Keloid scar

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How to Remove Keloids On Chest - Surgical Method

56 597 views | 16 Oct. 2020

In this Informative

In this Informative Surgical video we see a man who has 2 Keloids in his Chest area and Shoulder , Dr. Sunil Removes this Keloids without eaving much scar

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Murali Bantu

TQ u sir where address sir u r hospitals

Vesakholu Mero

Just getting the injections hurts so bad. I can't imagine having it cut when I'm not unconcious ???
But won't having it cut make the keloid even bigger?

Medelyn GaLlArTe

Ako Ikaw ay aking mga


I have a keloid in my chest too and I am thinking of do this procedure but seeing this I think I need to try the creams first.?

sk denter

Good your life video

Aparna Babu

How much for this surgery??

Julian Mendez

How the F is this an how to do video

Nima Kumari

Surgical karne bad me badhna suruat nhi hoti h kya plz discraibe kijiye

Siddhartha Sovan Roy

Very nice ?.

Gouse Kolimi

what is these glasses at 5:24 and what is use of it

Buddha Limbu

love from nepal

Hartzz Anjellzz


crazy deekshitha

Pls do a video on complete details of kelloid after surgery

Gee Boo

Mine was from chicken pox (keloid) and i really want to get rid of it. From philippines

sun shine

Sir mere hand par burn scar hai scar area not so bigger can you remove surgery method..... sir reply plz ...

Gouse Kolimi

what is mean by keloids


on my chest nd shoulder too.... Sir if i do surgery then there will be no side effect....plzz rply


Put in age restrictions ??

Pritam Singh

how much it cost? and where in Delhi?


He said "pain? I will show you pain"

electronics meter repair HMP

Is successful?

Bivekanand Raut

Sir little bit confused that does maxillofacial surgeon have legal right doing procedure of this type of surgery

pedsurg mahmoud shabaan

Very good

Saw Sar Sar

Very nice removing

nelima gurung

I'm a girl
And its been 8 years im suffering from this?
Because I was suffered from boils and i didnt take care of it and it forms keloid on my chest please help me where you're located?

Ks z

What are the chances that it wont come back?


Can it come back ?

Sheluvs Ayo

And watch that shit grow right back???

Yolanda Moore

I need to go to this doctor

Bivekanand Raut

Ur r inspiration

Ralda Vicente

Am scared ? now I am going to have nightmares ?



Sharmin Ngitar

What’s the after treatment and the chances of it occurring?

Bizthrive joy

Which country is this, I want to remove mine

mdrabiulhossain rabiul

Place i Ned THIS lokshin

P. Raghavendra Rao

im having it all over my body what to do sir


Mines is like a circle it’s small and it itches I just want to grip it and tear it off


Do these grow back?

Andrea Perez

I need this mine on my chest hurts n grows every month. I’m scared to get it off because I don’t want it to come back . Buts it’s painful

Chelley Smiley

Would love this Dr to be my keloid Dr. But dang covid....

rami5 ss

I have a small keloid on my chest too and my dermatologist told me that I need a plastic surgeon to remove it

Gee Boo

The one on chest was so clean

bobo liew

will it grow back?

rondelio murillo

1one like = u don't have nightmare

Rafael Morales Grimany

don't keloids come back looking worse? someone help me understand, thank you!

Владислав Жихарев

Hello sir! What type of training you have done for performing operations on skin not only of head and neck, but other body regions? I mean a certificate or another document or license. Because maxillofacial surgeon can’t do operations on whole body, except head and neck. Thank you for videos!

Adamu Ya’u Gunna

Have a big keloid on my body, please doctor how should I treat it?

Clown Fiesta

Isnt surgical removal od keloids and keloid scars generally a bad idea? My chest keloid scar got worse after surgical removal and has now come back and increased in size. So far ive been doing laser treatment and having injections of corticosteroids in it and it flattens but then comes back 2 months later.

pinku vlog

Please send doctor number

electronics meter repair HMP

I have 4 kalloed on chast

vijendra meena

Likewise, there is a keloid of the same size on my chest, sir, how much is the cost of this treatment. Whether the keloid ceases permanently after this treatment

Deepak Koruprolu

Sir it will come again

rolling Plus

Doctor yenkum cheast la keliod iruku doctor cure pani kudunga sir plz


I still don't know why, but my KANIBALISM intention come again


Does the patient need to be in general anesthesia?

Keloid scar

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Best Scar Treatment! | Kenalog Scar Treatment | Dr. Daniel Barrett in Beverly Hills

28 818 views | 29 Jan. 2020

Have a Bothersome Scar?

Have a Bothersome Scar? ---- https://www.drdanielbarrett.com/contact-los-angeles-plastic-surgeon/

Follow Us on Instagram --- https://drbarrett.co/insta

Do you have raised scars that you would like to get rid of? Did you know there is a treatment for this? Kenalog Scar Treatment is a specifically formulated anti-inflammatory injection that can be used to improve raised scars, including injury scars, surgical scars, hypertrophic scars, and keloids.

Raised scars—or hypertrophic scars and keloids—are caused by injury and irritation of the lower layers of your skin. These injuries can range from insect bites, vaccinations, skin piercings, and tattoos, to more severe injuries, including burns, cuts, and surgery. Raised scarring may appear several months after an injury.

Hypertrophic scars are raised scars that are about the same shape as the original injury, and keloids are scars that grow and spread into the surrounding normal skin.

#ScarTreatment #ScarRemoval #Keloid


In my small scar how many days ketanov to be take


How much is treatment?

Aki Mlicar

By your experience what is the best treatment for a small keloid?


I want to know the strength or does to be administered....


I was wondering how scaring would look after breast surgery I have keloids a have a few videos on I will be going next month for kenelog as well as candela laser I already had removal and radiation radiation really made a difference in the regrowth I feel it looks way better then my previous scar will be doing updates ,

m m

Hi Dr . I have four keloid in my chest ...how can i treated ???? Pls im from iraq

Nur Schahirah

How about steroid tape like deprodone propionate patch to d keloid ? Is it really work for flattening d keloid scar?

Kenndy Lay

The video would be more powerful if you provide the date of the pictures taken, how many injections do the patient got, and the changes of the scar for 1, 3, 5, and 7 years.

Shyam Mishra

Does kenalog 10 usefull , in breaking down scar tissue, after GYNECOMASTIA surgery?

Please reply , ??

n. k.

I’ve had a nightmare of an experience with trying lip filler. Huge mistake to begin with, and I trusted the wrong people. I was totally botched. Started dissolving it somewhere else, and I tried to dissolve several times and I think too frequently (I was desperate to get rid of it) Though the majority is seemingly gone, I think there’s still some filler in the upper region. But I mainly have a lumpy mass in the center of my upper lip that is not responding to hylenex. Few doctors I’ve seen after this say they cannot feel this lump and don’t want to inject steroids. I’m desperate to have this process finished and totally reversed yet no one seems to want to help me. They all think I look fine but I know my lip is not the same. I’m losing sleep over this and am positive it’s some kind of scarring as well. What is the best next step?!!


Hey doc I have a question I hope you reply to me please. So when we go to check up the doctor say I have keloids. I get one from a little dot with water in it there I pop it till it get coin size. It's color light purplish now. It's not itchy and there's no water in it now. Is it effective that we use ointments? Plus it's getting flat too. I think ointments really work too guys for the people who are scared for needles like me.


Please name the injection

Tommy Goncalves

I have keloids near my jawline.. will steroid injections along with silicone application help out the appearance? Also my keloid has darkened, so will it help out with that as well?


1. Does the itch completely go away after injection?
2. Are there any systemic ADRs of the steroid injections?

Gray Fox

Hello so my weight has been up and down over the past couple of years and I'm in process of even losing more weight which is going very well. Unfortunately my dermatologist told me if lose more weight I will develop even more spontaneous keloids. I will like to have your very honest opinion on that. It makes me extremely sad. Thank you for time for reading this.

Tatiana G

How many injections do I need to lower a scar like that? And after this, the scar doesn't grow anymore?


Hello Dr Barrett, I have a question, I had a rhinoplasty 5 years ago and my nose developed some scar tissue inside, do you think that this injection could help thin out my scars even if 5 years have already passed?

oussama ahkim

Kenalog 10 or 20 ?

Amina Amadu

Please help me answer questions from a friend, my friend has keloid on chest and she is going for the injection but her problem is that how many injection does she need to get rid of the keloid on her chest?

julie jacob

What's the needle size you use sir

Shaquana Davis

Does color return to the skin,after a kenalog injection ?

Earth Bound

How long does that swelling from the injection go away?

Barrett Plastic Surgery

Do you have raised scars that you would like to get rid of? Give us a call 310-598-2648 !

Punam Kanwar

Suggest treatment for white scars sir please


I’m located in France (Paris), do you have a recommended collegue that provides the same quality of treatment? Thank you

senorita salve

I have keloid developed on my chest after an open heart surgery. I tried silicon gel sheets but not satisfied with the results. Will this inject help me?!

Regien Santos

How about the scars from c.s operation? And scars from giving birth ?

Amaroju Naveen

Hii sir i have nodular scabies today doctor give triamiclone injection today 10 mg and how many days to cure sir

Natalie Martin

My scar is flat but 2 years on and it hasn't faded.....would this work?

Honorable Man

How much the steroid procedure cost, I need a keloid removed from the back of my head due to barber clippers, I started using mederma but not sure if it'll work


Got hairy boob

Alexa Wermuth

How can you get rid of scar tissue beneath the skin from a subcision procedure? I got it done 4 months ago and now my cheeks are large and skin is thick

Sa'Tia Yvonne Marie

Can this work on internal scar tissue from surgery? Is it permanent?

Vea Altura

Hi I have keloid scar from burn on my chest, is it possible to get rid of it completely while doing the steroid injections?

B Mejia

I'm located in NYC , do you have a recommended collegue that provides the same quality of treatment ? thank you.

Amina Amadu

Dr. Please how many injection do I need before the surgery?

pious alpha

Time Intervals for injection keloids. I mean after one injection of kenalog how many weeks does it take to inject again?

Vivien Acbang

Can u kindly explain to me how steroids break down and help remove the keloid scars?arent steroids like bad and dangerous for like people who want muscles

judith O

More videos on Keloid injection ? please

Garima Vij

Pls tell me once you inject, does it bump for a day and then settle down in few days ? I am asking because I have got the lesure done today and while my chest ones did well, on the chin this seems more bumpy today because got it today ?

ashley torres

I had a cyst removed from my neck 7 month ago, the incision left a keloid scar on my next. I am a almond/pecan skin tone and the scar on my neck is dark brown on the outside and magenta on the inside. what do you think is better for me? laser or steroid injections?


I had made with an accident about a year ago. I got a small scare Mark on my face because of satures....which treatment would be helpful??

Vivi Gordillo

I did halo laser on a scar along with kenalog injections and 20 days after another shot of kenalog and now I have black/purple dots they look like blood clots showing. Is this common with kenalog and does the blood vessels go away?

Ashwin Singh

Hey doc huge questions, do these injections reduce TUMMY TUCK scars significantly? Please get back to me I’m really curious

Keloid scar

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Keloid Scar bothering you?| Plastic Surgery to Remove Keloid scar - Dr. Srikanth V | Doctors' Circle

3 447 views | 24 Oct. 2020

Dr. Srikanth V |

Dr. Srikanth V | Appointment booking no: 080 2552 0035, 94835 06268

Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon | Clinique Belle Koramangala, Bangalore

It is difficult to treat Keloid. Keloid is basically abnormal scar formation. Some people skin is prone to it and still in the process of understanding how Keloid is formed. So the first treatment for would be a non surgical approach , that would include using ointments massages compressions garments, compression tools it reduce the Keloid scars. A lot of people do respond to it. If the non surgical does not work, then we dominantly invasive procedure which will be a steroid injection in the area, which is extremely slow process because you have to take steroid injection for 4 to 6 months and this will help to reduce the size of Keloid scars and some people it will help to reduce the symptoms of Keloid scars. However this may fail. In some people it might not respond or it might partially responds. In such cases we might need surgery might be of two types, one is to reduce the size of the Keloid, leaving behind small amounts of Keloid and this is treated with injection of steroid after the surgery is done that is known as intralesional excision. In some people we may have to remove the entire scar and may have to resurface the area with skin graft. In a person who has keoidal tendency we have to incirposoaret radiotherapy. The radiotherapy is given immediately after surgery from post op day 1 to day 5. Almost 15 centigrams of radiation is given, this is done to reduce the severity or the formation of Keloid. These are the few indication and the treatment methods of Keloid. We are not sure which one will suit you best or which stage you are meeting the surgeon, you may have met the surgeon after trying the non surgical methods and have tried injections or tried surgery. So depending on what stage the surgeon will tell you what is the appropriate treatment, whether to go for medical treatment or for medically invasive injections or to go for surgery or skin grafting and surgery plus radiotherapy, that all can be decided once you meet your surgeon.


Harsha Harsha

Sir how can we contact you

Vikas Mulay

Keloid on chest and back and face from last 3 years

Nylzeng Channel


Harsha Harsha

Plzz give information

Suresh babu

Superb explanation