help or show a video?.?.

Valerie Jarrett

what products


Relaxers don't always kill the nutrients it depends on how you take care of it

lona mgabe

what if you use olive pomace oil

Mickecia A

My hair has been relaxed from 2008 and it still is. I tried texturing it and it damaged my hair completely and resulting in it dropping. My hair is like neck length now but I want to grow it longer. What should I do

shania .

whats a nape


I do not understand what did you said at all. I'm deaf which it means, I can't hear.. Don't you mind to explaining me, like as the brief summary.

C Babe


Maya Ossouko Jolie

Vicky Tavares

your sooo pretty love your vids just wondering can yu give a teen some advice please because my hair is not even a 1 cm long yet it just wont grow and i am struggling for what to do please thanxxx

Alirma Davis

Thank you for being straight to the point

Surah Online

How do I transition to textlax? From bone straight relaxed


My hair just recently started breaking off at the nape and I couldn't figure out why and I can't get it to grow back , that's really what influenced my decision to go natural , so this video is really helpful I thought I was the only one this happened to .

Mariah Gbaluo

what did u use to grow ur hair

Majeeda Aquilla

My problem area is the nape of my neck also ??????

SoNaturalBrittney L.

Hi did you take any vitamins Wow how did you get your hair to grow so long did you have hair braids do you have a protective style did you wear wigs or sewin did you do the greenhouse method are inversion method what product did you use did you moisturize your hair how often did you do it cuz I'm getting ready to cut all of my hair cuz I'm tired of my hair I am mad tired no matter what I do it won't grow please please help ????????????

daisa singleton


a username

you look like kehlani for some reason

Vivian Duke

how do I textrelax my hair.

Brittany Cadet

Hey so my hair was natural a couple of years ago and then I became relaxed . and I think that's what's causing breakage in my hair. So my question to u is , if I go back natural will my hair stop braking , will my hair be healthier. and what oil will u recommend me to use . ?



Deasia cotton

OK I'm natural and my hair is very short in the back and I was wondering do you know of any products that can help with my hair so that it can grow ??

Rebekah McFarlane

what's a good hair products to help my hair grows

Mari Griffin

The hole head it's in layers and falling apart it used to be long unbelievable till it got damage still is I'm only ten it's just touching my neck not all of it


My nape is about this long for real

Tiara l

my hair has no curl pattern. its just hard like brillo which is why i relax it but im definitely going to try braiding it..will a texturizer make a curl pattern? i dislike any type of natural curl on my hair

Timeless Bunny

If I use a silk scarf can I use one silk scarf to protect the perimeter of my hair and another to protect the rest of the hair or would it just be better to get a silk pillow case?

Long back hair

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6 445 views | 8 May. 2020


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I hope you're staying safe and healthy! Here's the promised men's haircut tutorial. This is a medium/long haircut inspired by Bradley Cooper's hair. Let me know if you try it!

Gloria Jessica

Like long top less tail with scissors ?

Gloria Jessica

How do I get rid of the tail completely without looking weird ?

Village youtuber Ramu


Jerico Angelo Bognot

Maam What Is Name Hair cut?

Vinicius Rodrigues Galdino

This is a great video. It worked really well and the best thing is that it works basically at any length.
Thank you

Steven TV

Nice work Ma'am ?


Even the fuckin mannequin has better hair than me

Long back hair

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4 930 436 views | 8 Sep. 2016

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LG Music

Before u started cutting his hair,what length was his hair around already at.my hair is similar to his style with the long hair on top and I’m about to cut my own hair but I’m growing out my top part so I’m not touching it

native edmar gameplayed ph

Ruler boy

Jason Cano

360jeezy u got this man

Angela Maria Hofstetter

joao casa

Oliver Stone

Tight work young fella!!

Jose manuel Barrera Granados

Quedo bien chido ??????

sam-TRIPLESTAR- BarberShop

nice job

Stack The Plug

I hope this get easier over time...

Clarkson Cervantes

2:03 here the real video starts

Deee Via

One Shot for every „bottomline“?

khuvxim yaj Chanel


Abdul Harhara

3 yrs later n I’m still watchin this video. Thanks for everything brotha

joao gomides


اكوفير عبدالله

هواي تاكل خرا

ian mcdonagh

Turkish,Hispanic and coloured barbers are by far the best in the buisness

Vast Ryan

Damn that shit fire asf bro

John Safari

Bro you a good that's nice you help me bro

sulayman sayle

iliked you channel

cikgu tamil matematik ckgu


Robbie Santana

Jeezy you need to do a reaction to your OLD vids and let us know what you feel you could’ve done better. I’m lookin at this cut compared to how you cut now and it’s a HUGE difference Brodie . Honestly big bro! ?

Benny Blanco

Easy money on point bro

Warda Sunkar

Very nyc cut

Pedro Sanchez

Love that


Who else had a barber that pushed their hairline back .

el jp

More views than subs thass tuff

RJ.25 Hollingsworth

POSITIVITY ALL the way, man! I cut off all my hair and am finally learning how to cut hair; mostly, from you. Great videos!! It’s still a process of win some/lose some, but I’m learning a lot from you. Keep it up, Bro!

Jaime Rusiana

time to make a

Eroc Miranda

What do you do if you don’t have a 0 guard ?

Cameron Lawn

He uglt

860 General

Had to subscribe, nice work

Richard Day

I want 2,000 like now!

จําลอง สุทธิไชยา


Amelia Bolivar

Bobo yan scammer

deep deep

No offense but this looks like garbage

sulayman sayle

thank pro iliked this video pro and may name is sulaeyman somali peaple in ethipia see you leter

Alex Calara

Nice haircut bro.amazig

Let's Bike pards

Ur great men

John Paul Huelar

any suggestions for triangle face haircut??

Reymart TV

Pls support my channel also


I can’t find this hairstyle online is there another name for this haircut?


Love the humbleness bro good vids awesome cuts jeezy

Jhey Rafanan

Can i get some razors plss?

J_17 03

What country is this barber salon in, ?

LG Music

I literally just subscribed to u bro good stuff


Danm jeezy your forehead needs sum cutting

หรั่ง น้อย


Riaan Botha

Hi Mrs Jz 360 im a beginner but I need a sponser for same equipment boost my business

Mata Leao

you in cali bro?
and if so, you cut a girls hair?

akid danish

Saye suke tengok

Juan Torrealba

El mejor barberia

Z Barber

Good job !

Clarisse Tayo

Hello idol.. I'm your fans pa shout out.. Because I really watch your toturial I've learn a lot especially fade.

Michael P

Its triggerplay everyday its triggerplay i play this track when im fading and using triggerplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwZPgDbVago

Enrique Domingo

How much a haircut cost?


Yes sir your well done good job idom ,wow its a bighouse sir im imvite you to my house to promote more thanks

DLeo Leon

Tight fade I fucks wit it..?

Cesar Arenivas

Ayoo u da illest my boii been watching u for years and u got mad skill?? fucc da haters! u know wat u doing! Much love from IE Socal ?


Anyone watching during quarentiend?

Gämë Ovër


Keith Cheng


LaShawna Blanton

Thanks for sharing. This was helpful. I have been fading my brothers hair for years but his hair is straight and thick so it takes forever for me to get it how I want it. Your tutorial showed me a faster way to work with his hair type. God bless!

John lester Marces

Ang galing power cong TV lang malakas


This duded forehead is huge

Milad Yalda

Wish I had decent hair. My hair is so thin and no hair line. My self esteem is always at the lowest. Lost all my confidence. And I’m still barely 22 years old. :( it makes me so depressed.


Please make the intro short.. And go direct to the tutorial..

Sean T

Fucking awesome!!! Great video.

el barberos

I learned more about this video
Here is my channel guys

deep deep

What happened to your fade?


This looks fucking stupid lol

Warda Sunkar



Kim jong un style

eL gamma olin Carandang

Walanjo ang ginawa sinatsat maxado ang buhok

عمر اَْلّحًمٌداَْنَيِ

ليش ماكو ?? اذه شفت علم بلدك خلي لايك ابن العراق

David Álvarez

Now you got 3 million wow ?

Luis Garcia

I didn't see no blend in the fade your fades are dope but this one didn't come out good not enough blending

Abid Sultani

Nice tips

Alesi Togotogorua

Wat is the name of the fade cur

Kim Jong-un

That's my haircut

Jess Villanueva

Very very nice hair cut

Joht Gaming

Newly here sir.. Shout out to all Filipinos

Mr. C. Goc-ong

You sir helped me a lot with this passion of cutting hair or rather creating ?. Thank you. Keep creating vids bro.

Rokok Winston

Kau pikir mak kau tu hensem sgt ke

Daniel Yusri

not handsome

Riza Ahmad



Cortate en roly

Andrew Mendez

Yo 360Jeezy make a updated video of this cut! ??

Yokie Marco Laskari

Kakean nyangkem

Ronaldo Rampersad


Hair by Guno

Check my channel im starting like this

DhanDrake Palaroan

Thank you 360jessy..I'm john..very nice hair cut

Reymart TV

This video is very useful


Stupid haircut my brothers is better

Alvin Vilbar

More practice men

Just Me

Everyone in Columbus Ohio watches you bro


Gangnam style

Everyday Tips

https://youtu.be/nv4uOslN088 check this out.

Kristiam Vazquez


Cat Siva Kunchoo

Real nonsense,millions of views for this crap.

Thiago Luciano

I searched on google for the words to tell you. I don't know how to speak your language, I'm learning to cut hair with your videos.

Thank you, keep it up. God could put more people in the world just like you, the world would be better. I'm brazilian

Angel Alicea

This helped me so much and merry Christmas ?