Lack of sleep hair loss

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Sleep deprivation and memory problems | Robbert Havekes | TEDxDenHelder

48 295 views | 12 Nov. 2018

Sleep deprivation is a

Sleep deprivation is a common problem in our modern 24/7 society due to social and economical demands. Loss of sleep negatively impacts the brain and particularly affects cognitive processes that require a brain region called the hippocampus. In this talk, Robbert will describe some of the mechanisms that go awry in the sleep-deprived brain and how they were able to make memory processes resilient to sleep deprivation. Robbert is assistant professor at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. His research on the effects of sleep deprivation has been noticed and appreciated throughout the world. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

khawla Al Hafiz

Yes, lack of sleeping it's making you feel exhausted all the day and it effects on your mood and your daily basis and routines.
Deep sleep it makes you more relieved and help you to recover quickly if you have any kind of health issues.


Currently watching while not having slept in the last 48 hours.


well, if you need a human test object who needs to get sleep deprived, i seriously would be down to it

Janne Gronli

Great talk! :)

Tyler Durden

What are you saying, Robbert? That you're developing a pill that allows me to retain my memories despite sleep deprivation? Where do I sign up?

Daniel Marte


ayee sha


A Pove

What’s the pill they gave the mice to protect the brain??

usama farooq

it is true sleep depriviation causes many problems !! I have been dealing with it for 6 years

Say What?

A whato skeleton??

Prathapan Punalur

I'm not sure but ,if anyone else is searching for are sleep apnea machines covered by bc medical? try Mackorny Blow Apnea Blueprint (should be on google have a look )? It is a smashing exclusive guide for getting rid of sleep apnea minus the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my best friend Jordan got astronomical success with it.

Slim van Jingo

What's the name of the drug?

Vile God

Good talk

Say What?

I've been sleeping 1-2 hours for almost 3 years. I'm going to expire.
I would love to speak to actual qualified Dr's.


I've sleep apnia I cant remember yesterday ?

y x

If your short term memory loss is cause by sleep deprivation...can it be reversed by changing lifestyle and getting enough sleep?

Bit byBit

Such a Blessing that I have realized my weakness of bad sleepy habits. God Bless

Samirh Hagagi

currently watching at about 5 am ..


I look at sum and walk away 2 sec later I forgot everything about it


Anyone else think he's wrong about mice being like humans? There is one part of the brain that no other animal has, it's called the frontal lobe, basically that is the part where humanity really shines, if you want to know if humans will act the same then you need human subjects..


Thank you Havekes, very cool!


Watching after not having slept in 48+ hours


watching this and ive been over 30 hours awakr i keep forgettinng and im a bit messed up bos

Shannon Rodier

If sleep deprivation causes memory loss, is it possible then that people with insomnia simply forgot how to sleep properly?


I'm going to get some sleep...

Catherine Jeffries

I do yoga with an indian master improved supplements but i need to sleep to get better! Would get much better

Lana Krav

I am a target for dregs who often by means of pain and sound don't give me to sleep. It is their amusement. It is their earnings. And it is my injured health.


If anyone is knowledgeable in the area, is it possible for a person to be chronically sleep deprived for over a year while sleeping 8+ hours of sleep but being exposed to blue light before bed? I think that’s my case as I can’t think straight and can barely remember much of anything as if I’m being faced by a daunting mindfog.

Manpreet Kumar

Have healthy diet then we can have upper hand over sleep deprivation

Annemijn van der Torn

Mmmm yes love the Dutch accent

Bhagyashri gundecha

Is he gave solution in the video or I will not watch coz it will only increase my anxiety

Catherine Jeffries

I have tardive dyskenisia hardly slept in last 6 months thru various extreme neuropathic pain

Toan Pham

Me many days gone by counting star


i sleep 9 hours per night and i never remember my own number :)

Panama753C. Hola cómo están


Danny Wilson

Russian government laughing at this guy for not having the balls to use humans

SmokeSpark Dragonfly

gib me the drug please

Nicole Stout

anyone else struggling to stop pulling all nighters? tips?

Niksor Spirez

Feeling so privileged to have this man as my lecturer

Shafeeque Kottakkal

Its only a dream



Lack of sleep hair loss

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21 DAYS TO HEAL YOUR HAIR: DAY 14: Sleep your way to healthy hair.

425 views | 14 Aug. 2017


I am Lies


I am Lies Helsloot: founder of the Belgian hairbrush brand Delphin & Emerence, health coach, busy mom and the author of “The complete guide to healthy hair. A 3-step program to heal your hair.” Thank you for joining me on day 14 of “21 days to heal your hair”.

I believe in the power of getting enough sleep to lead a better life. So many people brag about the fact that they almost don’t sleep or that they only need a few hours. Frankly… I think that most of the time you can really see that they don’t get enough rest: you see in the way their skin looks, in the way they behave, in the way they perform at work and also over time it doesn’t do good on how their hair looks.

Not sleeping enough or struggling with sleep problems has a negative effect on your overall health and also on your hair. When you do get the recommended hours of sleep, which is about 7 hours or more, you give your body the time to recover from your busy day. If you don’t, there simply is no time to recover.

Not sleeping enough makes your body produce more of the stresshormone cortisol, which breaks down collagen, a natural amino acid and important protein in your body. Collagen plays an important part in the process of cell renewal and keeps your bones, joints, skin, eyes, nails and hair in good condition making them strong and elastic. If not sleeping makes you loose collagen, well that’s where the wrinkles and weaker hair and nails and possible hair loss kick in.

Also a lack of sleep causes your body to produce less growth hormone, resulting in slower hair growth and the overall ageing of the body.

So get your minimum of 7 hours of beauty sleep, not only to improve your general health condition but also to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Create your own sleep ritual, to make your body ready for the night. I for example get myself into a relaxed state by brushing my hair with one of my healing brushes.

For more tips on relaxing and taking time for yourself, you can read my book or go to my blog www.takeyoutime.com

Ali Habsi

Watching this at 3:20am

mayank panchal

Best time to sleep at night?

Lack of sleep hair loss

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How your sleep affects your hair growth!

34 486 views | 10 May. 2018

Hey GlamFam! In this video

Hey GlamFam! In this video I will be talking to you about how your sleep routine/ bed routine impacts your hair growth and length retention! I will give you some SUPER PRACTICAL tips, with a bit of petty, to help you succeed on your hair journey! These changes may seem simple, but they make the most AMAZING difference!

Here are some links to products mentioned:

Silk Scarf: https://amzn.to/2rw1A1a

Satin Bonnet: https://amzn.to/2IaPeSD

Satin Pillowcase: https://amzn.to/2KKSIgh

Satin Sheets: https://amzn.to/2I1ZlNf

I will caution you, please, don't buy one of those cheap satin bonnets for Walmart or the beauty supply store, often they are actually Nylon and give very little protection. The one I linked is actually one I would recommend because of the thickness of the satin, the smooth texture on both sides, and the adjustability of the cap. Trust me, it's worth the extra investment.

I hope this video has been super helpful for you! If so, let me know in the comments below! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Until next time Glamfam, take care, God bless, stay Glam, and you KNOW I love you boo!


This description box contains some affiliate links, which means that if you make any purchases, I may be able to earn a small commission. This never affects the products I recommend, or my opinion of those products. You work too hard for your money to waste it. As always, the purpose of these videos is to educate and arm you with knowledge and skill, which means my integrity is key and fundamental. As always, thank you for your support! Be blessed!

Sleep your way to longer hair

how to get longer hair

how to get longer hair easy

pat White

O. I love y'all to.


Darn that's why my hair keeps popping

Taalibah Walker

What is you hair porosity?

Melysa Noriega

I think he is amazing. Im takeing much better care of my hair now. And i think he is so cute.

TMara 1000%

Ohhhhh no not beat with an ugly stick in the ugly forest ? ??????

Ashley Williams

New subscriber here, I really love the content you guys have! I also have eczema, does your wife have any videos or tips on how she reduces her flare ups ?

Chidera Stephen

New subscriber

genia sutton

You always make me laugh omg!

Keesha Skeffery

You are super funny

Latrice Byrd

Mr. Linwood yes, and thank you, can I please put in a request for thay LV scarf. I love The break down, you slowed it down really good. ?????

miss Sun

How do you sleep,haha


How is leather against hair? I have a leather sofa and my car is leather. When I am sitting on those surfaces I usually take my scarf off. Is that ok?

Charlene Foggie-Barnett

I enjoy your channel SO very much. You guys are informative and entertaining and just what I’ve need during the Covid/ Race crises. And your excellent parents. Wish I could be your client.

Wild Storm

How do I balance out having eczema on my scalp but needing products that are often unavoidably scented on my hair? Keeping my 3B curls soft and not dreading up to while making sure my hair products don't directly touch my skin has been impossible for me. My hair is very thick around my scalp even lathering up a shampoo takes 5X the normal amount just to REACH my scalp, and I am new to using a satin bonnet and wonder how this effects sensitive skin on scalp.do you have any advice ?

Ruby Moorman

I also appreciated that you mentioned about Eczema, as I also have this issue, but in hopes that mAyBe you or your beautiful wife Alison can care & share more, as this is totally miserable, let alone embarrassing... Love y'all boo.????????????

~"Love, Hope, Peace, Dream, Inspire, Laughter, Joy, Give, Live & Let Live"~

Queen Chocolate

Now this wat the ppl need... Like him.. Get right to the point nd his videos. .. Keep up the work??❤

Doris Kenner

Love your humor, great advice Linwood. I wear a satin cap bonnet cap every night the wrap around scarfs get on my nerves they keep on falling off lol! And your right they do keep dry ends moist and I do see a big difference when I get up.


EAST hell?? ???


I love cotton, it makes me warm and snuggly! I would want a bonnet instead of sheets and pillows only cause i heard stories about getting really bad acne. ?


I have a satin pillow case AND a bonnet that stays on all night.


Would cotton absorb excessive scalp sebum?

Jocelyn Pitts

I love hot showers also


Hey GlamFam! I have a question about relaxed hair. I had natural 4c hair for 3 years & I decided to relax it a month ago but the relaxer was strong & my hair is to straight, also I'm losing volume, along with hair, not breakage but long strains from the scalp! I don't have any visible bald spots but, so that I don't, what can I do to keep the hair I have & make my scalp more healthy? Thanks GlamFam in Advance!


We are going into the summer months. We swim daily. Can you create a video for routine maintenance for natural hair and recommend shampoo and conditioner

Sophia K

Loving it, loving it, loving it!!
Boy I'm so glad I stumbled across this channel. Just realised why one side of my head has had more issues. Please do a porosity vid as don't understand it.

Sinndy Morr

I surely bet, napping while doing the inversion method, could cause breakage :). Lol, on a serious note!! I was experiencing so much breakage on the side I normally sleep on that I had to cut allot of length off. My hair was robbed of moisture and kept breaking. I made far too many mistakes with my curls because I did not advocate and educate myself!! Thanks for the much appreciated, education!!

Tee Avery

Thank you

susanne anique

Water that's the temperature of East Hell???

DDomino Geronimo

god tips, man !!!

Olabisi Abiodun

Thanks so much for this tutorial, it's so helpful.
Remain bless???


I'm ready for the porosity video. I've tried all the tricks including putting strands of hair in a cup of water. One piece sunk fast and the other sunk slowly. Then when I came back hours later that heifer was floating. My hair doesn't know what it wants to be. I've found a grease that helps my hair. It's something I used to use when my hair was permed (I've been natural since 2013 and it's been sitting in a storage box since.) There's not much left in the container and it's old as heck but I'm too cheap to throw it away. My hair loves it and looks good for days.

Tamarra Jean Claude

I have a question, it maybe a dumb question, but can you work your 4c hair from dry and rough to softer curls? I know 4c is naturally dry, but I hate that it’s so dry.


This video was so helpful... Thank YOU!


Linwood can you please do a video on how to take care and moisturize your beard & hair growth on the beard, that would be greatly appreciated ❤️?

TMara 1000%

This is soooooo true my hair is shorter on the right never thought about how my sleep patterns effect my hair??? Thank U Linwood ?

Keto Cutie

I love your videos... very few are helpful, inspirational and funny at the same time and you pull it off so well. Thanks for sharing your lovely family with us too.

Tiam Young

???”East Hell!”

miss Sun

Somethimes I see black girl wearing their loose and the wear old-fashioned Versace scarf. And it look beautiful on Them.

Beth Garsea

I wish I was your client. U r super thorough!! Thanks for the education!!

Marthiza Manuela

Thank you :-D

Jen K

So interesting! I’m getting a bonnet to cut back in frizz and split ends and hoping for a prettier natural wave over night so I’m watching videos. Until recently I had never even heard of them.
All I can say is that if I was black my hair would be one HOT MESS! Kudos to all of you all and it’s absolutely beautiful when taken care of but I don’t think I could do it! It’s neat to learn about though :)


I also wanted to say, NEW SUB HERE! I almost never comment on videos but I just had to tell you that I LOVE your videos. It's your approach; the detailed "educational" style mixed with your lovable personality and sense of humor. And your family is absolutely gorgeous! Please keep 'em comin! I'll be waiting for that "Porosity" video.


OMG thank you for the car tip. I spend a lot of time driving and have noticed my hair getting snagged by the headrest seat cover. Thank You!

R Oki

Leave Alison alone... I shower with water that is the temp of East Hell as well..... It just feels goood....! I got your back Alison!

R Oki

My Slap Cap or silk bonnet goes on my head as soon as I hit the door! I be so tired I don't want to forget... I have the satin pillow case as well It really helps!

Kendra Thompson

Thank you

Doris Kenner

Thanks for this advice, l sleep with a silky night cap. Or l May switch to a silky pillowcase.
By the way you look very handsome in this video. Alison is a very Blessed to have you! Lol!

Cali Sunbeam

More high porosity videos please. They help me a lot.

Kecia Fitts

Great video, where do you get a demo brush from/ how much do they cost

Paula Cunningham

Thanks for the car tip never thought of that one

Genise Dever

Great tips! I gotta get some satin sheets because I'm a wild sleeper as well and my bonnet and satin pillow be all over the place.


Is a wig or wave cap bad to use

Gabrielle Gray

Hey Glam Fam....Im new here and I love your channel!! My question is for short relaxed hair.....I use a satin scarf and pillow but I wrap my hair and I use the velcro wrap to help keep my wrap in place is that ok or do you know if there's velcro wrap holders that are satin or silk??!! Ty so much!!???

R Oki

Pause : "Beat with Ugly sticks!" Ain't that the petty truth!!

cookie monster

WHAT,!!!!!!! No wonder I had to cut my hair.???????

LaTonya Griffin

"Water the temperature of East Hell".......*DEAD*
Thank you, thank you for this video. I'm dealing with damage as we speak. I've always had thick, curly, healthy, resilient hair. For the last few years, I've been on meds that cause hair loss and I'm not feeling that nonsense! I've changed my eating habits and lost 80 plus pounds, as well, so the prayer is that I will soon be rid of said medications (or the dosage will be reduced). I'm definitely a wild sleeper and already do the 'double up' scarf/bonnet and satin pillow routine. My next trick is the pineapple.

Avery Smith

Hi I started losing hair in the back of my hair. My left side hair iss also.shorter. my hair also keeps.breakinh and it's dry. It's been like.this.since going natural 3 years ago no growth

Auntie M Arrington

Don't these caps and sheets hold body heat?

Marcella Reid

My 8 yr old daughter takes her cap off darn near every single night, in the middle of the night, claiming that her head gets too hot. This house is cold...any thoughts on how to remedy this?

Meeiko Moon

Preach! WE loooove it!!!

Mimi .G

My god your gorgeous ?. Sorry new here ?


Awesome advice Linwood! :)

Crystal CreoleQueen Chachere

See, that’s me. My bonnet comes off, the pillow ends up all the way at the top of the bed but the Mr doesn’t like satin sheets ??? any advice?

Shubham Agarwal

Can u translate in hindi language please

Rande Thorman

HAHA East Hell I love that. My husband says I shower in lava. Here's a dumb question, yeah i know the only dumb question is the question never asked. What if you have semi dry, med to high porosity (depends on the elements), but a really oily scalp?


Thank you L!

Palar Mulbah

Does durag work?


Yes to this!!! I noticed that my hair was always shorter on the side I sleep on. It's gotten better since I wear a cap now but it's still a little shorter on the left.

Alise Wilson

Mr Linwood thank you for the info, on the back of a chair headrest


I died at the "East Hell" comment! ROFLMAO!!!!


excuse me sir, you don't use LOTION!?

Belle McBeauty

Love this video, i realised the difference when I switched over to satin sheets

-I don't know anything

Thank you so much becuase I was scared that the back of my hair was less curly the the front and sides. I always slept on cotton on the back. I noticed that the back was really dry than the front. I hope this works for me and have my curls tight as the front and sides.


I didnt search for it, but this is exactly what i was looking for, i was looking for a video/channel that gives you information about overall health affecting your hair, Thank you linwood! Ive subscribed. Love this.

Luli Mau

Wonderful Tips. My question what is the best way to sleep on a silk press and keep your roots from sweating out?

AnGi MuSic Is LiFe

I LOVE silk scarfs and satin pillow cases...

Crispy Bisket


Stella Oware

Ok, I guess I'm convinced now, I need to go get that satin pillow case as a minimum but prob the whole bedding set. I had no idea it made such a difference, but this would solve so many issues at once for us!!!


Question: Is Polyester safe to use, on my natural hair, for pillowcases and sheets? I got tricked at Walmart. The package said "Silk Sheet & Pillowcase Set". I know that cheaper Silk is made with Polyester sometimes but is that good for my hair? And this set says 100% Polyester on the tag.

Crystal Williams

Your wife and I have a lot in common...I love high temp water to shower lol it feels great but yes does dry out skin...

Mecca Hughey

I don't sleep with silk scarfs or bonnets because I KNOW i'm not gonna put it on. So I sleep with silk sheet and pillowcases.


Thanks so much ?????????

Nickie Rasberry


Calisia Kelley

Yes, more porosity videos ?


Yes I think you are right thank you for sharing

Roza 4Jesus7

Thank you so much for those tips, God bless you.

Prisla Em

Love it! Great information, and funny as always! Thanks for all the wonderful advice, it is so very much appreciated!


I love my hot showers as well, but I turn the temp to cold or cool for a few minutes before I get out. It has lowered the amount of lotion that I have to use.

Tiqua Solis

East of hell water for a shower is life!!! Thank you for always sharing your knowledge


Good tips that I have been doing and works. Why on earth did she put the bandana on first then the bonnet???? She really didn't think that through at all. I'll try and help her out, maybe she was half sleep... otherwise she don't need to tell nobody else that.???

Dee Dee

I was wondering if you alreay or could do a video for a quick and healthy night time routine for your youngest hair?


Hey, do you ever do videos for us white folk? I have very short hair with two cowlicks right in the crown. Talk about splitting like the RED SEA....what can I do about this problem?

Jewel Denile

I love sleeping in my multi use scarf from the DT. I pull it down over my eyes and it does double duty keeping the light out! I have a fan on me all year long at night and it was really killing my hair. LOVE IT.

Ms. Tee

How do I protect my young child's hair at night? I can't seem to find a scarf or bonnet that stays on her head while sleeping? Thank you so much in advanced : )

Khristal Khri

Thank you Linwood? wondering if it's ok to just sleep on the satin pillow?


Thank you for this! About the pineapple; my hair isn't curly but relaxed. I do occasionally wear it up in a pineapple while sleeping to retain my relaxed curls in one giant pin curl, but I use a scrunchie (?) to hold it up in place then put on a satin bonnet. Since the scrunchie is made out of cotton, I know it can't be good. Do you recommend buying one made with satin?

R Oki

Great Video!

Sinndy Morr

I seen a few other people asking about porosity in the comments section. Yes!!! Please share your advice! Would love to see your techniques for Apple Cider rinses.

Zinnie Blessed

Thank you so much, I learned a lot

Passionately Devoted

UGH, I just can't get enough of your videos!! LOL You have such a beautiful family!!