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Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Review

5 168 views | 12 Jul. 2014


OPEN ME!!!!!!

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Review + Bloopers!

Hey guys its Hannah from Evebelievebeauty! Thank you SOOOO much for watching! Don't forget to comment, rate, and subscribe. Also, find me on instagram, facebook and twitter! XOXO!

Learn more: http://mineralfusion.com/index.php/shop/nail-color-and-care/nail-polish/nail-polish

The dupes video I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn67s3TFsUg

Polishes mentioned:

• Mineral Fusion- Pebble

• Mineral Fusion- Glint of Mint

• Mineral Fusion- Galaxy

• Mineral Fusion- Meteor Shower

What's on my nails? Orly's Tropical Pop and Eugene Malibu's Electric Daisy

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Oh that cap would bother me too, I can't stand when the tops don't go on straight, isn't it stupid, it's such a small thing, but it's a deal breaker for me. I love that Orly you have on your nails I've seen it on you before and was going to ask but thanks so much for putting it in the description box, and thanks for this review xoxoxo

Anne Plowman

I hate to correct you, but the cap absolutely does detatch.. there's even a sticker on the cap that says just that. Maybe you want to consider editing this?

Melody Paul

Just discovered MF cream polishes.. So cool never looking back.. Talking to you Chanel ??


The brown cap pops off


This was a review of the bottle and not the polish. You obviously didn't do your homework on this product. It is very difficult to get into Whole Foods as they strict guidelines for cosmetics. This is a lower toxicity polish and it paints just fine. I use it in my salon and have almost every color! If you used it, you'd get used to the lid. I'd rather not have the chemicals. You should learn about a product before you post misinformation.


I agree, their bottles are not that attractive. I think that's part of the reason I skip over them at Ulta. And, yeah, that weird lid-brush combo would, probably, drive me crazy, too, while trying to paint my nails. I'm bad enough at painting my nails, now, I don't need more help. ;)

cora nation

I buy these at SPROUTS all the time. The brown cap pops off and a little cap is underneath just like Butter London. Don't know why yours doesn't come off

Karina Kaboom

hey!! ive never even heard of these polishes, if it was hard to get a good mani out of it then i think ill pass but i still think their pretty!

Susana Romero-Richardson

I really enjoy your tutorials, Keep up the good work!!

Valentina Gravati

Very informative video. The cap issue is a turn off. Don't think I'll ever give this brand a go. Thank you for sharing.

Carrie Jo

I picked up a couple colors at Sprouts - Similar to Whole Foods.  I like the bottle. Different than others.

Sarah Chavez

OMG Hannah! Lighting and quality are perf in this video! Hair/makeup is gorgeous! xoxo

Ashley A

The cap is actually removable. I first thought is wasn't, so i hated the brush. Then i tried to clean the brush because i didn' t want to use it, than while i was cleaning it, the cap removesd. and their was another cap in it. It's like butter London nail polish.


The cap would drive me nuts too. I've passed by these so many times just because of that. P.S. The caps on the Illamasqua polishes do pop off :)

Elyse Sproul

Hannah you look so pretty in this vid- Love love your hair:-) great review, I'm on the fence about trying these polishes out!

Jenny Armour

Love the new camera!!

Brittany Barnum

Actually the cap does detach. I have a nail polish from this brand and the cap detaches.

Tisha K

I absolutely LOVE the packaging of the Mineral Fusion bottle. It's what caught my eye at Ulta but everyone is entitled to their opinion for sure :)


So how was the polish??

Tristan Higgins

Your nails look amazing

Hillary Nelson

I get them at spouts and they use natural product so stop hating on the bottle I love mineral fusion it's my favorite nail polish

Angela Chambers

best nail polish I have EVER used! Lasts fantastic, keeps my nails healthy, over and above OPI, Essie and others I have used over the years! Can't say enough about this brand, and the bonus is the price point - feel better with less chemicals on my nails, but was so impressed how it lasted better on my nails! I used the base and top coat with them. LOVE it! Packaging is great and it goes on smoothly and not messy ... brush works great

Lid crooked? lift cap off and set it back on straight - lol


These are 5 free and available at Whole Foods as well.

Tristan Higgins

This is one of my dads line and i have every single color so yes i have tried it lol
(not trying to brag)

Susan Watson / emzadia

Hannah, how are you treating your hair right now? It looks curly like mine when it's towel-dried, but by the time it's dry, I'm left with just waves. I have moussed it, gelled it, never use heat on it. Recommendations?

Jenny Armour

I have some Milani Glitter polishes that the formula is horrible. It's even hard to get glitter on the brush.. Ugh I hate that.. Lol


The PACKAGING IS GREAT ,,,!!! I love the bottle and the nail polish ...and the shape of the cap...this is a Chemical FREE nail polish great for people who have had nail fungus.. You Are Wierd ,,,!! not only do you seem to not know anything about nail care, youBURP ON YOUR VIDEO ??? How rude. !!!
What a joke your channel is...I will NOT watch you again as you don't care about anything. ...

yanerisglam y más

Hi i invite you to my channel please

SkyLine Z_Vester

The cap does go off!!!!!

Tammy T.B.

Would have liked to know.the longevity. The


That packaging isn't even that weird haha

Lori Duncan

I've been curious about this brand but haven't bitten yet. Even if the formula is great, I could not deal with that applicator! Thank you for the review!

colleen brown

The lid thing would bother me too! The new camera is great!

Alice Potter

Thanks for the review, you just saved me some money!!

Mineral fusion

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MINERAL FUSION MAKEUP | Powder foundation, concealer duo, bronzer and more!

551 views | 3 Jun. 2020

In today's video, I review

In today's video, I review a full face of Mineral Fusion makeup! I just splurged on a mini haul so I could do a true full face one brand review for you guys :). I'm giving you the gospel truth about the products I already own from Mineral Fusion, as well as my first impressions on the new makeup I purchased. Are you a fan of Mineral Fusion's makeup line? Have you tried it? Give me your thoughts in the comments section!

***This video is not sponsored.***


Let's Connect!

Instagram: @youngsamistic

Facebook: Sam Young

Business E-mail: [email protected]


Products mentioned:

Color Correcting Primer


Concealer Duo


Powder Foundation


Luster Bronzer Duo


Powder Blush


Lip Crayon




#mineralfusion #cleanbeauty

FTC disclosure: This video contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links.

Sam Young

Mineral Fusion is often talked about as one of those clean beauty brands that’s been around a while, or that you may commonly see in health food stores. Does the brand’s longevity intrigue you? Or do you prefer to check out the newest releases and indie brands?

Im Anis

Omg dear , I do really love your makeup ..Would you consider to make some natural makeup ..?

Mineral fusion

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Mineral Fusion Haul (Cruelty Free & Vegan!) - Logical Harmony

9 151 views | 1 May. 2017

Support me on Patreon!

Support me on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/logicalharmony

I've been using Mineral Fusion products on and off for a few years now. If you live in California like I do, then your local CVS may now carry a lot of Mineral Fusion products! In this video, I share what some of the vegan makeup products are and show some swatches. If you live in California and want to check if your local CVS is now carrying Mineral Fusion, their store locator is up to date. https://bit.ly/2oTTEDG

Stay up to date on brands by checking the Cruelty-Free & Vegan Brand List often - http://www.logicalharmony.net/cruelty-free-vegan-brand-list


Products mentioned:

Mineral Fusion Illuminating Primer http://bit.ly/2oVL9Hy

Mineral Fusion Lipstick in Nude http://bit.ly/2pvmPOw

Mineral Fusion Lipstick in Gem http://bit.ly/2pvmPOw

Mineral Fusion Brush-On Sun Defense SPF 30 http://bit.ly/2py8rqR

Mineral Fusion Bronzer Duo in Luster http://bit.ly/2py8aEr

Mineral Fusion Liquid Eyeliner in Ebony http://bit.ly/2pvgUsP

Mineral Fusion Eye Pencil in Coal http://bit.ly/2pxQZ5R


Instagram http://instagram.com/logicalharmony

Twitter http://twitter.com/logicalharmony

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Pinterest http://pinterest.com/logicalharmony

We Heart It http://love.whrt.it/logicalharmony

For business inquiries please email [email protected]

Mailing Address:

Can be found here http://www.logicalharmony.net/brandcontact


Other great guides from Logical Harmony:

Cruelty-Free Brands Available at Target - http://bit.ly/1x7hJX4

Cruelty-Free Brands Available at Sephora - http://bit.ly/1oZORPH

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What's the Difference Between Cruelty-Free and Vegan? http://bit.ly/1E1PKbd


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+ Ebates - $10 bonus for joining after you make a purchase and cash back on all future purchases! http://bit.ly/1RxhoDu

This video is not sponsored. This video does contain some affiliate links. Some products may have been provided by the brands for consideration.


Hi Tashina! Have you tried the Mineral Fusion liquid foundation? If so, what are your thoughts?

Esther Flores

Your makeup in the opening looks so glowy, I love it! Your makeup always looks great. Have never tried Mineral Fusion, thanks for the video.

Bleidy Ruiz

It'd be great if you do a makeup look with Mineral Fusion products only


I like that eyeliner when I first put it on. But it flakes off. I feel like their products are hit or miss. The pencil eyeliner runs quickly and smudges. I like the eyeshadows, powder foundation, bb cream, lipstick , waterproof mascara, and nail polish. I don’t like their eyeliners, lipliners, and cream concealer. The foundation is ok it you put it on very lightly and only want light coverage. Doesn’t look good applied heavily.

Britney Patton

Eye makeup details please!

Liz Bumgarner

Awesome video!


Can you please test the photobalm foundation!

Kendra veganbombshell

Would like to see a make up look with their products...also that pretty palette that came out before Christmas.

Vanessa Ram

I love the mineral fusion lip liners ☺

Sam Ingle

Great video! I like how your shirt changed at the very end lol


I've never tried Mineral Fusion, thank you for sharing! ?


What are you wearing on your lips? Pretty


You eye makeup is gorgeous .. can you tell me which eye shadow you used for this look?


cool! didn't know about this brand!

The Blacktress Diaries

So hype for this video ? . I feel like Mineral Fusion is so underrated. Everything I've tried is really great quality and affordable

Rocío Garduño

You look like a bronze goddess ?

Christina Stackpole

Who's here from Buzzfeed? ;)


Hi! You're so pretty. I love your makeup look. I really like mineral fusion also. The products are awesome quality. This is a great video with amazing mineral fusion choices.

Beautifully Clean Living l Teresa Rose

Love mineral Fusion! This company and Mad Hippie are so underrated!

Bean Mom

Our Whole Foods carries their products.

Ronda Fultz

Love the lipsticks and also the coal eyeliner pencil and liquid eyeliner