How to get redness out of face

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How to Reduce Facial Redness

201 760 views | 4 Mar. 2009

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Tired of looking like you’re embarrassed—or worse, drunk—24/7? Here are some easy ways to make your cheeks less rosy.

Step 1: See a dermatologist

See a dermatologist to make sure the redness isn’t a symptom of disease or a skin condition like rosacea or telangiectasia. You could also simply have a naturally ruddy complexion.

Step 2: Clean with oats and tea

Wash your face with a cleanser that contains oat extract, which is an antihistamine, or green tea, which can help reduce the capillary dilation that leads to blotchy skin.

Step 3: Use the right moisturizer

Use a moisturizer containing feverfew, an herb that helps lessen redness.

Step 4: Use the right makeup

Women can downplay a ruddy complexion by applying a primer followed by green-tinted foundation. The primer helps the makeup adhere to the skin, and the green tint camouflages redness.

Step 5: Milk it

Calm redness from wind or exertion by soaking a washcloth in ice-cold milk and laying it on your face for 10 minutes. The milk’s proteins, fat, amino acids, and vitamin A all help reduce redness.


If your face becomes beet-red after exercising and stays that way for hours, take an antihistamine after you finish your workout.

Step 6: Use this emergency fix

If you have a special event that a blotchy face is threatening to ruin, apply some one-half percent hydrocortisone, which is available over the counter. It will temporarily reduce the redness. Just don’t do it often or it will thin your skin.

Step 7: Try a trick

Try this trick: Put an ice cube in your mouth and press it against the roof of your mouth. Receptors that respond to cold constrict blood vessels in your face, which is enough to reduce redness for some people.


Hot foods—both temperature-wise and spice-wise—and alcohol exacerbate facial ruddiness by dilating blood vessels.

Step 8: Have a photofacial

Ask a dermatologist about a 'photofacial,' a procedure that reduces facial redness by zapping the red pigment in blood vessels under the skin’s surface with a high-intensity light pulse.

Did You Know?

Princess Diana suffered flare-ups of facial redness that some believe were the skin condition rosacea.


argh, my face feels so hot right now, and my cheeks are bright red! This doesn't happen all the time, but when it's like this there isn't any reason and it usually lasts all day -_-


this girl is not red. I watched this video because I have a red patch over my lips that looks like I smeared lipstick all the way up to my nose. Wish I could wear makeup but seems like I'm allergic and just get more red all over >_<

Nicole Elizabeth

Obviously hon. I just don't keep milk in my house.


@YoureQuiteQueer I KNOW WHAT IT FEELS..... hate it

Aliya Haggis

Kay what if it's Sunday? Do dermitologists even work on Sundays? Why don't you just go see a doctor, I bet they know the same stuff.

max rhodes

I don't have rosacea! My face is just red complexioned on my cheeks and jaw, like my eyes are brown. I just want to reduce this! Is bleaching cream okay to use?

lily vasquez

@Haleeyylovespink it's aveeno naturals it's like at Walmart.:)

Amanda Kelly

@1Malukulove did it work cause i have the same problem

Kristenna Gaylord

You will need: Money MONEY and don't forget MONEY!!!

Nacho Churro

Isnt rosatia or watever supposed to look like a butterfly redness shape on your face?

Cody Bonger

white and sticky lol

Cody Bonger

i like the back ground music


@xoMrsCarly same here, and i'm emo and that doesn't really go together with red cheeks :(


we have to pay to see a dermatolagist?

Лена Ситникова

Good day! I'm Tyler.I did -45 lbs last one week.More here hawght.so\#F4op


@YoureQuiteQueer I have it and youre right, its super annoying. My cheeks are rosy red and I hate it. It just looks dumb.

Amber Bryant

I have red hair could this be why I often have blushed cheeks?

sarah boccard

LOL you aren't drinking it.. do you even know what lactose intolerant means?


i wash my face with oatmeal everyday and i use moisterizer too. my face has always been very red around my cheeks and my nose. its a curse. i cant even talk top a guy without them feeling awkward because they think im blushing. i really wish i could get rid of it without using makeup.


@YoureQuiteQueer itsss so annoying! i have it bad on my cheeks!




"You will need: a dermatologist"

Woah there, wasn't expecting to kidnap anyone but ok.

Jill Sandwich

I like the face she makes when she has the ice cube in her mouth.

Jasmine Pappos



Did anyone else get off during the ice cube scene?

Thomas Notee

If only you could experience the glad feeling like me after I could end the embarrased redness on your face within 3 days, with no side-effects drugs, no matter what people say about how tough it can be to overcome rosacea.


Hell no ! Fuck am a guy. My cheeks always red, after workout specially. I want to get rid of them, i heard lazer surgery help but some say that it doesn't am mad, very mad about my cheeks.

Samantha Gonzalez

XD epic

Erica The Friendly Pisces

True, it happened to me! Especially the fragrance in the moisturizer.

Radiólogo Millonario

@tkuzzz it doesn't matter, the video is meant to teach, not to cure the girl. BTW, I like her, red faced or not! LOL!


Drunk? When I c sum one with red akin that is probably the last thing I wud ever think

aria afghan

back in school, my name was "tomato" too. i felt bad all the times. then i started washing my face with milk every night before going to sleep and it worked for me....now i almost never get red face. only after workouts but i guess that is natural for fair, lively and white skins lolzzzz


wow, look at where society has gotten us.


antihistamine....gees ...puts me to sleep... never knew about the ice-cube treatment though....I think I might try that.....I have used non-fat dry milk mixed with water as a face mask ....calms and soothes....really works , temporarily.

Wu Zi

@nicole3elizabeth You're not digesting it so it should be alright.

Pepo Nedyalkov

Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to discover cure alcohol red face try Pycanta Red Face Protocol (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got great results with it.


oh yeah, she totally haves redness on her skin... i get pretty pale in winter and i look like im drunk when i step outside. my nose and my cheeks are very red then and all the discoloration and imperfections on my skin looks TEN TIMES WORST than it would look when im tanned. damn...

Nicole Elizabeth

"soak a wash cloth in ice cold milk" i'm lactose intolerant...

Dmitri Petrenko

nobody knows.

Peter Mansour

were can i buy a dermatologist?

dave spaans

I've been studying treating blushing at home and discovered a fantastic website at Zavrina blush treater (check it out on google)


oh my goodness! thank you so much!! i always look like i'm either overheating, or very embarrassed. this helped soo much :)

Steph Hernandez

nice song haha


physicians formula; walgreens sells it. I use it , if done correctly it wil tone done red spots.


Fml every time after I do any type of sport I get so red and it’s annoying cuz it looks like I’ve been crying or something


umm, why is the girls skin perfect? shouldn't it be red?


the cleanser she's using is Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pore daily exfoliating gel cleanser and the moisturizer is the Aveeno Ultra-Calming daily moisturizer spf 15

Alyssa Williamson

If I have really red cheeks, should i use a foundation with yellow or pink undertones? green is too hard to find.

Atiah Ayuni

hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover rosacea home remedy try Hopandar Rosacea Guru Helper (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my friend got amazing success with it. 

Jai and Lola

3 summers ago I had impentigo on my nose and now it's permanently red! Anyone know what to do?

Shaundra Brown

Green tinted foundation...?

Amanda Kelly

@1Malukulove did it work caue i have red cheeks and i dont want to wast my time and money


I went to my doctor and he said to use any lotion with the main ingredient being lactic acid.

Viktoria Histed

@BlueJeanBaby012 me too -_-

warlj rgqwarg

wow this is so helpful ¬.¬

joshua wagner

@treefan77 i know right...im in 6th grade and everybody keeps saying your checks ar red!!!! and when they say it it only makes it worse!!!!


I'm no specialist or anything like that but I don't recommend bleahcing cream because I've heard of people who have used it for rednees skin problems and they end up burning parts of their face and that obviously makes their skin condition worse I would recommend to stick with natural and facial safe products hope this helps :)


If you can't find green foundation then use a green concealer they're available at drugstores in brands like nyc and maybelline hope this helps :)


@tkuzzz yep, it looks like blush


Oh yeah right, hold on I’m off to kidnap a dermatologist

Radiólogo Millonario

Be VERY careful with corticosteroids. Some of them can be addictive.

joanne edley

why do you use models that have perfect skin

Sinead Fay

photofacials sound painful...


Haha, thx I really needed this


"You will need a dermitologist.." OH SURE!! let me just go grab one out of my closet!!


I have redness on my nose too! It's so annoying and I'm not a fan of covering my face with makeup, and I still haven't found a way to reduce it

Jackie Christine

i would not put hydrocortisone on your face! i was diagnosed with this horrible rash called perioral dermititis and i was on meds for over a month. i couldnt cover it and it was sometimes painful. never ever put hydrocortisone on your face, the redness and rash with come back 10 X worse


she might have said 'ruddiness'.....it means the same thing.


Holly is she really suffering from redness? she looks perfectly fine to me, her face is flawless and no video shows real redness like the kind that are not pimples, and not blush like redness, but REAL REDNESSS!!!!

Buffo hrdfjiu

@Ophelialife i know i went out to get lotion with feverfew and it was 18 dollars omfg!

Alexa Kay

@tkuzzz She's got foundation on :L


my nose gets really red.Thats how i got the nickname, "the red nose reindeer!

Joanna Jacobs

How helpful on a Saturday night.

Ameera Princess

she doesn't have redness, I freaking hate my redness, it's so annoying

Catherine Mai

catchy music. ^.^

Ana Soto


Alyssa Williamson

what cleanser did she use?

Uzair Ahmad

new howcast coming soon how to find a dermatologist where to find antihistamins


What's the first wash thing she used?


me to bud

Sophie Mc Mahon

aint nobody got time for that


so many people who have acne or facial redness would look so handsome (no homo) if they didnt have it, or so pretty, shit fucking sucks man im tellin ya :(

maida velasquez

hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out cure alcohol red face try Morundan Asian Red Mastery (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my m8 got great results with it.

Gacha Girl

i dont have rosacea but as i get older (im nearly 39) my face is changing colour to a red pinky colour its horrible ..im overweight so it makes me look even worse


she hasn't got acne!!!!


lmao i have never compared my redness to being drunk

Carly Chenoweth

@YoureQuiteQueer I know!! It's terrible. People always ask what's wrong, or if I'm hot or something -_____-

Hi, Everybody!

I don't know what country you live in but if the redness is causing you emotional problems you may be able to get free laser treatment.

cam Penner



its easy to say , but u got to learn live with it and realise that the problem is in your mind. good luck!


@YoureQuiteQueer i agree its annoying

Maddie Leighton

WTF? You will need: A DERMATOLOGIST? What about regular people? Like that's realistic


You will need is to be Michelle Phan

Davids Barco

here's a few things for treating rosacea naturally
Consider adjusting your Diet
You could also take different Natural supplements, herbs, and vitamins
Also the use of anti-oxidants and natural anti-inflammatory supplements could be of benefit.
(I read these and why they work from Natural Remedy Blueprint website )

Jewel Hasan

Hello I need this video, especially your tips concerning suggestions for stop blushing
. Another resource I also found ideal for anti blushing pills
is Panlarko Blushing Cure Planner - if anyone is interested look up google.seach in google through how to stop facial blushing


Does this reduce acne redness as well? I only have a little acne left and im sick of how red it makes my face!

Ryan McMahon

My face is red all the time! i wish i was black....


i got red cheeks but not rosacea, how can i get this redness away!!?!? will Eucerin Red Relief work??

Kathryn Ebert

my face is always red and i have such an uneven skin tone and i get made fun of for it. Your face is not red


I have naturally red cheeks and it's annoying cuz people all ways say I'm blushing when I'm not

How to get redness out of face

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How to get redness out of your face

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How to get redness out of face

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John Wei

can i use aloe vera gel on face and then wash with cool water?????

Best Home Remedies

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