Man washing face

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Man Washing Face In Sink Stock Video

178 views | 17 Dec. 2018

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This is a close-up shot of a man washing his face in the sink. He can be seen splashing tap water on his face and rubbing his eyes. You can use this clip as a supplemental footage in music videos, vlogs, social media posts, movies, TV shows, documentaries and other similar videos. It comes in 4K resolution.

Man washing face

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Rebuilding a Rotten Bathroom Floor

76 029 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Music by: @dcuttermusic /

Music by: @dcuttermusic / www.davidcuttermusic.com

First track is called "Float Away"

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Hi Scott!
I recently bought a house here in Sweden and your videos have helped me alot in renovating.
Thanks for the content!


Two words: Burke Bar


The home owners would’ve been better pulling the whole thing down and starting again ?



fire surfer

By the way, did you know you can use your smartphone as a torpedo level? It's built in. Look on web for details for your device. Plenty of apps do this. Pixel phones don't need an app.

Luke maher

I don’t see any water proofing under that shower tray ? Not sure what your code is in New Zealand though but in Australia we waterproof the whole bathroom

Aaron Dekker

What do you need to do to get consent for a big window like that inside the shower enclosure?


Nice one boys. As a plumber Scott next bathroom just cut the pvc drain pipes out of the way and duct tape the ends, same as the water pipes buy push on copper caps. Saves you blokes tripping over them and trying to work around something we will renew anyway

Ben Takai

great work once again Scott...keep your vids coming...sooner rather than later

md md

this metric measure is killing me ;P you should try imperial for a day for a good laugh :)

Lucjan Szulik

I envy those construction techniques you guys have in NZ. In Europe everything takes aaaages cuz of traditional building techniques (bricks, cement all that crap). I like my shower plate to have a minimum slope, like 3-4mm on 1m in direction of this hole... don't know this word in EN... you know, so water would escape a lil bit better.

Nick Wyatt

Looking forward to seeing how you guys finish around the window with the shower. Always wondered how it's done... Unless you just remove the window...then less exciting....

Darryl Kennedy

How's that coffee machine going ???



Shane naidu

I did building for a bit and injured my back. Watching this makes me want to work for you even with injury

Gordon Clark

Hi Scott enjoying this exciting episode and when you mentioned the plasterer, I wondered if you arrange the other trades? Greetings from Australia to you and your crew.

Getting Sunburn Damages Your DNA And Your Skin

A ''SawStop'' table saw, has a sensor that stops you from cutting your fingers off.

Rocket Creations

Man that was a cute staffie!

Heriot Handyman

Carpentry pencil on brand! Love it.

Wak Alam

Spot on?

Raymond chen

good job


Hi Scott! Love the videos:) Quick question for ya. What are the shoes you are wearing? Steel toe?

J Kapoki

Ha ha those plumbers cutting through everything

Mark Thomann

The Circus Circus on the corner at the beginning doesn't exactly look like one in Las Vegas!

Chris Vidal

the grabo rules...just dont drop it..i broke the outside edge...still works though but have to keep it running or it loses suction, but its awesome!


Nice work as usual, what is the vacuum handle grip thing called?

Patrick Fountain

Hey Scott, would love to head how these exciting developments get discussed and handled with the home owner. What happens as you hit these issues like rot, tiles glued to floorboards, etc and how do people handle the bad news and (maybe) cost over runs?


Tools are cool but what about those shorts?

Tristan Patterson

We all know that your level bubble on an Atlantis moulded base don't mean shit! Lol, honestly.

Stephen Pettinger

Love my Grabo suction cup! You’ll love it once you use it on large format tile setting


Watching this on my lunch break of my 9-5 office job thinking I need to walk out right now and do this.

Lasse Mørch

Im confused its cheaper to build a new house? I Denmark if you do are renovating in that sites it cheaper to build new? So why renovate?

Ryan England

Hey Scott could you do a video explaining your yearly income for your YouTube channel and Amazon store sponsorships and t-shirt merchandise it would be great information for me and I'm assuming other people who are thinking about starting a YouTube channel

Edward Chester

Anyone else use the Makira DRT50 and find the standard 1/4in collett is way too tight for standard 1/4in bits? Just bought one and it's damn near impossible to get bits in and out.

Mark Pearce

Why is it "smoko time" when know one smokes...

Hunter Higginson

Hi Scott, recently found your channel and I reckon it's awesome! I'm just starting my 3rd year as an apprentice down in the Wairarapa just out of Wellington, would be awesome to come up to Auckland for a working holiday with you and your team once I'm qualified and out on my own.

Dave Taylor

Usual bathroom crap. The joist cut out is par for the course I am sure they teach plumbers that all over the World. I have even seen a main bearer cut to a third with a 4 inch pipe through it. Well you have to get falls. Years ago in the UK it was quite common to glue tiles to the wood. No cement boards back then. The walls were often ply in wet areas as well tiled straight over so like your old bathroom all glued to wood. The new layout has to be better than the old that was crazy.

Ian Griff

Scott, please make your videos longer or more frequent!

Also, don't you guys have to worry about spiders like in Australia??


Scott how big is that bathroom? I'm looking at a reno for my bathroom and that's exactly what I had in mind. Will be following the new video's closely!

Michael Fairchild

On the coffee maker - Scott x Jess...


Hi Scott, I'm wondering which shower tray did you use for this project? looks very tidy and space-saving without a deeply recessed floor. We normally do a 50mm recession which can be hard to achieve in the midfloor. Love your videos!!

Ben Takai

just wondering if your shower tray had to have a slight fall on it toward the drain?


?? How long till you do the 40v makita review Scott need to know your thoughts cheers


No Scott no... There is not a drop of plaster on those walls my friend. You have tape and jointed with surprise tape and jointing compound... The cheap way used on most new builds here in the uk . Personally I would by fully plastered/skimmed car more dhrable . More cost though.


What is the tool that lifted the concrete slab called

MikeyBob Boy

Why does thE UK run drywall floor to ceiling and in the US we run wall to wall stacking in sides? Or, is it just me?

ben millward

How do you sort out contracts or agreements for these renovations. You would seem to need an awful lot of "wiggle room" for the wee surprises that seem to be endemic to old timber framed houses!?

Michael HK

Spent the last 2 weeks doing this myself lol on an upstairs bathroom. The rot leaked under the stud and into the next rooms ? such a headache lol

Peter Fitzpatrick

The bubble rules all.... ?

Ohskelily Wurarah



you do good work my friend, i do this for a living and enjoy every sec of it!!

Sam Can

good system

Chris Thomas

Is it me or did Paerau get some new ink on the hammies? Never noticed it before.

My Opinion

1:20 Hey Scott, you got any more info on the recessed outlet? looking at redoing my laundry soon and want something exactly like this but have not been able to find anything that is not USA. i'm just over the water here in Aus so that should do me just fine!

Gee Raffe

Do you have a link to the suction tool ?

Jason Thomas

With the shower pan you have it completely level is the pan made to have a pre-slope in it for the water to drain

George DaVall

Is it possible for Scott Brown to make a poor or uninteresting Video? I Think Not! Always a treat to watch your various jobs, and definitely enjoy the very tasteful background music!
Cheers Mate from the states! ??????✌?


What kind of insulation is that?

S Sole

Nice find on the old drain, haha, but not too unusual to discover unfortunately. I’ve discovered the same in my old house. Had to strengthen the floor on the bathroom from underneath by doubling the runners and cross brace each in order to stiffen the floor again. The owner should be thrilled having you renovating! I’ve been watching most episodes now, and you show really really good craftsmanship. Most of what you do is done similar here in Norway, you have some techniques I’ll most certainly will adapt.


Anyone else notice they were using the new Ryobi SDS cordless?

Alan Stanley

How do you cost the job , if you find more stuff ??


Does it never get cold or hot there? I remember you mentioning before insulation isn't popular there but it blows my mind every time I see inside your guys' exterior walls. Must just have so much noise in these houses, and if it does get cold or hot they must be power hogs to heat or cool.

wayne burgess


Ale G

You seen the new Paslode cement tile nailer Scott Brown?

Andrew Logan

Scott could you please put a note on the screen as to what material you are using in a particular shoot. Like what was that board the guys were nailing down and do you use stainless screws in the bathroom area.

Kacsa Manovilág

Why don't you use vapor barrier below the flooring? Does not vapor rise from below an rot the wood?

john mark

Always amazed and entertained by the level of craftsmanship and detail the team provides. Thank you agin for my weekly "Scott Brown here, and in this exciting episode..."

SawStop is the safest table saw in the world

Health and safety.

Luke Hayes

No Waterproofing under the laundry floor?

Christian Nyegaard

I love how your video style reminds me a lot of Casey Neistat - which i mean as a huge compliment. Love that style and especially in this genre. Great videos Scott!

Patrick B.

Lot’s of renovation work to be done in this beautiful country of yours.

Tristan Patterson

I want to know how you pushed the inspection out a day?

Peter Thompson

Where did that massive shower tray come from?


Hey Scott, why did you change your earmuffs? ?

Sam Mcfaul

Hey Scott what part of dunfermline were you from


Do enjoy old houses, have recently started a job where the client wanted their timber window frames fixed and polycarbonate sheeting replaced. They were hoping to re use the old timber, which would be an easy job however they were all rotted out, 1 day job turned into a 4 day job.

Andrew S

Random question, what's going to happen with the window that is now in the middle of the shower pan?

Edwin Immanuel Shanthakumar

Hello Scott, I am located in Auckland we need to do renovation please contact me.

John Fitzpatrick

G,day Scott and the team from Sydney, Australia.
* wet area flooring (not using the FC sheeting v particle/chipboard)?
* would be interested in the floor and wall waterproofing system (minimum around taps/drains/joints).


Today I had a dream where I was building with Scott and the crew. It was a good dream!


everything is pink in new zealand the wood the porta pottys! wild

Shane naidu

I did building for a bit and injured my back. Watching this makes me want to work for you even with injury

Katrina Bell

Excellent work SBC. The problems with old old houses is over many years they move .???

Tom Nock

Wouldn't OSB be better than ply for the replacement floor Scott?

Tom Sullivan

Doesn't the shower tray have to slant a bit to the drain?

Brickright building & landscaping

Good to see how you do things out there enjoyed the video.
Justin from brickright ?

peter leishman

Why is the tray in front of the window Scott ????????

Daniel Arama

Would of been cool to see Otara in reference to episode 274? IYKYK

Green Bike

6:33 .... that is what she said.

Mike Yam

Don't you wish all builders are like Scott Brown! worth every penny!

dave daved

Kick ass

Ben Goerzen

I'll be dealing with tile around a window in my shower area soon...here's hoping you're doing that and beat me to it so I can see any tips or tricks @Scott Brown Carpentry

David Brewer

Hey Scott, do you guys get any nasty critters under your crawl spaces down there? I know Australia has some really dangerous snakes & spiders which can lurk in dark, dank, cool places like that so what's the nasties like in NZ?...

Tim Taylor

Smoko times is a great time to talk over the job and natter to your wok mate. I use to work in a big engineering workshop and quite often you never got to see the sandblaster guy the paint as they were up the other end of the shop floor. I worked in the machine shop as a fitter and turner. Love your work Scott you have inspired me to do some repairs around the home.

S. Kraus


Blokes in Sheds

Swing from the elbow farking lol

Claudio Otero

Ohhh yuhhh love starting my morning off with a SBC video ???


That joist completely cut through the middle of the span is unbelievable ?


Such a different way to do bathrooms than Australia

Joseph Hanrahan

why do you use compressed in half the bathroom and ply with tile underlay on it for the other half. timber flooring in a bathroom is never a good idea but we might be taught differently in aus

Man washing face

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Burnt Face Man 7 | Washing Machine Special

351 265 views | 21 Apr. 2011

Burnt Face Man: Episode 7

Burnt Face Man: Episode 7 (2006)

We'll wash you to DEATH, Burnt Face Man! This is the obligatory Washing Machine Special that all series have to do at some point. Hopefully it didn't seem too forced to fit with tradition. Burnt Face Man joins the dark side and helps Bastard Man steal the sun.

Subscribe to this madness: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=doki66

Twit my tits: https://twitter.com/david_firth

MUSIC: by Datachi, Locust Toybox

My name is David Firth and I make things that move.

I live here: http://www.fat-pie.com

I piss here: http://twitter.com/david_firth

I sleep here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/David-Firth-Salad-Fingers/9257326739

I occasionally Tumbl http://davidfirth.tumblr.com/

Buy my music!: https://locusttoybox.bandcamp.com/

If you didn't subscribe to me yet, I will probably stand outside your house until you do.


Karen Wenchel

1:41 sounds a little like Dr.Claw


5:07 get's me every time


I watched this video over the course of about 12 hours while playing swtor and sometimes remembering it during a few loading screens

Phi Tsf

Burnt Dickhead


Arrsjh you a bad man now?

Jonatan Ramos

Whats the song at 01:54???


I've made friends with people on the bus by quoting the skin-salt sequence

Dion Walcott

looks like gravy on his face lol


Ariel Liquitab, an excellent choice!


whos here in 2021


This episode I'm going to be a bastard and I'm going to swear up a fucking storm


1:29, me and my friends have been saying this for over 4 years now and we have all just recently bought a shirt i designed that says "Hash Ju A Bad Mang Now" on it. just thought id share that ;)

Matt Jarmyn

Were going to steal the sun



Lincoln Rafale

The way he says burnt face man in the deep tone was hilarious but then bastard man said it and I couldn't contain it


hahahah rolling in this salt !

Danny Palmer

And a great beatbox thing it is too.


Yes DOUG reference!!


annotations could have been used for the buttons.

Peters Realm

I've had to come back to this video 90 times just so i can watch the washing machine emulator

Daniel Manthorpe

Back in my day it was all Ariel Liquitabs we'd use, none of this Tide Pod bollocks

Big N8, Aged Student

Awesome! The upgraded turbo drive is from Solar Jetman on Nintendo Entertainment System. I love that game!

Joshua Curtis

Is this entire series a play that shows people will watch anything?

Kevin Meisenbacher


S.C. Wood



Dishwasher Smith?

Andrei Mina

I think the advert with washing machine emulator was supposed to be used in Fat-pie 4
Am I right?

Malachi Rodgers-White

Lol it's real he made it




Ariel liquid tab hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

the creator of death



Man, WTF does this dude really smoke?

ive moved

you're gay

Substadoot Draws

2:14 is that a Gamecube, an SNES, and an NES?


I don't think I've ever wanted anything more than to play Washing Machine Emulator


Burnt face man *evil tone*

IcePick Migraine

The crocodile looks like hitler.

258 srtu n

i fucking love these

Börn Fröchgel

A thousands times asked and Never answered, The cradle of filth Song is "Cruelty brought thee orchids"
There you go

Shane Haslam

AERIAL liquid Tab


What's the music that starts at 2:13? I remember hearing it in an old game before...


I don't know what drugs you take to come up with these... lol


must love that metal music

Matt Watson

an excellent choice!

Ian Walker



it didn't even burst


This is rather Doug funny.

L.D Jenk



Looks like Burnt Face Man is batting for the OTHER team now! 

Oliver Carswell

It didn't even burst.


2:14 Is that a gamecube with an SNES controller?


We are still wondering if that guy got his steaming hot grape juice...


Laundry sulatar?


You made Bastardman too OH SHIT some guy side on Newgrounds  you'll sue me for that ...CRUD


Washing Machine Simulator 2016



vidrar sky

can you please tell me the effects or amps you used to make the washing machine voice?
please and thank you

Dominic Thompson

The washing machine voice guy sounds like Harold Steptoe

Nanou Van Patten


Sean C

1:20 - Doug!

Gofaq Yusef

"You Taste like Vineger, you should wash more often!". "Heeey!".


Good choice sir.

James Bull

hahaha the Doug reference 1:22

Сергей Портвейн

Cradle Of Filth *_*


BFM sounds like Ewan McGregor.

JadeRabbit Futurist

Barry the crocodile is pretty cool. If he just got clean-shaven he could hold down a respectable job instead of eating people all the time in some kind of sewer.
Then he would only need to eat people some of the time.


I'd love to see more of Barry the French crocodile.

Elliy Zdravkoy

AHH without skin and then into the salt imagine the damn pain ugh

RJSS Sounds

cruelty and the beast! \m/


lol cradle of filth


CoF... eviöl?
Insane laughter

Sam moore

Turbo drive (from India) “SHIP THE PARTS Yeahhhh”


I'll swear up a fucking storm

Eric Wycoff

that has got to be the funniest bit-crushing ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mönika L

I love the metal references. :D And all hail the return of ANGER MAN!!!!


2:37 solar jet man ?

wiggy waggo

"Well, we need you to go and get it" - i bloody love this line

Laz Low

Burt Faceman.

Adam Malik

It's 2016 & there's people who would make a game about washing machine simulation unironically

Ernin Plinsch

hahaha i loved the "Doug" beatbox thing.


lool burnt face man is the shit

Undead Revelation

What's the name of that cradle of filth song?


I swear. My name did not originate from here. Oh hell, of course it did. <3

The panny P

can't stop watching ! DD:

Andres Guzman

Nigga dayums


There was once a recoding somewhere of David and Crust recording Sambarino and laughing hysterically every time.

S Eeles

Arial Liquitab! An Excellent Choice!

Ian Mitchell

Watching this in 2019 despite having better options for entertainment!

Krystian Allen


quantum ねこmancy

That washing machine emulator did indeed age quite well, I'd say.

Cognosce te Ipsum

What band is that?

paul hickie

We need more burnt face man.


The "Washing Machine Emulator" voice totally sounds like the terrible game over/victory screens from the original Street Fighter.


That Cradle Of Filth part just got me! xD

ive moved

your gay


im a bit shifty myself

Kek Kune Do


Mystery Crumble

washing machine emulator. how prophetic!

doc hendrix

The American in the first ending looks a lot like David himself lol

Ler Rhann

They should have made the shift characters look like spaceballs.