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How to obtain MAXIMUM MOISTURE!!

264 000 views | 7 Dec. 2020

Today Im giving my client

Today Im giving my client a steam treatment to make sure her hair is moisturized to the max!

First Class to Morocco shampoo: https://deeperthanhair.com/moroccan-argan-oil-shampoo/

Resurrection Masque: https://deeperthanhair.com/resurrection-masque/

Satin Shield Serum: https://deeperthanhair.com/satin-shield-serum/

Glass Brilliant Shine: https://deeperthanhair.com/glass-brilliant-shine/

Metowi Method Steamer: https://www.metowimethod.com/products/handheld-disinfecting-steamer

Esther Adam

Where are you located?

Sam M

Why are people wearing glasses getting these services ???

Ronelle Patterson

I saw a Vietnamese Hair Salon use steam to condition hair once. I was wondering if that steamer gets uncomfortably hot and is it possible to use the steamer under a towel to trap the steam under the towel to soak in the hair better? And how long should I steam my hair? Love your videos. Been rockin with you since before you moved to Cali. Saw you on TV and everything. ?You doing to thang, Sis?


sad we’re in the same city and I haven’t gotten my hair laid by you yet?

Esther Adam

I need the link for the dryer and flat iron please. Thanks

barbra kilgore

I got my dryer and thats a heavy sucker i am inpressed


My hair was the healthiest when I was steam. I had the original one where you stayed underneath like a dryer but it broke and started to leak. I want this handheld. Thanks for sharing.


Now let's see this on 4Zee hair

Business Manager

Like the fact that you do mot mind sharing your secrect routines. That lets me know you care.

Lyric Nicole

Thank you so much for the information. God bless you. And I love your channel ♥️♥️??

Penelope Lane

I have never in my life kept my glasses on while getting my hair done. What’s the point? And, that can’t be good for the glasses. Interesting....


Her hair is beautiful

Tatiana Wright

And this steamer that I want so bad!! Is still out of stock?

Olivia Bennington

Her hair is so healthy. Beautiful work


Congratulations on your Million subscribers???

Lah Body

Hello. Is the steamer going to be available again? Thank you .


"Yes hair look at it look at it" lolll me next! ?


Omg when you say crushing your ends! That’s the perfect description to me! That’s why I no longer put heat on my own hair cause I can’t chase!

Mary SeskerJones

The steamer is sold out. I wanted the steamer because my hair is low porosity and is dry. Is there something else I can do until the steamer is back in stock?


Omgoodness her hair is absolutely beautiful

Mammie Barry


Miss X

Sat watching this video. With a shower cap on. My hair has been sat with conditioner and oils ?? trying to add softness to my hair. I don’t want it to break due to dryness as my hair has been dyed

Angela Taylor

More stunning glossy hair, and I see she's off to turn a few heads ?

Lonee Bazemore

So many gems were given out during this video. Thank you for always sharing and educating us. #phillyallday

Pamela D. Frank

As much as I love this channel, I rarely see people who have really problem hair, damaged hair, unruly hair, etc - such as mine - so I'm skeptical if these techniques will work on hair like mine. I'd like to see how these techniques work on hair that is on a health journey so I know it's worth investing time & money. For instance, this person's hair looks moisturized from the beginning - I'd be ecstatic if my hair ended where this client's hair began! Will this work on a person with type 4, super dry, high-porosity hair?

Sandy D Lea

Sadly the hand held steamer isn't available in the UK ?

Evelyn Rhodes

Yes moisture is the key. My hair has been feeling like straw lately and I just started using my q-redeem again and deep condition weekly and my hair feels so much better. When will the serum and hair glass be available again?

Natasha Daniels

Can you get heat damage from steam? Just wondering


That must feel nice for the client. ?I wanna feel that too

Kaye's Perspective

Ok, where do I get these products and handheld steamer? Thanks.

Deandra Davis

Do you rinse with cool water!?

Momomils 298

This seems like a gimmick

Deborah Rigby

Becky with the good hair—already❤️??always love your vids gurrrrrl??????

Mommy allday

Why do I do this to myself. I hate watching your videos. I wish it was me in that chair???


Okay. Her wearing glasses while getting her hair washed is annoying me ? As a person who wear glasses I just feel like it's a courtesy to remove them for the stylist ?

Cutie from House of beauty

Can you do my hair? I'll travel ..lol MUCH LOVE FROM NC ?

Wanda Corley

WOW I usually don't say this to strangers. I gotta tell you I love you cause when you talk it feels like I'm on a hair journey with you. You explain everything. If we were near I would let you take care of my hair. My beautian went to sleep a few years now n you remind me of her. Our mom sent my two sisters and me to the beauty parlor when we were little girls n Janie took care of our hair in to adulthood ??✨?? I started french braiding since I was seven , I'm over 60 now arthritis in both Shoulders is making difficulty for me to do what I want to do. I ask the Lord for strength n he see me through. Amen, continue blessing your hands Crystal yes that's how long I've been watching your videos I do enjoy take care.


One question WHEN are u coming to ny??? My 15yr wants u to style her hair... ur favorite a BOB Thanku great work always

Velicia Williams

Congratulations on making a million. Your channel is so very helpful & informative. You work hard to give your clients & subbies the best information available. Thank you . ??????????


Can you please tell me how I can figure out my hair porosity? I keep hearing it but don't quite understand it. I just wear my hair in crochet braids because I don't have edges from years ago. I just keep my edges covered by pulling the twist forward. My niece does my hair and she doesn't put anything on my edges? I need to find a beauty shop that's open so I can get a good wash and condition.

donna walliams

Sold out H.E.L.P!!!!!!

YBlessed Blessing

I need to exercise patience because I’m rough!
Also can you tell me what causes low porosity hair to be “pully and then snaps?”
I hear my hair popping even breaking thanks

Gaynella Hamlett

who use this machine to clean for covid

Victoria Stout

GIRLLLLL I love you!! You have so much love and passion for your craft and clients!!! ?

Dolores Sesker-Jones

I love watching your videos. You always explain the process and show us how to take care of our hair. Keep up the work you are doing.

Lauryn Moreira

You don't know how much that phrase touch my heart❤️ all the time when I ain't having a great day, I came here to get some good energy! Keep the good work, girl u are amazing!! ?

Ashlie Crawford

Where are you located? I have to visit just once in my life you gotta save my curls?‍♀️

Virgen Torres

Do you have an idea as to when the streamer will be back in stock?

Ampocalypse W

I wish I had her in my barbers the women at mine don't follow this they just wash blow dry and braid

Carrie .Blanding

Can you do a comparison of this steamer vs a hooded steam?

LaWana J

I wish you were close to me ?‍♀️ I can’t get my hair to grow and I have traction alopecia what would you use on my hair ?PLEASE

Melinda Ramsey

Do you know of or do Japanese hair straightening? Great work as usual


Let me steam you♨️?♨️

Deese Nuts

Unrelated but chloexhalles album is so good yall

Akosua Wilson

Hey Kee do you have anymore shampoo and conditioner for sale

Poke Poke Poke

I hate it when my nape is not included in the wash & cond

Makkedah Wells

She said, "Look at this little gangsta gun. You can just like run up on someone and be like, let me steam you!" When I tell you how I guffawed!

Jeidi Cordones

I want you to do my hair ????

Tila Maddaluno

My hair needs you.


All of your clients have such beautiful hair. I will be purchasing your products for my daughter and I. You are the bomb ? sis.

Tamara lattimore

Steam is the worst for my hair,made it limp wouldnt curl.I saw other women get it and their hair came out fine.I guess it depends on your hair.

Ethers Dark and Light Child

Where are you located?


Wish I had hair this thick....

0kayySquad zz



Her hair is super beautiful and HEALTHY!!

Bubbles n Lipgloss

Definitely know what I need to change n do in the new yr!

D Renee

Let me steam you. ???


I am always trying to find way to get moisture into my hair so I watch many black hairdressers work just to see the methods used for the different types of hair. I recently discovered the sweetener "erythritol" is added to some conditioners for hair lacking moisture. I stubbled across it because I always read the list of ingredients searching for a conditioner which works on my hair. One such product is by John Frieda - Hydrate & Recharge Conditioner for Dry, Lifeless Hair, the 3rd ingredients is erythritol which is a type of sugar alcohol. I googled it and apparently it helps draw in other ingredients in the conditioner into the hair shaft. I decided to experiment with it at home and added 1 teaspoon to about 50 ml of it to 2 conditioners in a glass jar. It dissolves quickly and it is a game changer for my dry frizzy wavy hair..

Jas L

“Look at this lil gangsta gun . Run up on somebody like let me steam you “ ??? I love this ! Thank you for helping me smile ?

Journey to Pointe

You are the best stylist on YouTube, hands down???? … I love how chill and humble yet confident and relatable you are! You’re one of my inspirations for finally deciding to go to cosmetology school

Davida Braxton

I noticed the portable hair steamer and the mister are sold out ?? When will it be back in stock?? Great video..thank yu

Rosalind Reneé

I’m learning more from you than I did in cosmetology school. You are truly operating in your gift! Go Kee!!! ?


She has such long hair! Wow!

renaye Barnett

This salon/ hair stylist is top notch. I wanna go there and let her do my hair. Man

Aframia Mrad

I've always noticed that my hair comes out better when I style it right after I take a shower, when the bathroom is still steamy.
And when I style my hair in my bedroom it's always so cold and harder to style.
Glad to know there's a whole science behind this!

NoNO Byno

What temperature did you rinse her hair in warm or cool water after the hydration treatment?
Does it matter??
Absolutely Love your videos!!

barbra kilgore

The only question is why is ths steamer worth 129 i have seen another channel theres is 69 if i am investing in tools i nd to know why i am spending serious bucks when theres are cheaper ones

barbra kilgore

I got my iron ordered yeah now i have to that towel



desho tasan

How long have you steamed her hair for? Btw i’m a huge fan of your videos, i always put them on every single day when i’m having lunch, can’t get enough of it ?

Deese Nuts

I bought a clothes steamer for cheap at wally world and it works wonders. I just cant get too close


Yes!! I tried to make an appointment with you about 3 years ago and they said you were not accepting new clients ?. This is awesome information!

If you use a steamer would a deep conditioning under a dryer still be necessary??
Thank you


Has anyone ordered and received the hair steamer? If so what are your thoughts.

Crystal Adams

Hey, where are you located? Good information.

Barbara Nichols evans

I love the way you care about your clients,I wish I had Beautiful hair like that

Pure Heart

I love hair and could never do a good press. Your tips really helped me, especially the shampoo process. My silk press really turns out AMAZING on my type 4 hair! Thank you!!

MissBee Haven

This lady's natural hair ( her client) is gorgeous!! She doesn't need any straightening!

Angela Brookins

So can we buy that steamer and from where

Chemire M.

Wher are you located? Want to get my hair done


I have two of the Q-redews and they break easily. Plus, the reservoir is small. I bought extras. I love the Q-redew but each one I have bought does not last long

Linda Lowther

this woman is makin bank! videos are very well done. cant stop watching

Life With Z

this looks like im gonna fall asleep in the middle of this i mean do mine once a day ty

Priceless Kiyia

New subscriber!! I wish you was my hairstylist because my hair needs a lot. I’ve never had no hairstylist in my hair


So is there really a noticeable difference between steaming while conditioning as oppose to deep conditioning the traditional way?


Beautiful ?


Great tips! I need to hop on the steaming methodology.


I wish I could get that steamer tool where I am. I ended up getting a handle clothes steamer works really well and it doesn’t burn me

Too Intoxicated To Be Scared

thats not a steamer, that a AquaMoisture3000

Tamika Nevels

I just want to let you know I learn a lot from watching your videos.


“Run up on somebody and be like ‘let me steam you’” ???


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Moisture - Air | Class 7 Geography

38 366 views | 7 Jun. 2020

Get Notes Here -

Get Notes Here - https://payments.pabbly.com/subscribe/5e2954ad14a2e43f1110d5ef/notes

Class: 7th

Subject: Geography

Chapter: Air

Topic Name: Moisture

Points covered in this video:-

Connect with us:

Subscribe to us on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/MagnetBrainsEducation?sub_confirmation=1

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/MagnetBrains/

Check out complete courses: https://www.magnetbrains.com/course/class-7-geography/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/magnetbrains/

When water evaporates from land and different water bodies, it becomes water vapour. Moisture in the air at any time, is known as humidity. When the air is full of water vapour we call it a humid day. As the air gets warmer, its capacity to hold the water vapour increases and so it becomes more and more humid. On a humid day, clothes take longer to dry and sweat from our body does not evaporate easily, making us feel very uncomfortable.

When the water vapour rises, it starts cooling. The water vapour condenses causing formation of droplets of water. Clouds are just masses of such water droplets. When these droplets of water become too heavy to float in air, then they come down as precipitation.

Jameel Ahmad

Thankyou so much . May Allah bless uhh with more wisdom.

kids gaming

Thank You sir

sushil upendra

Sir samch nhi aaya please

Deepak pandey Pandey

Tree lagao life bachao

Saba Afreen

Sir confusion h.. moisture kaise form hota h ??

Sagar Singh


Akshat Patel

Bahut accha parahte hai

Anushka Bhowmik

Sir if possible please make a video on Types Of Rainfall.

Madhuri Tiwari

Sir thank you so much

Raushan Kumar

Very very thanks sir for explaining me and sir I have seen your all video lecture and I understand in good way thank you very much sir

Kamal Raghuwanshi

b ke bal se ki T-shirt hai

Mannu Yadav

Sir you are teaching very good

Parwati Devi

Geography chapter Sir 6

Aditya raj Singh

Sir you teach very nicely.Thankyou sir

Nilay Pandya

Thanks sir

Rupinder Bhullar

Thanks sir for viedoes

Prakash Choudhary

You are great sir

Geeta Sharma


A L sufiyan

Batana kya chahete hu app??
Phaile study karliya karo phir lecture liya karo

Arun Kadam

Nice sir ?

Sumit Tyagi

Sir what is the meaning of mechanism

Akhilesh kumar

?Thanks ☺so ?much ?sir ? jee??

7 B Aarav Sharma

sir can you send mcq question of these????

Keshav Gugnani


deepa Deepa


Madhuri Gupta


vipan singla Hindi master G.S.S.RANGHRIAL

Your teaching is brilliant

Vishal Goel

Aati Uttam ??

Kamal Raghuwanshi

Sar aapke paas hai ki t-shirt hai kya

arjun singh bhinder

Wow!!!! Excellent,, Outstanding,,,,,,!!!! whatever I tell is too Small for Ur Explanation

Magnet Brains

Previous Video: Wind AIR
Next Video: Cyclone - Nature’s Fury AIR

Pavan kumar

Your teaching style is very amazing.

Ratnaprava Sahoo

You teach so good sir

All in one

Sir you are a awesome teacher

Ishika Chahal

Thx a lot sir♥️


Hiii sir

Deepak pandey Pandey

What is humidity

Shubham Mahapatro

Thank you

Experiments And Creativity

Good teaching style sir

Veda Naga Karthik K

all the lessons of chapter 4 air is really so much helpful

Uday Godase

best teacher in my life

Deepak jain

Sir thank you very much you explained very nicely

everything hear


Nijit Gupta



Thanks for teaching us

Prabh prabhmeet


Rakesh dhakad Dhakad

What is humidity

Khan Yasmeen

But sir as we go at higher altitude temperature increases so how does cloud form?

Deepali Chaudhary

Thank you sir for explaining ☺☺☺☺☺☺

SABA Idirsi


Neil Joshi

Thank you sir very nice teaching sir

Aaradhya Sangidwar

Sir but why it rains most in rainy season

Fine Ninja Gaming


Suman Pahel

Very nice teaching

Sarswati Manisha


K.K Mishra

Sir l have some doubt sir

Sona Dwivedi

Sir I don't understand this video

Priyanka Yadav

Thank you sir ?☺️

Sawant Aditi

Thanks sir

Poorva Nair

It helped alot

ajay kumar sharma

Sir u teach us very good.
I understand everything ?????

Harsh Dixit

Thoko like ???????


Sir please make only one video of one or on


thank you sir

sushil upendra

Sir ncrt h cbse nhi h

Titan Gaming_ Official malik

Sir you are a Dashing Teacher and nice teaching sir

sanjeev Prajapati

Sir what is insulation

Vinita Rani Kushawaha

Very nice explanation sir !!! ???

Dev Kripa

Sir you are fantastic

Rupinder Bhullar

To good sir


Sir Relief rainfall nhi samagh aaya

Pammi Kumari

You are not teaching good

pratyush chamail

very |niche teaching

Keshav animation land

Hello sir

Free Fire Devil Boy


Asha Devi !!¡!!!!¡!!

Sir rajput bola jaruri hai kya ???????????

Nishar ahmad

Sir please explain maths also

anandan sn

Even in our house we are making water vapour while cooking

Lucky Panwar

Sir wow so beautiful and great lecture ????????

Sunita teaching on YouTube

Thank you sir

nabam Kaku

Sir I'm big fan of u..really u r a best

KDR vlog

Sir I have a question.
If air pressure decrease as height increase. Then why there is High pressure on poles??

t_Rex gaming

this is shit play games

Pro Gaming

sir please come in unacademy, who wants that comes so click on like

Shivank Tripathi

Hi I have seen all lectures of weather and climate and their parts I really appreciate you for teaching I such a good way.

Lalan Bharti

sir you are very good teacher in my life thank you sir

Lalchand Maher

When you teach you full enter in chapter


You are best teacher

Mukesh Tiwari

Thank you so much sir you are really best teacher

Mount Online Classes

Can't you make only 1 video?

Preeti Dayal


Prabhash Badoni

nice video but if you want best explaination of class 7 geohraphy and maths and maths ka jadu bhi hain only on ------ --- -- ----- ---PU STUDY 789---- - -- - -PLEASE TRY FRIENDS GAJAB KA EXPLAINATION HAIN---- - - - --- PU STUDY 789 --- - - -PU STUDY 789 - - - - -- -PU STUDY 789

Fine Ninja Gaming


uma Tiwari

Nice teaching sir ??

Vishal Goel

I will also plant a tree ?

Tech Kernel


Rajesh Kumar

Yaa sir

Rajwinder Singh

God bless u sir

Sanju Gupta

Very nice

Ashis Ray

sir if you are reading my comment aap kya mujhe reply kar sakte hai ki humidity aur moisture same hai ya different hai


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Protein Moisture Balance for Wavy Curly Hair -- Moisture Edition

59 218 views | 10 Dec. 2019

***Open for

***Open for Awesomeness*** So one of the things that really stumped me when starting the Curly Girl Method was learning about the protein moisture balance in my hair. Which products were "moisturizing" and which products acted like a "protein" treatment. So this will be a short series talking all about this tricky subject. We will be breaking down ingredients, getting a little science-y, and sharing my fave products to correct overload.

PS I'm so sorry about the lighting and quality of this video...my camera was NOT focusing well because of dim lighting. Someday I will become more professional with better lights. Ugh.

Products Mentioned:

Inahsi Soothing Mint Sulfate Free Gentle Cleansing Shampoo: https://amzn.to/3488zO8

Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo: https://amzn.to/2ronUNA

Bounce Curl Super Smooth Cream Conditioner: https://bouncecurl.com/products/super-smooth-cream-conditioner

ACURE Mega Moisture Conditioner: https://amzn.to/357UIJl

Giovanni Invigorating Tea Tree Conditioner: https://amzn.to/2E4rOxD

Giovanni Direct Leave In: https://amzn.to/343kGMJ

Not Your Mothers not Your Mother's Leave-in Conditioner Royal Honey & Kalahari Melon: https://amzn.to/2E1FNnN

Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment: https://amzn.to/2LEuLcD

Jessicurl Spiralicious Styling Gel: https://amzn.to/2YFmfzd

Curl Keeper Original: https://amzn.to/2E2fRZn

EcoSlay Orange Marmalade: https://www.ecoslay.com/products/orange-marmalade

Kinky Curly Curl Custard Gel: https://amzn.to/38pxj83

Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner: https://amzn.to/2P5hQCz

Not Your Mothers Curl Talk Curl Activating Mousse: https://amzn.to/2LEvLNV





Music: https://www.bensound.com

~DISCLAIMER~ This video is not sponsored, but the description does contain some affiliate links. This means I earn a small percentage if you purchase something through one of these links. There’s no pressure to purchase this way, but if you want to save a bit of money and help me out you can. ?

#swavycurlycourtney #proteinmoisturebalance #proteinoverload

Jamie Sculley

Thanks for your fantastic explanations! At the beginning of my cg journey I used a lot of moisture and it looked great, but over time it didn't. Then I realized that I needed to use protein. It's been interesting learning about this balance! Going to watch your protein video now! ???

Tiffani Keyes

Courtney, your videos are so informative! Thank you! Trying to figure out if I need moisture and no glycerin....or what. I just ordered the deep conditioner and will be clarifying/rice water/ deep conditioning this weekend. Can I clarify twice in a week?

Kathleen Catlett

Striking the right balance is really fun when you have most fine hair, but a sections of course gray hair.

shawnee pierce

How do you know if you need more protein or if you are using too much protein?

Sharon Peckham


zoi mpas

I feel like curly girl method is a whole university

Daniella DeJesus

I have straight hair but my 3 girls have curly hair. Thank you for the information. I recently started watching your channel and others. My girls will thank you. Subscribed and following on Instagram.


Wait, the second pic example looked great. Did it not hold waves, or feel strange or...? My hair today looks like the first, waaa

irina tabrea

Thank You for informations.

Samantha Torres

You answered the questions I was literally asking yesterday ????

Diana Shepherd

I'm at the point now that I'm just about ready to give up on the whole thing. I've been trying CGM for over a year now and there is absolutely no difference in my hair. It's still as frizzy as ever and nothing I've tried has remedied it. I've come to the conclusion that I either have to have frizzy, curly hair, or smooth it with a curling iron. And my hair was not damaged at all before starting. My hair is half gray, never colored, and most of the time air-dried. So the gray is probably the biggest culprit but I'm not going to start coloring just to have smooth hair. Oh well!

Mirah B.

You spittin way more facts than someone with my hair type... you da plug fr???

Denise L

Thank so much for this video! Grateful for all of the information. You’re a gem!


My fave hair guru ? please do a uk version as most of the products you list are not available in England ??

Samantha Sick

When will the protein part come out? And can you offer your opinion or a review on the redken CAT protein treatment?

Blossom echo

I have to put a lot of both in my hair. My hair gets so parched

Karissa Seim

I'm watching this for like the 4th time, LOL! I recently had someone tell me there are big proteins and smaller proteins. If there a certain one that is better for hair?


Thank you for this! My hair gets really dry, but doesn't seem to like moisture heavy products. Now I'm realizing it's protein my hair wants!


Uh this isnt the 3b/3c section it's the straight 1


Love your videos, they're helping me understand my hair and how to make it stronger/healthier ??

I've tried this moisturizer (body icing) from lemon grass spa and I'm curious if you'd have a go at it. Technically it's a body lotion, but I heard someone used it as a leave in conditioner for your hair (weird huh?) so I gave it a shot. OH MY GOODNESS!! My hair loved it!! But yah, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and understand why it's safe for hair ?


Domonique Dickens

Hey Courtney! Have you ever suffered with Protein overload specifically?
Would love some tips and tricks if you have!

Thank you - love your videos. They are so helpful and informative! x

tabitha lewis

rice water?

Karissa Seim

This was interesting! My hair is on the more coarse side and it LOVES protein!

Heather S


Emily Karlsson

Thank you for addressing this. I honestly never thought I could over moisturize my hair because of how dry it had always been (due to heat and chemical/relaxer damage) but after over a year of doing CGM I have FINALLY experienced my hairs moisture limit. I was so thrown off and I felt completely unprepared. It was pretty scary actually because it was breaking so easily and I lost my curl pattern completely. My curls that were always 3b spirals suddenly had random right angle bends in them, it was stringy as all get out, and it felt mushy/gummy. This started for me in December 2019 and I’m still healing my hair from it. It is much better now that I’ve paid close attention to using products with some but not too much protein. I really liked the rice water rinse that you used too! I also have fine hair so I think that’s why a lot of your tips are helping me even though I have a tighter curl pattern. I’m slowly but surely getting back to balanced hair yay!!!

Suicidal potato

You look like a cute giant holding these small bottles


You should be called The Hair Doctor.


Hey there beautiful i just wanted to say I LOVED the video and I also make videos on my channel that include curly hair routines , playlist vids etc . So please check that out when you get the chance ! Much love and amazing video!! Good luck to you and your upcoming YouTube channel career !! ???????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jessica Samson

I love your shirts, Courtney!!!

Jamie Bowden

Thank you for the well researched information!! You make life so much easier for us curly girls trying to get it right!

Angie Welch

Thank you so much for all this information

Christy Price

What's the difference between the Curl Keeper Original in the purple compared to the green?

Elizabeth Carroll

This must be what I'm doing wrong! When I first started CGM (a little over a month ago), my hair got curlier. Now, the curl has decreased. I thought using products that had a mixture of moisture and protein would be helpful, but maybe not. My hair is more tangly and frizzy. I detangle in the shower and when I take my turbie twist off, my hair is tangled up again! For reference, I have been using NYM Curl Talk shampoo and conditioner, and their Grow Strong leave in, and I'd say my hair is medium with some fine and coarse hairs thrown in.

Makenzie Harless

So do you have a degree in some type of science because it just seems like you do


I sweaaaar you read my mind and then make a video on the questions I have

Silke Gabrielle

Do you know if they renamed the Acure conditioner? The only one I find now is Acure Ultra Hydrating Conditioner - 8 fl oz.

Kaitlyn Holm

Courtney, I love how clear and well explained your videos are! You’ve helped me so much in my curly girl journey!

Christy Smith

I just purchased all of the protein products you recommended. Looking forward to feeding my hair.
One of the best curl days came from a moisturizing face serum. Way to expensive to ever do again.


SO helpful. Thank you!

Erika Fields

Does anyone know what it means if you wash and condition your hair but it feels like you have a sticky coating on your hair after it dries, especially at the base of the head? I have tried all sorts of different shampoos and conditioners and I can’t figure out the problem. I am currently using the Acure pumpkin and Aragan oil duo. I do not put any other products in my hair after washing. I also do not have hard water. I am constantly having to use a clarifying shampoo to get my hair to feel somewhat clean. I also noticed there is ‘gray gunk’ that accumulates on my combs and brushes.

Alex D'Amico

Omg this is just the video I needed today! Have been thinking the past few days that my hair has been looking limp and weird. Lo and behold, both my co wash and leave in have protein!!! Thanks so much for reading my mind and posting this ?

Amanda Latchaw

As a student just starting her hair journey but also studying chemistry, this video was very informative and engaging! I like that you give your viewers the knowledge to take their hair care into their own hands. Knowledge is power and beauty ?


I need some help from ANYONE out there! I do NOT understand what my hair wants at the moment! It feels kind of crunchy and wants to go frizzy but feels super soft when smoothed out...i am using all moisture only products though nothing seems to point to needing less moisture right?

Alexandria Brown

I didn't think I needed to worry about protein. Then I watched this video...and the next day my waves refused to form. Long, flat heavy things. I did a protein treatment that night and my hair drying time was cut in half...in half!! This might make continuing the CG method doable. Thank you!


Ive been using a super strong keratin and biotin loaded rinse out conditioner and my hair has been sooooo happy. I still use stylers with protein after too, am i just stupid crazy protein deficient?

sofi lomsadze

You have the most helpful video for hair care that I have ever watched and I watched tons of videos thank you so much ?❤️

Nadia S

I stumbled across your channel and I’m so excited to learn more about my hair. Do you happen to know why my hair follicles would get sore every day after having it up? My hair is thick and curly, but I brush it out and put it in a bun for work. I find myself having to wash it everyday just to get some scalp relief. When I let my bun out, my hair is soooo sore. Is this because of the curls/thickness? Thank you!

Karen Odunlami

Great video! I am new to CGM and loving all the research I have been doing, and watching videos like yours! Stay blessed!


So are humectants and glycerin good for overmoisturized hair in the winter then so it will zap the extra moisture out?...?

judit garcia

Someone give this woman a science degree


Cant wait for the Protein Video???


Why is the CGM against silicones? Yes they coat the hair but so do butters, oils etc. and both have to be cleansed out of the hair with sulfates (not the very harsh ones, I agree on that)

Anna Smith

So if you can feel build up on your hair from protein and you do a moisture heavy wash, it should feel normal again? I'm afraid that's what I've done and it's like there's so much waxy buildup that didn't even go away after using a SLS shampoo

Vicky W

Your explanation always makes more sense than any research I do.? ??‍♀️ Thanks for this! ? Can't wait for the protein part. ?

Brandy Justice

Who else thinks she should go on tour and help us fix our hair. I’d buy that ticket for sure ??‍♀️

Isabel Morán

I can count with one hand the times I've had heat on my hair in my whole life and my hair still looks damaged ?

Peggy W

Congratulations on reaching almost 34K subs! I've been away from watching your videos due to the holidays. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!


I can't thank you enough for this extremely well explained lamens terms chemistry lesson on protein vs. moisture - it is exactly what my engineering brain needed to hear! Not only do you tell us why the products are good, when you use them, what they do but also why you recommend them. That's the perfect combination of information!

Claudia Sofia Leitão

Thanks for the video. Kisses from Portugal. And thank you for all the help on acepting my hair! Love U

StuckInTheLazyCorner Again

The little laugh you made after saying you drink water and not oil killed me lmao
Such an odd and adorable sound ?

Razel Comia

Been watching you for the past few days. Just started regaining my curly hair. #curlygirljourney
Btw, i like your jumper. :)

Jolene Hurtado

You have the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen ??

Alyssa Maxfield

Thanks so much for making this super helpful video!! Do you have another video that mentions more of your favourite protein-free deep conditioning treatments? Possibly something not too expensive and can be found in Canadian stores?

Kristin Lauver

Great video. The only YouTuber I take notes on while watching!

Rose Fairbanks

Thank you! This makes so much more sense than what I was finding by my own research.

Katina Jones

Hi Courtney! I Love all your videos! Is there any products you recommend for oily hair during the winter? During warmer months my hair isn't so oily but as soon as it turns cold it is so bad I feel it needs washed everyday though I don't and use dry shampoo for a day. Any suggestions to try I will try. I have pretty fine hair.


Courtney, I'm about 1 month into my curly girl transition. My naturally board straight hair started getting curly after I had my children. I'm tired of fighting the frizz! So, here is my dilemma, I've watched so many of your videos that now I don't know what products to use. You recommend so many different ones. I've bought the Giovanni line and just received my Tres Lux in the mail yesterday. I'm not friends with my hair yet so I don't know what makes it happy so I'm not sure which products will work best. This is HARD WORK!!!!!!!!

Kimberly Ann Dy

This is true, protein heavy products in transition has not helped ?

Carolyn Kirschner

You have made this journey sooooo much easier!
I still am overwhelmed with the amount of products

Symone Jasmine

Having equal parts fine and course hair makes frizz a life long struggle. My hair is never truly frizz free

Zazzy Bandz

Those hand movements! Love it. You're always fun to watch.

Bethany Da Costa

Yesssss. I was googling protein all morning!!

Autumn Athena

I wish I was this dedicated to my hair! I’m sure myself and my hair would love it and look great but this all makes my head spin!!! ? ?

Amy Medeiros

I now own about half of these products (collected over the past 3 months), thanks largely to you. :) I have ended up loving the Jessicurl shampoo, DCT and Spiralicious you mention, and the ecoslay Orange Marmalade has become a favorite, too! Lately I've been layering the EOM with Spiralicious and a little mousse on top. (I don't know if gelgelmousse is a thing but for me it is. ;)) I've been experimenting with the Giovanni Direct Leave-in. I have fine 2A/B hair and like you I only use a tiny bit of the leave-in. It does seem to help now that winter weather is here!

Carmencita Davis

As much as you know about hair, your hair you should have healthy hair down to your ankles

StuckInTheLazyCorner Again

I essentially never used any heat tools, i can count the times i used it on one hand. My kryptonite was hair dye/bleaching ?
I feel like so many curly/wavy girls used heat tools and no one ever talks about dyeing/bleaching. I only used that and my hair was baaad. I feel like it’s even worse than heat because bleaching actually changes the hair cuticle permanently...though I can’t say for sure if one is worse, they’re both bad. Moisture for me, was a game changer.

God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home

My hair is fine and any amount of extra protein turns it to absolute straw. I'm still transitioning though, so I'm hopeful this will balance out and I'll be able to use all the products that have piled up. ?

Rebekah Dennison

I seriously want to cry. I'm over my hair. I have no idea what's wrong with it. It is insanely poofy and not defined but like I've tried protein and moisture and it just looks poofy and gross all the time... and it didnt used to..I'm about to go back to straightening

Ceren Yüce

Heyyyyyy Courtney Help please :( ,
I live in Turkey. Unfortunately, none of these products are available in our country. And my hair never gets as moist as I would like. Even though I have curly hair, it always gets wires and goes out.. Whatever I do doesn't work. How can I moisturize my hair naturally? Please help. That's why I can't love my hair. :(

Pam Parise

Thank you, great video

Rebecka Johnfors

Should be avoiding al humectants if the due-points are to hie?