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Blood Types Explained | Blood Groups (ABO) and Rh Factor Nursing Transfusions Compatibility

535 960 views | 17 Mar. 2018

Blood typing made easy

Blood typing made easy with explanation on ABO blood groups and Rh factor for nurses (blood transfusions).

There are 8 total blood types from four blood groups (A, B, AB, O). In nursing we transfuse blood, but before we do this we have to collect blood from the patient who will be receiving the blood transfusion. The patient's blood will be typed and crossmatched with a donor. The donor’s blood must be compatible with our patient to prevent a transfusion reaction.

To understand blood typing, you have to understand the relationship between antigens and antibodies.

What are red blood cell antigens? They are either present or absent on the surface of RBC. All red blood cells have them EXCEPT Type O RBCs. Antigens are proteins that can elicit an immune response when they come into contact with its corresponding antibodies. Therefore, they stimulate antibodies to defend the body.

So, when the same red blood cell antigens and antibodies get together it will cause an IMMUNE RESPONSE called agglutination. This is where the RBCs will glue together, hence clump together. Therefore, it is VERY important a person is not transfused with the wrong blood type.

Blood Types: Recipient and Donor

A blood type: has only A antigens on its surface with B antibodies in the plasma.

Type A: donates to A and AB and recipient of O and A

B blood type: has only B antigens on its surface with A antibodies in the plasma.

Type B: donates to B and AB and recipient of O and B

AB blood type: has both A and B antigens on its surface with NO antibodies in it plasma.

Type AB: donates to only other ABs but recipient of O, A, B, and AB...known as the "UNIVERSAL RECIPIENT"

O blood type: has NO antigens on its surface with A and B antibodies in its plasma.

Type O: donates to all types but only recipient of other O....known as the "UNIVERSAL DONOR".

Rh factors: either present or absent on the red blood cells surface.

If these factors are present on the RBC the patient is Rh POSTIVIE, but if these factors are absent the patient is Rh NEGATIVE.

If a patient is Rh positive they can receive either Rh+ or RH- blood. While Rh negative patients can receive only Rh- blood.

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s rahman

Yesss. I understand now! Thank you so much!

Mudane Dhaashane

Excellent explanation.thanks dear.


amazing ,its almost how covid attaacks, it makes sense why people are getting red spots, blood clots

Jade M.

This is so well explained, thank you so much. Your teaching is clearer than my textbook

carlos ramirez

I finally get it! Thank you

Rikki Frank

Totally makes sense now (: <3


Kinda hot... I like how you said "theeen..."

حسن صادق جعفر سليمان - الاسعاف

Thanks a lot, god bless you.


Omg I got A+ and I didn't even study! ?

no body

could you answer my question?
because of the lack of "antibodies" in the plasma of people with AB blood type...???? ?? ???? ???? ???? ??? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?????????

محمد الشريف


Sarah G

Hello fellow Science classmates


Thank you so much! Usually, I prefer to watch more than a single video to understand something, your video is more than clear and satisfying!

Michelle Harvey

Great. Tea

Born Tuesday

I did not understand how blood types work, but this video helped me understand much better! Thank you!

Juan Pablo Martinez Tordecilla

From a freshman, you saved my exam in genes and heredity. Thank you so much.

Hasandeep Sandhu

Very helpful... thank you very much.

Tatiana Denysenko

Thank you so much for your clear explanation. You are the best

Madeline Optimistic

Hey Sarah, with Rh negative RBS, is there any Rh antibodies in their plasma?
If a O- person is getting blood from others, they can only get O-. Is that because there is Rh antibodies in O- person's blood so they can only get negative ones?
And I love your accent!

The Autumn Blues Music

Awesome!!! very clearly explained

Allison Wolff

Thank you! Thank you!

kikokat World of Entertainment

Thanks so much

Costel Mihaila

Thank you, finally, I get it. My lab instructor could not help but this video did.

sloane schultz

do u have anything of immunoglobulins?


You're an awesome teacher you teach very well.

yo zo

im 0 BLOOD TYPE i didnt know im royal :D

javeed khan

My blood group ab negative

Agel Kiir

It's very fantastic video,
Keep it up my dear.
I have learned a lot of my complications
Thanks once again

Nina J

Out of all the blood typing and Rh explaining on youtube, this is THE ONLY one that I find so helpful. Straight to the point and I understand!


Thank you for your video. I have been out of practice for awhile and I am taking a RN refresher course. Soon, I'll be in a lab explaining blood administration from beginning to end. I know they'll be wanting me to cover transfusion reactions and all related S/S. I watched your blood videos, took notes and then the quiz. You're very thorough.

Marvin John Angeles

Is it safe to conclude that the blood type that can receive any blood types is AB+?

Dana Lynnette

You are a good teacher. I understood this!

just-me That -all

Good explanation, thanks honey

Miss. Haynes

This was the best video I seen by you. Wow! I really got my blood types down pack. Thanks!

James Babin

Thank you for this video it was really helpful



Bina liwala

Geeeesh lucky are those blood type AB for they can receive from all types of blood. Felt bad for type O for they can only receive for their same blood type, but the goodnews is they can give blood to all blood types. ?

Meems N

Thank you so much, super helpful for my anatomy class

Tanya S

Thank you for uploading this! I wasnt able to review it in my books yesterday due to the excess content of other homework. This was a great overview!!

Gift Maduagwu

Thank you❤️

Rehema F


kyle hawk

Haha! We are cracking up at her accent! My 8 yr old is tripping on it?

no body

????? ???!?


thank you

Will M

This was very helpful, thank you!

Fredica Sesay

What RH factor means that found in positive blood ? types?


Great video!! So informative


Just beginning my journey to becoming a nurse and this is really helping me. Thank you so much ?


Thank you for sharing

aaron campbell

You did a good job on explaining...

Patricia Logan

Sometimes I forget to like your videos.....but I LOVE all of them!!! You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Rahul Rane

Comment from a non medical person.
Very well explained indeed.

Renjith V R

Please reply for my comment ?
I thought i was O+ when i tested my blood group in a laboratory.. Then i went for a blood donation back when i was in college, the Hospital blood testing lab told me that in was O-ve... i was like WTH..
Damn part was when i went to hospital for some routine checkup i did my blood group test..
They took my blood, tested it, told me iam O-ve, (I'm like oookay...) then the Laboratory girl said, wait....
You're O+ve..
I asked is this some kind of game or, is it always for me...?
""She said the test is taking some time for the result..."""

Does this usually happens??
It ain't no joke or funny comment guys, please explain?????


Thank you!

Guess What

Clear , simple , great job thx alot?


I'm O+ and pretty much invincible. The way I remember my blood type is by asking myself if I'd like another Oreo.

Sandra :3

omg them, wish u were my teacher ur so clear

Phila Khongjliw

O negative I'm

Farin Farhan

Thankyou for these contents. You are beautiful and a clever one

Sylvia chong

thank you so much

Michael Manukian

nurses are always such cuties

Agent 99

Very important. We have pregnant patients coming in for rhogram shots all the time to shirt procedure.

Jessica White

Easy explanation, not overly complicate, love your videos please keep it up in this format, thank you!!!!!

Amar King

That was amazing! Thank you. ??

necola gonzalez

Thank you for this video I have a test on Friday and I was confused but now I finally got it ?

Private Account.

Thank you so much! I read my textbook along with other YouTube videos, but yours explains so clearly! ?

Maria desuza


Krystelle Pace

Thank you for this video ?

Norhana Sandigan

Hello! I'm first year medtech student and your new subscriber, thank you so much for this good video specially in this pandemic time. My teacher explained this through video but honesty i can't understand it, so again thank you so much!?

Marisela Marcos

This video helped me out so much! Thank you for sharing this!?

Kristal Buenrostro

so happy i found this channel!! has helped so much

Terri Miller

Universal Blood = Strongest Blood .

Valerie Vega

Thank you so much for this! My Biology class is online now so our labs are to be done at home. This week it was on blood but there is no chapter or sub chapter on blood! It was frustrating trying to understand from the content in the lab alone. You made it so easy!


Thank you so much for all your videos, they have helped me tremendously through nursing school from dose calc. to blood transfusions and so much more. You have helped to explain things that were not clear and give better understanding to subjects we have covered. You should really be a nursing teacher, you have helped so many people through your channel!!!

Arak Modi

Really good teaching now i know what are anti bodies and Anigens

Jessy Thokozo Zulu

You are such a life saver. Am a student nurse and trust me am enjoying all of my classes because you have been so helpful. Thanks keep it up

Angela Ho

Detailed and clear explanation. I had wondered about blood types for a long time. Now I can clearly understand. Thank-you.

Immanuel Bute

Thank you mam
Thank you

princess goodridge

Omg you are heaven sent

Ajay Benewal

Mam awesome...

derangula sreenivas

Ua so pretty ?❤️

Paul Bany

Sarah is very smart and genius nurse! I’m being motivated by her teaching skills. Please keep it!


thank you so much for this. ive scoured Google for explanations and by chance found this before my teas test. tysm! subscribed!

Dax Bertumen

I am O negative.. That means I am fucked!



Dr Joey

This is a positively pellucid explanation of the subject. Beautifully presented.

Emma Rose

What blood type do people who can’t spell have?

Type O!

Sarah Meadows

Wonderful explanation, thank you!

Nova Bandico

When we were discussing about blood types (like a year ago) , my mind was wandering and i never learned a thing except for the fact that you cant be anyone's donor or recipient ? now that i have extra time to pause from a long day of just doing NCPs , i found this vid and decided to learn about blood types coz i ought to learn this duh ? thank you so much to youuuuuu, now i finally understood how this works ??❤ keep inspiring student nurses to learn easily. You are such a blessing i hope you know that ❤
Love from Philippines ??

Jellica Rodrigo

It is possible that type O and type B can have a child that has a blood type AB ??


omg thank you so much! this helps me a lot???


thank you this was so helpful!!!!!

masood sultany

You made it so simple, thanks.

Marissa Davis

Great tutorial ❤️

Kobin Habung

Thank you mam, lots of love and Good luck for ur upcoming more imformative videos

Melissa B

wow saying thank you!! for summarizing this for people like me isn't even the right acknowledgement. you literally saved me from getting a zero on my upcoming lab practical exam. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Michelle Harvey

G rest. Teacher

Menk’s World

Your page is going to get me through nursing school

Vicki Mehle

Thank you. This really helps!!

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By far the most useful video about these reactions I have found. Thanks a lot Leah. I tell everyone to watch your videos to gain a full understanding of what we're learning. you're awesome.

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King Kong

A good revision

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Dark Lord

With you I will always remain the best in organic

Akhil Meshram

Thank you god bless u

Rebecca Freant

The way that you present this information is beautiful. My professor, as great as he is, "Chalk Talks" everything, and his slide notes are not worth a dime. Therefore, I write everything in a notebook and it looks a huge mess. Your presentation is stunning and easy to follow, and I can make my own cheat sheets as practice for exams using your videos. Thank you!

Eden Abraham


Nikki Love

Okay, so Leah... Im on week 6 out of 10 of Organic two, Our instructor has made this a flipped class, we spent organic 1 learning FG's and naming, Orgo 2 has been nothing but reactions. I barely passed orgo 1, and only discovered your videos recently. Soo I may end up failing orgo 2, if I do, keep your eye open, I'll be seeing you for tutoring =D

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Thank you!

Anonymous Anonymous

Thanks! I hope this is enough...


Leah...Will you marry me!? I have muscles lol

adf adf

Go slower pls

Kritim Bista

4:38 unless you say those words like Leah, you ain’t there yet.

Hà Minh

OMG this 11 minute vid is more precious than hours of lectures and other vids online

Sourav Sharma

Im from india

Harry Lee

@Leah great presentation of chemistry lecture using a combination of fade in and out and real-time equation writing(?). Just a genuine respect comment from another online lecturer

Kem Nwadei

beautifully done! I understand these reactions much better now:)) Thank you so much for your videos!

Santosh Gupta



Wow you know your stuff. Covered everything my professor taught

Harnoor Singh


Shohruh Shamanov

DAT are videos are diamond.

I'm preparing for DAT

Sajad Zain

hey thanks 4 all video i like it but can i ask U Q?................if we have double bond and -cl,br or any halogen atom ...we start numbring from the double bound or from halogen atom?

Winnie 위니


Nur Syara

thnkyou so much .

Rahman chaudhry

Mam ur voice is so attractive ?

Naveen Anand

good job

Asaad Abdulla

thank you very much for illustration

zeeger shah

Wow mam good

vivek reddy

In the addition of just 1 mole of bromine to 1 mole of hex 1 yne, should the hex 1 yne be added to a bromine solution or should the bromine be added to the hex 1 yne?


Merci infiniment.

Bacon S

thank you so much!

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nice video.. plss.. upload one vdo of all reagents..!

أسامة الباقر Osamah Albaqer

Can you tell me, whst is the program that you use it to write similar to that?

SmaIIz 14

This chick's taught me more than anything my professor gives or any videos he sends us to watch.

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You were going a bit too fast. But thank you for the summary


thanks medam


Best teacher

Omnya Ayman

Wonder ful channel

Polina H

I keep hearing about the quiz with alkynes, but I cannot find it. Could someone help me please?


I really like the your channel , it is helping me a lot , thank you so much. Can you please please make a detailed mechanism video about Hydroboration-oxidation and Hydroboration- protonolysis ?


just what I needed. thank you!

U Square

which software do you use to make YouTube chemistry videos


Thank you


Nice Videos

Ech エクPhillip フィリプ

How timely! We just finished talking about alkynes yesterday! Great video as always. This will be helpful for studying for finals next week!


I have 2 questions please
Would bh3 work as well? Cause I heard it works but r2B would be more selective to the internal Alkynes

My second question would be why are there no rearrangements? Sometimes we could get an allylic more stable carbocation

Noor iraq

plz I want some thing about mass speactor


What the fuck.


THANKS VERY VERY MUCH .YOU given me a best idea to learn ,, is there any method for learning all of isomers and also for chemical properties in organic chemistry

Tirth Raj Sharma

Nice work

Steven Kramer

Lindlar's...I like to call it Cisdlar's ;)

Risal Alungal

Awesome ?

shridhar dodamani

wow, completed all what my teacher taught, in 11 min.

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As great as this is, I really wish you had a series for all of the mechanisms like you do with alkenes. You've said it yourself over and over again, understanding the way something happens and why makes it easier to memorize later.

Makhlouf Bannoud

thank youuu

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It's never been late to learn something...though i messed up with my graduation in ochem but i m also thankful that i find u...i learn almost nothing in such a beautiful manner during my course...thank u madam for making ochem finally understandable...... PRANAM to you from INDIA...???


Dankeschööööön, Leah! :)


something important to note: for the syn metal additions, the added H's (or D's) will both be a dash or a wedge. youll end up with at least 2 stereoisomers in which the dashes turn to wedges and vice versa.

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rajalaxmi parida




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Best video I ever saw

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