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MEWING for Cheekbones | Get Better Cheekbones Naturally

11 759 views | 8 Feb. 2021

You are not stuck with

You are not stuck with the cheekbones and facial structure that you have. There are certain fundamental postures and exercises you can do to achieve better cheekbones, more chiseled jawline, and better facial structure. This practice is called "Mewing". So today in this video I am showing you MEWING for Cheekbones | Get Better Cheekbones Naturally

Equipment I Use:

Main Camera: https://amzn.to/2RLBcP1​

Lens: https://amzn.to/2DYapXz​

Vlog Camera (On the go): https://amzn.to/2E3ryyS​

Main Microphone: https://amzn.to/2LECUNZ​

Microphone (On the go): https://amzn.to/343U6mB​

Editing Software: https://amzn.to/2rm1X1E​


My name is Brett Maverick Lange and I make video’s about reactions, challenges, fitness, nutrition, fashion, lifestyle and anything fun through a combination of informative videos and vlogs. I preach a lifestyle whereas you can combine fitness with every aspect of your life, such as social activities, drinking alcohol, partying and still eating your favorite foods on a daily basis. Don’t forget to subs

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My Instagram: BRETTMVRK


My Twitter: BrettLangeTV



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Deni Sh

How long in a day have to mew?

James Carter


Harry C

TBH the most important thing is probably losing body fat - I've lost 70lbs so far (with 50 to go) and have noticed a big difference in my facial structure. Every 10lbs I lose = more visible cheekbones and jawline. So if you have 10+ pounds to lose than that would probably make a big difference for you!

That said I have also been mewing and that certainly helps things too, especially when it comes to properly breathing. Brilliant for exercise.

Faded Gamer

Hey bro big fan pin me out ??

world peace

Brett ran out of money and his channel is fucked so he's back to doing these repetitive videos for delusional people

ro chase

And how does this compare with jawsersize that you had on another video? Same similar?

Bull Worm

Honestly facial hair suits you quite well. It even makes your jaw look more defined

Tharindu Sandakalum

Who like Hollow Cheeks ? ✌️

Melissa Perry

Fantastic! ???


Thanks man, keep grinding bro


Who is that guy on the thumbnail lol

Kekoa Dias


Sam Chapman

would be really great if there could be a video about mewing with a retainer, because i have one and i’m worried about losing all my teeth from moving them back and forward

Linoa Lamour

Hi Brett,
As i miss your collabs with @marioadrion , plus Tiktok deleted recently his account and i am sad to not see your old videos/skits together there, i asked to him something about you on @jeffkasser video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4nL7_9wrtzI (you can just watch the last 3 min of the video if you're busy). Let's find out what Mario is saying about you, eh eh... ?
Happy to see your amazing progression on social media, and I have to say... you are sexy with longer hair ?
High five from a French female filmmaker at Marseille city - South of France, and I hope seing you soon with Mario! ???

Athul Krishna

I started mewing about a year ago and it's amazing

Leigh-Jean Terblanche

How do you keep your teeth so white?

Nicholas Wani

The question is...where are your cheekbones at?


Im support your channel dude ❤️



e s

How else wants to glow up

Renzo Dela Cruz

Breathing with one nose could be difficult but im used to it

6716 Samuel

I'm not able to lift the back of my tongue!

Zet su

Help, I'm not sure if i'm mewing correctly


Is there any peer-reviewed literature supporting this? If not, it could be doing more harm than good.

Leul Amanuel

thats how sam dezz have perfect face

U_23_Harsh Dayal

hey man i have a sharp jawline due to mewing for a year but i want broader one one like yours any suggestions

U_23_Harsh Dayal

you finally grow your beard dope bro


Back to business ??

Rabindra Moktan

after he says you will also get jawline i feel that

Sali Levi

Be careful with these masseter exercises it could aggrevate TMJ disorders

100percent Venyah

I love this!!!!! Mewing really make the face more attractive!!!!!! It make soooo my sense!!!!! I’m mewing for the cheekbones!!!!! Mewing does bring the maxilla up and forward which makes the cheekbones bigger!!!!!!!!!!

100percent Venyah

Do a video on hard mewing!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????❤️❤️❤️

Kushal chakraborty

Brett....how to get long eyelashes


You should remind the people to drink lot water.


Hello bro..I'm from malaysia

umm okay

How do you know that you're tongue is entirely on the roof of your month??


The scruffy facial hair suits you alot man it looks so manly

6716 Samuel

bro that scruff on your face looks great

the lunatic fringe

Im already skinny and have thin long face how can i achieve jawline???

Chief Abi

Where is the link to chisel?


2:46 You misspoke there!

sabrina spellman88

I LOVE U ???

Jesus Vieira



Only 2k views ,bro what happened to your channel?

Tony 000

Mewing cause receding hairline or balding...I know many gays who mewimg have same problems including me.I have crazy results on face and jawline but my hairline receding.I dont have baldnass in genetics(notice that mike mew is bald when his father has full hair)

JoseJesus Bustamante

First comment let’s goooo!!!

Manny Vega Nieves

Awesome video, and amazing content. This is high quality info, and your jawline is the proof. Loving the scruff


Thumbnail model name

Zafeer Jumon

Been doing that since his first videos about Mewing. No doubt this man is speaking facts. ?


i don't understand the tongue thing, should i just be sticking the tip of my tongue to the roof of the mouth or all of my tongue

yiğit İslam


Ishant Sharma

i have sinus infection and my nose is blocked almost all the time so i have no option but to breath through my mouth so im probably gonna look like a pinecone when im older

Radu Iulian

You are not man, you are a genius.

Matt Phelps - The Mewing Guy

I’ve been WAITING for this for AGES...

Love it when Brett talks about jawlines.

Heathen Nations Music

Does mewing actually work?


Save your time. Research show that mewing may work on some kids with not fully developed facial structure, not on fully grown adults.Think about it, how can your tongue move your bones?

Badass BobY

How Aren't You Working in Hollywood Already????

mihir lalcheta


Matt Phelps - The Mewing Guy

Ahhh my favorite subject...

Matt Phelps - The Mewing Guy

Who’s gonna mew in 2021?

Ace of Bace

Brett, your hair looks so much better.


Does mewing fix underbite?

Zoheb Pasha

Wish I saw this 10 years ago lol

AL3ntri officaiL

Bro ?

calin cimpean

Nice hairstyle Brett!!

jeff seid

Can I get hollow cheeks brad


Do you recommend Chisell or Jawzrsize? Which product is better?

Matt Phelps - The Mewing Guy

Brett would still be a stud without mewing

ahsan ali

Uuuuuu, from past videos I got half of it, but will see more here. I like all of your videos they are so informative and useful


It's pointless mewung after 25?

Nadir Uchiwa

No not you?, this is only due to genetic so stop saying this bullshit please

Robert Mendoza

I have such a baby face ,and i feel like woman would notice me more if i had a thinner face with a better jawline. I'm very insecure even considering plastic Surgery.

David Rolands

1st ez

LFC Rags



what happened to the cringe vlogs

Luke Hillenberg

I'mma try this. Hopefully I would look like a baby anymore. Great vid keep up the grind

Paul Dupont

Not this bs again? ?

Girl you need shot of B12

If you not mewing what are you dewing?

Paulino Dominguez

In Spanish please !!!



need a glow up.


If Brac Pitt and Mika Kunis had a baby

Akash Dhaliwal

I started and i get result just in 2 months

Matt Phelps - The Mewing Guy

Straight from the mouth of Mr. Jawline himself...

Listen up people.


Mewing has been a thing for a while now, yet there ain’t no scientific evidence for this. At least there are no German ones


When did u started mewing
N what is your profession.

MarkPolinar Realm

Instructions unclear I swallow 3 gums

Nuwan Mataraarachchi

This is the best version of you


You should start a discord server, for the community.?

Can I Get 1k Subcribers with NO video

8:12 when someone fool you

Indent above lip

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ramprasad shendge

Nice to learn from Laxman

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