Middle aged woman face

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How To Make A Face Of Middle Age Women | Step By Step For Beginners By N.S.Limaye'sArt

1 340 views | 2 Jan. 2019


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Please watch: "How To Draw Man Doing Yoga Bhujangasna Pose | Step By Step In Easy Way For Beginners | N. S. Limaye"



urmila soni


Kim Sah

This is nice old photo

Middle aged woman face

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How to do makeup on Aged skin?

6 320 views | 18 Feb. 2020

Makeup on Mature skin with

Makeup on Mature skin with Wrinkles..

The products used in this transformation are :

Face Preparation :

Dermafique Aquaquench Cleansing Mousse, Blue, 150ml


Toner :

Aroma Magic Aromatic Skin Toner, 100ml https://amzn.to/3elmjLT

Moisturiser :

NIVEA Soft, Light Moisturising Cream, 100ml https://amzn.to/2ykci0Q

Lip Nourishment:


Primer :

Colorbar New Perfect Match Primer, 30ml




Concealer :

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer, Sand


Pressed Powder :

LA Girl HD PRO Face Pressed Powder, Classic Ivory



Swiss Beauty Professional Apricot Peach Blusher And Highlighter


Highlighter :

Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter, Molten Gold


Contour :

LA Girl HD Pro Conceal (Concealer), Chestnut https://amzn.to/2xxQC1j

Lipstick :

L'Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick,121


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1.Instagram :


2.Facebook :



This video is not created for any kind of promotion.. I bought all the products mentioned here by myself.. I 'm creating this video only for educational purpose..

Thank you for watching..To share your love Please like, share and subscribe my channel.. :)

kavitha k


Manjushree Mandal

akdmmm naturall make up

Polien Harbour

You're Magician ??

Ace Hardy


Manju Wasan


TheGoldenGirl Moumi

?Glowing spotless skincare for Oily Sensitive Acne prone skin with Coconut Water? ?

Nisha K

आप बहोत telented हो, God bless you.

Aruna Venkatesan


Suvankar Sen

Awesome meow?

Mehzabin Bhojani

Mem fair skin ke liye milani foundetion me konsa shed lu 02 ya 03

abhi rayala

Superb Mam

Ina S

Awesome.. very appropriate.

Kannan Anbumoni


Kajal Varma

I just love it..... How nicely done it????

Middle aged woman face

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Makeup For Mature Skin | Makeup By Megha

119 211 views | 11 Dec. 2014


Makeup for mature skin can be a challenge for new makeup artists or even for yourself, as you see yourself age. I hope this tutorial for mature makeup is helpful for you, and you were able to pick up a few tips an tricks to make it less daunting.

How to Find Me:

Twitter and Instagram: @makeupbymegha

Email (for business inquiries only): [email protected]

Products Used:

- Mac fix plus

- too faced shadow insurance

- shroom e/s mac

- bamboo e/s mac

- woodwinked e/s mac

- saddle e/s mac

- ricepaper e/s mac

- engraved eyeliner mac

- carbon e/s mac

- makeup forever hd foundation color 173

- OCC tint R3

- eve pearl concealer trio B

- graftobian warm powder palette

- mac matte bronze bronzer

- pinch me blush mac

- blushbaby blush mac

- trace gold blush mac

- espresso e/s mac

- plum lip liner mac

- hover lip liner mac

- heather mauve lipstick bobbi brown

- max volume flash mascara rimmel


Nume Products (codes good until Feb 28th, 2015) : http://bptracks.com/?a=1224&c=5&p=r&s1=

Use the above link, and then the following coupon codes depending on what you want to get:

WINTERSNOW for 40% off site wide

$39 Classic Reverse Wand + Argan Oil Code CUDDLEUP

$69 BOGO Magic Wand Code SNOWGLOBE

$69 for Magic Wand + Silhouette Code CHILLYNIGHTS

$69 Pentacle + Free Shipping Code HOLIDAY LOVE

$74 for MegaStar + Holder Code FROSTY

Coupon code for Vita Goods Spin for Perfect Skin ($30 as opposed to $99 and free shipping within the US!)


CODE: MEGHA4SKIN (good for two years)

Beauty Junkee amazon storefront coupon code ($5 off your next purchase!)


CODE: megha835 (good for a year)

Ranjeeta Nath

Will definitely use these tips to practice on my Mom.


She is so beautiful! Great work friend :)

cupcake by shikha

Love it great tutorial. Yes i really love to see more vedio like this. Ps she look beautiful xxx

Ana Larson

please pause and show the product better, especially the bottles, nice job

Shashikala Hariharan

Awful. Lady looked better before the makeup.

Gaihiamlung Panmei

it's not much good but it's okay for mature skin you should not use that foundation it's horrible.....even eyeshadow too


PRETTY TIMELESS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBj0W14_1jA

V laloca777

Your Mom's friend is beautiful! She was a good sport none of my Mom's friends would sit that quietly!

Manali Date

Before makeup she is looking good. After makeup not good

mariana Lolol

She is absolutely stunning

Mili Mat

that makeup didn't do anything for her



Priya C. Bascope

This was so great!

Kara Gutz

You're a great teacher!

Frances Walker

I like the eyeshadow colors! Not too overpowering and gaudy. Very flattering.

prasan Narayan

You are good..but your model is already looking good without your expansive mac products..your video was more like an advertisement for mac..

Heena T

That was a good tutorial and very informative thank you

Indian mom vlogs Latha

loved it...your aunt is so pretty

P 91

you have done a great job Megha

Mala NR

Thank you so much for the tutorial! Just love this look!

Liana Mori

gorgeous woman!

Norma Tee


Beauty and Life

Very pretty.  The color scheme fits her perfectly.  :)


SARI साड़ी https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbJZDU2-NH0

Vijay Patil

The aunty is very hot & sexy
I am in my 20s
I respect & love her

cat leat

loved it!!!! BUT, why make perfectly fine brows darker? I think some clear gel would have been fine. They now look like all of the "MAC" eyebrows in all the malls

mishelle vargheese

This is a great video I can totally do my moms makeup ?? thank you!

PetiteDiva LuxuriesOfMotherhood

Oh my goodness! So I am 21 with about 20 additional yrs on this Devine earth! Haha, anyhow I have really bad pores, and hyperpigmentation on my cheek area I LOVE using MAC's blush Margin because I like the shimmer, but do notice that it brings out my flaws more even if I use a matte foundation. What you said regarding shimmery blush was such an A-HA!!! Moment for me! Thanks so much! I have become a subby! Looking forward to more enlightenment!
Xoxo ?

MRoy Ghosh

The beautiful model ,,also ur moms pal..so she was patiently absorbing your nonsense jitter-matter!!! You don't have a sense of mature makeup.!!!And just shake that foriegn accent stuff ...eeeeeklkkkkkkkssssss!!!!?????

Noemi Bruyndonckx

I need the name & brand of each item you use please.

Krupa Patel

Please zoom in on the eyes instead of whole face so we can see how you blend in and how the colours appear and slow down a little


मोहब्बत அன்பு উaচত LOVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbB3DH0i63U

Antonio Rossi

horrible, who has the time to apply all that amount of make up, also all the colours applied on this lady were unflattering


Very gorgeous! Your model is such a beautiful woman and so are you megha!

Asha Srinath

I liked the video a lot. Thanks for some of the great ideas in make up.

Romie Hutson

I’m an older lady. I’m so glad I found this. All I’ve seen is super white people. You did an excellent job. Thank you. I hope you do more for darker skin of age?


Such a beautiful lady your mums friend is! So are you ?❤️ xxxxx

H Rob

Im 50 with similar maturing / medium colour skin as your model ,  my eyelids have started to loosen & droop & darken .  I think I should avoid shimmery shadows & blushers .  Any advice ?

LaShawna Blanton



Mature skin, I love it ... your model is absolutely gorgeous! 


Excellent video..?

Troy Watson

I think she is naturally a very beautiful woman and your makeup just made her that much more attractive. Very nice video.


You did a really nice job!


LOVE मोहब्बत https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMlOtzguhK0


She's gorgeous before AND after.

elizabeth romero

You talk to much


ReignofTears interviews ReignofTears https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIzyn-kS0MQ

Kamini Patel



It looks beautiful but it helps that your model is stunning without makeup too ?


mera pyaar tumhaare lie मेरा प्यार तुम्हारे लिए https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3bXrEVnNMk

banasri bhattacharya

Overall makeup is good..but I think only compact..kajol or liner ...mascaea and lipstick is enough for mature age ..foundation looks very caky on mature skin..

rabia imtiaz

model is already beautiful . not much diff before n after

Shahnvaj Khan


Тамара Цветкова

Are you interested in learning all about the beauty tips. Just go to google and type: "Blast4beauty". You'll find ample of unheard facts given here.

Sofie Phillips

I really love the old Mac palettes. So slim and kit friendly. If they had a clear top they would be perfect! Nice job!

Razia Ashfaq



I DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOUR LOVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wtpqg512pZM

Luisa D

Great tutorial. She looked beautiful!

Zaveeni Khan-Marcus

You are so talented. I think it might be a good idea not to say "you guys."

Maria Ahmed

Just a suggestion that for older age the matte eyeshadows are more appropriate. You don't have to put shiny eyeshadows on every person.

Subho Roy

very nice


I learnt something today :)

Akshaya Kannan

wow, you're really good at this. :D


LOVE IS OUR DESTINY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TivQ0vTHVwc

Brenda Russell

This woman is beautiful!!!!

Felicia Lane

She is so beautiful! Great job!

Haidee Ronquillo

Great video! You gave me good ideas to do my friends makeup! Thank you:)