Types of aging

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Narcissist: The Types of Aging Narcissist

2 607 views | 30 Sep. 2020

I am talking about aging

I am talking about aging narcissists, but I am also elaborating by the types of narcissists. Some of the characteristics of the narcissist may vary, based on the their type. I didn’t get into the classes or ranking order of the aging narcissist. However, the components to their aging lures to progressing trauma to their supply, with still no accountability to the narcissist’s behavior! When the narcissist age, they do not age gracefully. There is a cruel swipe of punishment to the process of the aging narcissist. Listen to this video and stay equip, as you graciously and wisely age?

Girlygirl 1

Hello, in this video, your volume is waaaaaayyyy too low. Cannot hear anything that you said, so I had to click off of it. So sorry.

gale jordan

Listening to this hit home for me, the narc is 55, he's a kidney transplant patient and takes a lot of medication for other issues. He has gotten worst. I thought him aging was safe, but as you said aging is more dangerous. All of what you taught has happened, I reengaged but not emotionally. I agreed to let the narc rent out my spare room. Before we could make any final decisions, he had his daughter drop him off. Drove from NC to VA. After one week he was livid that I was not interested in a relationship and insisted he continue to sleep in the spare bedroom. Well, he watched me speak to the neighbors father who comes to cut her grass and for weeks he kept gaslighting me saying I was sleeping with her dad. He attempted to munipulate me into intimacy in which I declined, He raced out the door; knocked on the neighbors door and told her I was sleeping with her father, then he said I could put my hands around your neck and choke you, me reacting said come on choke me so I can whip your azz. I played like I was calling the police, he left. When he returned for his things he said "you got everything you worked for your house your business" and I have nothing. I am not throwing away 17 years." Now that he is gone, he's leaving me texts and voice messages trying to scare me. Saying I should watch my back because that man's wife knows who I am and to make matters worst I found a document in the spare room as I was cleaning it out, I was confused when I went to file it, the whole file was gone. The narc also threatened my business. I have a contract with the state and he said he was going to tell them everything he knows because he should know anything about my clients. Now I know what he means, I came in one day and he said the papers fell off your desk and I picked them up. I often just ignored him, so I never asked what he was doing in my office. He's become soo much worst, I would not have thought that was possible. Thanks for the video: I will play it everyday until I feel I'm healed. I don't have the energy to go off again, I did once before I lied, gaslighted, word salad, projected, shaped his reality ect. that's what caused him to ghost for 6 months. Prey for me.

robbin king

Thank you once again another powerful message!! The Narcissist Loosing their mind will be the ultimate revenge!!?

Patricia Joseph

Absolute truth.

Hey its me

Demons and devils, that's what they are. I spend 50 years with all kinds of this individuals. It's just sick and I wonder how I survived all that.

Patricia Joseph

Their worst nightmare at this time is having the understanding that they were with a super empath. Their fears and dependence is pathetic.

Snow Flakes

They get more & more demented, depleted with grey skin, dull sunken eyes, they start to smell. The dementia is more obvious in old age. The bullying gets worse, the persona has long since died.

Mina Mina

Aging narcissists will SMOTHER you, very intrusive, NOSEY as heck. Yes their health and looks go south. They are very irritated, angry and easy to offend. They manifest more frequent. Thanks for the video spot on.

Diane Roberts

This is a great tape. Thank you for the information. My narc is 67 been together two years when that mask came off I knew immediately. The love bombing was intense but no way am I accepting this behavior!

V Mc

Thank you. ❤

Carrie Dillmann

Please turn up your volume
It is difficult to hear you

Car La

Can't hear you. To bad.

Clare Reid

I have close friends who suffer their adult ( cerebral narc )son to continue living with them, even after their house burned down due to his apparent negligence ! I asked Our Lord for guidance ,and was "whispered""the word SUCCUBUS. Not knowing the meaning, l asked for the definition...A FEMALE DEMON WHO HAS SEX WITH MEN WHILE THEY SLEEP. She had infiltrated their lives 20 years ago, giving pain pills to the youth. Their youngest son, ( now deceased due to "apparent "suicide) somehow impregnated her, he was 15 at the time, she was 21. I could go on and on, however, the facts remain.
Myself and others do feel concerned for their health and well-being. We are unable to wake them .
Are you able to offer us some advice? MUCH LOVE TO YOU FROM AUSTRALIA

Nancy Elizabeth Suver

The malignant npd tavern trolling for one night stands alcoholic ex husband followed in the exact path of his abusive malignant npd alcoholic dad
As he aged he became more abusive , cheated more
And unhinged with his rages
I wasted so much time away from enjoying life with my children growing up constantly
dodging ,guarding my kids from ,and repairing the damage from the reckless destructive path of this sadistic self serving 8 year old mentality bully

Amanda Williams

My ex has some of all of it. Can that happen?

ttv come at me bro

I have dreams about certain older women I know having dementia in the dream there slow and have a crazy devil look on their faces. I'm always running from them. One is my Narcissists adopted mom and another is a church lady that swear she knows more than you me and God. I do thank you for this upload

Leo Lordman

Two months now after the tramatic realization, her demasking, and being discarded and incessant resupply (betrayal). In the midst of tragedy and my greatest need. There never was any closure just triangulation, cynicism and games. I so desperately sought reconciliation through closure with the reliable hacker Greatermindhacker as he helped hack my cheating ex-wife's phone and I got access to all her phone call logs, emails, text messages both deleted texts and also social media chats; whatsApp , Facebook, Instagram without having access to her phone because she is mostly out of town due to the nature of her work and I was able to track her location too, as far back as 2 years. I saw so many heartbreaking activies my wife was involved. I owe it to Greatermindhacker, He's available 24HOURS. Just Call OR Text +16194310306 and On WhatsApp +12626837511. Contact him for closure greatermindhacker AT gmail.com ...I’m glad to uncover her, lies, secrets and Infidelity.

Cathleen Rahming

You are so on point. My biggest regret is that my youngest son was impacted very negatively. I pray for my son's deliverance.

Demi Gaines

Thank You For Sharing
I Have Been In A Relationship With A
Narcissists Overt For Over7 Yrs He Jus Turned 60
He Has Gotten Worse Calling Me Bitch
Slut Tramp... I Can Go On And On
It’s So InCredibly Hurtful The Older The Narc
GetsThe Worse They Are

katarzyna bielanska

You are some fantastic lady???. I have met one last year, believe me i dont know where my eyes was ?. Anyway he is 70 and I am 53 and it was me who felt old. He was looking for young women in some ugly way, let me feel really bad. Than he is he go to The gym and I did wonder if his eyes will pop out one day, i mean there where so many women?. Now i am out. I send my love to everyone????

Lana dst

Is it possible for a narcissist to be both? He is very in to knowledge but he is also very sexual active and is definitely afraid of ageing.
I did not want to have intercourses with him because my intuition told me but I didn’t have any proof of cheating. He didn’t ghost and didn’t leave. But I am a super empath after a time I served him the same dish I got.

Rise Above

The narcissist ends up alone with nobody to care for them. The children who are narcissist lack empathy or compassion because of the hurt the narcissistic parent caused. The golden child doesn’t want the responsibility to care for the narcissist. Lol narcissist don’t have the ability to care for nobody. The scapegoat will have enough and go no contact. The narcissist sits down all day thinking about the past, Filled with many regrets. The physical decline in health causes depression. They hate the ageing process. The narcissist will not change no matter how hard you try to help them. The verbal abuse gets worse!!! Demonic forces attack the mind which increases paranoia and delusional thoughts. They end up alone with nobody and get placed into a care home. The art of manipulation has lost its power to control. Everyone sees they for who they are and the lies they told.

Nina Hund

My ex narc is 64 I'm 53. They really are worse as they age the last few months I was with him he was so controlling and demanding. So mind-controlling that mid-range very sadistic Court type of narcissist. I just actually got through with court today for my restraining order and thank goodness it was in my favor. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. But I do have the support of all of you and I have the support of my domestic violence worker. My lawyer is an awfully good support system and I really appreciate your videos. You really do me a lot to me Helen

Pamela Rice

I love listening to you, can you, PLEASE FIX YOUR VOLUME

Love and Happiness

Why do they stare. Looks like a demon. They are very jealous. They will try to fight and argue. The rollercoaster ride is not happening lol. 3 seconds and it's over. I know an aged narcissist that uses oil of olay regeneration and had an air up pump in their private part. SMH

Types of aging

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There Are 4 Types of Aging and You Can Stay Younger If You Know Yours, Scientists Say

60 views | 25 Jun. 2020

Today people worldwide

Today people worldwide are living longer. By 2050, the world’s population, age 60 and older, is expected to total 2 billion, researchers say. But there is one more important thing about how to stay healthy and young at the same time.

The aging process affects people in different ways, scientists say. They studied 106 healthy individuals from 29 to 75 years of age, including taking blood and stool samples. The conclusion they came to was that aging types are the reason for why people age differently.

When you get old, you may have to deal with different health problems, but again, different people face different issues. So far, researchers have discovered 4 different pathways: metabolic, immune, liver, and kidney. But they say there could be even more.

The scientists shared in the study that each “ageotype” affects different parts of your body and triggers different health problems.

Metabolic ageotype people may have a tendency to develop diabetes as they age.

People with a liver ageotype have a greater risk for liver disease, researchers suggested.

An immune ageotype is vulnerable to inflammation and immune system disorders.

Kidney ageotype could have an increased risk of different kidney conditions.

An ageotype is not just a diagnosis. It can actually help people to minimize health risk factors, say researchers. If you know which problems you are going to face in the future, you can start working on them in advance. So basically your body can stay younger longer.

The process is simple. You first have to figure out your type and then you can start changing your habits. You can pick a more suitable way to work out or avoid certain kinds of food, for example. The interesting

The team also mentions that you can be more than one type. In this case, you may face a combined risk for different health problems. This research becomes really important when you understand how your life will be easier when you can get rid of any health problems and concentrate on keeping yourself young

And there was one more remarkable finding from this study. During the 2 years of the experiment participants didn’t show a tendency toward changing their ageotype. After a lifestyle modification like a diet, for example, the ageotype markers decreased in some cases and that just meant that these people were aging at a slower rate.

How long would you like to live? How do you invest your time and money to stay younger

Types of aging

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Aging: It's Not What You Think | Thad Polk | TEDxUofM

188 591 views | 19 Apr. 2016

Our brains are powerful

Our brains are powerful pieces of machinery that give us the capacity to do amazing things. Unfortunately, common wisdom says that age isn’t too kind to our minds’ abilities. Neuroscientist Thad Polk walks through the actual effects of aging on the human brain and shows that our assumptions might not be so accurate.

Dr. Thad Polk has been a member of the University of Michigan psychology faculty since 1996. His lab uses functional MRI, computational modeling, and behavioral experimentation to study the neural architecture of cognition, including how it is affected by aging, by experience, and by genetics. He has taught over 6,000 UM students over the past 20 years. In 2006, he was named an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in recognition of outstanding contributions to undergraduate education, and in 2012 Princeton Review included him on its list of the Best 300 Professors in the US.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

Mike Lincoln

So fluid processing, the vitally important one declines with age. Which we all knew. Not much use being stuck in the middle of WAl-Mart totally lost and not knowing how to remedy it, while knowing '30 days has September........'.

Dana Sloan

Well, when ya look at someone old like dRumph, now there is an example of recrutfment of all kinds of bunk!

Jane Deane

Even your parents come and go, ur neices and siblings go off and get married. U need to make sure u have ur own wife and own kids when u start aging. Even the Bible says that.

Paolo André Rivas Legua

Man, interesting talk from old Owen Wilson


Wait; aging massively increases the likelihood that you will have one or more than one disease or disorder that directly affects cognitive ability. High B/P, diabetes of both types, Parkinsons, Cancer and it's treatment, depression, drug side effects...I could go on but I don't have to. This man doesn't live in the real world, in which we aren't lab rats. In the real world, as we age these things are massive contributors to functional deficits. I am an occupational therapist, and we help people with daily living tasks. There is no better way to see brain dysfunction that to ask an older client do a familiar daily living task. I don't need an fMRI to tell you things have gone south.

Arvil Mogensen

I am retired. I recall so many people earning more than me. I recall thinking my paltry savings put away each year not amounting to much. The difference in return between investing options amounting to a case or two of beer based on the meagre sum of money I accumulated. From time-to-time conversations with other people about saving for retirement revealed they saved nothing because “the Government can’t let us all starve.” Saving amounts to effort, and foregoing things I wish I had or wished I could give my family. Now 47 years later, I see lots of opportunity produced unequal outcomes.

Radhika Dahal

Amazing to know how to avoid secondary Aging. I have been watching so many TED TALKS and other types of speeches about the use of both Brain. I want to learn how to use all parts of brain. It would be awesome to know HOW TO use both brain.

Valery Chuprin

You can start rejuvenating your old body today. In 1-2 years 70-80 - years old body become 40-50 years young. The human body has powerful regeneration mechanisms for this. If you rejuvenate your old body, you will not die of old age, you can live forever while the body is young. Read the FB Valery Chuprin


This fMRI technology seems like magic to me. I am amazed at what it can do. Thank you.

Evening TV

I wonder what effect trauma has on this, or having a loving and supportive family ,or creative pursuits , things to look forward to.etc/etc.

Dave Stambaugh

These studies usually are about the ninety two or three percent of us who have been born with neurologically typical brains. For those of us who were born with neurologically atypical brains all of the metrics shown here should not apply.


Retired in Mexico at 72 I notice that all my younger hurts come back,fine,but the worst of all is all my friends are dead or dying.Mostly from sugar or coca cola.

tiago ciriaco

longevity can be attained, just by expelling excess of heat from the body. I can tell you how to do that.

Maria Clara Mariani


Melanie Evans

I just had an ovary removed and anesthesia. I have a big difference now in cognitive dysfunction.

Mushy Pork

Woody Harrelson?

Nitro Express

geeze, what a bunch of pyscho babble nonsense.

Keith James

Elon Musk is on the right track. Implanting (just under the skin of your head) a 1" diameter disk with ~1-2mm pins into the brain that can eventually overcome ALL brain disorders. . . He stated ~ 10 years away! HOLD ON!

Alex M.

My concern with his findings is, that he did not talk about the general differences in education of today and the past. Furthermore he did not say something about the general biography of the test subjects. Those who you used their brains in their 70s might have done so already in their 20s. We just didnt have the technical tools to measure it. So my point is, were lacking a really time series. Because we cant say wether there is a decline or not for an individual as long as we didnt monitor the individual. Sorry bad english, typing down quickly

Oliver 2000

I can’t wait to be dead. Sounds great.

Darren Paris

Well, aging does lead invariably to death, which, [being dead] is a quite significant cognitive deficit...

Roddy G

OK Professor Polk. This is all good information, but your fluid and crystal processing testing is all subjectively controlled. What about people outside the norm like me who served in Iraq with PTSD and Bipolar condition? Or those with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from bomb blasts? Have you performed any aging tests on them?

Lindalee Law

If you are NOT poor, subsidized housing, hungry, medicare/ medicaid then your advice is moot.

Willard Chi

B.S. People over 65 are happier only if they give up the aspirations of youth. By that logic, people who are dying are happier if they give up the aspirations of being alive.


I have long wondered where creativity in older people seems to have fled. I could never write the poetry I wrote in my twenties, I have seen similar things in musicians - their later songs are so tame. Here's a couple examples: Quiet Riot & Country Joe and the Fish - their first two albums killed; the next ones sucked. I suppose you could blame it on drugs - but I have noticed in other fields as well - Anne McCaffery's dragon books were very interesting and then they got really pedestrian - which was followed by her doing plotting and having other writers do the rest. The Summer Queen / Winter Queen by Joan Vinge - both great - now she novelizes movies. The Dune novels had a similar downward spiral as creativity wained - or did the authors simply lose interest?

Is this what is happening - the one hemisphere of the brain starts taking over the other - though he doesn't mention this - in his video the right brain ( the logical side) is taking over part of the left - is that the causing the erosion of creativity as people age?G

꧁Mike Sully꧂

well I am 32 and luckily so far my thinking is just as good as it was when I was 18 if not better. but then I try to use my brain every day and I have a job that requires logical thought.
I think some of these oldies got settled into jobs where they just do things by rote with no thinking required; they then come home and just sit in front of the TV. Is it any wonder their brains turned into mush and they are no longer capable of learning anything new? or for that matter even performing basic tasks?

there was the story of a civil servant who had a brain condition where water filled up his cranial cavity, destroying his brain. it had destroyed so much of his brain all that was left was a thin slice down the middle, yet he was still working in some local government job and when they tested his IQ he had the IQ of about a 10 year old child (as he had been in that job for so long he could do it without thinking)

David Hysom

I'm 1/2 way through your talk and saw the slide of "65 year olds." Wow, that totally blew your credibility. Those are maybe 85 year olds.

Paw Paw

I have faith that my essence, or spirit will live on in Heaven. Being in pain due disease. Often makes me feel like tomorrow is just another day of existing, until God decides to call me home. According to my age I'm still young. But I feel very, very old and run down. I have lived a clean life. I never had the notion to use drugs or alcohol. But worrying about how to survive day to day consumes all my wakeful hours. I have already decided leaving this broken body behind won't be so bad when that time inevitably comes.


talking about the brain without diet is like talking about how a plane flies considering only the wind and ignoring the fuel it needs.


If (some) old people use both hemispheres, shouldn't that be a bad thing? I thought if signals had to cross hemispheres, they would slow down.


I am considering starting a home health care business and want some opinions. I have decided to name it Last Breath Home Care Service and we will focus on elderly patients. Please respond to give me some idea on your thoughts on the name of the business.

Joelleen Beanks

Aging sucks and old age sucks. God made a mistake,


I'm older than dirt, but there are some positives about that. With age comes skills. It's called "Multitasking". I can laugh, cough, sneeze, pee and fart all at the same time!

Susmita Barua

Aging gracefully is about TRANSFORMATION than DETERIORATION. This is why children and youth benefit from having relationship with Grand Parents.Benefit is mutual. Eastern Cultures always respected Wise Elders. Trauma (emotional and physical) may play a role in Alzheimer.

George Galamb

Those old or aging people who paid enough attention throughout their life and learned their life lessons will have wisdom. Wisdom only comes with an experienced mind. While young people's brain and mind is fresh and able to learn quickly, old people's brain and mind is experienced and therefore wise.

S Pol

I am a bilogist. Please reverse my sinility

M.S. Rakhi

Fantastic !!!

Riley Esposito

My brain functions improved in many aspects after I play Taichi.

Sebastian Aguiar Brunemeier

"Fluid processing" or Spearman's g is the one metric that actually matters. "Crystallized" knowledge is a function of fluid processing (working memory). There is no silver lining - aging is bad for your brain and cognitive function. End of story.

Carol Tg

Lol, how encouraging and self hypnosis, keep going, the matter of the fact is not so...

Adelaide Wilson

You are not old enough to talk about been old ok I’m in my late eighties let me tell you now... ageing can also be looked as a disease coss you come thru the years with many diseases you may have been infected thru your lifetime .. just saying


Of course, it's anecdotal, but my experiences with my aging parents, and now my own experience with aging is that memory deteriorates. Did I do this? Where did I put this? Where did I park the car in the parking lot? What's their name? One person may be "sharp as a tack", but a lot of others, like me, notice deterioration.



Cari Corbet-owen

Fascinating way of looking at the brain and aging.  Love how he explains what an fMRI is - never quite heard it put that simply!

MIchael Belt

My great aunt was born in the late 1800's but in 1975 I asked a question during her favorite TV show. When a commercial came on., she finally answered the question. It was then I realized her 'Rolodex' was simply huge. She answered the question in HER time, not mine. Her mind was fine into her 90's. She was briefly distracted by a device that was invented in her mid-age time of life but I might have used my misplaced and WRONG judgement in estimating her cognitive ability.


Thank you Jim Carey

Lowtom Membrane

balance: we grow older, yet reproduce less.


Jessika Piche

your brain start losing cells at about 30's and continue onward. You could use that to say 'old is bad'. But we have so many cells in that brain that it doesn't really mean anything. I know people who are old and boring at a very young age, and old people who are funny, open minded, original and have opignons in life that make them young and inspiring. Life intelligence is in your heart, not so much in your head.


So...the older you get, the better you get...and then you die, which makes it all pointless.

William Faith

Really explain the asinine behavior of our too old to cut the mustard politicians smartass , you shut the f**** big head , haven't your kind f*** things up enough go take a pill and shut up we're not interested in your horse s***, you're full of s***, freaking bubble vision this guy must be from California product of a California College most likely

Vidya Babla

As a man of 84 I could not quite understand the technical points of his talk but it makes me more hopeful of my memory when he concludes his speech with 'aging is a kind of transformation rather than deterioration' Thanks.


I have to disappoint you, the anti-aging remedy will not be discovered.
For 60 years, the principle of aging and substance has been known to prolong life three times. Which are, only a few insiders know. You could only find out if you read the hundreds of misinformations that are in the search engine above it.
If you want to stay young 20% longer, it is enough to stop eating aging foods that we all have to eat.
However, which are aging foods, it's not easy to find out because search engines offer you contradictory information. You may ask why I will not tell you. Why me?. I also need a high enough pension. What is it for me to raise retirees? Be glad it is. At least you will find death at work and you will not be troubled for a long time.

Diego Silver

I want to really appreciate Dr Alaho Olu on YouTube, this great man has the permanent cure to HSV 1&2 and HPV....

Alex Uritsky

Thanks Steve !

Ray Indra

Look at the healthy Okinawan people. Still ver active while they near the age of 100

J Merlo

Your life is your piece of art. Do it right and you will love it just as it is. Do it wrong and it will be a worthless mess.