Making face scrub

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Making Apricot Face Scrub

3 724 views | 31 Jul. 2019

Custom Order: request for

Custom Order: request for an Apricot face scrub, I put this one together and decided to share it with you all. Let me know your thoughts.

Now in shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/711810386/apricot-renew-foamy-face-scrub

Contact me at [email protected]

Shop at http://www.soapyoaks.com

Great Deals on Essential Oils https://goo.gl/6NBAQ1

Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SoapyOaksFarm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/soapyoaksfarm

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soapyoaksfarm/

Mold I use https://amzn.to/2Ex8OI1

Lye: https://amzn.to/2IPLyKJ

Kaolin Clay https://amzn.to/2TifNPa

My Immersion blender https://amzn.to/2C4IyEx

Large Ceramic Bowl https://amzn.to/2HlKjAL





Rita VanDerwall

Congratulations Patrick! I can’t imagine how you must feel and some stress relieved! So, so happy for you.

Bath Nutts Farmhouse

Sounds lovely! Congratulations on the job front and congratulations on reaching 2,000! I'm so excited for you!

Blue Eye Lathers

Congrats on your job. I'm sure you are relieved.

Kitty Moon

Lovely product! Please can you share how you got the coconut oil to become so whipped at 15% ?

Soy and Shea

Congratualtions on 2000 Subscribers! and for getting your job back. I am so pleased to hear that.
That base looks so gorgeous and creamy and this scrub sounds so good.

Lenna pelayo

O...My GDness so so happy for you it's amazing how quickly you've got to 2000 subscribers but it's only because of who you are just so amazing and your videos aren't completely awesome congratulations on also going back to work that is super blessing so happy for you Patrick and oh my gosh really love this is amazing maybe you can make one with lavender yes yes I know I love lavender thanks for the amazing videos Patrick

LKR Soap and Such

Congratulations on 2K!!! The scrub sounds and looks amazing ?

Destiny Miles


Karel Larsen

Oh Patrick ❣️. I’m so happy that your going back to work. I do hope you will still have time for your daily videos ❣️❣️???
I also want to say how delicious your face scrub must feel on the face. It looks wonderful!! I have been meaning to ask if you ship your salves and such in the summer? I know how hot the weather is and how these may melt. Happy 2000 mark as well. As always, looking forward to seeing you videos. Have a blessed day ❤️

Becky F.B

Love it. So glad you are going back to work. I know that is good news for you. Thank you for sharing..

Jen Spice

Awesome! As a child we would eat the apricot kernels. We had so many apricots on our trees that once the apricots were canned up we had bags and bags to eat over the winter. Thank you for sharing this with us. Looks very gentle. ?Jen


Lovely! can just eat it....just a question with just 1/4 cup of water how does it get so lovely and runny?


This is a wonderful product and I love it! Even my sensitive skin can take it. So gentle and effective. Makes the skin feel clean, fresh and super smooth. But not irritated. Really good. I put my review on here because for some reason I can not leave one on ETSY. Thank you Patrick.


Beautiful product. I'd love to know more about the base. Was it your own 100% coconut whipped soap with 15% SF? Would it need a preservative?

Organic Kiss

Another nice video patrick... Watching you from jamaica.?

Tanya Bonnett

Hello Patrick, I definitely want to see the mask being made as I'm sure everyone on your subscriber list would, we treasure your utube videos as pretty soon we won't see so many as we have been lucky enough to see you taking us along most days as you will be back at work. I'm sure your counting the days down.
Congratulations on the 2002 subscriber list, you deserve double that amount and I'm sure we will see the numbers fly upwards

Country Cottage Candles and Soaps

??So very nice Patrick! Congratulations on the 2k subscribers and wow, really congratulations on your job! So happy for you!

Organic Kiss

Congrats ......i subscribe to you twice i remember when you have about 700 plus subscribers.

Kath Smith

Hi Patrick. Great news on the job front fingers crossed it all goes well. Another beautiful product full of natural goodies, your neighbour is very lucky to have you.

Norma A

Wonderful ingredients in your scrub,thanks for sharing all your talents.??

Paula Estcourt

I’m so very pleased to hear your going back to work, congratulations on reaching 2000 subscribers.
The scrub looks amazing, I’m sure the lady that ordered it will be very pleased with it, the ingredients are so luxurious.
Once again another great video, thank you.

Slack Packhiker

This facial scrub is live and on line at Soapy Oakes Farm store on Etsy!

chelle motsinger

I'd love to t4y that

I C U KeKe

Congrats on 2k! You will be starting back to work in no time and August is around the corner! Good apricot scrub custom order and good news! Have a wonderful bless day and enjoy the pleasant weather!❤️??????✂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?

Kitty Moon

Are these glass jars?

kate van der ploeg

Congratulations on 2K and going back to your job! I bet you are over the moon. This scub looks amazing! ?

Slack Packhiker

My 29 y/o son starts his full time job Aug 4. He’s been in the market while working part time for a while, so we’ve had lots of joy about his very good news. Congratulations to you Patrick! I’m happy for you too, of course. Also, I’m gonna be obsessively checking your Etsy store for this divine scrub!

Bubble District

It looks great (and delicious :P)!
Thanks for the video!


I've also had a face scrub that had ground peach stone shells. It was such a nice scrub. Now I find your recipe. Perfect!

Mrs. WiseRat -Shonna

This face scrub looks absolutely lovely! And CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 2,000 subscribers!!! A real milestone ? I hope you'll enjoy being back to work.

Modern Pampering

This looks amazing!! But honestly I’m SOOOOOO exciting for you getting back to work!! ??

khanzado jatoi News

Ingredients name quantity use for scrub raw material name quantity ask me

Sweet Suzanna Living

The Apricot Scrub looks sp delicious, I can only imagine how it smells! Thank you once again for such an informative video. Congratulations on going back to work. :)

Aroma Delight Beauty Care Products

Congratulations on your 2K! Awesome you're going back to work! The wonderful Apricot sugar scrub with all those amazing propertyin it will truly feel amazing on the skin and that old dead skin will be gone! ?

Renee Cormalis- Soaps For Love

These look great and I'm so glad to hear that you are going back to work. Isn't that a month earlier than you thought? The only bad thing is we will have to go through withdrawals from seeing your videos every day. BIG congratulations Patrick on hitting 2k. I am So happy for you.

chelle motsinger

Hi Patrick

Making face scrub

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Salicylic acid face scrub | How to make a face scrub

8 661 views | 30 Jan. 2020

Want to make your own

Want to make your own salicylic acid face scrub? This video not only shows you how to incorporate salicylic acid into formulations, it also includes a special form of AHA – so you are getting a mild yet effective AHA and BHA face scrub in one! Find out how, watch now!

Learn to formulate all types of cosmetics and personal care with the Institute of Personal Care Science, the world’s leading on-line Professional training program to become a Cosmetic Chemist, and for Cosmetic Science, Cosmetic Formulation, Regulatory Affairs and Brand Management. Offering Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Diploma courses, our training is Internationally and Industry Recognised around the world. Study at a time and place that suits you with full study support and Cosmetic Chemist level training. Find out more: https://personalcarescience.com.au or email us: [email protected]

sara mustafa

hi i am trying to mail you for some formulations but no reply

jabby mehvash

Thanks Belinda ... I have seen your first video on this topic and this one is amazing and great too.


Why add preservative if the formula contains salicylic acid in an acidic pH?

Giganta Store

I also am trying to get this formulation as promised in the video. Please advise how I can get this recipe.

maureen kauraisa

Will heating the base not destroy the preservative.Are most preservatives not heat sensitive.

The Institute of Personal Care Science

Contact us for the FREE formula, method and supplier details: [email protected]personalcarescience.com.au or ask us a question, join our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/personalcarescience

savon lux

Merci beaucoup

Dahlia K

How can I dissolve salicylic naturally, without propylene glycol?

Lea Boncales

D'you supply internationally?

J cote

Hi Belinda, could I dissolve Alpha lipoic acid the Sam way you did salycilic acid. I find it difficult to incorporate without using propelyne glycol. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


SA will for sure cristalize over time, even with the presence of emulsifiers.

M Donawa

I would like to make a salicylic acid gel, the one Neutrogena use to sell, then they discontinued it. Can you do a video on that. New Subscriber!


Hi Belinda!

Could you please make a video explaining different formulation alternatives to protect colour in water-based systems (splash, gel, shampoo, liquid soap, etc)? I know benzophenone-4 is suitable for this purpose, but I'd like to know if there are other molecules that can be used instead of benzophenone-4

Thank you very much! I love your videos! They are extremely helpful!

Tech Savy2

Is the acid compatible with the chelating agent?


How to formulate with Adelaide acid for serum

delightful Soul

can I add 0.2% charcoal to this formulation?

Same Kind

Ma'am how we can prepare gel without carbopol

Heena Nigam

I have heated salicylic acid in propylene glycol and heated the mixture but as soon as it cool down it crystallized... can u suggest what went wrong ? I was preparing a toner

Arvin Tejarat

thank you for your useful and informative videos < some thing that I confused about this formula how that acidic acid dose not break gel form ??

sarah Rodriguez

[email protected]gmail.com i need this formulation thank you

MM beauts

Can i add SA to my diy sugar scrub please?

Zachariah Kovac

So happy to get a second video on this topic! I have made a BHA gel serum before with your instructions from the first video. And it was perfectly stable and was pleased with the results. It will be great to try this one!
Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Making face scrub

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How To Make A Soft Coffee Face Scrub - DIY Beauty Tutorial - Guidecentral

19 361 views | 6 Oct. 2015

Guidecentral is a fun and

Guidecentral is a fun and visual way to discover DIY ideas learn new skills, meet amazing people who share your passions and even upload your own DIY guides. We provide a space for makers to share their handmade crafts, home decor projects, fashion and beauty tips, homemade recipes and other life hacks with our global community.

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- Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/guidecentral-diy-projects/id566332826?mt=8

- Amazon Kindle Store: http://www.amazon.com/Guidecentral-Handmade-Homemade-Projects-Instructions/dp/B00KDJTSGU/

The Guidecentral Maker Program lets you earn money by sharing your DIY projects. Learn more at https://www.guidecentr.al/maker-program

About this DIY project:

- Title: Make a Soft Coffee Face Scrub

- Maker: Maria Abramova - https://www.guidecentr.al/maker/marie_marie_94

- View the full step-by-step tutorial on Guidecentral: https://www.guidecentr.al/make-a-soft-coffee-face-scrub


- Foaming bath whip

- Cocoa butter

- Coconut butter

- Ground coffee

- Capuccino fragrance oil

- Mixer

- Container

Connect with us!

- Website: https://www.guidecentr.al

- Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/guidecentral

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guidecentral

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/guidecentral

- Google+: https://plus.google.com/+guidecentral

- Instagram: https://instagram.com/guidecentral_

- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXL2JCzxLJdQpyKgFKpgNAQ

Don't be shy! Subscribe to this YouTube channel :)

Pooja Agarwal

What is foaming bath whip??

Cassandra Minzie

Hardly can read what's written

Mallika Dhanashekar

Self life?