Surgical tape walgreens

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How to use a Wrist Support

10 210 views | 15 Aug. 2017

In case you have pain in

In case you have pain in your wrist or you suffer with the carpal tunnel syndrome, then one of these wrist supports can make your life a lot easier and reduce the pain.

The support helps to stabilize the area.

Make sure to purchase the correct side (left or right hand). Some supports can be used for both hands.


Is it magnetic? Does it always point north? I saw it has copper in it!?


here's a few ideas for treating carpal tunnel syndrome naturally
Do stretches - the pain is casued by tension in the nerve
Seek the advice of experts as it can lead to permanent damage
(I read these and why they work on Dariks Pain Destroyer website )

Jason Sportmotor

Stop sucking your teeth.

Surgical tape walgreens

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? Preparing For Port Surgery: Tips, Hacks and Must Haves! ✔?

23 984 views | 26 Oct. 2018



Medipore Tape: https://www.amazon.com/Medipore-Soft-Cloth-Surgical-Tape/dp/B0070P3AHI/ref=sr_1_2_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1540564584&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=medipore+tape&psc=1

Border Securer: https://www.medicalmega.com/product/iv-transparent-adhesive-advance-securement-dressing-latex-free-2-1-2-x-2-3-4

Seat Belt Cover (This set is just one of MANY on the market. Search around for something you personally like): https://www.amazon.com/Covers-Velvet-Protector-Shoulder-Seatbelt/dp/B075PNZF5N/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&qid=1540564714&sr=8-19&keywords=seat+belt+cover

OUR PATREON PAGE – https://www.patreon.com/ChronicallyJaquie

- LIVE STREAMS, EARLY video access, SKYPE sessions and more!

OUR ONLINE STORE – https://teespring.com/stores/chronicallyjaquie


- All About My Chronic Illnesses – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAi_F1oEjCMOPAUpC5zjqGxFiko9FH3p

- All About Harlow – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCb2Rl3BB4s

- Judd and Jaq Relationship Q&A Vlog – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co3ctXejU6w&index=68&list=PLrAi_F1oEjCOCESscC9SX8knIJjfKRVpF&t=701s

--- Skip to 7:03 in the Vlog to watch the Relationship Q&A section!

- “New Here” Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAi_F1oEjCMOPAUpC5zjqGxFiko9FH3p


- Cambridge Mask – https://cambridgemask.com/

--- I wear the mask due to my Mast Cell and Immunodeficiency, it filters allergens and germs. Thanks to IVIG (a treatment for my immunodeficiency), I no longer need it as often as before. However, I still wear it in higher risk areas, such as hospitals/emergency rooms.

- Primary Camera (Canon G7 X Mark II) – https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/powershot-g7-x-mark-ii?cm_mmc=GA-_-CameraGroup-_-160224Brand%20Paid%20Search-_-canon%20G7%20X%20Mark%20II&Ap=Camera%20General&gclid=Cj0KEQjw0IvIBRDF0Yzq4qGE4IwBEiQATMQlMQV9VB6friCb290bDPvMB70AbclocCMqy58uFX13d2waAqCK8P8HAQ

- Secondary Camera (Canon SX620) – https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/powershot-sx620-hs-red-digital-camera?krypto=UCdm6VXznCPNmFdZVYYXtVDRRtyaWArk1AvLZe9yU9Tf3xY%2F6zptnlo42D%2B%2BwTodNSM9dmePQunDRXt4rkOh8GmPqYk8iySBNNllVQdxyUKXTqo7iIdDN2eKxZpW%2Bv9YR%2BCU6EE1eNnB7b5yto7%2BJ5RFhgkGu2urb2k3OOrLUTc%3D&ddkey=http%3Aen%2Fcatalog%2Fpowershot-sx620-hs-black-digital-camera#

- My Editing Software (Filmora) – https://filmora.wondershare.com/


- Chronic Illness Support Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjprUf9wHvg

- Service Dog Support Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAi_F1oEjCOTWZJyvgqJV1Y5uP6xrvtS

- Training Tutorial Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAi_F1oEjCM53-RI_yxebqrcwIc-lmge

- Allergy/Mast Cell Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAi_F1oEjCNRVP3Qu0Y8IAivKXDcH2Gw

- Dysautonomia/POTS Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAi_F1oEjCMp_-Lhptp0eh90natpCzKc

- Feeding Tube/Gastroparesis Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAi_F1oEjCM6tTJsNeA0wR-4eI2XU-J0

- IV Therapy/Central Line Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAi_F1oEjCN2opVmL52XThP0pFFsgFkf

- Pain Management/EDS Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ95DqE6An4&list=PLrAi_F1oEjCNPSs3kb8YQBKGWQbnKL8dV

- Medical Marijuana Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAi_F1oEjCMQ-a2WpfU4OeN71ZnyifAw

- IVIG/Immunodeficiency Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAi_F1oEjCMimJMcrtJw2Njhw-nXejRV

- Custom Wheelchair Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAi_F1oEjCMxwq35jtx-L5ivk67ElCI9

- Other Helpful Playlists – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKaX0dQwEUgTafzCZ2yEjUQ/playlists


You got this!!

Kelley Hornberger

Hi Jaquie! Perfect timing for this to show up, I just finished praying for your recovery! I hope your pain is being perfectly managed and that your mast cells are behaving themselves! Thank you for adding my port protector in your port hack video, I’m so glad it’s so helpful to you and hundreds of other customers who have purchased one from me! You are always welcome to list my IG Kel_Hornberger or Etsy shop anytime you need to: Kelley’s Cuddle Cottage! I have a ton of different cuddle fabrics in stock so people can simply message me to buy one. They are only $8 and reversible too! I hope this port works better for you and that your AV fistula is successful with minimal issues! Blessings to you!! OH! I know how expensive Tegaderm is!! It is the only adhesive I can use due to my adhesive allergy. In fact, I have to use Tegaderm underneath my Grip Lok when I secure my peripheral IV tubing and feeding tube! Anyway, I found Amazon is the cheapest place to buy a roll of Tegaderm! I buy the rolls that are 4” wide and I believe it’s 11 or 12 yards long for only about $39!!! I simply cut it to the length I need! I use it often, and that roll still lasts about 6 months! They do sell different widths as well.

Cass Vinson

Hope your surgery went well, and take all the time you need to rest and recover! ?

Jaidyn McPherson

you are so inspiring to me! lots of love being sent to you and Hippo Harlow <3

Katie Stanina

Thank you for sharing. I'm probably getting a port soon and these tips definitely help prepare myself. Been thinking about you and praying, Hope the surgery went well and recovery is good. You are inspiring, And You are brave and strong even if your scared. ♡♡♡

miranda koppelaar

I react to waterproof bandaids i get a rash and it hurts ?you look good jaquie

Autumn A

Get well soon love you so much first

Myojin Yang

Can you explain the anatomy of a port and how exactly it works

marjolein van ingen

I can't find the link to the iv dressing? Or did I just look over it?

I was also wondering what kind of needle you use. I haven't seen one like yours before.

Rachel Laylee

I can't tell you how perfect of timing this is. I have a referral with a general surgeon for a port.

Kayla Aline

I have that Lidocaine cream in patches. I didn’t know the cream was an option. Thanks for sharing.

Vlassis Demenegas

I hope to get well soon love you

Miss Karla

I was waiting for you to pen in a hidden Mickey where you wanted your new port placed.

Tracy Laird


Jonas Flynn.

Get it with those panda slippers.

Sylvia T.

Hi Jaquie. You always put out such informative videos. Thanks for that! While my info may sound "out there," it has really helped me and I want to share it with you. I have MCAS, not disorder, so you my choose not to try this. I recently had been experiencing an increse in reactions. During a webinar for MCAS, the life coach talked about EMF sensitivity and that it's worth investigating to relieve some issues. Omgosh! It's actually working for me! I turn off my wifi when hubby is not home and at night. I, now, sleep like a baby. My heart rate has normalized and I feel less anxious. Best of all, my food, chemical and medication sensitivities have lessened. For petes sake, I was reacting to my thyroid meds! I need to be able to take those to live! Now this increase in reactions did start after using a fitbit, so some of my symptoms were from that usage. But that lead me to realize how other wireless devices are affecting me. Laptops, wireless headsets even tv is a problem. So, I have to be "grounding" to use those products. I use a grounding mat to watch videos now and it does help but I can't be on wifi too long. All this to say, you've added lots of stuff lately that may be affecting you ( Alexa, motorized bed). I hope you consider it. Check out earthing dot com. They have some products that can really make a difference. It could even help regulate your reactions to those port products you don't normally react to. It's worth a try!


Good luck! I hope it goes/went well!

Emma Miller

I’m not trying to be mean or rude but could you not show your port on the thumbnail to your videos. The only reason I’m asking is because I had an extremely traumatic experience in a hospital which caused me to have many different problems and your port is a trigger for me. I’m also asking because your videos come up a lot on my feed and a lot of them have triggering pictures. I don’t want to block you because I like your videos that aren’t triggering to me but I just can’t handle some of the thumbnails. Another reason is because I’ve met a lot of friends over social media that are going through the same things as I am and I know that they would greatly appreciate it if you would stop putting your medical equipment on your thumbnail and It would also be great if you could tell your friends that also have a YT channel to not put triggering pics on their thumbnail.

I’m not trying to be mean at all. It’s just a really big trigger for me and some of my friends.

You don’t have to follow my advice but I would greatly appreciate it ?

Thank you,
Emma ??


Good luck with it


Good luck!!!!

Daniela Zita

Jaquie good luck tomorrow

Ana Larson

I know you struggle daily, but i love how much better you look and feel. God has bless your journey and helped many others on the way. Keep sharing = caring, blessings. Hugs and good wishes to you all. You make a good point about how sensitive the skin is and variety can help and trial and error. Many do not realize that soaps on the skin can be a major issue too so go through all the holistic soaps with little ingredients is something to search too. Not easy but so worth it to figure out what goes on you as well as what goes in you. The permanent marker tip helps for so many things, especially when dealing with kids and even dogs. I mark everything from containers to bottles, bags you name it, makes it idiot proof so someone like me can remember and also others would have a hint that there is special purpose to why it is being labeled. Thanks for everything Jaquie, and good surgery to you, God bless the path.

Jackie McGlasson

I found out I was allergic to adhesive when I got butterfly stitches. I had blisters on each side of the cut and they wound up putting in stitches any way. I know I only have a few to chose from and not to wear them too long. Thanks for all the hints and advice! Good luck!

Kimberley Dunbar

Jaquie, I was wondering, when I have a dressing like that on, I find that the Glue, is what causes me reaction I also have a LATEX allergy that is Anaphalixis to it. so are you sure its not a Latex allergy? I was tested a long time ago, and mine actually came up off the charts 30+ you might think about getting tested for it. They have to take a lot of blood and send it to Washington DC -Shriners Hospital in Springfield Mass was setting up the testing to be done with Washington DC. Just thought you might like to know, maybe your just sensitive to it, but also I was told that over the years mine would increase, which has been lately. Every Latex Free Bandage still causes me problems. I hope this helps.


this is super helpful and you posted it at the perfect time bc we just started talking about me getting a port yesterday

Laura Gibbons

Any time I watch videos where you explain anything regarding surgeries, "maintenence", or your diagnoses, I am always astounded at how much modern medicine can do. Like, knowing that people have researched and discovered these diagnoses and medicines and ways to handle everything and all these surgeries...it is just mind-blowing to me. Best to you with your surgery and recovery!


For those that can use IV3000 I use this tape. it is made by the same company and my mast cells react the least to it. I use tape to shore up my picc dressing in between changes. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001SIYRO8/?coliid=I21TBU2V1AJXLR&colid=3HQHHEYL3SQ0I&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

Kate Buelow

Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for a great surgery outcome. Cheers

Penelope Polins née Meyer

Hoping all’s gone well, darling xxxxxxx

Chronically Kelly

The cream doesnt work for me either. I use griplock to secure my line, they are a lifesaver as I always get caught on something! Hope your surgery went well!

Liam O Donovan

I love you Jacquie iam so proud of you you are so awesome I'll be thinking of you tomorrow

ilikesoup withsourcream

I thought you were getting a fistula in your arm

kim arnette

Hi from Colorado. I am praying for your speedy recovery. God bless.

Lynne Johnson

Jaquie or Chronically Jaquie fans, could you please tell me what brand the custom wheelchair is and how much it weighs? And what brand of power assist did you wind up with? I've got EDS, POTS, CSF leaks, and lupus, and it's time to look for a wheelchair, but I really want to be independent, so ideally I want a lightweight chair I can easily get in and out of my car, and the power assist, if it works for me, could mean I could go places in my own!


I always have emla patches when I have my blood drawn an Iv access

Beth L

I was really hoping to come and find a video letting us know how surgery went..


You're so smart and well-spoken. You'd make a terrific teacher, teaching nurse, IV coach/mentor, etc. Thanks for all the encouragement and useful info, please know how appreciated you are.


Getting a port soon in my arm. Very anxious.

Ruth Verhaegh

I hope you’ll do well post surgery!


I’m praying for you Jacquie!! I hope/pray that your surgery will go well

Cassie Powell

I use the clear tegaderm and iv 3000 and I'm allergic to the skin protector.

Kimberly Hayes

The emla doesn't work for me either Lol.

Chronic Butterfly

Thank you for this! I don't know if I'll get a port, I know I need fluids but haven't seen the right specialist yet.

Jennifer Perry

Good luck Jacquie hope everything went well!

Vanessa McCoy

You're amazing Jaquie. You'll be in my thoughts. Get lots of rest and cuddles with Harlow. ❤??


Emla cream works best on mucus membranes, so that may also be why it doesn't work as well on your port. I'm a former body piercer and we never bothered with it unless we were doing heavy mucus membrane work.

Tracey Gardella

You got this Jaquie. Good luck tomorrow.

Smiles Behind Lupus

Great tips ... I have allergies to all adhesive since my port . It literally burn my skin

Megan is a gamer

She really is Brave Judd. I really hope surgery went well and doesn't set you back and you can continue to move forward ❤️

Ida Wiström

Omg i’m so early!! I love your channel❤️

Donna Patton

You two are so cute together! Love your shower curtain! Where did you get it?

Kelly Cannon

I’ve heard that for most people the Zelma cream is useless because it only numbs the very top surface of our skin, nothing underneath! From using it on kids for blood draws and IV pokes, I’d say it doesn’t do much!!! Lol

Amelia Lenz

I love you so much. Good luck with your surgery

Bailey 15

Gentle hugs and many prayers to you and for the best possible outcome to your surgery. Welcome home Judd.

Lynn Rose

Hi Jaquie, It's nice that your mother was with you. :) You are amazing!

Shannon E

Do you have any suggestions for "skin preps" to use to avoid allergic reactions to adhesives? This is an ongoing problem for me and I hadn't heard of preps!


Why is Harlow called Hippo?

Karen Savage

You are such a strong and brave lady. You work through so much.

Surgical tape walgreens

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Crutches: How to Properly Adjust a Crutch.

67 511 views | 12 Mar. 2012

From http://famouspt.com/

From http://famouspt.com/ "Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate the correct way to adjust crutches. Improperly adjusted crutches can cause harm.

Check out the Products Bob and Brad LOVE on their Amazon Channel: https://www.amazon.com/shop/physicaltherapyvideo


Thank you for making such a great video on how to adjust crutches! I would suggest, however, removing the part about eating grapefruit since it negatively interferes with many prescription drugs.

Sandra Bianco

Thank you very much for a helpful video. yes, the echo in the room was a little bothersome, but non un-workkable for me. Nobody wants to NEED TO know how to adjust crutches, but you made it easy and gave a laugh too.
Thank you!

jon levesque sr

ha ha,...but thanks...lol

Acarria Hampton

How I tried

Patrick Nguyen

why these guys are so talkative?  I just need how to ...

virgil gipson

Thank you very much. This was a great help.

Jill Drury

would you happen to have any tips on how to know if an air cast is on tight enough, or too tight? he has a lot of swelling in his ankle - injury was not quite 48 hours ago yet. it was quite frantic at the emergency room and the orthopedic surgeon was really hard to understand. The casting people said make sure to loosen it at night - but during the day make sure it's fairly snug - compression is good. I am just not sure how to tell? Any suggestions would be good.

Jill Drury

there was a small fracture on the outside of the ankle bone (don't know the exact name of the bone but said it was on the growth plate) and he did soft tissue damage around the ankle . they put on the air cast boot ....Black , 5 velcro straps. they said he had to stay off the foot for 1 week and then after that he could start walking on it. I have let icing it off and on, been giving ibuprofen and keeping it elevated. they said to keep it fairly snug throughout the day but to loosen at bedtime. he woke up last night in a lot of pain....Advil had worn off but also I think the cast was either too loose or too tight. and I don't know which.ayne this is a longshot asking for help over the Internet but I was curious if you had any suggestions. thank you

Jeremiah Spinner

Audio is actually dooodo


Haha - great video - thank you! I just bought crutches for my upcoming knee replacement alternate support and wasn't sure if I remembered how to adjust them properly. Turns out I did, but the video verified it. Grapefruit is great unless one is on certain meds! (Of course, anyone on those meds already knows the drill about grapefruit). And, yes, I saw you do the juggling up the arm trick. :D

Ed L

Thank you! This is a very helpful video on the topic. I found the audio a bit hard to hear, even with good speakers, due to the echo in the room.

Ellie Lent

Best video on crutches ever! Keep up the good work. I have a question is using crutches for a fracture pinky toe overcompensating or something. Like will it seem like I'm overreacting. I can kind of hobble on my foot but after awhile the toe starts to hurt.


Thank you apparently I've been using crutches wrong for the last 2weeks ?.

michelle perez

Wow, I had my crutches completely off - the hand bar was two screws too low so my arms were completely straight and there was no precision as to how my steps would be! At first I was wondering when you'd get to the point but then after a few I enjoyed listening to you both but then I love MST3K so perhaps a running dialogue is something I enjoy more than most. Thank you for this video and sharing the information.



Jill Drury

Great help Thanks!! My 9 year old fractured his ankle and caused quite a bit of soft tissue damage and has an air cast/walking boot on and his crutches were not working great. We had them adjusted all wrong - nobody showed us how to use them.

Beautiful Earth Tarot

Thanks very much guys!

V. Anastasiya S.

Thanks for this. My in law came back from the hospital with crutches WAY TOO SHORT. I am bloody pissed that the care team left them so short ?