Normal skin changes with aging

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Overview of Geriatrics and Normal Changes of Aging - Dr. Kamal Masaki

5 609 views | 27 Feb. 2015

Overview of what

Overview of what geriatrics is and why it is important.

Gysai Durgans

Thank-you such an insightful presentation!

Qüinoá Karen

Very lovely presentation on geriatrics. Thanks ??

Normal skin changes with aging

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A Journey into Geriatric Skin

1 476 views | 19 Oct. 2015

Watch the full video:

Watch the full video: http://bit.ly/1Lz8Vh2

Have you ever wondered what’s under your skin? Like all organs of the body, your skin changes as you age, and care and prevention methods need to evolve with those changes. Understanding these changes can help you protect your skin and keep it performing at high levels. Join Mr. 70 and his guide Nurse Skinthority as they take a ride under the skin---literally!---to learn about what’s happening under the surface.

Normal skin changes with aging

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Normal Skin Histology - Explained by a Dermatopathologist

131 958 views | 15 Aug. 2016

The basic normal

The basic normal structures of the skin discussed and described by a dermatopathologist. This material is intended for use by medical students, junior pathology or dermatology residents, or for anyone else studying normal human histology. Special thanks to two of my medical students at UAMS for helping make this video possible. Miki Lindsey convinced me that I really needed to sit down and record this video. Akash Patel took time to edit the video and make it ready for YouTube. My sincere thanks to both of them for helping me overcome procrastination. Huge thanks to Abigail Cline, a medical student at Medical College of Georgia, for volunteering to type a transcript of this ENTIRE video (over 14,000 words!) so that I could provide closed caption subtitles for those with hearing impairments and for those who may need assistance in understanding spoken English (particularly given how quickly I speak!).

Correction - I made a mistake in the video. I said that sebaceous gland secretions are turned into smelly substances by bacteria and that this makes body odor. That is incorrect. That is actually true of APOCRINE gland secretions not sebaceous secretions.

Please check out my Soft Tissue Pathology & Dermatopathology survival guide textbooks: http://bit.ly/2Te2haB ‬

This video is geared towards medical students, pathology or dermatology residents, or practicing pathologists or dermatologists. Of course, this video is for educational purposes only and is not formal medical advice or consultation.

Presented by Jerad M. Gardner, MD. Please subscribe to my channel to be notified of new pathology teaching videos.

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Thank you so much!It‘s very very helpful!!

Nada Mohamed


Myrtexton Wang

Thank you so much for making these videos. I appreciate it so much!!!!! I am a dermatology resident in Germany and this is so much better than most clinics teach their residents. I love these videos and will hopefully get through all of them step by step. Greetings from Germany <3

Alice Brown

Thank you so so much for this incredible video. I am a Derm Resident in South Africa and this is so so helpful!


You’re an amazing teacher. Please make more!


By any chance would the basal layer look brownish cells? Cause we saw a layer of brown cells on the basal area and we're confused if those are the squamous cells

Marie-Luise Brunner

This is so good! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your effort! This is awesome. Very highly appreciated. Thank you!!

vinay kumar

Sir actually I had a lot of doubts in histology spotters, but most of doubts got clarified to me after watching this video. Please continue to make more videos like this. Thank u soooooooo much sir.

Dibyanshu Sekhar Mohapatra

Very very helpful. Thank you.

Dr Med Abdellahi Dedah

I am à pathology resident in morrocco Casablanca and your video are really ?

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O melhor dos melhores. Muito obrigada!!!!

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Really nice! thanks for this amazing videos :D

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Wonderful presentation.

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Perfect video! Congrats!!


I love this.

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Thank you Jerad! Really helpful for a dermatology resident starting out :)


just Amazing ! A BIG THANK YOU SIR ..

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Really amazing lecture..?

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Blessed to see these videos. Heartful thanks to awesome teacher

David Young

Appreciate the informal chatting style very much

Maria João

I'm a medical student in Portugal and I could not be more grateful for your effort. It enabled me not just to learn some concepts that will be essential for my studies, but also allowed me to start liking this. It is amazing to learn all this material by listening to your explanations rather than reading a book and finding all this boring, when it is great fun. Thanks, Sir. ?

Gopika Nandhu

That was actually a good one.keep doing

Jordan S

Thank you Dr. Gardner for this incredible video. You have such a gift for making the difficult, easy and the boring, interesting. I know that you are a dermatopathologist but do you have any other organ systems?

Birgit Nelson

This is awesome thank you so much for this!!

hadir a

This video is really GREAT! I'm a dermatology resident and really learnt a lot from this video. Thank you!


Love the videos. A natural teacher. Do you have a video that provides an overview of the stains etc and how they are used? Thanks

Elham Gamal

Thank you professor for this highly informative lecture

Oskar winters

This video was amazing ! thank you !


Dermatology Resident here, OMG I want to thank you so much for recording and uploading these videos. Better than my teachers, for sure :P

Kate Villanueva

Great lecture! Very helpful! Thank you

Никита Юханов

That's a real amazing video to start learning dermatopathology. Thank you!

Dr John Stewart

Beautifully illustrated! Kind Regards John Stewart BVSc Hons MRCVS

Harshal Ranglani


Eugenio Del Valle Espinosa

Excellent video!

nova somar

You're amazing

Dalia Qusay

Thank you alot Dr. Gerard very useful videos


Thank you Dr.Gardner for providing so comprehensive explaination of features in a histology image of normal skin. This video helped me to clear a few confusions that reside in my mind for a long time. I still have one question, I hope you will see this comments and give me some information. The question is about stratum lucidum. According to text book and also your description that stratum lucidum is only seen at two situations: acral skin and chronically rubbed skin. My question is: have you ever seen stratum lucidum on thin skin? what skin location is the histology slide used in the video acquired from (4:51)? It seems not a typcial thick skin. Thanks!

ray aswinasari

I am so grateful to find your video. You did amazing job. You have natural yalent to make people understand. Hope you stay healthy and well. Cheers?

Grace Guan

YOU ARE THE CUTEST PATHOLOGIST I'VE EVER SEEN!!! So well explained presentation and it really helped me a lot w understanding the content!!!

Akanksha M

Great video, thank you so much!
This helped me clear the concepts of normal skin histology
Can you please do a video on skin reaction patterns

John Fazio

Excellent review of normal histology.

Hanine Haidar


Manoj Mathew

excellent video


How do you differentiate Langerhans and melanocyte? If its in the spinous layer is it langerhans? Will you not find melanocytes in the spinous layer?

Lera N

Gross pathology of Whipple procedure for residents and doctors.

Enrique Carbo

Excellent! Thank you.

June Sun

thanks a lot! You are an inspiring and passionate teacher !


excellent videos, thank you very much

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You are such a good teacher. Keep uploading more video please?


Hi in Minute 39:00 you say that there is a "lockhern" inside of an apipocyte nucleus. Thats a typo. It`s actually a "lochkern". Lochkern means in german "hole in a nucles". Nevertheless thx for that great video!

ali albather

Thank you so much

Attaa Majid

Thanks alot


great video thanks! from Australia :)

Priyanka Kale-Walunj

You channel is awesome for any pathologist esp in derm and bone soft tissue pathology.
I no more find it difficult as it used to be for me.
You way of showing no.of cases gives a lot more confidence about the tumors.
Your way of teaching the aproach to see any slide is soo good.
Thank you so much.


Absolutely fantastic.

Ambereen Imran

Great lecture.
Learnt many things in spite of having been in Pathology for over 25 years.

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Awesome sir

Giacomo Maria Pini

Such a great video! thank you


Is squames and keratinocytes interchangeable?

Lajos Winkler

Thank you for making this video. It's what a proper histology lesson should look like.

Randi Finkelstein

Hi Dr. Gardner! I am a sophomore in High School where I was selected to be in the Advanced Science Research Program. Over this course of this upcoming summer I will be conducting my own graduate-level dermatology research which will transpire to the next 3 years of my high school career. Your videos have taught me so much and vastly increased my background knowledge on dermatology which will surely help assist me through my research path. I have such a passion for dermatology and hope you keep making these videos!

Lachlan Keeley

wish i had the ability to spot a monocyte amidst all that mess, it's a talent


Excellent presentation. So simple and high quality video. Differentiating collagen from muscle.. simply superb...

Shirley Wu

Thank you very much dear Dr Gardner!I am now a faithful fans of you.Your teaching is so excellent and you try your best to share what you know,to help people who want to learn dermpath and those lovely petients.Your English is so beautiful and perfect for us non-English-speaking doctors to learn professional English.Wait for your subsequent update.May god bless you.Take care!

Rashid Jat

Thanks for this video,How can sir we fined similar detailed video about histology of other organ systems

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EXCELLENT! You are such a wonderful teacher. Thank you so much!

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Thank you a lot for your great video. It' s very helpful for young dermatopathologist.

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Too too good! Thanks for the video.


thank you sir. as a resident in pathology your videos are very informative. sir can you post videos of skin afnexal tumors.

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Extremely clear!! Keep on doing this!

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What a great way of explanation! Thank you so much.. Please please make more explanatory videos like this about normal histology.
Thanks again

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some video say private, not able to access them

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Thank you! Much appreciation for this perfect explanation!!

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No words....

Alice Von Kröhling

Hey, Doctor Jerad. How are you? I'm from Brasil and I have a channel on youtube. Could I use this video, without the audio, to explain the skin? I mean, I just want the images of the tissues, I will take off your voice and I will explain this all in my voice. I'll put the creditis down bellow the video and a link for your channel and this video. What do you say?

Saed Sayad

Great job!

Holy Yota

it is really great i wish u were my professor of histology thanks alot

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thank you so much Jerad. Thanks to you I could understand thing that were impossible to me onky by reading


Thank you very much

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Angela Saradian

I’ve never seen better histology video and explanation than this one . Thank you very much ... I will wait for some new videos )

Emma Denis

Excellent videos, so educative indeed, your effort is highly appreciated and please keep it up

Jerad Gardner, MD

Correction - I made a mistake in the video. I said that sebaceous gland secretions are turned into smelly substances by bacteria and that this makes body odor. That is incorrect. That is actually true of APOCRINE gland secretions not sebaceous secretions. Sorry about that!


Awesome work. Thank you.

shiromi pathiraja

Thank you. From Sri Lanka.

Chasing a Murderer

Great ! Noted histology. More time on the clock please.

Andhika Hardani Putra

Amazing video. I believe this video will be also very useful for veterinary dermatology residents. Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much

Double Cheese

Another fantastic video

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Very helpful. Thank you so much !

Kusumika Kanak

Amazing video,you are a gifted teacher.
Very helpful and a very simple language,so we understand very easily.
Thanks indeed

Leon LeeChueh

"I just like to talk to them like the cells are people; if you are a pathologist for too long, that'll happen to you, too." 
-> I know you are not joking...

Nicole Kraipowich

I love this video. I hope that in the future you might make a video on the normal hair follicle anatomy, stages, how to differentiate different types of alopecia... I love your book too!Thanks for all you do


This was amazing! Thanks a lot

Magdalena Szymanska


Dileep Powers

Sir, can u make a video on how to distinguish between different alopecia causing conditions like alopecia aerata, lichen planoplanaris etc

Bonita Borah

incredible sir...

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YOU! are a legendary god dude! thanks for this video


I am a pathology resident and your videos really helped me. Thank you for the great lessons!