Pure soap making

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Pure White Eucalyptus | Cold Process Soap Making | Artisan Soap Design | Let's get Soapy

549 views | 20 Nov. 2019

A Message from

A Message from Jes...

Welcome to Fruits Of A Loon Cold Process Soap Making!

I am so happy that you're here.

I have been a cold process soap maker for many years, but

just recently have started taking it to YouTube.

Please consider becoming part of my journey here on YouTube,

if you love cold process soap making.

Subscribe and Like if you love what you see,

and don't be shy. Leave a comment and say hello!

If you're bored and want to watch hours and hours

of cold process soap making, here is my entire

soap making play list of over 80 cold process soap making videos

---- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

My Top 3 Videos.. Can you guess why? I can't!

--- https://youtu.be/E6MvgsM_J7E

--- https://youtu.be/RWYrOKuX9io

--- https://youtu.be/vDrleRx7SHE

There are three easy ways that you can support small YouTubers like me:

1. You can buy the soap you see here at https://www.fruitsofaloon.com

2. You can purchase me a cup of coffee here ---- https://ko-fi.com/fruitsofaloon

I love coffee and I appreciate every single cup! It helps me to keep

my website going, and continue to make soap for all of you, so thank

you from the bottom of my heart xo

3. You can also click on any of my amazon links below, and even if you

don't purchase that particular item, it will allow me to earn a few

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Here are my links:

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Make your own soap molds USA https://amzn.to/35nnpBw

Buy the soap mold you see in this video USA https://amzn.to/37uFBuV

Need extra small gloves like me? USA https://amzn.to/2XHltRC

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Did you know? I love each and every one of you and am overwhelmed daily

by the show of support here and on www.fruitsofaloon.com

Big XO to all of you!

Jes #fruitsofaloon | Cold Process Soap Making | Artisan Soap Design | Let's get Soaping

Loren Creations

I love it ?

Country Cottage Candles and Soaps

??So creamy and luxurious looking! Beautiful!??


I love the minimalistic aesthetic that goes so well together with the crisp and refreshing eucalyptus fragrance!

Renee Cormalis- Soaps For Love

You wouldn't think that an all white soap would be beautiful but it really is. Love Eucalyptus as well so this is a perfect combination.


Soaps make so nicely.
It's nice to see this interesting video.
Like & subscribe.
I'll come back next time. Let's be good friends ~~

Loren Creations

I love it ? so pure simple and elegant with an amazing scent
One of my favorite ????????✨

Sandhya Nice

Hey hiii can I get this ?

Soap Be It

Simple and pretty!

Nonia Bizinezz

Sometimes plain is the most beautiful ❤️

FeFe Dilks

Very classy ❤️

Jen’s Wild Homestead & Soapery

This made me giggle a little, I can tell you typically make soaps with designs, because your default was to show each cut of the loaf...yep they were all white;) lol, but seriously thanks for the video! I need to make a white soap and was not sure how much other soapers typically use of TD to get the whitest white, this was very helpful!

Simply Loved Soaps

I love a simple white soap. Great scent for it as well. ?

Pure soap making

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Pure Soap Making Video Book Tour

74 views | 19 Sep. 2019

Original Date: Dec 14th,

Original Date: Dec 14th, 2017

A sneak peek at Pure Soapmaking: How to Create Nourishing, Natural Skin Care Soaps by Anne-Marie Faiola.

Original Key: 8jBbT6SP


Thank you so much for the share. God bless you. You are angel ?
I would like to know more about such books.
Thanks & Regards

Pure soap making

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The Making and Cutting of Fresh Aloe Vera Cold Process Soap

468 905 views | 6 Feb. 2016

A special thanks to my

A special thanks to my friends at Bramble Berry for sending me the supplies to make this lovely soap. It is inspired by Anne-Marie's new book, Pure Soapmaking. Visit http://www.brambleberry.com for additional information.

The fresh aloe used in this soap is from my very own garden :)

This video is for entertainment purposes only and is not a tutorial.

For additional information, please subscribe and visit:




Thanks for watching!

Ivani alecrim

Beautiful ?

Thuwan Priyanthi

Please madam tel me ingredients thank you for your video madam

Naz Asha



What music is this? My toddler commented "such nice music...I feel like sleeping". ? Please do let me know.

Angela Reynolds Hazelton

I live in south west Florida..where are you located..I would love to ship some soap to my mom

RA Gloria

I am curious if you ever gel the your aloe soap

joan cayenne

Thank you for your video my dear, but what is the liquid you added the aloe vera in?

Elizabeth Welcher

Such awesome photography... great video... lovely soap!?

Jhunter 30

sooooo pretty!!

Loretta Young


AUROMIRA Creations

Which brand soap Base will be best with respect to quality and cost?

Tanya Bonnett

Such a beautiful natural aloe soap,I'm sure its wonderfully soothing and skin loving

Jules Jam

Always takes my breath away, just beautiful!


Please look at this NATURAL ORGANIC SOAP: https://youtu.be/AHamkpJ49iY

Alexus Mulrain

What inch do you cut your bars if you don’t mind me asking ?

Elizabeth Fornes

Now, that's awesome soap making! Very good!

Mohammed Soharab

Is that oil in the Jar and if Yes , Which oil is that ?
0:32 Second


it's Alexei from NTD Television (Epoch Media Group) . This video is great, we totally love it:
Our mission is to uplift the world through sharing Truth, Hope and Humanity.
We would like to upload it on our media pages and wanted to give you more details. Please drop me an email at [email protected]ntd.tv Thank you :)
This is our website: www.epochmediagroup.com

zeenat Zubair

In which mixture u poured aloe vera pulp?

Yashwanth Vijay

Neev CCharcoal Soap For Deep Pore Cleansing and Flawless Skin 75gms

Sadnessis MYlife

Soooo so beautifulllll

Angel’s Cakes




Petit Soleil

It is just so beautiful !

Zoya Khan

Please mention the ratios of each ingredients too

Rameen Khan

What was the orange liquid in which u added the alovera purre?

ying nui

So lovely...i love this soap

Alexius Reese

I love this video and the finished soap product! In the beginning of the video what did you add the blended aloe vera in?

Omotoso Christianah

Great video ?

Erde Mer

Bravo bravo..

DayDream Believer

Your soaps are beautiful. You have such an eye for color and swirls. Please make more.

Elaine Alves

i loved

Eunice Cibene

Oi manda a receita please muito lindo já me escrevi

Krish kamalesh

Really I enjoyed. Thanq love u so much

Christiane Boguslawski

Love this...congratulations!!!!! I’m from Brazil and I would like to know about the basic ingredients to make natural soaps...please!! You use some oils...cocoa butter??? Thanks


Wow this is gorgeous !!! Who knew soap making was such an art ! Also, where in Florida are you ? I’m in fl too !

Louie P

What is that mixture in 0:29? Is that just aloe vera? No other ingredient?

GraceLynn Rose Soaps and more

WOW! That is so beautiful, you did such great job. New subscriber.

Aditya Gupta

what is the shelf life?


Why did i never think to cut aloe like that ?‍♀️??

Amaia Maza

¡¡¡Madre Mia!!!.
¡¡¡Que cosa mas bonita!!!.
Un placer .

Nini Sparkle

did you strain your aloe vera and blend it

Almond Flour

Do you toss away your plastic spoons and cups after use?

Jay Gilbert

Simply beautiful!

Ree McLaughlin

Beautiful. This video was totally relaxing.

ladymitch32 sunshine



Man! Now this is how a YouTube video should be made. And how do you grow such HUGE aloe? Absolutely beautiful soap. Thank you so much for sharing.

Helen's Creative Ideas

Awesome beautiful

Rosalia Wijaya

Why noy use skin for colour ?

Hanisha Angresh

Very nice

master wayne

How you add fragrance to your soaps?

Penguin India

Pls share how to make this yar

Goth Koneko

How much essential oils do you use per batch?

Hen Sitter

Oh my days! The whole thing is stunning, especially the top. A work of art indeed!


Best artistic creations of soap I have seen. So much talent. Just beautiful.


Stunning! I love the color choices and design ?

Shubham vishwakarma

Can u share the ingredients you used to make soap please

Brittany Costello

Wish you would post more, I love the simplicity of your soaps and videos. Beautiful :) I added it to my “beautiful soap” playlist!!

Veronica Williams

Nice I might make this tomorrow just bout another aloe Vera I got seeds just ready to plant them soon the weather break I done soap like five or more times thanks for the video standing behind your work I like the aloe Vera cut out got to try that one rock on hone.

mariela menestrina

arte puro! amo lo que haces!

Ramil Mashhood

am i the only only one who is thinking its can be yummy to eat? ?

humna sheikh

Hey what's the quantity of essential oils

Bongbae Park

Overjoyed to watch your fine video clips.
Why don't you add Korea Ginseng Powder for the Recipe of your soap in order to improve the quality for anti-aging, acne treatment,
and atopic dermatitis. If interested in, please touch me via email ([email protected])

Surekha Bhujle

Marvelleous,Superb, Mind blowing??

sandylou Aparicio

The problem is that You don't give the quantities and name of the ingredients

reyhane taheri

Veeery beautifull

NewChannel MissAliaa

I think it's one of the most beautiful videos i have seen


Start a luxury commercial production soap.

The Bocklage

Where i can find your recipe?

Jameela Wilkinson

Can someone please type out all the steps and/or ingredients pleasseeee

Veronica Williams

Sweet every time I get ready to make,my soap my daughters them one or the other come with my grand babies granny love them to death,I been making soap for two year I think,cause these years doing and going so fast,I got my aloe Vera deep freezer ,I can't me no flower you did that so smooth wow I can't even make a stick keep up the great work.

Rose Downing

You make the prettiest soaps. As a newbie soapmaker, I am in awe.

Max game


Channel 612

hi what are the ingredients

RaeAnn Uria

Simply stunning!!

claire tsantali

Would you like tell us the recipe? I mean which oils how much NAOH and how much oh essential oils?


So beautiful ? Amazing swirls ????????

Silvana Cardoso

Tinha que ter tradução? parabéns muito lindo!


How long can you store this soap? Thanks


Never thought of using fresh aloe Vera, I am going to try that.

ladymitch32 sunshine

Hi, it's nice, will you share the recipe for this

Patrick Plein

Wow, I aspire to make soap as lovely as this! And I agree with Katy, wholeheartedly...great videographer skills!

Aroma Delight Beauty Care Products

Wow! Love your soap and the video! I'm a new subscriber here.

The Random Person

Amazing work. I'm gonna try this out. Could u plz tell me the shelf life of this soap?

Reena Lobo

you added aloejuice directly to oils when did you added lye water


how does your soap comes out so creamy white?


Incredible...Beautiful and Amazing

Jules Jam


Stacking 4 Retirement

Stunning! ❤

Sérgio Martins

Like. It is Wonderful. Pretty!! Sérgio Martins - Rio de Janeiro/BRASIL.

Beverley Dudley


Lilian Simão

You used how many of lye?

Gretchen Arnot


Juneda Imran khan

????????? great job...you are a great soap artist

St Sema

Comforting art

B Henry

How did you make the gold shimmer

jad jad

good job

johannah paula acal

What did you use for 2:21?

DeEnn Mckeague

Beautifully Made.??