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Stop Using SLS Shampoos and You Won't Need To Wash Hair Daily

3 905 views | 3 Jul. 2018

9 Ways to Stop Washing

9 Ways to Stop Washing Your Hair Every day

Washing your hair too frequently can cause more harm than good according to Lynne Goldberg, Director of the Boston Medical Center Hair Clinic. Constant washing causes your sebaceous glands to produce more fat. As a result, you get into a real vicious circle.

We at Health Digest took interest in this issue and prepared a list of tips that’ll allow you to wash your hair less often and still continue to look gorgeous!


To ensure that your hair stays clean longer, remove any fatty or fried dishes from your diet. The same goes for sugar, white bread, and canned foods. Replace these products with fruits and vegetables, dairy, lean meats, and nuts. This will help reduce the sebaceous glands’ activity.

To conceal greasy shine, divide your hair into strands and apply dry shampoo to the roots like a hairspray, from a distance of 8-10 inches. If the shampoo is in the form of talcum powder, apply it to the roots. Wait for ten minutes, and then comb your hair. Dry shampoo will create a shell around the greasy strands that will, for a time, make your hair look clean.

If you have a fringe, a headscarf can provide interesting hairstyling options. All you’ll need to do is wash your fringe, pin it up, and disguise it in some way. Headscarfs look good with collected or loose hair. They can also become a real salvation for those with short hairdos. Greasy hair can be further concealed by means of various hairpins or headbands with flowers.

When washing your hair, use warm or tepid water. Hot water increases the amount of fat secreted by the skin. After you’ve washed your hair, it’s best to let it dry naturally.

Braids of any type do a good job of disguising greasy hair roots. The thicker the weave, the better. We advise you to do a slight backcomb at the crown to conceal the more visible part of the unwashed hair. Make sure the braid doesn’t turn out smooth. A small amount of sticking-out hair will help hide the staleness.

Comb your hair before going to bed. Once you’ve settled on your pillow, pull your hair back in such a way as to arrange it along the upper edge of the pillow. If the length allows, make a quick ponytail or a loose braid.

Switch your parting from one side to the other, or replace a straight parting with a diagonal one. The reason for doing this is simple: our hair gets used to being arranged in a certain fashion, which leads to loss of volume at the roots. Also, it tends to become dirtiest along the parting line. Shifting the parting gives your hair volume, a new look, and an appearance of cleanliness.

Try not to give preference to smooth and sleek hairstyles: they’ll make your hair look even messier and greasy.

The best option would be to slightly backcomb the hair at the roots to achieve extra volume and then secure it in a shell or a bun.

Don’t forget to clean your styling tools regularly to prevent residues of surface skin fat, conditioner, and styling substances from gluing your hair together. Brushes and combs should be washed once a week in warm water with shampoo or soap.

Dry wet hair with a T-shirt instead of a towel to smooth your frizzy hair.

Don’t scrub your scalp. Use your fingertips to gently massage shampoo into your hair.

Roots should never, ever be conditioned.

Wring out your hair before applying hair conditioner.

Disclaimer: We strongly advise you to consult a specialist before beginning any treatment program or making any adjustment to your health care, diet, or/and your lifestyle. Do not remove yourself from any prescribed medications or treatments without consulting your physician. Any and all dietary supplements or nutritional products and treatments discussed in this video are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any health condition. The information contained in this video is for general information and for educational purposes only. Nothing contained in this video is or shall be or considered, or used as a substitute for, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Viewers should always seek the advice of a medical practitioner with any questions regarding their health. Never disregard, avoid, or delay obtaining medical advice or following the advice of a physician because of something you have seen or watched.

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Sumita Singha

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Emily Temis

I bought argan life shampoo because it seems to be working great. I have used this specific shampoo for 2 months now and have noticed a huge difference in my hair growth. I don't look as bald now. I like this shampoo over a lot of others because with this one you only have to use it two times a week where most shampoos for hair loss you have to use every day or every other day. Argan Life shampoo lathers very well and works great. If your looking for an inexpensive way to grow back your hair or grow your hair quicker I'd recommend giving this a 2 month try. It has worked wonderful for me.

No sls shampoo

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19 822 views | 11 Sep. 2020


#atasirambutlepek #shampoorambutlepek #atasirambutrusak


Cuma 20 ribuan! Shampoo dan Conditioner Anti Lepek dan Ampuh Atasi Rambut Rusak Kering Kasar dan Rontok!

Jadi selama ini aku tuh memang sering gonta ganti shampoo karena kulit kepala aku sensitif banget, suka keluar jerawat / bisul di kepala. Jadi semenjak itu aku mulai cari perawatan rambut terutama shampoo dan conditioner yang tidak mengandung bahan2 yang sebaiknya tidak digunakan di kulit kepala yang lagi bermasalah/sensitif. seperti paraben, sulfat SLS SLES, mineral oil, alcoh0l, dan silicone. Dan biasanya haircare product tanpa kandungan2 diatas itu harganya jauh lebih mahal dari produk2 yang ada di pasaran. Dan biasanya malah rawan bikin rambut jadi kering parah kalau gak cocok dan biasa pakai produk yang ingredientsnya silicone sls itu. Sampai akhirnya aku nemuin Watsons Shampoo dan Conditioner! Ini bener2 sesuai yang aku cari. Dia Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, silicone free alcohol free. Dan lagi dia harganya sangat terjangkau! Padahal isinya banyak banget. Hehe. Dan syukurlah aku juga awalnya takut kalau bakal bikin rambut aku jadi tambah kering, ternyata enggak dong. Hasilnya malah shampoonya pun bikin rambut halus berkilau gampang diatur wanginya juga aku suka banget. Apalagi conditionernya bener2 bikin rambut jadi super lembut. Dan juga ngebersihin kulit kepala yang berminyak dan Bikin gak gampang lepek akar rambutnya.

Produk2 ini ada di Watsons (biasa ada di mall2). Nah ini tapi aku belinya di Lazada. Di Official Watsons. Sekarang lagi banyak Diskon juga di Lazada! Yay!!



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Mr Rokhayat

Berapa si kak gaji yutuber

Arifin indah

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Next shampoo,

Mariam A.

Wah boleh ni.. adek aku kepalanya langganan jerawatan yg kaya bisul, udah nyoba segala macem tetep bae. Siapa tau cocok pake ini jg ya.. makasih Kak Siskaa..


Hebat bisa nemu aja produk bagus tapi harga terjangkau. thank you rekomendasinya selalu. Thumbs up

Yude Karisma

pas banget sama rambutku masalahnya


First kak like 1 dan komen 2

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Sering bngt nntn video na kakak...Krn srg muncul dberanda..n slalu pas sm keluhan q..ini pas bngt kpala lg kluar bisul eh ngebahas mslh shampoo..kmrn ellaskincare jg lsg beli..parfum2 yg dbahas jg lsg tak beli..jd fix lsg subscribe deh..sukses trz kak..luvvvv

Angge Angge

Mau coba juga, semoga bisa mengatasi kulit kepalaku yg sering gatal dan ketombean

Madhan Gaming14

Kak apakah shampo ini cocok untuk rambut kering dan mengembang?


Yeayy ternyata ada pengganti moist diane yg lebih murahnya wkwk. Aku juga pake moist diane yg smooth n straight ka, tapi lumayan sih ga abis abis karna isinya banyak bgtt

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Aahh.. selalu sukak info-infonya ???❤️


Bismillah mau nyoba ? jerawat kepalaku plis pergi ??

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Kalo berketombe dan rontok bisa pake ini ga? Varian yg mana ya yg cocok?

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Langsung nonton dong soalnya thmbnail nya aku bgt, KULIT PALA MINYAKAN TAPI BATANG RAMBUT KERING -_-


Hai kak aku riques skinker umur 13-15 dong kulit remaja tapi bajetnya murah rifiudong kak

Ngh Furry

Kak ini semua varian shampoo nya free dari kandungan diatas kan? Bukan cuma yg milk ajah?

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Nathanael Joshua

sampai sekarang masi pakai shampoo watsonya ga ?gimana masi cocok ga?

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Btw masi pake shampoo ini atau udah ganti kah kak??

Tina Nurlita

Aku cari di Shopee gak ada ya ka :(

Clara Risti

sama banget pake moist diane kalo dipakai sendirian rambutnya kering bgt. Tapi di kulit kepala cocok, bersih, ketombe dan rontok berkurang. Tp batang rambut kering kerontang. Aku yg males ribet jadi coba2 conditioner buat nemenin si moist diane dan baru coba pantene, masih nyari2 conditioner lain lagi yg lebih ampuh utk melembutkan

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Bukannya diane itu diatas 50

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Kak review senka all varian dong:)

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Itu bener ya, gak ada silikon nya? Biasanya yg bikin rambut super licin itu silikon.


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Hmm sukak bgt diracuni kak siska?? , YaAllah jika aku tidak bisa berhenti belanja maka jadikan aku orang yg banyak uang :) huhuhu

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Patut dicoba nih soalnya aku ada psoriasis di kulit kepala. Pake shampo yg biasa di pasaran ga cocok. Mau beli shampo yg ada di apotek gtu kantong menangis

Rula Rula

Kak rivew tas2 atau baju2 atau sandal2 di shopee dong kak udh bosen skincare terus kak???...sukses selalu

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kak kalau shampoonya watson yg varian lain juga bagus engga?

Blvm. Id

Kak produknya sudah bpom?

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buat cowok yg rambut berminyak trs kering gmpang rontok itu yg varian apa kak?

Daniska Deana

Akhirnya nemu opsi selain moist diane makasih kak siska

Ryry Fairy

Viewers videonya kak siska selalu lebih banyak dari subcribernya.. ayo dong guys subcribe juga sebagai tanda apresiasi kita buat kak siska.. biar lebih banyak lg racunnya kak siska

Nafisah Alaydrus

Aslii siskaaa q pengen Belli pass bbingiitzzz ? lg bgg nyari shampoo apa yg pas bbingiitzzz

Sri Haryani

Kalungnya mirip aku

Lia Wibowo

Mantaapp, review yg kayak gini yg aku suka. Emang susah nyari shampoo yg non paraben, sls dkk. Makasih reviewnya. Minta review dalan d'olive dong, katanya itu juga non paraben dkk ❤️❤️❤️

Novita sari Sihombing

Bisa untuk rambut rontok ga kak

Arini Hanna

Channelmu adalah yg sgt aku butuhkan saat inii aaaa tengkyuwwwww!!!?

Choco Oreo

Kak Siska racun banget ini, baru kemaren nonton yang parfum pinkberry eh sekarang pas banget nyari shampoo karna rambutku cepet lepek. Padahal baru 1 hari gak keramas ??. Nanti gajian coba beli deh ❤️❤️ makasih infonya ya kak ❤️❤️❤️

Btsfan Army

Tau banget yang aku cari kak shampo anti lepek

Theresa Halim

Aku lagi cr shampo yg non sulfate gitu tp tnyt watsons ini memang non Sodium lauryl sulfate, tapi masih ada bahan Sodium laureth sulfate nya waktu kubaca.. Conditionernya jg ada dimethicone & alkoholnya.. jadi galau..

ღ【へんたい】ɥıɯǝ ღ

Duhh aku sekarang make shampo bayi akhirnya bisa berhijrah

pradita damayanti

Sama banget kak aku juga ngerasa kering banget kalo pake shampoo moist diane (yg coklat) tanpa conditioner. Bener2 kayak ijuk. Setelah googling shampoo lain yg nggak mengandung paraben sls dll itu nemu lah shampoo watson. Tp belum banyak yg bikin reviewnya. Makasi ya kak udah ngereview.

Shasi Kirani

Udah abis ka wkwk

Lia Eunike

Langsung cuss ke watson. Mumpung diskon. Aku beli yang naturals by watson. Sama2 free sulfate, free paraben

Hey you!

Buat rambut rontok bisa ga kaa?

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Bagus banget produknya kak.
Makasi kak siskaaaa?
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Logatnya wong jowo bngt ?

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Aq kok ga cocok ya sama m0ist diane yg merah, padahal utk scalp loh, tp kulit kepala gatel. Ada yg sama ga?

Steven Oswaldo


No sls shampoo

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