Overtone color reviews

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DRUGSTORE OVERTONE DUPE?! Testing L'Oreal Le Color Gloss Black Review

2 525 views | 16 Jan. 2021

Did I find a drugstore

Did I find a drugstore Overtone dupe? Today I'm testing the L'Oreal Le Color Gloss One Step Toning Gloss, a deep conditioning treatment that enhances your hair color. There are so many similarities between the two products, so I'll be comparing them (in the Black shades) to see if you can save money on the drugstore hair color option! This is a great option to maintain hair color longer, as well as for toning hair at home.

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L'Oreal Le Color Gloss One Step Toning Gloss


Overtone Coloring Conditioners


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✭ Chapters ✭

00:00 Intro

00:37 L'Oreal Le Color Gloss vs. Overtone

02:49 How to Apply L'Oreal Le Color Gloss

05:58 Does the L'Oreal Le Color Gloss Stain?

06:25 Final Results

06:58 Is It An Overtone Dupe?

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damaris cruz

Hi I used the for blonde and I loved it, left the hair very soft, if you use it with the hair really wet you will used less products and never comb your hair like that you going break it, only comb after you have the conditioner and used your fingers first, and you have a beautiful hair

Vicki Hale

To clean your tub. Try coconut oil. I swear that stuff cleans anything. I've used it to remove sharpie from walls, waterproof makeup, henna stains and even gum from shoes. I learned the trick from Jenna Marbles when she used coconut oil to remove oil paint from her wood table and Kermit.

Anne Klein

Hon! Where are you gloves! LOL

Reese Brindle

I have had professional gloss and it was amazing. I hope this is good stuff!

Margarita V

Good morning!! I hope your having a wonderful day! By the way love it your amazing!

Joseph Kim

Hi there ♥

Ellie Jelqzkova

Your hair looks sooo soft and shiny ! Can't wait to try it when it comes to Europe

Anne Klein

I am going to use a Henna product that Imane Belle was talking about. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BDASM0Q/?coliid=I343I1DBM821LZ&colid=OCMZA0GS7QXY&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Wonder if I can use the clear to brighten it up. I want to do the Mahogany Henna and didn't see the option.

mother moon

Wow looks gorgeous. Great recommendations as always ?❤️

d Mi

Thank You 4 doing d review for us ??❤️ I will have 2 try this product out ?

Ivonne Rovira

Your hair is always beautiful! As a Latina, my natural color is that same dark brown as you, but now with gray. I have it professionally dyed every six weeks to a coppery red. Would this interfere with my next professional appointment, as in causing a clash of chemicals or something? How long BEFORE my next appointment should I stop using this?

Tina Rae Angle

I watched you video about left color gloss, is it hard to do the first time? I'm excited about trying this product. Due to the pandemic I haven't gone to my Solon for my color. Does it stain your shower or hands? Thank you for any insight you can provide.

Melissa Mosey

I did see a difference in darkening and richness of color. So the L’Oréal product wouldn’t take my brown hair to black probably but the Overtone would... do you know if the Overtone covers greys?


Can u compare those 2 with artic fox

Kaitlin Pb

Loved how through your entire review was! Thank you

Fulvio & Kat Marano

Would love to know how long it lasted? How many shampoos between uses?

Rosanna Graves

totally saw a difference!!

Amy Johnson

Amazon has it for $12.97

Overtone color reviews

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WORTH IT or WORTHLESS? Overtone Hair Dyeing Conditioner

130 712 views | 26 Feb. 2019

Hello beautiful people on

Hello beautiful people on the tubely. Today's video is going to be a full in depth review on my experience with Overtone. Overtone is a color infused conditioner that hydrates your hair and adds color. It's suppose to be great for people with colorful hair or "fashion" hair. If you ever had your hair color any color of the rainbow then you know the down side and the fading experience. This product is suppose to help stop that. Is this a colorful head girls new best friend or another flop the internet has hyped up.






?Anti-Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial




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#HairDye #Overtone #Hair

This video is not sponsored in any way. These products were sent to me upon my request. This has no input on my review, all opinions on this product are 100% my own.

Gabrielle Garthe

It’s pronounced huh hoba ?


You should mix the yellow with a bit of the vibrant orange and see if it gives you the sunflower yellow!!


holy shit what a rip-off. "red shampoos" and other color-in-shampoo/conditioner products have been around for decades. all the kids at school used to use those and you could buy them at a local drugstore for like $5.

you could literally make the same thing by dumping a glob of direct-deposit dye into your own bottle of shampoo/conditioner. like dollar store shampoo and conditioner. or any other hair care product. they say it's "good" for your hair because it's mixed with the damn conditioner instead of just being the direct dye in a tub.

for a second i thought the idea behind it was that it coated your hair in the shower so you could have any shade you want no matter what your natural shade. Nope. shoulda known. just an overblown, overpriced, perfumed color shampoo.

at least you had the gall to contact the company to ask for free shit cuz you're a youtuber?


FYI just be aware that if you’re going to use this as a straight up conditioner in the shower you’re going to dye your bathtub that color. I like it a lot but yeah, that part really sucked.

Dory Explory

Oh shit you've got a son?! I thought you were like 18? how old is sheee?

Kat Huffines

Very thorough! Great review ?

Lisa Baerga

There are Def other color conditioners...

Odd Eyes94

Your hair makes you look like an epic Pikachu.

Koivin '

Wears one glove and proceeds to use both hands


I loooove overtone and definitely agree on the opinion towards the kit. I used the rose gold for dark hair so the my brown gets all rose and the ends tend to be a more vibrant pink that fade to the rose tones(my ends are bleached). Only thing I would say is that since you did mention the shade of yellow being wrong for you, you can actually mix the yellow with other colors they have to make your own custom color mix to make sure you get the right shade.

Newt Cat

How much is in the deep conditioner, like quantity

Erikka's Epiphany

Bomb ass review!?



VermilionR3aper X

I'm here because I just used black overtone dye and it didn't dye my dirty blonde roots black. It dyed them like a dingy purple. So I'm trying to figure out if I did something wrong.


did the dye rub off onto your clothes and skin, because I know some hair dyes do and its pretty annoying when that happens

Shauna Hinson

Just a note cuz I haven't actually used the product yet (delivered today) but you can mix colors. If you want your yellow to be more orange, get a sample jar of the pastel orange and mix a little with extreme yellow to customize the tone you want. They actually sell kits of 2 different colors to form a custom color and it's really neat.

Jennie Todd

I think it's worthless unless you use it everyday. It washes out. It's not a dye so it's very temporary.

Katie Cox

Not helpful at all due to the fact that your hair is already vibrant yellow. Literally looks like you just dyed it before turning on the camera.?‍♀️


Ok so I dyed my hair black BUT its fading soooooo i want to dye it green (vibrant) so should I do it or not because I DO NOT want to be cheeped out of my money. So which one would you recommend for me?

Isreyl Hornsby

Good video, your hair looks great.

Pixelfox365 Gamer

What color was your hair underneath before you did the yellow

Emily Sauer

I used to just get a super concentrated manic panic color and mix it in with conditioner. Same thing

Dory Explory

The way you talk reminds me of billie Webb!

Kellye Stillwell

How long does the color stay in??

Blues Clues Chlöe

I actually used overtone before, and it was great! I’m a natural blonde, so I don’t want to damage my hair. But overtone didn’t ruin it, and actually made it better. The color would’ve lasted longer, but I swam in the ocean, so it washed out

Emma Ackman

Lmao you're really funny


kiss kiss

GCAT01 Living

I swear by Overtone! I only use the Go Deep treatment as I don't think the daily conditioner really does anything for conditioning or coloring. I put the Go Deep on freshly shampooed, dry hair. I put on a shower cap and leave it on for however long (usually while I do house chores XD) then rinse. This is the only dye I have used on my head for the past 4 years and I love it. Also, the Extreme dyes are NO JOKE. They will stain your hands and take a lot of fading/bleaching to get out.

Zoe Lew

U are funny

Sara Saberi

JUST SAYING, I know it's only for the editing, but don't use Clorox bleach, or anything besides ACTUAL hair bleach on your hair! Please!
(I know you know, but other people might not.)

Besides that, I'm here for this video! :D

Ebony E

You should try mixing 2 parts yellow with 1 part orange for the deeper sunflower yellow

Nutree Cosmetics

We recommend to try Amazonliss Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Contioner. It is perfect choice to make your hair silky & frizz-free

Taylor Gibbs

I have blonde hair and I bought the rose gold overtone and it was AWFUL it didn’t dye my hair all the way and I’m so mad and disappointed

Gabrielle Garthe

But good video!!

meeg conchinha

Which shade of yellow do you order?


I have to agree that the treatment is hands down the best thing about this product, the color is merely a nice bonus. Because don't get me wrong, I love how their Purple for Brown applies to my hair, it's gorgeous. But it doesn't just fade, it bleeds during every shower, hot or cold, with or without shampoo. In 2 weeks time my hair goes from a lush, royal purple to a murky pink. But on the bright side, my hair feels and smells amazing long after the color fades.

AJ Arizola

You probably can’t see a difference because your hair didn’t really need it lol

Cameron J Smith

Awesome video Lala!

Taylor Mayes

The issue with your son’s hair not taking the color could also have to do with the fact that color doesn’t stay as well in children’s hair! Not necessarily his natural hair color

Kay Rish

How long did it take to ship?

Lexi Sands

Overtone doesn't tend to work on kids hair just cause their hair hasn't been damaged and the dye can't get into it

Zoe Lew

Very well made video. Super informational. I like how you only dyed half of your head the second time to see the comparison !!!

Dominik Benz

amazing video i enjoy ver<y coo

Morgan Grube

This was one of the most helpful reviews I found. Thank you so much for all of your experimenting. I have a dirty blonde hair color so when you said you tested it on your son that helped. Really appreciate all of your experimentation and honesty!

Amity Blight

Bleach blonde or medium - light blonde (my hair color, even though my profile looks dirty blonde QwQ it's just a drawing)
Oh and I want pastel pink/normal pink not yellow


BRUH I'M SO MAD I've been wanting to use this bc I'm broke af and want to maintain my red. I saw their vibrant orange would more than likely do the trick to save me every other trip to the stylist but I'M ALLERGIC TO SPEARMINT


A Doorne

It’s not a dye because it doesn’t really penetrate the follicle, it’s just a color depositing conditioner ??‍♀️

MiMi & Mo

Please take a look at my Overtone review! More to come so stay tune and subscribe. =)


Elizabeth Tait

I think it'd be good to try mixing rose gold and extreme yellow for the warmer yellow

God Guides Me

I love the editing on this video!


I have naturally copper auburn hair, and I got the purple for brown hair. It does work. It's definitely purple, and it's lasted 2 washes so far using Free and Clear shampoo and conditioner. The women at the salon said they were floored that it worked at all.

Sondra Sebald

I love the color it turned into. That is stunning.

αrl ɢrмeѕ

Does this fade and go back to your natural hair color? i really enjoy my platinum hair color(i’m asian so bleaching my super dark brown almost black hair to a plat blonde is a pain) but i wanna do a temp hair color that fades.

Angela Winters

So is this a hair dying conditioner or is this conditioner that keeps the color

Christina Izzo

It wasn't as hydrating as arctic fox is for me... And the formula is a bit rough on my hair. AF is way cheaper and can be bought in store so I'll stick to that :(
I got the rose gold for brown hair and it turned maroon with purple undertones lol

Also if you don't use gloves, wash your hands right away with dish soap

Kayle Grace Lucas

What email did you use? I want to do the same thing but I’m not sure how to get in contact with them


Why do you keep saying "into it"? Just say 'in it' ????


Thank you for the fair review. I'm probably going to get the new black color and see if it's a good substitute for salon touch ups for my raven hair.

Bridgett Consani

It just says “let’s take a shower together”

Daddy's Angel

At 2:10 I thought that there was a piece of hair on my screen and that it fell in my food ?


you look amazing with yellow hair!! I always see this product being advertised, looks pretty interesting lol

shannon le roux

I found no difference in hot or cold showers with coloured hair, but everyone's hair in different and I'm not a hairdresser so do not take my advice.


Are you still painting???

Ghostiiie kun

Im just not rly sure why people wouldn't buy professional products for those prices....usually in most proffessional brands its about 18 dollars for 10 oz......In my opinion these should be a little cheaper ....not to mention shipping ?


Absolutely LOVE your personality!

Amanda Avenue

Thank you for the informative video. I'm debating what to do with my hair and this gives me an idea. By the way, your beautiful and look like the young Marissa Tomei actress. Hope you're having a great week.

Natalie Borten

Hi there! I have just purchased the pastel pink daily conditioner. I have medium brown to dark brown roots and platinum blonde balyage starting mid length to bottom of my hair. Will the pastel pink conditioner color my platinum strands?

Phantom Shadow

Are you going to finish the Disney Princess nightmare painting? I’d love to see the completed painting?❤️

Cheyenne Wyatt

Is this PPD free?

Moth3rofdragons !

I used the pink one and it was good

Kristin Zimmerman

you are adorable


i currently have purple hair.. so i got extreme purple to up keep it.. to get the dye off, use warm water and hand sanitizer.. thats how i get the purple off after 2 to 3 hand washes, if i didn’t wear gloves.. but, i do love this product.. just wish it wasn’t so expensive

Susannah Woodham

Honestly I really appreciate how much research went into this and how many clips you added from each time you were washing your hair and stuff. I totally know how it feels to not want to wash your hair often so I know that this must have taken you weeks or months to film all this! Love you


I tried Overtone when I had green hair, and while it did refresh it....so does just mixing some of the dye I used with conditioner and using that. I feel like Overtone is such a gimmick.


I ordered Vibrant Pink & I’m waiting for it to arrive so I haven’t used it yet. But I agree with you on the shipping price comment at the end of your video. I wish they made it free since their product already isn’t cheap. Thanks for this video, I enjoyed it & found it to be informative ?

Qiyana Rajhi

I meeeeean... You put the yellow on you hair... After getting youre hair dyed yellow... I feel like it would be a given that you wouldn't see any results, or is that just me? ??‍♀️

Cheree Porter

I always bought an extra tube of color and mixed it with conditioner- way cheaper and does the same thing!

How About No

Thank you so much for doing this review! I've been going back and forth on whether I should try it since I prefer red tones and they so so hard to keep from fading.

Sarina Hope

This was extremely helpful!! Thankyou!!!

Overtone color reviews

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Keracolor Clenditioner vs. Overtone + HONEST REVIEW

7 100 views | 30 Oct. 2020

hi lovelys and welcome

hi lovelys and welcome back to my channel! ♡

Keracolor Clenditioner vs. Overvtone: which do I prefer?

see how I maintain my hair color after going from platinum blonde to dark brown ♡

Keracolor: https://www.keracolorhair.com/onyx

Overtone: https://overtone.co/products/espresso-brown-coloring-conditioner?q=espresso

next week on my channel:

reviewing the two different brands of hair extensions from Sally's!

♡stay tuned♡

not my music!

Song: Sappheiros - Embrace (Vlog No Copyright Music)

Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/91foqt9IL5Q

Madilyn dryer Dryer

I have brown hair with blond highlights. I naturally have dark brown hair like yours, I’m tryna get dark again. does it color stay a while after it fades? Due to the fact I already have brown hair??

Lailynn terrell



do you use the overtone conditioner daily instead of conditioner? or just for originally dying it?

Summer Wickham

Literally thank you so much for this

nicky d

If I have naturally dark brown hair (and now I have light highlights on) , I wanna make my hair darker again so if I got the mocha klenditioner will the klenditioner fade ? Or my highlights will fade? (Bc I rather my highlights fade)

Lilith Sahl

You are so pretty!!!!

Every Haircolor

wow your hair looks so healthy!