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Vlog: Purging vs breaking out, Purito Centella routine, & Erin Condren haul| Dr Dray

50 374 views | 27 Sep. 2020

In today's vlog I discuss

In today's vlog I discuss the difference between purging vs breaking out. I also try out some Purito Centella Green level and share an Erin Condren haul.

Purito Centella Travel kit https://bit.ly/304BOT9

Hello Kitty X Erin Condren Meadows cover https://bit.ly/32XYDcV

Hello Kitty X Erin Condren Bow marker https://bit.ly/33STX7x

Hello Kitty X Erin Condren soft bound notebook https://bit.ly/3iSzCp3

Hello Kitty X Erin Condren list pad https://bit.ly/362DFeI

Hello Kitty X Erin Condren stationery https://bit.ly/30862V9

Erin Condren customizable stickers https://bit.ly/2FOtShX

Erin Condren sticker book monthly edition https://bit.ly/3mRZi7N

Erin Condren sticker book flower power sticker book https://bit.ly/33Wl1Th

Missha Artemisia treatment https://bit.ly/3asSpnk

The Ordinary Buffet https://bit.ly/3hVEtFC

Kate Somerville wrinkle warrior hydration gel https://bit.ly/2YGA9kV

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Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this Youtube channel is for informational purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this Youtube channel should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this video are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


Am I the only one who thinks Dr. Dray skin is super oily? I want to reach out the screen and wipe the oil off in every video lol.

Lauren Friedman

How is your mom doing, Dr Dray?

C Lyss

Haha self cleaning ovens, toilets .... why not sinks ?.

Mrs. Jackson

Dr. Dray, if you hold down the nozzle sprayer on your Dawn spray, it gives a longer spray of product. Just give it a hard squeeze and you’ll notice the difference.

Beverley Main

Hi Dr Dray, about your towel problem on oven doors, I am trying to send a photo.

Sorry, can’t figure out how to do it.
Thank you for your videos.

Esther G.

For my skin, 1 pimple a year is "breaking out" to me so when I started using a retinol daily for 2 months and then got 3 pimples (that came and went in a week), I took that as purging.

Anaeme Vivian

Dr dray please recommend products for me, I have a very dry scaly skin with keratosis pilaris


Because self-cleaning ovens use extremely high heat to incinerate and clean the oven, and you wouldn't be able to do that with a sink.

Sabine WatchesVids

Hi Dr. Dray! ? Is is true that vaseline or petroleum jelly can remove your blackheads? xoxo ?

Bauer Beauty

Many ppl seem to use the word purging anytime a product breaks you out when really the product may just be too harsh for your skin type and u shld stop using

Alaa Baryyan

If someone came up with this kind of sinks, you should have your copyrights reserved ?

Danielle Gamble

Dr Dray, you look adorable in those frames ?

Edel Tuason

Hi Dr. Dray, Happy Sunday. Can you review the Aveeno soap free bar soap? Thanks.


Hey i absolutely LOVE your videos and have learned so much! I was wondering about your thoughts on the Lilyana Retinol Cream. Ive heard great things about it but im not sure if i should buy it

Ru 4î

Your hands are so pretty ?

Chasing Autumns

You can change the settings on your computer to decrease the blue light - at least you can on a MacBook Pro! And there are phone apps to do the same on your mobile.

Ayushi Singh

You can use bobbypins for those towels

Alexandra Clarke

Love your glasses. ?

Lindsay Holden

Most, if not all of those Purito products come in unscented versions thank goodness!


You can use chip bag clips to keep your dish towels on the oven handle in place when opening the oven door. I've also thought about using a hair bobbi pin in the same way.

Feroz Ahmed

Hi buddies Shop through Yes Style for more discounted prices
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Happy savings

Sharon of London

I use a clothes pin on the ends of dish towels hanging over handles


Is Nivea Q10 cream best for combination skin.?

Nina Kara

Just so you know! Purito NOW has an unscented version of all those products shown in the video! And they’re amazing!


The audacity to send Dr Dray product with fragrance in it

Jenna Chaney

Dr Dray, why not try attaching a magnet to the back of your towels?

Thanks so much for all the great advice!


Yay 900K subs! You go Doc! Congratulations, it's well deserved. (I use a little safety pin in the back to hold my decorative towels at my stove.)

Nicole Lewon

I love the Dawn Power Wash Spray for laundry. It's great to get out oily stains. So I keep one in my laundry room, and another in the kitchen.

Scott Zambon

I’m currently two weeks into using Tretinion, applying it once every three days and now I’m seeing my “purge” starting!! I love your spa moment and your humor lol

Thanks for educating me about vitamin A!???

Culture 2 Culture TV

Dr Dray, I changed to cerave products a few weeks ago and my acne has gotten so much worse, I don’t know what to do and don’t know if it’s purging and I should push through or if it’s breaking me out

Kit Kat

sinks everywhere: .....
dr dray: blue tooth green tooth yellow tooth

M.B. Ahmo

Dr. Dray I also get that nauseous sensation when I wear my polarized sunglasses in the car. Thankfully, I am mostly in the passenger seat. As minimal as it is I think our brains are adjusting to the new visual. I haven't tried the blue light blocking but years ago there was a screen you could put over the computer. Not sure if they still make them.

Nancy Tran

If you’re ever in Austin, you should stop by Erin Condren’s stationary store?

Veronika T

"kate wrinkle" lmao idk why that cracked me up

natasja van limburg stirum

Could not really find any video on fungus/ringworm. I am doing close contact sport (Brazilian jiujitsu/grappling). We are barefoot and wear a "rash guard" which is basically tight legging and lycra t-shirt and sometimes a kymono(GI). Should I wash my body with iodine or other soap? Is it better to leave the skin natural barrier as it is or desinfect? I have a sensitive skin (eczema from time to time) and am a bit paranoid to get a fungus on my feet or elsewhere on my skin.
FYI I was all these clothes on 40°C with an desinfect laundry detergent.

Mariel Texera

☕GULP AHHHHHHH☕☕????????????????????????????

Jessie L.D

Oh, I remember now. I was looking into that Necessaire hand cream the other day! I wasn’t sure whether to get it or not since I have palmer hyperhidrosis. I probably will, though, since the backs of my hands have been drier than usual given this frequent hand-washing we’re all doing.

Denise M

Thoughts on the new eucerin dermopure line?!

Christina V

Can you give us a tour of your workspace setup? Love the pink! @drdray

Pug Lady Plans

UGH!!!! I DESPERATELY want some clips to hold my towels on the oven handle!! I run a pug rescue so I have pug towels for every season ? but they refuse to stay on the oven handle!

su lee

Dawn is great, but that spray stuff is worthless, both in delivery and efficacy

Ticky Twit

You speak through your nose.



Audrey Hepburn

loVE loVE XOXo

Mar i Sol

maybe cut a piece of anti rug slip to put under your towels.

Brenda D

How is your mom...miss seeing her♥️


Omg I just started using the CeraVe benzoyl peroxide cleanser for my acne & it's getting worse & didn't know why. Thank you

Kim Husbands

I would start using the October stickers now ?

natasja van limburg stirum

Coper is apparently self cleaning.

Joanne Exume

All the Purito products they sent you have a fragrance free version.

Michele Bellis

Happy Monday. I had to take sometime off due to personal issues and I’m glad to be watching regularly again❤️ have a wonderful week

Lyuba Dutchak

Dr. Dray, I love your videos with my whole heart, but I have to say that as an acne sufferer whose acne has improved with tretinoin prescribed by a dermatologist, the "purge" was AWFUL. I mean, weeks and weeks of HUGE cysts, before it got better. :(


Dr Dray could you please give your opinion on the use of vitamine e capsules on the skin?

carneuzix fel

Road to a million subscribers ??

Lou Sunbury

You can use large colored paper clips for the decorative towels to keep in place. Thank you for all your work!

d p

Thinking of your Mom & hope she is doing well.

Spenser N

Asmr vibes when she goes through the Erin Condren box!

Kris Olsen

Thing to clip things...hmm...heard of a safety pin? You can even get cute ones lol. Love the content.


Purito now has unscented versions of all of those products! I have the serum and the sunscreen obviously and they’re anazing

Susan Virginia

I love pretty dish towels.

Neeta Mathew

Dr dray is Kakadu plum fruit extract and even macadamia nut seed oil fine on skin

Be Coool

Great discount Now code BBA6101

Moniba Siddiqui

Many congratulations on 900k.. Following you since long even more than my dermatologist here.. Love from Pakistan ♥️

Svetlana Lvovich

Hey there, use reward code RBPSRE on YESSTYLE in addition to DRDRAY coupon code, they both can be used together to save more money.

Jocelyn Sloan

Question: isn’t the buffet a more humectant formula and therefore should be sealed in with a moisturizer rather than letting set before the tretinoin?


Random question, I love using the CeraVe healing ointment on my whole face every night. Is that product "safe" for your face. I don't have any issues so I've continued to apply it nightly. I really get some good results.


Omg i need erin condren stickers


I always believed that skin can’t “purge” that the word purge is a marketing word. Am I wrong. I always thought when you have an increase in breakouts etc, it’s just a reaction to product and you skin will adjust.


"Honestly, get on that":)))))

Stephanie Ross Loera

I'm getting so much ASMR tingles from that hand massage and honestly I'm here for it ❤️❤️

April Hill

I so agree about the sink.......and sponge. I swear I’d buy a UV sanitizer for my sponge and sink.


The spa session turned into unintentional ASMR. Loved it ?

Rachelle G

Vinegar is the best for stainless steel appliances ?


Is Neiva Q10 cream better for combination skin?

Mk Bee

I always appreciate the blog parts of your videos, even when its Dawn power washing a sink and an EC haul. Your commentary always make me laugh and there's a soothing aspect in the life stuff as opposed to the skincare content (love the skin care content too tho obvi!). Thanks for your consistency Dr Dray :)) Sending my love to your mom <3

Nicole Brant

1-1/2 tsp of Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds in a spray bottle per 2 cups of water does the same thing as that Dawn stiff for much cheaper and less waste. ?? (PS put the Suds in last, they are “suds” for a reason! Lol)

sweetninasky 9

Yellow tooth ????


can you please on a review on the Perricome MD no makeup makeup line? they claim to have a lot of skin care benefits that help your skin over time, i would love to know your take on the ingredients and claims

naama magid

I love that you start every vlog with exercising and putting your sunscreen on! Its exactly how i start every morning, super important!


Safety pins

Luis Rogriguez

I don't owe anyone anymore thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

Joseph Franc

"Yellowtooth technologies" yes Dr Dray will show you the secrets of the future...


I can never realize if I have irritation from fragrance or what not but it's been so difficult to find nice products since I have a bit of oiliness with periods of deshydration. Some creams are too drying, irritating and some too hydrating.


So glad you got the SACHEU Beauty package! We’re huge Dr Dray fans ? Thank you for your honest opinion ??

Crystal H

Ditto on the Erin Condron shipping taking long and OMG so happy about the Hello Kitty ? Sanrio is definitely why I have a stationary addiction.

Danyiel Says

My sunscreen,CeraVe facial and mositurizer along with night differen gel has helped me with my mask acne

Nicolas Torres

Hello can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us some advice for ROSACEA DISEASE??

Ellie W

Hey Dr. Dray (and anyone reading this), are you aware of and recommend a dentist “equivalent” channel to this one? I’m really interested in learning more about oral health.

Alefiya Zaveri

My goodness
No offence,my mom and me watch your vids and my skin has gotten much better,thank you for that!

Emily White

I miss tybee

Alyssa Clarke

Im sure she has a video explaining the answer to my question but can someone tell me what that coffee maker is plz lol

Vyala B

such a bummer you got all the scented products, they sell unscented versions of all of them. They are perfect for my dry skin, the serum especially has helped a lot with acne and redness.

Katie D.

Hey, Dr. Dray! Can I expect purging to potentially occur when switching from one type of a topical vitamin a to another? For example, I’m looking to switch from Drunk Elephant’s retinol to the La Roche Posay adapalene.


How long should you wait to moisturize after using an active or a chemical exfoliant?

The sTORIbook

I just love the Hello Kitty collection so much!

Tegan Jarchow

Purito now sells many of their products fragrance free.

Collette Casey

What do you carry in your purse to reapply throughout the day? Lotion? Sunscreen? Or lip balm?

Mrs. Jackson

Whoa!! I was just gifted a GuaSha.. so weird you’re talking about it.


Your not alone. The dish towels falling makes me super annoyed. I'm considering adhesive magnet strips along the inside edges.

Kelly Tietz

Purito has that entire line fragrance free. ?


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What Are Side Effects of Purging? | Eating Disorders

56 882 views | 27 Oct. 2012

Watch more How to

Watch more How to Recognize & Treat Eating Disorders videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/507608-What-Are-Side-Effects-of-Purging-Eating-Disorders

So the side affects of Purging disorder are similar to the sides of effects from eating problems where purging is prominent like Bulimia nervosa. Purging, typically in the form of vomiting, possibly also laxative abuse, diet pill use, and other ways of compensating for ingestion of calories can be loaded with side affects. So what you're doing with most of these compensatory behaviors like vomiting or laxative use is, you're moving fluids in and out of the body, water and electrolytes. You're not really accomplishing that much as far actually changing the amount of calories that sort of stay in the or not. This we actually know.

And so what you're doing as far as creating side effects is, you're creating the effects of being dehydrated. So in Purging disorder you might feel light headed. You might feel dizzy. Your blood pressure might go down. And you can also have other side effects that can be related to electrolyte fluctuations. Low potassium is one of the big medical signs in purging types of problems. And low potassium can have a whole consolation of symptoms including feeling weak and crampy. In severe cases can lead to things like heart arrhythmia.

So these types of side effects from Purging disorder are not to be taken lightly. There are also the psychological effects of engaging in something like Purging disorder. So the after effect of doing something in secret so regularly, which means, you're staying in isolation, you're probably withdrawing from friends and family, and keeping secrets, and that can't feel good either, can lead to feelings of low self esteem, isolation. So lots of side effects that come from Purging disorder, and I can't overstate how important it is to try to get help for Purging disorder, other types of purging problems like Bulimia nervosa. And good help is out there.

kailynn bird

I guess you can't purge two times in a day bc I tried and I couldn't puke the second time ugh I wish I didnt eat


But purging does get rid of the calories, if it didn’t I’d be 100000 pounds by now. I eat like 9,000 cals

Mr Selfserve



HA! 4th :3

Currently Diying inside.

:( but i need to purge what I binge tho

apology girl

My antidepressants make me purge a lot


Bulimia made me gain so much weight and get really dangerously sick I'm trying to stop

naomi chambers

people do loose calories purging

Ma vie en Arc en ciel

Honestly i dont care


What happens if you eat around 800 calories everyday and one day a week you eat 1100 and purge it. Does this mean I will gain weight? I only been noticing that I lost weight (not enough though).

Kaidance Gambrel



How? XD

• duffles •

Just drink water when ur done and drink gator ad for electrolites...


Third? Fack this shet doesn't help me at all.

Ume Maharukh

It's funny how she states that purging doesn't effect the total calorie consumption of an individual in a day. It most certainly does. As a former bulimic I would binge for several hours (4-5) and then proceed in throwing up my food. The food would be consumed in one sitting and I'd only vomit once. Overtime I was clinically diagnosed as Anorexic (binge/purge type) rather than bulimic due to my low bmi. People always go through eds differently, and that's exactly why we're still studying them! It's such a complex issue which fluctuates between different patients. She shouldn't categorize it as being the same thing for everyone, (which in this case) she's made it sound like bulimia doesn't actually effect your weight. When in reality it could severely damage your gastrointestinal tract and weight. Disappointed from this video and it's false information.

Harley Fultz

I don't care

Farida Budiarti

Hello! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Bulimilorex Remedy (google it), but I'm not sure if it's good. Have you thought about home remedy called Bulimilorex Remedy? I have heard many unbelivable things about it and my mate completely cures her bulimia safely with this remedy.

Jessica Beca

I only read the comments

Yumi M

So basically she only said low potassium lol. I came here to find something which could keep me away from purging but I guess I’m just gonna keep on and eat a banana. Lol the woman just makes long sentences but say nothing.

Jasmine Jones

I used to be so afraid of gaining weight that I cut food out of my life and when I was forced to eat, I would always purge it up, including the water I drank for fear of putting on water weight. Let me tell you, this is no fun. I was admitted in the hospital countless times for dehydration and was lying to my parents and doctor as to why I was puking because I felt so pathetic for doing it. I still do this sometimes...:(

Jade Escobar

weight loss
Weight loss
Enjoyment of food without guilt
Thank you goodnight
please don't purge though

Elizangela Menezes

Estou tentando me tratar

CoolChris 2012

wow I came here expecting side affects of killing people once a year.


I fast for 24 hours after a binge because I can't get myself to vomit


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What Is Purging Disorder? | Eating Disorders

19 421 views | 27 Oct. 2012

Watch more How to

Watch more How to Recognize & Treat Eating Disorders videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/507607-What-Is-Purging-Disorder-Eating-Disorders

So what is Purging disorder? First thing to know Purging disorder is not currently recognized as an official diagnosis within psychiatry. So, for example, in the diagnostic manual for mental health disorders, the DSM, the manual that a lot of mental health professionals use in the United States, Purging disorder is not listed as its own separate diagnosis. It's currently under a diagnosis known as EDNOS, or eating disorder not otherwise specified.

A lot of features of Purging disorder probably resemble some things that you see going on in Bulimia nervosa, which is its own official diagnosis. Purging disorder basically means the repetitive use of compensatory behaviors for eating with the intention of trying to conserve calories or not keep calories in the body. So that could be use of vomiting, very typically, but also laxative use. It could be repetitive use of diet pills. It could be use of water pills or diuretics, things that make you urinate with an effort towards, you know, losing water weight. And it can even be repetitive use of excessive exercise to compensate for calories.

Purging disorder is another diagnosis within in the eating disorder spectrum that we're still trying to understand, that we're still trying to get more research on. We do know a little bit about treatment for Purging disorder. Some medications have been evaluated in Purging disorder and may be a benefit similar to Bulimia nervosa, although those trials are really in their infancy.

Psychotherapies similar to those used in Bulimia nervosa, may be of help as well, although we still need more research and better trials to really know definitively what the best treatment scientifically are for Purging disorder.

Purging disorder, just like Bulimia nervosa can have a lot of very dangerous medical consequences. So things like serum disturbances, lowering of electrolytes like potassium can happen in Purging disorder which can cause serious medical problems. So Purging disorder, like all the other eating disorders is not something to be taken lightly, is not an appropriate method for compensating for calories ingested, and really can lead to medical consequences and should be under a doctor's supervision.

natalie chan

the first experience I had with ED behavior was my freshman year of high school. I would work out for 3+ hours every other day and only allow myself to eat 1 apple in the morning. I am now 19 years old, and i’ve seemed to pick up a different set of behavior. I don’t excessively exercise/use pills/diet, but after I eat 1 meal or snack that day I find myself not wanting to eating anything the next day. I’ve lost a lot of weight this week, my body is starting to get skinny and my muscles are sore. The thing is, I look at my body in the mirror and I still wish i was skinnier. I hope to overcome this episode soon, and I send lots of love to those who are struggling as well ♡

Anna Wilson

i have this. and so many ppl say i am bulimic but that not the same thing

just a girl

Lol I was eating gummy bears while watching this

Jasmine Lan

today I've discovered I have purging disorder. I puke out my food if I think I eat to much but then I start doing it everyday once. I stopped for awhile but continue cause the fear of gaining weight got to me and I also start to eat less as years pass. I used to eat a lot back then but now I couldnt even eat as much as I did before maybe only half or quarter of what I ate

Stephanie Salinas

What if you don't do this every day but when you do ,you do it 1or 2 times a day? Is that bad? And can it cause you to have a hard time getting pregnant ?just wondering

Amanda Jensen

I think I have this


I don’t binge eat, I’ll just eat a bit less than someone my age would, and then purge..


I have this I dont binge i just purge


I only eat dinner, and I always purge after. I typically have a very hard time getting it up, so I drink a lot of water to help it come up.


I clicked on this because im eating..

Imran Akbari

And second


i don’t binge, but the only meal i eat is dinner and after i do, i throw it up.

Suzel Cardon

I've been going through a tough semester, busy, busy, busy! I found that I didn't have as much time to workout like I used to! So I purged (no binge beforehand) so that I would stay under my calorie limit and still lose weight (still same weight lol) but now it's horrible!! Absolutely horrible being obsessed about your body image! It's horrible not being comfortable with my weight or my body image! While everyone else enjoys their meal and the flavor, all you can think about are the calories you consumed, even if it isn't terribly caloric!! Having the food sit in your stomach becomes agony because you think you can almost feel yourself getting fat! I never thought I'ddevelop an eating disorder! The worst part is many families (like mine) are unsupportive and just yell and threaten to send you to a loony bin because no person in their right mind would feel compelled to purge their meals. Oh God will these emotions ever end????



Eleanor Jones


morgue princess

i don’t binge but i will usually purge after a normal meal or even less than a normal meal so i don’t think i have bulimia but i do believe i have purging disorder


I dunno wht is she talkin' abt O_o

Imran Akbari


Ribbi Alexander

i think i have this. i thought i had bulimia, but i don't binge really. i will eat a normal amount of food but then still vomit it up. i will vomit up to 10 times a day, at least once a day for sure. 


I usually eat a normal meal, I dont binge... however after that I would purge...

shmexy shrimp

I don’t eat breakfast. For lunch I usually have about a third of a salad or like some salteens or some grapes....usually just some grapes. And for dinner a small piece of meat. And after every time I eat I purge.

shmexy shrimp

Now this is called bulimia

Eva Stoyanova

I've had purging eating disorder for about three months and I haven't told anyone. At school I don't eat lunch and I just vomit my breakfast and dinner without anyone noticing I lost 2kg then a holiday came I stopped and became my previous weight and starting again I lost 2kg then a camp came so I ate a lot and now I back to being my weight before all of this. I feel really bad :(

Ela Bojan

oh huh 7 th

Poppy Dyton

How often do people with purging disorder vomit? (If that’s their choice of purging) I vomit 1 or 2 times a day :(