Led light health

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Preventative Dentistry from Research to STARFISH Oral Health Movement

186 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Dental Public Health

Dental Public Health Journal Club Harvard School of Dental Medicine

9 February 2021.


1. From Research to Policy

2. Empowered Movement (Demand & Supply)

3. Relevance to COVID19 pandemic

4. Future Direction Global Oral Health Interest Group (GOHIG)

Video was prepared by Dr Irene Adyatmaka.

Audiawati Surachmin

keren banget dok, memberikan motivasi... terima kasih untuk sharing ilmunya...

Ani Sri Sumarni

Kereenn dok???

Trisnawati Trisnawati

Sangat bagus materinya dokter serasa ikut melakukan survei nya

Irene Adyatmaka

Terima kasih atas saran, pendapat yang diberikan

Led light health

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?LED Light - Never Use Corn Light Bulbs ?

94 825 views | 7 Aug. 2017

In this video, we explain

In this video, we explain the logic behind why LED Corn lights NEVER work optimally in any setting. The output of a 150w LED Corn light reaching the floor is usually ....? Click on 'Show More' for details (...)

The output of a 150w LED Corn light reaching the floor is usually 20-40% of the lux levels provided by a dedicated 150w LED High Bay with all the LED chips directed towards the floor.

So any saving made on the installation will be countered by reduced productivity and Health & Safety issues.

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? In this video you will watch why or why not to use corn light bulbs.

www.polarislight.com is the leading LED light provider to the Aerospace and engineering industry. With unrivalled lumen output and durability. We provide everything from Site surveys, Dialux light simulations, Energy analysis, Production, Installation and Off-balance sheet Finance.


?? Before VS. After /LED Light Battle/ ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3JAQI3vlks&list=PLuxoQwm8G5sy98caQiTI6u_guVflC5RUL

?? Unpacking and Testing ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4zd-aFqDXw&list=PLuxoQwm8G5swop92P8sJLK9PMSYOXQp1D

?? Corn Light Bulbs Review ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZHUOQgobsY&list=PLuxoQwm8G5swB1ZKHX6wVZDARRSdSOZ8D

? Check out or reference projects here: www.polarislight.com/projects

? Contribute to this video: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=LaHSDN5BiUk

? Contribute to Polaris channel: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCOpJkRD9796Nr3iGD-a0Fxw

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Anhel Lehna

Hello, Mr. Lauritzen. I want to comment on your statement that corn cob light bulbs are inefficient to use in your hausehold. At some point you might be right that design of these corn cob light bulbs are not ideal for general use in most houses. According to my observations they would not be used like a traditional ceiling bulb but more for photography and/or videography purposes and most of the time, inside of a softbox. From my own experience with corn cob light bulbs, I would not say that they are useless. I use them in my softbox for photography or video works and I can only say how convenient they are. I also do not agree with your statement that you get only 25% light from the bulb because only a small portion of the bulb will be pointed towards the floor. First, if you ever heard about "photons", they do not travel on a straight line in the spaces, especially in a room. These photons bounce of the ceiling and walls, though they come from a sort of direct light source. If we consider that most of the people's houses are with white ceiling, reflection and therewith the light spill will be increased. Second, you compare the corn cob light bulbs with traditional light bulbs, which should not supposed to be used in a same way. Your argument is more like to say, "don't use truck wheels on your car, just use X company car wheels". Lastly, I would suggest you not to forget to mention the addressees on the title of your video to make sure WHO should "never use corn light bulbs".


The flaw in your logic is that the original light bulbs , Albeit MH or HPS ot LPS or even the old standard Mercury Vapor bulbs also had at least 50% of the light going in a direction that it was not needed . All of this said comes back to the quality of the fixture its self . The important thing is the reflectors. This is what directs the "SPILL LIGHT" back to a usable direction . . Better yet is a light fixture that has a true Mirror reflector . All of this said , A LED light where all of the emitters are exactly directed the way you would like them is in truth impractical to have for all applications but Yes it is the most effective way to get every possible lumen out of a light source. With the multitude of applications out there one must make informed choices.

Daniel LaVene

Nothing like a bias support, lol he sales metal hylide bulbs

Paul O’Donnell

Love the welsh accent

Mark Simmons

Was given one of these (looks just like the one in this video 150w) I was wondering if I can screw them into my outside flood light receptacle, its the standard two fllod light outlet you can buy for $30 bicks at Lowe's. I'm concerned that it might get to hot for the fllod light fixture its screwed into outside?

carol Martin

#givethanks. Thank you for the warning. Glen M

Paul John Longua

I want my walls illumiated.


The only way this could work is if it were surrounded by a wide-cone reflective cuff, so the light coming straight out from the sides could then be reflected downwards.

Deiling Chen - FULLWIN

good for all round light output fixtures

Tom Boyd

Totally agree, corn cob lights are a waste of money and a big gimmick. Anyone who has a clue about led's, can see this is a horrible design, a money maker from the uninformed.

Gavin S

what about peaches and cream corn lights?

Coil Smoke

Why the short life expectancy ? LED bulbs last the longest and run the coolest...Are you sure about your stats ?


Retinal damage with even low exposure. Read up. These things are dangerous.

Ludvig Racing

Omg... The light on the side is important too...

Bob Seguin

I use them for construction work lights.........they're great, and last forever.


the LEDs pointing in the wrong direction theory does not make sense. A MH lamp does the same thing. There are NO reflectors on the MH lam[p itself to point the light in a downward direction. Most high bay lights have a giant reflector on them to point the light downward.


This guy is a ?.

Maximus Minimus

I've never seen a guy so passionate about LED lighting. I'm convinced!

po dunc

install in a reflective focus fixture.

Jolyon Welsh

Are you based in the U.K.?

Seth Rogers

Just get the corn bulb that is directional


The corn light should work in high bay enclosure as its in a reflective enclosure and thus directs the light downwards, high bay light fitting has to have some of the guts removed as not needed to run LED lights, right?

Larry Griffin


Mark Markovic

cobb lights not corn.

Bodyshot Jake

So what is your alternative solution?

Donna Land

Are those CFL tubes in the ceiling of that warehouse? Round CFL tubes, not 'directional'?

Led light health

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The Potential Dangers of LED Lights | quick tip 9

101 899 views | 23 Feb. 2017

There is considerable

There is considerable evidence that LED lighting poses some potential health detriments, especially to eye health and the prevention of macular degeneration.

Incandescent bulbs give off light near the infrared end of the spectrum and this aids in repair and recovery of tissues, while the LED bulbs give off blue light which as been found to cause degradation and ROS of the tissues.

Avoiding LED lights is less of an issue in a sun filled room but much more important after sunset as blue light before bed decreases melatonin production.

Watch the full interview of Dr. Wunsch here:




William Godfrey

What about different colored LED bulbs such as red or orange, is that actually red and orange and a safe solution?

Bosch Classixx 6 Washing Machine

Why do dim, yellow flouresent lights cause deppression?

Marnee Dearman

What about red light from an LED?

Virgo Girl

Thank You!

Sir Eugene Courtney

What kind of light is best for growing Mary Jane plants or should I refer to medical or Nurse Mary Jane plants?

Cynthia Hamil

Thank you for explaining this.
I'd like for you to go into cataracts and how these are impacted by this type of lighting. There are a lot of people who spend hours at the computer everyday - and this is going to cause a complete WAVE of people to need cataract treatments before they typically would without exposure to LED lights, blue lights, and the computer screens and cell phones.

People need to be aware of this -
Can you also find ways to block this? And give recommendations on what type of glasses to purchase?
I would trust your opinion.

They are installing LED Lights in a lot of businesses and homes now - due to the Agenda 21 guidelines - and because people want to save money on their electric bills. They don't realize the health risks.

LED also causes issues with Melatonin - there is another video that goes into this with a physicist that worked for General Electric over 30 years.

Great video - thanks for taking the time to make this!

Cat Alva

Your adorable ?


what about the hydroponics for indoor plant growing is that safe?


I am around a bunch of 6500k white LEDs to grow microgreens lol. Can I just wear sunscreen and wear sunglasses like I do outside?? Thanks for the video man!

Lc Lc

I have a LED light and it’s not blue at all. I’m so confused. ???

Annie Gaston

Extremely helpful thank you


Blue infrared? Huh?

Denis Ronaldo Engenharia

Great! Dr. Benjamin ... and i increase a bit more... "the flicker problem".... semiconductors "answer" very fast surge signals


This guys a doctor like Doctor Dre. Can I be a doctor too? I guess I can since bullshitters like this guy and half the black community are doctors.

Charlotte Beseke

Your content is excellent and helpful but if you want people to watch your channel you'll need to look into the monitor & find a way to keep the camera steady.

Tracy Christiansen

What about red led face masks?

ibles bosuok

Absolutely right, sky-blue colour will decrease melatonin excretion and melatonin known as anticarsinogen agent. Then, what about warm-white LED? It emits 2700-3000 kelvin colour temperature.
Greetings from Indonesia


What about the red LED strip I use for living room low lighting while watching TV?I guess using my 50 Watt Blue LED laser is out of the question now.

MC Intricacy

Your hand gestures are doing my fucking tits in

Ldn H.

What do you say about halogen light bulbs. Are they better for the eye health as well? Thank you for the information.

Vicki Takacs

Dr. Snider I came here looking to confirm that LEDs are bad for your eyes, health and sleep because a man in England is saying they are pulsing their 5G street lights with LEDs in them and they are causing serious health issues in the neighborhood. What's odd is that I've been perusing FCC documents and ICEEE or some other silly abbreviation and cell phone radiation pertaining to 5G. Some studies said that it gave rats cataracts. Thank you so much for making this as I had 6 of them on in my bedroom and was wondering about my eyesight and insomnia.

Simon Digiwiz

Rofl ? yeh yeah and the earth is flat and Trump is our savior haha got back to school learn some facts and stop spreading complete and utter BS online!
All you’re doing is fear mongering the stupid fools that believe you! I hope this helps you sleep well at night - contributing “your bit” to this world ???


Pure bs

Robert crowdiver Burns

UV is good for us too


I think more research needs to be done... the light used to help depression symptoms is a bright white light. Aka sun light. It takes several colors of LED's to create the white light. As science people continue to work to develope more types of LED's the possibilities are endless as to the spectrum they cover.

One type of LED is similar to a CFL lamp bulb.


I am scared to buy oh i dont want anymore!???

Star Price

Love you

Vladimir Hristov

Thanks for the helpful video, but is the LED light harmful if it's not directed to our vision?


•I i c e x c r e m e•

So we can use red led lights???

Harry May

Doesn't matter! Ordinary lightbulbs are expensive and cheap. They don't last worth nothing. You will eventually have to buy LED Lightning regardless.

Svitlana M

Dear Dr. Benjamin, could you please help in these questions: 1. Is the LED lamp dangerous for nails, doing gel polishes for example, is there any chance to get a cancer? How does it work with nails? 2. There's a new nail polish, it's called Vinyllux Brand CND and they say that it's no need to dry this polish in a led lamp now and that it's getting harder under the natural uv light from the sun. Is it still dangerous or maybe even more dangerous than making gel polishes using led lamp? I would be really happy to get your advices and help as you're a Pro in this sphere. Thanks for your video!

Janelle Mckinley

Thanks. I tried to find incandescent lightbulbs this week and was told they were banned 2 years ago. Are low-watt halogen bulbs and candles my only choice now?


Phosphorus film is placed over the LED material

Hot Man

The dim florescents strained my eyes and was making my vision bad but LED seem to stop this

Ryleigh Lloyd

Dude talks with his hands as much as trump

Maynard Becker

What is the music at the end?

Anabela B.

666 666 666 assassins of Christ


It's not a potential danger for eyes, it's a real danger.
for example, if you use an Imac with led it's worst !!
Apple does care about this problem...
their led screens made by LG or Samsung are too powerful for eyes ( they ask them to use the most poweful white leds made in Asia for their screens ) over 400 nits and 500 nits for the most recent imac , it's just crazy to become blind day after day !
the worst of it : Apple called their sceens " Retina " a stupid marketing who destroys retina !

Lisa Rice

Please, please, please - make certain you talk with brain injury survivors/ LED lighting can cause seizures for those of us who deal with brain injury. While the costs may benefit everyone, not all of us can use those types of bulbs outright. While you cannot get the old bulbs where I live, I use scarves and/or move the bulbs direct shine away from my eyes, so I do not develop seizures.

Ricky rocky


jj sc

It doesn't matter what kind of light, I still getting old...

Mark Berger

Interesting, so for a computer worker doing long night shifts with many monitors what would the ideal room lighting be in terms of color , type, position, etc?

Ofri Mashiah

They talk about blue light. But i mean led blue color is the same as blue light? Can damage the eyes?

Matt Saxey

Your advice is poorly considered. If blue light is so dangerous, don’t sit near the window. The amount of blue light given off by an led source is tiny compared to the sky. Also there’s UV outside! The amounts of IR given off by an incandescent bulbs are tiny. I agree that blue light in the evening can affect sleep patterns, but probably not as much as the bad habits formed around phones and social media.

Fred M

what's with all that hand gesture... either you are a liar or you just don t know what you are talking about and that makes you nervous.... just saying...


Quartz Halogen film-lights

Matej Stepan

You have wrong informations. LED is not emmiting any blue light. LED - Light Emmiting diode, can emmit which light you want to, it is based on chemicals inside. You can buy 2700K LED which is not emmiting any blue light and looks like old wolfram/halogen light bulb.


I am not a fan of LED lights. They may be necessary where lamps can't be switched off. However, they do not allow to increase light output per unit due to heat dissipation issues, so the replacement will always be the same or dimmer.

But I do not follow the argument about blue light and comparison with the sun. The sun is white, heated much higher than a bulb filament, and emits plenty of blue and ultraviolet, which has some health benefits, such as vitamin D synthesis and disinfection. And the sun has many times greater intensity than typical artificial light, althought it doesn't seem that way due to how vision adapts.

An issue with light quality with LEDs is that the spectrum is not continuous, but has a gap in the green range. It looks like a blue and yellow lamp combined into one package. In the spectrum there are infinite number of "colors", not just some small number of primaries. The warm bulbs give the most continuous output because they let very little of the blue emission through. But they are tinted yellow, not orange, suppose by design, because emission of infrared means loss of efficiency and worse numbers on the packaging.

Caveman Jack

I hate to bring this up in a comment out of concern for getting pummeled by the LED fans out there but here goes. I wish I were still healthy enough to go on a campaign against LED headlights in vehicles! These 6000° to 8000° Kelvin color temperature headlights produced by lots of the LEDs out there are blinding and killing people in traffic. Guess how I know! I'm blind now. Yes I can see some light, colors, shapes and such but much of the joy of life is now gone!
At the backside of the eyeiball we find an area called the optical disc. This is the area where roughly a million and a half optic nerve fibers connect to each eye and find their way around the outside of the brain just inside the scull on their way to the visual cortex portion of the brain where the signals are processed and allow us to perceive what goes on in front of us. Many neuro-ophthalmologists believe that once some of these nerve fibers are overloaded and damaged they do not recover leaving a person blind. I pray that this is not true and the nerves can eventually heal. I'm sure that sighted people might be quick to just dismiss all of this. Please look at what goes on in an eye surgeons office. It can be absolutely heartbreaking. Why are so many truck drivers and any driver that spends lots of time on the road especially at night having to either retire or quit or change occupations because of these damned high color temperature headlights!! Just how many people need to die because of these LED things, dare I say weapons! And how many of us will be blinded before the rest of you see what's going on right in front of your "eyes"!

Dictated but not read. (Blind guy)


can you get cancer tho?


What if the LED is coloured/filtered red?!


what about those leds and LL laser and near infra-red hair regrowth helmets? would love to know the risks here's a link to one https://www.irestorelaser.com/pages/before-and-after-irestore-reviews?gclid=CjwKCAjwn9v7BRBqEiwAbq1Ey2xRt1WBemdPkVFE-j7OE5l5E0zzclUKmJj2CU6alhtS_K4bdIqTxRoCv4QQAvD_BwE

Richard WILSON

Your smartphone is WAY more dangerous than a LED bulb, beside the amount of microwave radiation that a phone emits, it’s ALWAYS stuck on your body 24/7 as well your computer monitor, tablet screen ans so on, unlike a bulb that are a safety distance. Of course, no big major smartphone factory want this news out there, they love selling their fancy phone. Beside , not all LED has blue tint on them, it will depends on the type of CRI-chip that they are made off, at least not all at the same level.

All Around Flat

I like the DOUBLE undershirt look ???

Lion of Judah

No wonder why youtube put his video 1 of all Open your eyes people . My people perish for lack of knowledge . He probably has mason friends that brainwashed him .

Penguin Shoes

I would urge anybody curious about this matter to search for 'light spectrum analysis of light bulbs'. There is a colorful chart with 10 types of light so you can see sunlight in the evening, incandescent bulbs, and LEDs to see how far off they are from the 'sweet light' photographers love, sunlight at sunset. If you want to get technical go to PubMed and search "Mitochondria as potential targets and initiators of the blue light hazard to the retina" -Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, from 2019. What the doctor is claiming is accurate for reasons beyond this video. Blue light is the most unstable of the visible light spectrum and will steal electrons from cells and create free radicals and reactive oxygen species (both bad).
Dollar stores and SprawlMart do still have incandescent bulbs.

Paul Libra

So I'm using a blue UVB lamp for my Psoriasis ,it creates Vitamin D , are you saying it doesn't?


Do you know anything about LED glasses that you wear for 20-30 minutes in the morning to reset your circadian rhythm? Is even that amount of blue light in the morning damaging?

Bruce Holinight

5000 k and over is harmful , there are glasses to protect against blue light on device's !

John Smith

is it also damaging if the light is being reflected off a wall or shade?

Flat Spin

fuck your 666 hand symbol

Mamma Italiano

OMG, can you throw up the 666 hand sign enough!!! Not all of us are asleep! Not listening now! Moving on sell out!


Yinyang and Fenshui are reacting with LED? What about TV and computer screen, Is there a study about any increase of health problem caused flat screen with programmers?

Murry's Fallout Silent Cinema

With respect to the retinas... if you received a self-inflicted high momentary exposure to an 800 lumen flashlight whilst working on a piece of machinery, because you were so desperate to find a flashlight you didn't even think about it being too bright, and are still pretty sensitive to light in that eye a few weeks later, with extended afterimages and a couple random floaters every once in awhile, is there a) cause for concern of retinal detachment b) if there isn't, is there anything I can do to heal mild retinal damage, albeit slowly? I got a list of foods that's supposed to help your retinas. Funny though, all the official literature says the damage is permanent.


Thank you so much for posting this video. I have been having severe migraine headaches for weeks that only occur at night when I am working under LED lamps at home. It wasn’t until this evening that I looked up several articles and watched your video that I realized that the LED lightbulbs in the three lamps that I have in my bedroom have been causing my migraines and blurry vision. I will be heading to the hardware store tomorrow morning to replace every lightbulb in the house with incandescent bulbs.


Wow thanks!... I have purchased a LED light box to try n combat the winter blues.. it has 2 settings a blue light and a slightly red tone. Can you tell me if this is no no to use?

COSMIC Wisdom999

I turned the led lighting off everytime i enter the kitchen.... i find it to be too bright for my eyes..


what a load of fear mongering bullshit i've just seen here

The sun, flourescent tubes and some HID lamps i.e Hg vapour and Metal halide can produce UVA/UVB in sufficient amounts to cause discolouration in certain plastics over time, this is certainly true if they have clear glass envelopes. Examples of these are ABS and polycarbonate, if these light sources are able to do this to plastics then just imagine what they are doing to your eyes and skin, this is also why we were all told as kids not to go staring at the sun or any bright lights.

Want to see the evidence? go outside and look at the head lights on any car that is more than a few years old that has been parked outside most of it's life or look at the diffusers on many older flourescent light fittings, chances are they will have turned yellow (and gone cloudy in the case of car head lights).

I forgot to mention that infared radiation can be just as bad in sufficient amounts too, this is why you should never look directly into a kiln without specially designed glasses if you fire pottery for a living.

Jeremi Licata

What if I use red LED lights?? Is it still harmful?

Hugh O'Neill

Introduced in the early 60's, the first LEDs emitted red light, and even infra-red light. Later the green LED came along, and lastly the blue. There is no white-light LED. (Actually, there is no "white" light; all "colors" are made from red, green and blue combined.) The "white" LED bulbs contain LEDs for red, green and blue combined to appear to us as "white" light.

Buddha of Blackpool

Flipping the 6s


What about LED face masks (if you were wearing goggles)?

Ancient Martian Underground

LEDs are becoming more popular in construction.
I began this query seeking advice on my 2000 lumen work
light. I do not want to endanger my coworkers...nor my own eyes. I was considering getting a 5000 lumen work light.
What are your thoughts?

Tony Fontenot

LED Daylight Bulb I Have On My Computer Table Puts Me  Asleep When It`s On. I Am Spoiled With This LED Bulb, The Old Light Bulb Is Too Yellow-Orange. The White Light Is So Much Brighter.

Alpha Force

The color of the light is not the primary reason LED lighting is complete crap. It's the fact that ALL LEDs emit generally inaudible high frequency tones, and that the high frequency pulses are also conveyed by the light via the flicker. LEDs are also pushed by the same satanic pedophile death cult that tells you bullshtt like red meat is bad, vaccines good. So you think saving a few pennies on electricity was a good reason to spend $10+ on a bulb that will literally fry your brain just like wifi does? If yes, let's talk about some cant-lose investment opportunities I have for you.

Robert crowdiver Burns

horse shit~

Tim Webb

Thank you for doing this video, seems like everyone has their head buried in the sand when it comes to this very very important issue on how LED and CFL bulbs are terrible for our eyes and health, and incandescent bulbs are natural and healthy

CalamityJane Doe

So can you tell my husband and my in-laws that I'm not crazy? I hate LEDs and I didn't even know why till now.


It's the dosage that is harmful, not the color. There are plenty of photobiomodulation studies where light in the 400nm (blue) range is found to be beneficial within the context of the study.
Having said that it is true that at this time red and infrared light have found many more beneficial uses to the body.

scamin sam

Nothing personal.. but do you think all those fraudulent herb medicine you have on your desk are going to save your life?

Light spectrum is given on an LED package... have you ever seen that on an incandescent or florescent? The truth is.. the LED can be made to give off any spectrum we want, you can't do that with any other bulb.

Oh yea. your very wrong about infa red being healthy... how about you sit infront of your oven, and stare at the element for a while and see how that does for you....lol

Also today you can buy LED's that are in the red spetrum

Also, please explain why eye surgeons use blue LED's to repair your eyes.

Lynn McKenna

Association of Energy Services Professionals.
Starting January 1, 2020, it will be against the law to sell most halogen and incandescent light bulbs in the U.S. An existing federal minimum energy efficiency standard of 45 lumens per watt (LPW) comes into effect on this date and no currently available halogen or incandescent lamps are able to meet it. Federal law allowed California to implement the 45 LPW GSL standard effective January 1, 2018. The California and federal standards accelerate a transition to light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs already underway.


Well I am buy some green LEDs then ?

Matheus Bitencourt

I hate both CLF and LED. LED is even worse. It produces a LOT of glare. This hurts my eyes, I can feel it. I can't even stare at an 1000 lumens LED bulb, while I can comfortably stare at an 1380 lumens incandescent lamp

air pods

Is there some led that is near infrared?

Because cooler lights makes my eyes strain pls reply.


Not all LED's are blue light
The nice thing about them is there are a wide range of light frequencies that LED's are made in.

If the bulbs are blue light then get some that are warm white light.


What about LED full spectrum grow lights? I have many house plants that I use these lights for in the winter months.


Obviously you are not a PHD. What kind of doctor are you? Where the hell did you got your doctorate?

R Conn

Such a very interesting topic not to miss but sadly I couldn’t finish watching it coz camera was wobbling all the time. But thanks Dr Snider for sharing

K Danagger

I call BS on the war against LED lighting.

LED lamps are made with different weightings of wavelengths they emit. The same is also true of florescent lamps. Both are available in "warm" versions (less blue and more yellow/red) or in "cool white" versions (slightly more blue). The difference is that LED lamp emissions are less quantized than florescent lamps and they do not have the sharp emission lines. LED emissions lines are much broader - more closely resembling black body radiation such as sunlight and incandescent lamps.
The peak emission of UV from LED lamps is typically much lower than from florescent lamps and therefore is a major move in the right direction.
The big problem with incandescent lamps is they they emit an enormous amount of infrared radiation which we can not see. They are incredibly inefficient because most of their energy consumption is converted into heat - not light. Halogen bulbs are a slight improvement, with the spectrum somewhat shifted away from the infrared, but still spilling a lot of energy into the near infrared that we can not see.
LED's are technologically more advanced than any other lighting technology before them. Unlike the earlier technologies, they can be tailored to emit the optimum spectra for human visual acuity while wasting little to no energy outside of that range. The ability to eliminate radiation at unseen and undesirable wavelengths has the double benefit of making them safer.


jenny taylor

Dr. Snider, I wonder if you'd be kind enough to comment on the Celluma and Dermalux health/beauty lamps out there? I'm about to purchase one or the other, as I've had good results with them here in the UK, in clinical settings, and want to buy the home-use equivalents made by the same brand (Dermalux). Here's the spec for the one I'm looking at: Blue 415nm, Red 633nm and Near Infrared 830nm. You can vary the combinations to suit your skin's needs. Based on what you've said, I think I should avoid the blue, right?
I'm researching this deeply, and have turned up a few cases where people are reporting radical damage from these under salon conditions. : 0
I don't know if infrared is as safe as NIR. Your thoughts? (Even a very brief reply would be great.)


8 secs in the vid and no thank you..

Midlight fair

mai led
.attenzione alle lampadine led... La maculpatia non viene solo perché uno è anziano , o una cosa degenerativa dovuta all età.. o meglio, non è solo questo. Infatti non capisco perché oggi nessuno ancora mette in guardia sul PERICOLO delle luci a led. E posso testimoniare sulla mia pelle, la prima volta che abbiamo messo luci a led nella mia stanza nel lampadario, a causa di un riflesso della lampadina , (cosa che c era anche con la lampadina di prima e mai successo.. immediatamente appena messa quella a led, mi ha causato letteralmente l accecamento temporaneo della vista.. ci vedevo bianco .. l ho dovuto tenere chiuso per due ore prima che si recuperasse... credevo di essere diventata cieca...vedevo tutto bianco.. le lampade led sono pericolose nel tempo, per la vista.. e abbiamo le case invase da led.... bisogna fare voce su questo tema.. e poi anche i raggi ultravioletti.. però gli occhiali da sole li usiamo male perché il sole entra da sopra e quindi i vetri non riparano... ci vuole anche un cappello con la visiera che copre la luce che ci viene da sopra.. ed evitare schermi e cellulari perché sono tutti a led. usare protezione occhi luce blu e mai guardare il cellulare o PC al buio. Usare sia per PC che per cellulare l applicazione "IRIS" (Cercare su Google iris eye software ) la versione "Iris mini" è totalmente gratuita e conosciuta da milioni di persone nel mondo... iris aiuta a non beccarsi troppe luci blu e li filtra molto bene... attenzione quindi a tutte queste cose....


you cant buy reg bulbs anymore

Robert crowdiver Burns

The sun all spectrums = life

Jim Gordon

OK, what about the infrared LED lasers, how do they produce in the red spectrum?

Stephanie Ann

Quick question; I have heard many people talking about this subject but no one seems to cover the fact that there are warm spectrum LEDs (2700k -3000k) By what everyone is saying it would seem that only the cool spectrum LEDs are bad for our health. Please let me know if that is the correct assumption.


"blue infra-red" ??? what bollocks this way comes?

Creatures Great and Small

If I have linear LEDs set up in a building with regular 100 watt bulbs, will that level out the infrared and red light waves? It's in a building with different animals and I know blue light exclusively will not be a good option but will it balance itself out with the incandescent bulbs beside them?


I don't care what anybody says, LEDs, especially the purple ones are BAD for all living things. When in doubt, get your lights to appear closer to fire light, and all will be good.