Natural astringent

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Day 3- Tomato (A natural astringent that works on large pores, blackheads, blemishes)

88 239 views | 20 Jun. 2018

#21DaysToGoodSkin is a

#21DaysToGoodSkin is a skin care challenge that I have taken for a healthy, glowing skin by using simple kitchen ingredients.

For the next 21 days I will be using easily available ingredients, that have no side effects and suits all skin types, on my face. The results are genuinely fabulous. So take up the challenge and see for yourself.

Please subscribe to my youtube channel for a new skin recipe everyday.

Yesterday I applied banana and it was amazing! See here- https://youtu.be/rYYmbO6KBpo

Follow me on instagram for lots more- www.instagram.com/mscocoqueen

Shahina shahi

But tomatoes makes my skin reddish when i apply it..?

Yuvaraj Yuvi

Can i make tomato paste and apply on face?

Dasun Dasun

Is this good for pimples

Sikhi Seeker

How long will it take to work few months to see good result?

Kurt Cobain

How many days this process takes

jagruti suresh mokashi

I used this

Keshr bai Verma

So nice

Rajesh Jadhav

Can it work on Pimples ??

Umaru Chan

Use a little rose water for better result do it on night time before sleep or twice a day for better result u can even use it as whole body mask

Kiran Sayyed

U r so cute

Mukul Sarki

Can i use it daily most reply... ????

dinesh pawar

Ye kab use karna hai day or night


Can we use it in summer

Labnaya Sahoo

Tomatoes are itchy to face .

littleGirl Sanvi

Can we use daily

Rakesh Chandur

We should wash our face with water or saop

Sara Sajjad

Es sy face pr bal to ni ain gy?

hemasrujana yallamilli

Is it an skin whitening

Natural astringent

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My Natural Skincare Routine

98 299 views | 26 Oct. 2013


Instagram: lillianmasie

Twitter: LillianMasie

Hello! This video is the first of a new series I'm doing called "Natural Saturdays". Every other Saturday I'll upload a new video about using natural products for beauty uses. Every time I mention natural products in my videos, I get many requests to do videos about them. So, I thought this series would be a great way to consistently share natural products with you. The next Natural Saturday video I have planned is "Beauty uses for Coconut Oil", so look out for that next weekend. Also, please leave comments with requests for future natural product videos. Thanks! :)

Products Mentioned:

-Wee Bee Raw Honey

-Thayer's Rose Witch Hazel

-Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

-Aura Cacia Rosehip Oil

Naz Xxx

This is my perfect skincare routine thank you!!! And I have everything at home so yasss

Luna M.

Hi Lillian! I was wondering if this would be good for sensitive skin?

Curly J

Thank you so much for the video ☺️

Iz Lev

More videos like that please!

Melissa Joy

Yaaay you made it! I've been waiting for u to make this vid for SOOO long ;)) Love it thank you so much xo


You have beautiful skin!

Jazzy Jose

I love watching this video all the time ur voice is so soothing

Нестерова Илона

Hello from Russia! I want to say that you are very beautiful and cute! I watch your videos for a long time. You are my ideal. You are very natural. A kiss from Russia. Thank you!)

Claire Borne

Love the video! If you want to look into a Natural Skin Care line my mom has one and its pretty affordable too! :) https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/SweetFernCanada is her etsy. Thanks!! 

pooja p.

loved this! 

Osiris Leyva Vázquez

I really love your routine.. :D kisses :*** plus: i remove water proof mascara with a little of olive oil and then clean all the face with facial tissues. Sorry for my english :)

Jasmine Shaikh

that's not a real honeu


Wouldnt the witch hazel be enough? As a moisturizer? Vs adding a 3rd step?

Cleopatra Dehne

As far as the coconut oil- do you use refined or unrefined? Also my sister has one that is scented like coconut and mine is uncented. What would you recommend?


Great job on this video! You look lovely natural!

sofia el kezit

LuV ur video its helpful ur skin care is very healthy I will start being natural too

Leslie Castro

This video was well-edited and very informative! Thank you Lillian! I'd love to see you make a video on acting or auditioning (like what to wear) or how you develop a character. :)

Terry Mosqueda

You're voice is always so soothing. I hope u upload videos more often. At least once every week ;)

Jasmine k

How do u exfoliate ur skin ?

jaipreen kahlon

can i just use agave?


How old is she ?


does anyone know where i can get that rose petal witch hazel toner?

Debra Mitchell

I would skip commerical toner and used refridgerated filtered water, aloe vera juice or a chamomile or green tea, lemon verbena hydrosol from Mountain Rose Herbs. ;-)

Bridgid Kelleher

Love it! More like this please. Thanks.


have you noticed the rosehip oil helping any finelines in your skin? I already have coconut oil but I wonder about the rosehip oil.


you are so beautiful and I love you ❤❤


Great skin, now only if I looked like you..

Naturally Mediterranean

This treatment has been one of the hugest blessings in my life


you look a lot like Nicola Peltz!!


Maisie! Hello, I too go the natural route for 75% of my routine, however quick tip when you rinse/wet your face you should always use cold water. It doesn't strip your skin the way warm does and will really help with the aging process in the long run. Looking beautiful girl can't wait for more vids! - Tracie

Jennifer McKelvey

I use coconut oil every night, but last night I used avocado oil and I woke up with super glory skin. And my eyebrows had grown out a little too! Avocado oil is supposed to be rich in vitamins and antioxidants, so I thought you might like to check it out!


Lillian try a cleansing balm to take,off your makeup and cleanse your skin. I recommend Cliniques Take the day off Cleansing Balm or the Emma Hardie one.

Julia Norton

Huh! I've never heard of cleansing with honey! I must research this more! Lovely video. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Grace Katherine

I use jojoba oil to remove my makeup. It's soothing and lovely. You should try it. :)

Madison Reyes-Leners

Anyone else hate having there face wet/damp it's so uncomfortable.


Do you know what the shelf life of the witch hazel toner is?


is this routine good for oily skin?

Caline Lou

Oh you're so pretty :)

Love, Dulce

Hi, just found this, do you still use this routine? Your skin is flawless ✨

Cat Coule

sometimes I find if I use it straight out of the bottle, it's too strong of an astringent. I take a small spray bottle and put either 1/3 to 1/2 thayer's and then fill the rest with water. I had to play around with the ratios before I found one that was the perfect amount of tightening without irritation.

Nozi Chabeli

I use extra virgin olive oil at night as a cleanser & it removes makeup! It's super gentle & amazing on my skin then in the morning I cleanse with raw honey too. They're both amazing as cleansers, though I love the olive oil more :)


that makes sense..I have more than half the bottle left so I'll try it ur way..thank you for the suggestion, I appreciate it :)

Renee B

I know you can find it at Whole Foods. It's also on Amazon.com.

J & J Vlogs

That is my favorite honey to use! Its amazing..just found you and your so pretty!


You have amazingly flawless skin. Excited for the new series! x

Amber Jankovsky

I have that same We Bee Honey! I love it, used it twice a week with a diy green tea mask. <3

Kristi Marie

I love the Burt's Bees Orange Essence Cleanser, it removes all makeup and doesn't feel greasy once you rinse it off. Then I follow up with a natural toner and facial oil.

SuGaRy BlOsSoM

have u noticed any difference ? your skin is just so beautiful <3

Vicka Torch

I always get so excited to see my favorite youtube gurus go the natural route for skincare! Your skin looks so unbelievably lovely without any makeup on. I was wondering if perhaps your diet is playing a part in that? Maybe you could make a "what I eat/nutrition" video! :D

Genevieve McGlinchey

Thayer's is the best! I've been curious about trying rosehip oil, what are the benefits beyond moisture?


Love this video Honey. You are truly beautiful inside and out. xxxooo~Mom

Lucy Alice

You are so very beautiful.


Love this video, great products!!!

Amoora Aysha

jeeeez, if I looked half as good as you do without makeup id be the happiest girl alive!!!! gorgeous as always!!!



Nurul Syahirah Azmi

U are so beautiful ❤️ & ur skin is sooo glowing!! Hope to try these soon ?

Jennifer McKelvey

Haha. I meant glowy skin.

bisou de vie

you are so pretty like I already said thousand times before haha, and I am glad that we share a very similar natural skin care routine!!! and I learned something new from you as well, I would try to apply natural oils during the day and definitely try honey as a cleanser!! and more videos please!!

Delarai M

tnx lillian,i really enjoy watching your videos.more videos like this plz <3


Your skin is actually beautiful


That Rosehip Oil is my absolute favorite!  I really want to try that sunscreen moisturizer...I'm on the hunt for a good natural one!


Love this!! I've been trying a more natural approach to my skincare these days and am absolutely loving coconut oil as a moisturizer. For cleanser I also use a raw honey sometimes mixed with lemon & brown sugar.


I really love the way you live your life as simple as it could be. I guess you're the same age as me, but the way you see the world is so amazing! I DO LOVE IT <3

Stephanie Lowe

Your are so beautiful. Great video x

Naturally Mediterranean

I have learned so much from this video, thanks for sharing it.

Naturalla Beauty

Love this! If you apply your oils onto a damp face (I mist with water or toner first), I find they sink in much quicker :)

Elli Mouchtaridi

your skin is amazing! wow


You look different with your hair up. Wear your hair up again.


Huuff,,...Finally a Decent and Soft-spoken YouTuber,,.. :P
Do Make more natural videos... Best of LucK.. ;) :*

Nastasia Grace

your skin is goals for real.

Nancy Navarro

Where are UR videos /:


If my skin looked that great I would NEVER ever need to use makeup :) Super Gorgeous Lillian!

Nina -

Love this simple buth very helpfull video. Your skin looks great! I think I'm gonna fash my face wit raw honey too.

Tom Adam

Nice video!!!

Ana Céline

wow your skin looks amazing!

Simply This Life

How did I miss this one!? Great video, Lillian! Your skin looks absolutely flawless, radiant, and beautiful! I have always heard you could put honey on your face, but have always been afraid to try it. After watching this, however, I think I'm going to just go for it!! Is your mom's channel up yet? I have been excited to go sub to her! Hugs, Candice 

Rachelle McLeod

what sunscreen is that?

Wendy Arreolas

I love this but my skin is a bit on the oily side and I break out because of it so I'm not sure if this will work. Any one who has tried this before know if it might make skin break out?


Love this video please do more vids xx

The Dressy Chick

Great tips! I love going natural whenever possible :)

Angela O'Connor

I've started using honey as a cleanser and it's amazing! My skin is so much healthier feeling! I love love love it. 


I use organic coconut oil to remove makeup too, works so well and doesn't dry out my skin.

Marie Ray

Your voice is so pretty : )


You are such a natural beauty! Great to see that you use organic products! I`m really loving them too. I`ve recently uploaded my first video in which I show some natural make-up products. Would love to know what you think about it!

Jazzy Jose

Your so beautiful

Emily Cooper

You look so beautiful with no makeup and your hair up :)

Anni C

Omg! You have so good looking skin! It looks like porcelain! :)

is serum ma vitamin c dal sakty ha Naz

How is skin tipe

karis is cool

Omigosh ur SOOO pretty


I literally use the same products as you. After cleansing my face, sometimes with honey, I tone with the rose witch hazel, and totally agree with you, it smells HEAVENLY, and then apply coconut oil as a moisturizer. :)


I've been wanting to get into using all natural products on my skin. I've been really interested in trying out the raw honey especially! Thanks Lillian!


Great video,thanks:) I made a great combination of all my essential oils for skin and hair,and have great results!Jojoba,olive,and coconut oil,shea butter,black soap and some supplements!And i get everything very cheap on iherb.com-distributor of oils,soaps,coametics,supplements and many more.Also you can save $10 when you type coupon code ZQL811 in the checkout.Also you can choose 1 product free with every purchase you make.Its worldwide shipping!Check it out!You can save lots of money!:)


the thayers toner irritates my skin :(


i looooove this! <3 glad to find another natural beauty :)

Alexandria Coffey

where can I find rose which hazel??


I find that the skin will absorb oils far more easily when you wet your face before applying =)

Adrienne Rudie

There are reusable cotton pads on etsy, if you're interested.


It's refreshing to see a natural skincare routine! Your skin looks so even and healthy :)

Annie Warbucks

When u wash your face is it hard to get the honey off?? Sticky?

Meghan Cavanaugh Darlson

you're so stinkin smart.... love ya!

Natural astringent

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T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel TONER (100% Natural Astringent) after 1 year #HealthyOptions

530 views | 8 Sep. 2020

Hey Everyone!


Hey Everyone!

It’s been a year since I used and had a vlog of this T.N Dickinson’s Witch Hazel 100% Natural Astringent. Let’s see if this still works on me. By the way, I will mention in the video the PRICE & WHERE YOU CAN BUY IT.

Thank you, enjoy watching! ?❤️

Don’t forget to subscribe to my Channel ❤️

Social Media Accounts ?

Facebook: Rica David

Instagram: @ricadavid_

Twitter: @ricadavid_

Just for Fun TV

Nice vlog..pwede po ba yan sa mga kagaya kong panget?...?..joke✌

Park MoChiMin

Pwede po ba yan sa 15 yrs old?

Mirasol Mangyari

naiiba po ba tlga yung color ng dickinson's toner? gumagamit din po ako nyan ang kaso naiiba yung kulay nya, lumalabo hindi na sya prang clear water. Normal po ba yun?

Stefhaniel Ong

Congrats on 75k. Views!! ????

Diana Rose Gonzales

Thanks for this info sis. Try ko din nga to hehe ang oily kase ng mukha ko?