Natural eyebrow

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Fluffy Eyebrow Tutorial | Haley Kim

233 244 views | 12 Jun. 2018

This is my brow tutorial

This is my brow tutorial -natural, brown fluffy and black boy brow. I hope you find it helpful xx



MASQD The Slanted Twezer


Skinfood choco eyebrow powder cake no.02 grey brown


NYX professional makeup precision brow pencil #espresso


NYX control freak clear eyebrow gel


Benefit precisely, my brow eyebrow pencil #3


Benefit BROWVO! conditioning eyebrow primer


NYX tinted brow mascara #brunette


NYX micro brow pencil #black


Glossier boy brow #clear



INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/haley0N

CONTACT : [email protected]

Filmed & edited by Haley Kim

FTC : This video is not sponsored.

jingwen zhang

finally!someone has thick eyebrows!! Thx so much for sharing this

Mari Mari

This is the best brows tutorial for all of my life

Jennifer Chiu

Love this loook! I prefer natural over instagram brows :)


how do you get such flawless skin

Rosi’s Life

What camera did u use Haley?
You look gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

Shxhlx x


Nikki Chao

omg im living for this !!!!!

Kezi Dee

Living for the simple tutorials


I really love that you always provide natural, simple and straightforward tutorials! And they are also absolutely stunning too! You are one of the best natural beauty Youtubers here! :D Thank you so much for the quality content!

Hej Hej

Your eyes are so beautiful?


haley, thanks for the tutorial! could you share where you get your lenses from? are they colored?

Bunga Adela

hii haley, sorry if this disturbing but may i ask, how did you grow your brows? since in the very first video u shown us the technique of drawing brows, it looks like your brows are thinner than on this vid (please, correct me if i'm wrong). would you mind to tell if you using a brows-care-product or something or it grows naturally? thank you so much. x


I love this! I recently modified my brow shape a little bit, and they look exactly like yours. I almost have to do nothing to them when I do my makeup... It's the best.


can u pls do a kim hee jung inspired makeup? I see some similarities <3

myra maisarah



so real, i have never ever seen youtuber video their skin clear like this. I love this video so much, Haley u have a pretty face and eyebrow

Huyền Khánh

i love you i love your videos i love the vibe of the music you use, i just... love it, keep going girl you're original !

Sakshi Shetgy

Does not she sound like Rie form tasty

Melissa Ngai

I love this video. I loved the tutorials, and personally, I love the boy brow look the most!

Akasha Ghosh

beautiful ?

Goo otgon

you look perfect ?


finally, someone with the same eyebrow shape as me lmao


I get so excited when you upload cz I know it's quality content!! ???


Out of topic but your lashes look verh nice! Do you wear lash extension or what mascara did you use?

Anon Imoos

What maacara u using hereee

Sara Bozini

Really beautiful, keep going girl !???


She makes plucking eyebrows & shaping them look so easy! She is also very gorgeous! :)


즐겨쓰는 블러셔도 알려주세요~~?

aesthetics on trial.

Do you think the Glossier Boy Brow is significantly better than other brow products? I can't make my mind up on whether or not I like it.

Donkey. Th

full mascara turorial plsssssssssssss❤❤❤


Girl wait!!! Did u get your lashes permed? Your lashes are so pretty

운동하는 편식쟁이

이 언니 걍 이쁜거자나ㅠ 뭐해도 이쁠뜻..

Julie Nguyen



I screamed everytime you pluck your eyebrows ?, but i love this tutorial, thank you for uploading ! <3

Jade Ng

do a video on how you do your lashes next!!

Ánh Kim

Có dịch tiếng việt thích quá đi <3

caru nishia

this is so helpful! thank you so much

hana life!

Brows on fleek♡

Mary Chua

My brow hairs are thin, sparse but thick like yours. I tried to thin out my natural thick brows a long time ago; now I don’t have time to maintain the thin shape. Your brows are nice & full...thank goodness you don’t need to fill them in like most people✌??


아ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 언니 넘 예뽀요 ㅠㅠ 진짜 눈매랑 눈썹 언니 이미지랑 착붙이에요,,?

Mar'ahTun Solekha

Love you

zion x

이런 눈썹 너무 좋아해요-!! 요즘 영상 자주 올라와서 행복해요?

Anne Chua

your eyelashes r amazing!!


i love u


so natural!?

jiwon minusone

your brows are so nice ?✨


So natural
I love it
Fan from Vietnam

Selene Lorraine

I have trust issues with people who don't flinch when plucking their brows. tHAT STUFF HURT LIKE HELL

Olaj Kim

한국어로 말하는게 어떠신가요ㅠ?

Marta Kazic

i love the lack of filters, it's so rare these days for creators to not add a ton of them to even out their skintone and make them look flawless. you're obv gorgeous, but i can believe you'd look like that if i saw you on the street, y'know

mai cas

what??? nothing changed ?

Ashley Arizala

i want your brows so badly (:)

Haley Kim

This is my brow tutorial -natural, brown fluffy and black boy brow. I hope you find it helpful xx
+ English subs are available! 한국어 자막도 보실 수 있어요!

Ramun Sjc

Hi! I want to see your Boy Beat look.


amazing! you have beautiful eyebrows. loved the last one the most ♡


My asian eyebrows can't even stay in place I cri




Niceeeeeee ❤️❤️

Helga Boni

Love you alwayssss! ❤

Ria Afifah

What brush did you use?


why r u so amazing!

Dellah Johnny

I wish mine grows like yours ?


I've never seen anyone more beautiful!

Natural eyebrow

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Natural Looking Eyebrow Tutorial - Microblade Effect | Shonagh Scott

196 061 views | 11 Nov. 2018

Here is a quick and easy

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to achieve natural looking hairy eyebrows, giving you that microblade effect! My new favourite brow products is the MAC Shape & Shade Brow Pen, although, I'm not a fan of the tint side. The thin flexible tip is made up of tiny hairs that create a very fine tip enabling you to draw on super thin hairs. You can use a lighter shade at the front and a darker shade towards the arch and tail to create an ombre brow.

Check out my 'Brow Grooming In 6 Steps' tutorial: https://bit.ly/2z45nql

How To Create An Ombre Brow: https://bit.ly/2T4qXmP

This is my YouTube channel. Here I will show you how I create different makeup styles using a variety of media and techniques, from creative Halloween makeup looks to beautiful flawless makeup for all occasions.

Please click to subscribe if you haven't already done so: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Smiles2310

Products used:

* MAC Shape & Shade Brow Pen ( I used the shape 'Taupe')

UK & Worldwide options:

Look Fantastic - http://bit.ly/2QA3kB4

MAC - http://bit.ly/2QAnHhB

Debenhams - http://bit.ly/2T1KNz7

Selfridges: http://bit.ly/2QBKARx

ASOS - http://bit.ly/2QzI3Yh

US options:

Ulta - http://bit.ly/2PMh92j

Nordstrom - http://bit.ly/2zL4uCD

MAC - http://bit.ly/2QEQxxr

ASOS - http://bit.ly/2PmwUgF

Alternative brands -

* Burberry Eyes Full Brows Pen

UK & Worldwide:

Look Fantastic - http://bit.ly/2QAp8fZ

Fabled - http://bit.ly/2QFuIxK


Sephora - http://bit.ly/2Qy7dX5

Nordstrom - http://bit.ly/2QBLPQH

* Suqqu - Framing Eyebrow Liquid Pen

UK & Worldwide: http://bit.ly/2QFv5s8


Olympus E-PL9 - Click here to register your interest for the new camera and receive a (rare) 10% discount code! https://www.olympus-imagespace.co.uk/shonagh-scott-10-e-pl9/

Aputure Amaran AL-M9

UK: http://amzn.to/2FSQHfU

US: http://bit.ly/2FPr9jD


Camera - Panasonic GH5 http://amzn.to/2tzAxno

Lens - Panasonic 14-140mm http://amzn.to/2sf6Ggz

Lighting - Soft Boxes http://amzn.to/2sAMHbC

Dimmable Ring Light with mirror & stand http://amzn.to/2sAIswH

** Affiliate Links **

** Esqido Lashes:

"SHONAGH" for 15% OFF at the checkout! http://ESQIDO.com

*** Follow me here

Social Platforms -

Facebook: ShowMe MakeUp

Instagram: @showmemakeup

Twitter: @showmemakeup

Snapchat: @shonaghscott

Blog: www.shonaghscott.co.uk/blog



Business Enquiries: [email protected]

Karen Woods

Very good tutorial and looks simple enough to follow. Ill definitely try it


I love this product sooo much, i'm already on my second one

Laura R

I love how you do your eyebrow.
It turn out amazing. .
I will totally try this....

Valeri Oliva

Beautiful brows

Karliuxx vlogs

Wow! Love the tutorial!!




I love how your approach to makeup is more natural and enhances features. I’m getting tired of seeing so many people do full on over the top IG makeup that just looks like tin man clown makeup in person.


the fact i used hair gel on my eyebrows in highschool.

Sass 83

Great tutorial I love this kind of eyebrow as I like the more natural look. I find pencil can be very full on at times. Catrice to a felt tip eyebrow own which I love as it does not have any red/orange undertone to it ?


Thank you so much Shonagh. one of the effects of my health condition has been sparse eyebrows. It's so good to have tips on how to deal with it in a natural looking way. I want to boost my self esteem a little, not look too obvious. I wish I could explain how much it means when real MUAs like you create content like this xx

Honey Peaches

Hey any tips on getting the right brow colour? I want to look as natural as possible :)

Louise Aldridge

Love a natural brow look. Thanks for doing this tutorial Shonagh x

Every day Autumn

Damn right I'm trying it babe I almost have the same brows as you.

Geraldine Orozco

Please, someone tell me ....do you take this much time on your eyebrows everyday? I love the work this magnificent artist did.... but for gods sake I have, maybe, 15 mins to look "amazing" before I start my day... any one have a quicker easier tip? Please♡ otherwise ill have fall in love with messy sparce brows... ♡...working on that as we speak...

Mia Clément

I recently bought this eye brow pen after watching your tutorial and it's such a game changer! It's so easy to work with and you can achieve a natural result by being very gentle when applying the product - but it's also possible to achieve a more dramatic look by making more firm strokes with the pen.

Nicole Boddington

They look great!

Jo Anna

Wow this looks great! I love the natural approach. Your brows were already nice though :)

Sharalees Box Of Chocolates

Thank you for this! I’ve had this MAC shape & shade pen for about a month now. I’ve been getting better at the hair like stokes at the front of the brow but didn’t quite know what to do along the top edge. Now I do!! Can’t wait to try this tmrw?

Phurbu Lhamo

Hi, I really wanna buy this product but it’s has different shades. Which one did you use because it’s the same color as my brows? Thank you :))))

Araceli Rosales

Those lashes and eyeshape tho...right on point! ❤


Urban Decay just came out with a very similar pen called Brow Blade. It’s amazing!! Not only does it have a nice, micro pencil on the other end of the pen (instead of that chubby powder applicator), but Urban Decay is also cruelty free (unlike Mac)❣️ I hope you get the chance to try it and hopefully even review it❤️

Ti Co

Damn this is so effective ??

Yeimy Rios

Me gusta se b súper natural

Alex Tait

I literally laughed out loud when i saw this i was shocked at the state of my eyebrows this morning...its like you knew.. Thanks for sharing. Here's to happy brow babies :-)

sophie louise

is it still selling or do you know any other makeup brands that do a pen like it?? need one asap


This is hands down the best natural eyebrow tutorial.


I love it. Thanks for posting this. ?


So natural, I love it. Thank you ?

Joyce Lopez

Shon,is the brow w proof?

Bregje Kerseboom

Love this style the most! Would you ever let your brows get microbladed?

Jennifer Kopenga

I love love LOVE this pen I have a “similar” one by Revlon it just has the felt tip it’s called the Revlon colorstay Brow Tint it’s very very nice I believe maybelline and possibly covergirl has one like this as well but I love my Revlon one it’s a tad hard to use I feel these types of things are not for “beginners” so but YES totally I would love to try that MAC one if I could afford it ??

Danielle W

Are your lashes extensions? Did your sister do them?


Oooo girl! You got me wanting to try this.

Scarlett Pereira

What do you use to make your eyelashes look so full? ?


Thank you for this! I have this exact product and I’m definitely going to try your method. ???♥️

Dawn Jones

I'm def going to give this a whirl! Love the natural look for brows. xoxo


Gorge ?

Nadia Fedorenko

OMG are they your own natural eyelashes?????? If not, what are they?????

Mónica Santos

Nice review, but since UD recently came up with a similar product can you do a comparison or share your thoughts on that? I’m particularly concerned about the shades and longevity. Thank in advance ♥️

Isn’t She Lovele

How long does it last ?

Alis Phichit

I love it, it looks so natural??

Colleen Carey

So happy I found your site Shonagh! I have learned so much in doing my eyebrows from watching your tutorials, my eye brows Thank you ?

Petite H.D

Great tutorial ❤️❤️


Video has been filmed so well. Leaves no room for questions or doubt of how you do it. LOVE IT! Thanks for making it.

Leviane Gaia

Oi essa caneta da mac é a prova d´agua?Adoro tudo que pareça natural ...bjos pra você


Forget the eyebrows (although they are ?) but the eyelashes ?

Sandy Flores

I love eyebrows like these and i had no idea this product existed until this video. Thank you!!

CutAfrik Afro

Perfect ?


hi, how long did this last you? i just bought mine but it was weird, it took a few hours to actually dispense some type of color and I fear I've used it a lot within this past day in attempt to get the color to dispense! please let me know if you've had a similar experience as well! thank you!


Beautiful natural delicate look ?

I’m Bored

Your eyelashes are heavenly

J7 Primr


Carol Blackley

I had my brows microbladed this year and they were more shaded than hairstroke. I got an Ardell pen just like the Mac one, but without the eyeshadow colour at the other end. I'll let you know how long it lasts ? your brows are always spot on Shonagh ?? xx


Wow thank you so much! Great tutorial ?

jojo iraqia

Thank you great video I will try 100% ..


Please let us know where you get eye lash extensions from ,they look soo good !! Love the tutorial by the way

Nicolle Keys

Love this Thankyou ❤️

Malena Tully

Great video, straight to the point and less talking. Lovely natural brows, that’s what I’m looking for!

Karyn Sue Pohlmeier

You have great eyelashes!!!

Lisa Leitner

Fantastic natural brow. Thanks!!!


Your lashes and brows are amazing!


Would love to try this technique as naturals brows are so stunning but my hairs are so thick and don’t have enough free skin to work on ?

Nazanin Entezar

Name of these lashesh please❤️?!

Gwen Loughman

Amazing eyelashes!!!

Adeline Smith

I need to go and try this one- I tried one from Stila a long time ago but it was too dark and the ink was too transparent so it wasn't giving me that hair stroke look, you know what I mean? I actually have my eyebrows microbladed (which I love), but it still needs filling in as some areas don't take the pigment as well. xx

Serenity Princess

Too bad it’s not cruelty free
What sub would you propose?

Stitchety DooDah

I have cowlicks on the tail ends of both my brows... it sucks tremendously.

Christi Hill

Great job as always!

Dee dlovesmakeup


Cesca Marisol

love this technique, been using abh dipbrow after seeing wayne goss' video feature some of the brow aestheticians perform it. it is amazing #browgoals

Karen Sanders

I really wish I had eyebrows. I had mine microbladed a couple of yrs ago and I've had them topped up too. I do love them, but when I'm due a top I draw them in, I use the C Tilbury pencil but I'll give this a go. I don't need the brow gel lololol. Xxxx

Nicci Ellett

Great eyebrows. I lost mine a while back due to chemo and I used Urban Decay BrowBlade in the darkest colour even though I’m grey haired naturally-I’m just not a fan of brows with any kind of red in them for myself. I became quite an expert thankfully! It’s quite different ‘filling in’ when you have some hairs to go by.

Stomach Hurts

Tried doing this to my gf... I fkd it all up.. I need that nice little pen thingy u got love ur fkn eyes tho Jesus ur like some goddess

Chini Pham

Beautiful eyes

Shazna Akhtar

Excellent I love it ❤️
God bless xx

Christine Thomas

I’ve give up on mine tried the other one by benefit but with no success but then I am 57 in a couple of weeks so there’s not much there to work on ??


This is amazing, I have to try it. Thanks for sharing love

N m

Fav eyebrow tutorial by far thank you

Brenda Olsen

Excellent! I'm definitely going to give it a go. Thanks!

Natural eyebrow

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14 757 views | 27 Jun. 2020

*watch in

*watch in 1080p*

Hey #SannyFamily

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sannybeauty

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This is a quick video on how I achieve the fluffy soap brow look. I loveee how they turned out!


Product Detail:

Bar Soap (brand unknown)

MAC Fix+ Setting Spray https://go.magik.ly/ml/y7tx/

ELF Hydrating Camo Concealer "Tan Neutral" https://go.magik.ly/ml/uf10/

MAC Clear Brow Gel https://go.magik.ly/ml/y7ty/


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►LIGHTING: https://amzn.to/2T53VvN




►EMAIL: [email protected]


►PAYPAL: https://paypal.me/sannybeauty

Wunni Jay

I struggle doing my brows ? they are different shapes each time but I’ll keep practising.

Jessie Belot

Whats the last brush you used to blend?

MissTracy Keys

Ah-Maz-Ing !!!!!

Manju Bhargavi

Do not get wet in rain

lean hernandez

Ive been doing my eyebrows with soap but this method/tips definitely helped a lot ? thankkk youuu !!


Thank you because I have thick eyebrows and I have been having a hard time trying to find a better way to shape my eyebrows.

Oluwaseyi Ibidiran

I love your hair