Skin blister

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Vigilantes Of Love - 3 - Skin - Blister Soul (1995)

25 017 views | 10 Aug. 2010

Vigilantes Of Love - 3 -

Vigilantes Of Love - 3 - Skin - Blister Soul (1995)


This song is tied with "Beyond Belief" as my all time fav song.

Kimble Ferrell

its the hardest one to take ,but the bitter sweet we long for ....k


One of his best songs and that's saying something!

Kierkegaard's Kool

Whose listening 2019?

Tim O'callaghan

I went to church with him for some time many years ago. As a young adult I didn't take advantage of many opportunities presented me. Not being a better friend with Bill is one that I reflect on from time to time.

aaron corbett

He really cut a promo on Van Gough in that second verse.

Kierkegaard's Kool

Absolutely stunning! Music at its best!!

Pat Baker

Reminds me of my brother he was such a good friend to me and everyone he knew. Miss him so much Rip


Now, I'd seen him despondent, a few times as of late
Sometimes the answer that love gives, is the hardest one to take
I know he was prone to paint, the voice of his own fear
So Vincent, he picked up the blade, and he put it to his ear

Look at yourself in the mirror--you're all rumpled, red, stubbled, and gaunt
You walk a dead end path in a dry cornfield, and now this morose response
Your princess, she don't wanna see you--no, your princess, she don't wanna hear
So Vincent, he picked up the blade, and he put it to his ear

Now look, if you're gonna come around here and say those sort of things, you gotta take a few on the chin
Talking about love and all that stuff--you better bring your thickest skin
Sometimes you can't please everyone
Sometimes you can't please anyone at all
You sew your heart onto your sleeve
And wait for the axe to fall

You there with the paint box--you there with paper and pen
Me, I've got this blunt instrument; I'm gonna play on 'til the end
And you know you come with empty hands, or you don't come at all
You deal your best hand out in the marketplace, and let the chips fall
The package it comes wrapped up, there is a lesson here
Vincent, he picked up the blade, and he put it to his ear

Now look--if you're gonna come around here and say those sort of things, you gotta take a few on the chin
Yeah, you're talking about sin and redemption, well, you better wear your thickest skin
Sometimes you can't please everyone
Sometimes you can't please anyone at all
You sew your heart onto your sleeve
And wait for the axe to fall

Rich Gouette

VOL came to our church one night many years ago & pretty much blew us away : not only with how excellently they played & sang, but how bleepin awesome they made our sound system...sound :)


I never ever get tired  of this music.

Terri L

This is my all-time favorite VOL song.  So melancholy, so sweet.

cathy struska

Me with paper and pen.I come empty to the page and empty my soul on the paper...Tom Struska

Skin blister

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Huge blister on toe - when will it pop? (skin burn)

1 194 views | 7 Oct. 2020

I accidentally spilled

I accidentally spilled boiling water on my foot, and this is what happened. Follow my journey!

meta knight errors sans


Skin blister

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EJ had Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) - "The Worst Disease You've Never Heard Of"

151 177 views | 7 Nov. 2011




The Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of America (debra of America), is the only national nonprofit dedicated to funding research and providing free services and programs for those with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) — "The Worst Disease You've Never Heard Of."™ debra of America is dedicated to finding a cure for EB, which affects 1 out of every 20,000 live births in the United States. EB is a rare genetic connective tissue disorder. There are many genetic and symptomatic variations of EB, but all share the prominent symptom of extremely fragile skin that blisters and tears from minor friction or trauma. Internal organs and bodily systems can also be seriously affected by the disease. EB is always painful, is often pervasive and debilitating, and is in some cases lethal before the age of 30. There is no treatment or cure. Daily wound care, pain management, and protective bandaging are the only options available. Visit: www.debra.org

debra of America

75 Broad Street, Suite 300

New York, NY 10004

p: 212-868-1573

f: 212-868-9296



god is great

Rosey Ken

I feel bad now cause people who don't have EB always when they get sick by any think like headaches and more. All they ever say is mom I am so sick of this why can't you give me this and this can't you see my head hurts mom and the mom have to handle this child but people with EB they get every day pain and say nothing cause no one can do any thing about it so if you don't have EB say thank god and even people with EB say thank god and hop god will take this out of you

Jahmari Biggs

he was adopted

Jordan Bagshaw

Sad I'm very very very sorry

Ankit Bharti

Jitne logo ne dislike unko dard nhi dikhta agar aap shi mnte hai to like kre


This is awful :(


Has any of these children ever tried Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy? Is have proven to be highly beneficial to people with severe skin conditions & and improves overall wellbeing. It would be really great to see new research on this with a post from DEBRA showing results.

Dr. Introvert

Its caused mainly due to a genetic defect which leads to deficiency of synthesis of collegen type 7....... this collegen type 7 mainly functions in holding the dermis and epidermis of skin together.....

Hence deficiency of collegen leads to easy bruising and blister formation.....


Thats not really funny though.... Thats just sick


im a pediatric it can be life long


Anybody with this disease- I have to tell you- YOU ARE STRONGER than any of us common folks. You're unique and one of a kind.
You're strong in ways I can never understand. Stay enlightened always.

Fallon Moore

This is so heartbreaking. The kids and the parents dealing with this are so incredibly strong. I can’t even imagine or put into words.

Wish For Death

Don't worry EJ, I have it too... I feel for you. And we can fight this.

Karen Martin

I will help him

Silvia Corradin

A must watch

Quinn McGuire

This Boy was my best friend and honestly i have never met someone as strong as him he will be missed

Charisa Slenker

Support EB research through the purchase of this EB butterfly necklace. https://www.etsy.com/listing/291775567/silver-plated-eb-butterfly-necklace


There’s no god

100% Chaz!

God bless this kid.

Ema Skye

This must be so hard you couldn't even eat cookies or chocolate
I don't have EB but the thought of not having food or play in a playground would be upsetting love the work this charity does for a disease not many people know at all



Michael Kong

Guys i know a family in the Philippines who struggles with their son for having EB. check this facebook page EUAN KHRISTOFF VILLANIS. any help would do. Please.


I really feel for you guys !


God please by your will, bless this family and I pray they find a cure and this prayer opens the doors to lives bringing then closer to you,may this family see you out and trust you always Amen



Isac Gustavsson

I have EB,not one of the worst verision of the diagnos,but I Still get hurt very easy


Poor baby, I hope he's doing much better now. God bless you sweetie pie.




Old comments :)

Unofficial V

hemp oil!!! rub it on the skin. youd have to find someone who makes it. it could be a miracle waiting to happen!!!! its cured skin cancer!

aiden kennedy

I have this condition also and sometimes I think "God this sucks" but then I realize there is types worse than mine


some people with this condition wish they were aborted I cannot even imagine the suffering



Brandon Coopersmith

poor kid i cant belivie this

vishal arora

So sad :(


what is the average lifespan of these children?

Beauty Flowers

İ watched simular things in tlc 5 years ego.this incorriegible ilness why you dont help these people

Lucas Noordermeer

I know


read Courage Under Wraps Photographic Documentary of Nicholas Zahorcak Living with Epidermolysis Bullosa and Butterfly Child a Mothers Journey by Silvia Corradin.

Aries Geronimo

Are you Dead or Alive ?


No, it gives them a reality check that their life isn't that bad compared to others.

Dimitri Kampitsis

what the fuck kind of music choice is this?


Time to pop a percocet and a Molly watch that shit take away the pain

kamidah sanjay

this is sad :( Omg your kid is really sad I feel bad I submitted

KingGrooms747 Dwayne

So sad

Michelle Lee

God bless you, young man. You are very brave and show a lot of courage. ❤

سِـيِّنِيِّوٌريِّتٌـأّ زهّـوٌرةّ

what that oooooh iam sad from that


Breaks my heart the pain people with EB have to endure and live through it.
Everyone out there who struggles with this, know how strong and inspirational you are.
Even with that, you all accomplish so much. ❤️

Trent kennedy

Next time your depressed about life, watch this video


I have EB, and I do not have the most serious type, but it is is not the least painful. I fell lots of pain, and I wish fellow EB kids that we all get better.

1. Александр Шубин

Our family helps one child with this disease

Munira Chitalwala

My sister has this

Jacqueline Larsen

Wow. What a wonderful boy with grace and intelligence. One day you will have a glorified body, free from pain and suffering

Adam’s Apple

God has nothing to do with this, so please don't bring religion into this. :/

Brandon Garney

I have eb but not as bad and when I saw this I felt bad

علي ابويعسوب

Hello I can Shall I show a place to treat But one this place in Iraq called the blessing Hayousef It is a mage in which a mixture of natural substances that cures all ailments and tried and God and Arushdkm a sacred place and God that he heals quickly and I must have your faith Venhano Nltgy them at what unable medicine Malk


I have this but luckly mine is not so bad, i hope someday scientist can solve this

Ghulam Mustafa

A step towards the treatment of EB is a big work for those families having from this EB disease. My baby is also sick from this EB disease, if you find some treatment, then please let me know.


This is so sad :(

Jude Lewis

Love, love, love you, EJ! ❤??

Julliana Rut

Well....God has plans for all of us

Fanny León

I recomended to see Propheta tb Joshua healing skin, he is a prophet that heal of Christ' Power, you should believe, please watch the videos, SCOAN

Lisa Albrecht

Ej you are my hero♥♥♥and you have captured my heart:):):):):):)


that poor kid

Naylet Hernandez

Hola soy madre de una niña cubana con Epidermolisis Bullosa Distrofica Reseciba veo todos estos videos y mi corazón se rompe

Huskey_girl1893 1893

I have EB sadly it’s really painful I only have it on my hands feet but I do have good tip wear good socks and change out your shoes a lot


stay strong EJ

Cortney K all the way

My friend just gave birth to an amazing little EB warrior. He's so precious but everyday is a struggle for him and new challenges develop everyday. He and his family are doing an amazing job tackling this challenging condition. The last case his team treated was over 5 years ago but they are doing the best they can. There's a lot to learn. I hope they find a cure one day soon.

extreme potato

seems like kinda should have the attintchion cancer has

ション0 n-e-m-e

Would stunting growth before that rapid pubity phase kicks in be benificial or and possible?