Light treatment for face

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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment for skin rejuvenation and sundamage by Dr. Shaun Patel in Miami

3 672 views | 12 Dec. 2019

In this video, Dr. Patel

In this video, Dr. Patel demonstrates IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment for skin rejuvenation. IPL useds a broad band of light to treat facial redness and pigmentation. Skin tone is more even after a series of IPL treatments. This is one of Dr. Patel's go to treatments for hyperpigmentation related to sundamage in lighter skin (Fitzpatrick skin type I-III) individuals.


So I can’t do this if I have dark skin with acne scars??

Rida Khalid

Hello. I have brown skin but I want IPL skin rejuvenation treatment? Do you think IPL skin rejuvenation treatment will be suitable for brown skin? I want someone who knows more about brown skin. Please reply me

Light treatment for face

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Skin Cancer Treatment Levulan Blue Light Therapy | My Full Experience

9 396 views | 1 Apr. 2019

I discovered a couple of

I discovered a couple of spots on my face that turned out to be pre-cancerous. My dermatologist, Dr. Zimmerman at Golden State Dermatology in Walnut Creek, CA (I've been going there for about 15 years) recommended Levulan Blue Light Therapy to get rid of the pre-cancerous areas rather than cutting them out. In this video, I'll take you through the entire process (I was able to get footage of each step) and give you my take six months later. I hope this is helpful for anyone else dealing with this. Don't forget to wear sunscreen!!!

UPDATE: I had to have a second round of Blue Light Therapy and had a 100% different result - I ended up in the ER! After this video you may want to watch this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMrSi8tr1os

In case you wanted links to the items I ended up using in terms of skincare afterward and more info about the silk pillowcase, here you go:

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Nicole Sanchez

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Tracy M

One more question... can you watch tv after the treatment? Thanks.

Toni Francis

Just had it done. For me no pain. Barely any redness, but this is only day 1. I think I’m getting more red as each hour passes. Already made appointment for 2nd treatment in 2 months. So I hope you post your 2nd treatment experience too.

Movie Star Sir Chad Everhart GCA

I just saw this ... It's now Sept. . are you ok now ? I'm rootin for ya. . Namaste

Jan Degerberg

Hi Nicole, I'm having this done in Dec. could you list all the products you showed on your video. You went thru them so fast.

Stephanie Leach

Thank you so much for documenting your experience with this treatment option. I have been given it as an option for treating a BCC along with my whole face and the other YT vids have been super scary with blistering and “burn victim” results.

Veronica C. Burgess

Soooo glad you’re ok! Thank you for sharing, I learned a lot. ?

Jess Peters

Thank you for posting this video as I've learned a lot from it. I will keep an eye out for these types of dry patches in the future. Best of luck going forward! :)

Rachel Varga BScN, RN, CANS

Hello dear Nicole! I'm so pleased that you are so skin cancer conscious! I wish all my clients were this diligent!

Kelli Yeowell

I'm having this done in a couple of weeks (first treatment). I'm very nervous. My 26 year old daughter sent me this video, along with your second one. She is hoping she doesn't have to go through this in the future! Anyway, thank you so much for the great information and 'visual.' My dermatologist plans on leaving the meds on for one hour, and I am to stay in the office. I'm happy to hear this after watching your second video. Phew! The thing that you didn't mention is the nurse/doc scrubbing your face. I hear that is a painful process, and done before the acetone is applied. Can you speak to this? I'm sure I'll have more questions, but will find you on IG too. I'm @bodyfundamentalsllc.


f you are having this procedure, I would highly recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase regardless of what you use on your skin as it is so much gentler than cotton as your skin will just glide across the fabric rather than hanging up on cotton. I have videos about silk pillowcases, here is one of them if you want more info: @. I also listed the skincare products that I talked about that I used and put links to them in the description area. Wishing you all the best! -Nicole

CJ Bolan

Thank you for this video. I'm also in the SF Bay Area. My plastic surgeon recently recommended that I start the Levulan PDT. He's had the treatment 4 times and has found it very effective. We both have the same ethnicity (Northern European), skin type (pale, burns but doesn't tan), and eye color (blue), making us high risk for skin cancer. We are both outdoor people who never wore sunscreen until recently, so lots of potential damage from our younger years. He also has AKs. I don't, but I do have a history of skin cancer in the immediate family (father and sister). I've also had several skin cancers myself.

At mid-life I realize that all of our past sun-sins come home to roost and it's common to experience skin growths on the face. So far most have been harmless Seb-K growths that can be removed with liquid nitrogen and leave no scar. But several were stubborn and resistant to treatment, so my dermatologist took biopsies. The result was one SCC and one BCC. I had Mohs surgery for each, then down the hall to a plastic surgeon to close the wounds. I really don't want to do that again and am hoping that Levulan PDT can help destroy cells that may contribute to future cancers.

My procedure is scheduled for January 8, 2020. I'm having my entire face, ears, and neck done. I've been told that the medication will be on my skin for about 2 hours. Then off to the blue light. It's hard to know exactly what to expect, as every person's experience with the pain is so different.

I live in a dark house (by choice) so the first few days shouldn't be an issue. However, I am on the computer for nearly 18 hours a day. I've been told that if I severely dim my display, the light shouldn't be an issue. I suppose I can always wrap a scarf around my face just to be safe.

barbara grace

Did you notice anti aging effects at all?

Will Elniff

My mom is having this procedure done tomorrow. This really helped to put things in perspective and to know what she is going to possibly be going through during the treatment and recovery process. Really helped to calm the nerves from the series of "Holy S**t moments" I have had since first hearing that this was going to be happening. Thank you for posting. Be well, everybody!


I am scheduled for this treatment for a superficial Basal Cell Cancer that is also in the same area (upper lip area) and in my case it's now partly on my actual lip. I was thinking they would only be treating the actual area, not my entire face. I'm really concerned and after seeing many videos not sure how well I will do with this. I will need MOHS and Reconstruction surgery later, this is being done to try and shrink the size of the BCC, so that the surgery will not have to be as invasive and complex. I am now totally dreading it. I also have a lot of windows and skylights in my home and getting any room dark, is going to be a challenge! Oh my!!

Toni Francis

It wasn’t painful? My sister says it hurt like hell - her words. I’m having this done in 2 days and I have spots all over my face and no idea what’s underneath. Yikes. You make it look so easy

Real Chicks TV

Thank you so much for this, Nicole. You're raising awareness and possibly saving lives. Skin cancer is no joke. Proud of you. - xx, Carla


Please is not worry about it. It’s a minor process and relatively painless. It just feels like light snapping rubber bands. Make sure they have a fan for you to use while under the light. Lastly, follow the no light as directed. I had no side effects. Just keep the Aquaphore

Tom Cat

I had this done last week on my face. Ouch ouch ouch. Do not even walk to the mailbox after this is done. Your face will burn and blister up.

Gisele Pinard

Thank you so much for documenting your experience with this treatment option. So glad I saw your post. I am considering doing this therapy. But like most of us who do research first see all the worst that may happen. Could you tell me please...how intense is the heat from the lamps and how long are you under the light? How long till the redness calmed down?Thank you again!!

Tove Nilssen

So glad that it was discovered so fast. Good luck,lovely.

sreekesh unnikrishnan

Your sunscreen may causing skin cancer.

Lori Harrris

Thanks for posting this,Nicole!! About 15 years ago I had 4 pre-cancerous moles removed from my back. Skin cancer is a major concern. My Grandfather died from it over 25 years ago. Like you, growing up in the 70's and 80's I used to fry myself with baby oil to get that California tan!! We had no idea what it could do!! Stay out of the sun, guys!! Wear sunscreen!!! A tan is not worth it!!

Bird of Paradise

My dermatologist recommends I do PDT for my acne...Supposedly this treatment reduces oil production and shrinks pores. Nicole, did you notice that after having it done?

Renee Fielding

Thank you, this was very helpful and we have similar coloring, even though I am wearing lots of self tanner and bronzer in my profile pic. I would love to see a side-by-side picture of the before and after without makeup. Do you have that on instagram or anything?


how much was your treatment? hope ur feeling better now :)


I am less than 2 weeks away from my dermatologist appointment ... so glad you posted this today since I have a couple of suspicious spots and had a previous surgery to remove something on my nostril. So yes, I am very intrigued by this.


So happy to see your post. Thank you for sharing this post. I am in Australia, the land of sunshine and have super fair skin. I was also allergic to most of the sunscreens on the market when I was young so I have to be diligent in getting my skin checked twice a year. I have had several cancerous and pre-cancerous areas cut out. I have not yet had light therapy though.

Vivianne Merr

You look even better without makeup.

Susan W

Nicole this is/was so scary and this was very informative, I have never been a sunscreen person but I am going to find one that works for me and start using it! Sun cancer is so scary! Love and Hugs! XOXO

SmokeyMeowMeow Cat

Thank you for posting this video. I am having this done Tuesday on my entire chest and i have been really nervous about it. This video of your experience has eased my mind about it. Hopefully my experience will be good. Take care!

Chrissy Moss

Dear God Nicole ??. This must have been THE most awful time (for you and your family).
Like you I never bothered with sunscreen and I've only just started this past year. Summers are not the same in the UK as they are in the US, however, I now understand the importance of it. Ignorance was certainly NOT bliss.
Thank goodness you were diligent and caught it in the early stages. I'm sooooo relieved and ridiculously happy that it's gone. And it can stay gone. Your husband is such a sweetheart covering the windows. Bless him. Wishing you bucket loads of good luck. Much love to you Nicole, ❤?❤?❤

Debbie Swindell

Nicole, you handled this with such grace. I have Barrett's esophagus and I used to use baby oil as a sun screen ? Thank you and your dermatologist/staff for this video. You will be helping many people! Including me?

Cheryl T

Soooooo glad that you were so vigilant and observant to catch this my sweet, sweet friend ❤️ Thank you for sharing with us.So that we shall know what to look for. So happy you are doing well? Luv ya girl ?

Cindi Barber

I had one of these dry patches on my cheek last year and my Dermo froze it off. I still have a red mark from it so I wish this procedure would have been available. I will ask about it when I go back this month. Thanks for this video Nicole. It was very helpful. xoxo Cindi

Tracy M

Hi- Thanks for the video. I'm having this done soon. You went from a few days to eight months. I'm wondering how long it took to heal completely. How long did you have to call in ugly ?( I Love that reference by the way.)

NYC Entrepreneur

Wow. You have VERY little reactions to procedure. My face absolutely blew up like a terrible sunburn. Unsure if that means I had a worse condition of bcc or pre=cancerous cells or more time with my face or light

Light treatment for face

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I Had A BBL Laser Treatment, And Here's What Happened

118 831 views | 20 Mar. 2017

Aliya Khan


S Cope

Thanks so much for posting! I"m looking at doing this process for the first time and I've heard that you're supposed to do a series of them? Like 3 in a row (one month space between). Are you going for that? Or are you happy with the one?

susan schaub

basically these treatments are for wealthy people???????? thats sad.......

Gladys Walsh

Clear, concise and informative! Acne guide “Vαtαnuz Bdα” (Google it). Now I know the reasons behind why I`m enduring acne at age 40+. After reading this guide, I now have a much greater idea on changing my acne treatment. .

Heather Cooper

Hi. Since it has been a year, how long do you think your rosacea stayed away?

Cheng Yang

I see many people ask for the price of the treatment I think it’s depend on the location and the situation. I Will go to do my BBL treatment in next month and they charge about $1200 for each time, this is locate in Southcenther Near Seattle, Washington.

Joan Robbins

This is a brief but beneficial guide. I`m advocating this acne guide “Vαtαnuz Bdα” (Google it) to my friend who`ll begin their acne remedies to achieve a clearer skin. Greatly liked this and valued the awareness into how my inside issues can affect my skin. .

Lori B

Irritating. Unwatchable.

Kimberly Lepine

I just did my second of at least 3 treatments and I totally agree with everything you said! The second time, the spots and irritation immediately post-treatment were significantly more noticeable, but two days later, the results are even better. Also, microdermabrasion is now a monthly habit. LOVE!

scott smith

What was the price for each treatment or did you get a series?

Kate Nguyen

Thanks for posting.  Where did you get it done?


Sounds like laser hair removal

Molly Nolin

Is this similar to an IPL facial? It looks and sounds like it, I’ve been getting them and wow they are painful.

C Bbb

Did you find it made your skin feel thinner? Or not as full? I’m debating whether or not to do this! Thanks so much!

Kathleen Lisson

Thanks I just had mine today!

Soo Lambert

What is Fopobiacne Secrets? I have heard several amazing things about this popular acne treatment.

Sabrina Must

Loved the video because I'm possibly going in for BBL in a couple weeks. Did you only have 1 treatment? I read 2-4 is way better for big results...? A medical spa is having me in to write an article about anti-aging (I'm a blogger). Would love your thoughts! (They decided they wouldn't give me Halo laser treatment because I'm too active in the sun, so I'm not a good candidate because of my "lifestyle.") ;)

Mike Setzer

This video was very helpful I'm getting mine done tomorrow .. You look great


Uhhh I got NO numbing gel. She said she needed me to feel the intensity to know how deep or ?? to go. It HURT like a mother. Like getting burned over and over. And I’ve got a LOT of tattoos and have given birth a couple of times. Haha. She said next time won’t be as uncomfortable

PS: I’ve seen 6’5”, 250 pound navy seal types pass out and cry when getting their first tattoo. Good. Lord. Feels like kitten kisses to me. Haha. But I’ve been getting tattooed from age 15, and I’ll be 44 Friday; soooo I’ve had some time to adjust

Sarah Shell

Would it be possible to use your video on my website?

Jasmin Autunno

How much did it cost?

Diana Nunez

I’m really disappointed that my treatment has not brought any results. It’s been a month and a waste of $500. I was told I only would need one treatment. My skin wasn’t bad. I just missed my really good skin. Hitting towards the late 30s and I could see age was starting to creep in. Some redness and loss of that great smooth texture. I was really excited for BBL. MY skin just kind of looks worse now with constant irritation. My two brown spots went nowhere. I just don’t understand ?
And I cannot afford multiple treatments at $500 a pop.