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SUPER DEFINED WASH N' GO w/ THE DOUX Wash & Go Collection For ALL Hair Types! ONE Product Wash & Go!

583 views | 12 Jan. 2021

Hey Everyone! In this

Hey Everyone! In this video, I am using The Doux's New Wash and Go Collection for all hair types. I got the most super defined wash and go yet! I hope that you guys enjoy the video! Thank you for watching! XOXO

Products Can Be Found Here:



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This was an amazing review! I got them a week ago (shampoo and gel) and I want to try a wash n go with them especially after you tried it. I hope to get 5-day hold with it before washing it because I notice that some wash and gos, as well as wet puffs, get my hair tangly when left too long. How many days did you achieve with this line of products?

T Sanders


Monica .Grayson

I like the deep conditioner


Thank you so much for this review - You have convinced me to try the Pop Lock!! I need that crunch :D Your results are beautiful :)

A.Renee Pugh

This is an amazing review! I just ordered Pop Lock. Can you tell us how big the pop lock bottle is? (How many ounces). I couldnt tell from the website.


Hey there! Looks like your really liked the deep conditioner... it looked really moisturized when you applied it. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this line. They have mousse too, right?

Beautiful curls and your hair is so long!


im using the shampoo and gel in the morning


At 10:50 “It looks a lil fro-y” ???


Overall I am happy with this collection. The Doux is one of my favorite brands--their stylers are basically all I use. The shampoo was just okay on my hair but i used it on my 7 year old today and it helped me to detangle and left his hair so soft, it wasn't stripped and felt very clean. I used the refresh to take my 5 day wash and go to a braid out and it did beautifully. It applied a bit sticky and that scared me but the end result was shiny, hydrated, and soft hair.

A Anderson

Awesome video Katrina! I have the pop lock glaze but I’ve been afraid to use it before I saw any reviews?. Yours was perfect and I think I will try it this weekend??

Scrubs definition

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Trump Camp Claims Dem Governor Called For Assassination Saying "86 45" Wikipedia SCRUBS Definition

443 948 views | 18 Oct. 2020


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Steve Louallyn

Why would they add/subtract a word they communicate in code. Good find, but even if it's nothing it needs to taken seriously till proven otherwise. Arrest her and send a message she will start singing like a canary watch the dominos fall

Pat Rec

The Wikipedia definition was '84ed.

Scentaur Fragrance

Democrats are evil

WIcked Blue

she needed a secret service visit


Urban dictionary has 8645 listed as a sneaky way to support getting rid of Donald trump and that's dated Nov 8,2017...wikipedia version of killing someone was just added a few months ago in July? A trumpet added it to make democrats look bad.

Greg Sloan


tanya stewart

i was born in the 70s....and 86 used in conjunction with a person meant to get rid of as to kill...i grew up knowing that.....however like in the example you used...86 the pickles...yes...that means to get rid of...to nix....but whitmer has such a hatred for trump...as do a lot of the other democrats....here's the thing...if they really meant it as just ejecting him from office they never would've altered the definition....she needs to be held accountable for it....so i'm wondering ....if people started wearing 86 gretchen whitmer shirts or have it on stickers what would happen...hmmmmmm....and you must remember the media/big tech is complicit and in bed with the democrats...they will do whatever they can to protect a democrat....but if a republican has that....all hell would've broken loose....

-Q- Madam Q

I'm one of the people who reported her on twitter, to the FBI and secret service. I don't care we can't take any chances


Bullshit since I was a child 86 was to kill

biloboly gregsmith

cant nearly anyone make or edit a wiki page?

Dr. Pendyke

I literally detest this broad, she is HORRIBLE...looking...her voice....her policies.....everything.

Droo Stale

The irony is that the left owns academia and they themselves say Wikipedia is bogus and not a real source of info, yet they still edit it to cover their tracks.


Without her job she's just a crazy cat lady.

Michael haywood

So let's '86 the democratic party... buy the current wiki definition of course.

Kathy McMullen

Very creepy and she is evil. She knows exactly what they is showing and saying. Shame on her ass.
86 has been around a lot time.

Yazmeli Ayzol

By definition Hoffa couldn't be 86d under the football field as it's not 80 miles out...

Halfcock45 45

Why would it be taken down, if not nefarious? WHAT IF the radical right kidnappers were actually lefturds (Juicey Smallet) to make Trump supporters look crazy? and yes the SHEriff could easily be in on it. Crazy as hell right? Does it fit the lefturd narrative? Could it have been another Snowden on the inside with no way to warn his/her/it people that Raids are on the way? Also Timbo you say FEEL a lot, a real shit ton lot, is that head, heart or Gut Feeling? Trust your Gut, everything else is irrelevant.


It’s just throwing their logic and humorless attitude back at them. If a republican had an 8644 thingy 5 years ago it would dominate the news cycle for a week!


Come on Tim she means KILL ?????

Zak Adams

I don't think it's so casual, remember she is the governer that supposedly survived a kidnapping attempt by "republican terrorists". I doubt she would be so careless

Raven Blackheart

Tim doesn't believe the origin of the term "86" but believes some crazy sh** about the word "orientation".


Im still trying to figure out when Kaitlyn B. Jenner became governor of Michigan. ??

None Ya

It's past time the entire Democrats Communist party was 86'd right along with there dam fake media's and it's time we the people stop taking what they want to offer us and start taking what is ours and offering them the opportunity to live the rest of there corrupt ass behind bars or hang by there dam necks!!!


i would completely give a flying .. about the numbers in the background of gretchen whitmer's appearance .. it's pathetic but .. who cares
but the media and big tech reaction to it is mindbogling

Cariss Stewart

"I bet there's someone you can 86 real quiet like - and get me some lunch." ~ Audrey II, Little Shop of Horrors
I'm sorry. I know leftists who casually joke about harming Trump supporters. This is just another example of the increased acceptance of using violent rhetoric against political opponents. Don't excuse them.

Jim Barry

We are being real Tim these fucking people are nuts man

jason augimeri

I bet you think the earth is flat and you have multiple registration stickers on all corners of your license plate.

JChris Carter

I enjoyed your video... I think your intellect is Keen... Not quite as Keen as mine but a not-so distant second


Changing definitions and altering articles to fit their narrative isn't anything out of the ordinary, the definition of racism has been changed multiple times most recently not even a year ago. They also changed Cecil Rhodes' wiki article fairly recently when people started figuring out white supremacy was rooted in liberalism, literally the first thing it said about him was that he was a white supremacist, now he's just an alleged white supremacist hidden at the bottom of the opening paragraph.


Did anyone notice the ice hunter book on the shelf behind her head. I'd bet on she was trying to send out a coupling messages. JUST SAYIN....

Matty J

Here's when it was added: https://youtu.be/iYQ57nUPYL0

Kanye Yeetus

If she was calling for him to voted out then she should’ve said that. She used 8645 cause she wants him killed and she can’t come out and say that directly so she used 86, so she can still claim she just meant voted out. Stop protesting that crazy bitch.

Attila Pataki

they see dogwhistles everywhere but this is okay to them?


Editing the page is now locked. Of course you're not allowed to fix it to be correct.

Turd Ferguson

Tim isn't smart as people thinks he is. Of course they want Trump dead. Look at how they killed Lincoln and Kennedy and to think something like that can't happen again shows how naive Tim really is.

JoAnn Kay

Doesn’t the change in information make you think of Orwell’s 1984? ?


C'mon, man! Don't let that bitch off the hook. She should be indicted on charged of threatening the President's life. She literally said to vote for Biden if you want to be allowed to go to church. Like she is suspending peoples' liberties and holding them hostage until they get what they want.

When I was in High school, pre-Columbine, BTW, if anyone said 86 anyone there, it would have been interpreted as a death threat and whoever made that statement would have been possibly expelled. In any workplace I've ever been in, if anyone said anything about 86ing anyone, they would have been escorted off the property by security, someone would have their effects delivered to them, and they might have been questioned by the police.

We should not give this bitch the benefit of the doubt.

Raven Blackheart

She really looks deranged.

Donavon Robbins

Sherman Potter said it slot when he was telling somebody to get rid of something or stop doing something.

Also, Article 86 refers to AWOL.

Throw Out- on a rotary dial phone, 8=T, 6=O.

Howard McRae

Bwahaha ?. “Crazy, wine mom.” Nailed it.

Max Powers

I don't understand why Tim keeps giving these politicians the benefit of the doubt. Politicians kill innocent people in 3rd world countries all the time, to benefit companies, so that the politician and their family can get money from that company. It makes more sense to just assume the worst about these people at this point.

Not everyone is a good person, and politicians are amongst the worst.

Mike Shuga

FYI, this wiki page has been edited almost 200 times now since this video went up 2 days ago and is now up for deletion consideration...


Let’s get real. It obviously just means to unelect him. Why is this getting any airtime?


Only AOC could think of something like 8645 cos she was bartender and behind the bar, bartenders use 86 all the time.

Erin Burkhalter

Well YouTube unsubscribed me from your channel!!! ??‍♂️ I’m now back subscribed ?


9:20 Response to this would be a blockchain based encyclopedia

Pamela Holtzman


Wildride Gaming

The internet the #1 source of information and the #1 source of misinformation. Where wikipedia just so happens to be one of the top sources for both.


Learned something new. Never heard of the term 86 before.

Non-Biological Self-Identification

8/6/45 as a date in history is also the day the U.S. dropped the first nuke


she should talk this coming from a person who herself was the target of a hit job ..idk who exactly she'd be encouraging to do such a thing when no one likes her

Austin Taylor

But it is wikipedia. Doesn't that mean this kind of stuff is extremely likely to happen?

Arthur Hamilton

That psychotic governor blames Trump for anti-government fanatics that was planning on kidnapping her. Now, she is sublimely, sending messages to off Trump. Wonder how many other Democrat governors, senators and representatives have been sending the same message, since 2016. She accidently got caught because she messed up.


86 is actually short order cook slang, iirc. when the kitchen is out of something, the cook calls out "86 the cheese" so the waitresses won't sell it anymore.

JChris Carter

You're all right.

Lynn Kochanski

He's really stretching this one.

Gauge Ray

I respect Tim, but his liberal naivete is showing. It's ridiculous that she's calling for his assassination ". Oh they changed the definition.....?

Halfcock45 45

RU486- Abortion pill, Are you for 86.

-Q- Madam Q

He had 29 attempts on his life


For one if wikipedia didn't say it before July yet it was there long before..how can you blame anyone for it being removed? How do you know it wasn't a trump supporter who added it in the first place to make it look like the 86 45 meant to kill instead of remove? And wikipedia can be edited by anyone, its not just a tool to help Democrats..

J Peg

Just like "preference" was changed in Webster's dictionary to "offensive", the day after ACB used the term "sexual preference" in her democratic interrogation

Blaizel Lee

Bombastic absurdity? Like all the left voicing burn it down? Or Maxine calling to harass politicians and the opposing party? Look what that led. So you seem naive to think it isn't exactly what it is.

Rick Matsokotere

This is why I don't donate to Wikipedia

Matthew Lippa

Oh Tim bias, if any right winger said this, you would state that 86 means to brutally murder. At least your not bias with facts, but your "complicated'' viewpoints really suck

Matt Urso

Those are comms...

larry phelps

we'll keep making excuses for the left .
it's like affirmative action for idiots.

Deni RN

My #Italian Granddad,
( #GRAVEDIGGER during the 1930’s) explained EXACTLY what to #86 someone means or at least meant, till Wikipedia changed it.
Whitmer at the very least, needs to be 86 in the more recent restaurant terms, not the ORIGINAL 1930’s traditional one...#BootleggerHitman terms! ⚰️
Wikipedia needs to be 86.

Autodidact Polymath

If Trump supporters chanting LOCK HER UP is a call to violence then so is this.


Crap like this is why most schools don't allow wikipedia to be used as a source material. It's too easy to tamper with, which explains why the left like to cite it so much.


The wicked witch of the north is most definitely a commie shill and would love nothing more than what the ACP(American Communist Party) wants: Trump out of office, by any means necessary.


From what I have found, the "killing someone" bit has only been there since May 10th, 2020. I haven't gone through the whole history, so it could pop up elsewhere.


Whitmer is sounding dumber and dumber every day.


It's obvious WHY they changed it. They don't want to be investigated but I got a feeling some democrat politician governors is TRYING to, you know and THEY don't want the FBI to investigate them.

Old Time Farm Boy


Clyde Cavalieri

This is akin to changing the dictionary after the fact. Bill Clinton would have loved this. "It depends what your definition of is is, and I did not have sex with that woman. Look it up for yourself in the dictionary. See if sex includes oral contact."


6:35 This reminds me of 1984. Changing the definitions of words and calling the old meanings "typos" is some seriously demented shit.

Terri Carson

You're ignorant. Dems want him dead.

mark lopez

Hahaha, they 86’d 86

Jane Nutter

I think it's funny that you say Wikipedia is worse than old encyclopedias, then say mainstream media is even worse. Publishing houses were the mainstream media of their time. "Things aren't getting worse, they're just getting more obvious."

Paula KY Red

Why chill? It would be top trending everywhere and calls for charges, if the party rolls were reversed ‼️ I’m getting tired of this one sided narrative we are living under. ?


this is kind of a strech since its is used to just get rid of something most of the time the killed version is kind of meh

Dylan Schmidt

Hey I listen to your show on iTunes, and have never viewed your YouTube page- but this segment was just “recommended” to me by YouTube. Shadow ban lifted?

Lens Cap

Is this like the OBL videos...86 at left is "stand down", 86 at right is "needs attention now"...?
Try a real paper dictionary for definitions...

L.M. McCormick

Excellent investigative work ?

Marshal Arnold

I've always known to 86 means to kill someone. That lady is a complete moron for having that purposely in her shot. Imaging if that was 86/44 on Trumps table. Pretty sure the media would be all over this.

Ted Zink

Every single government employee SWEARS to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of rights and must be removed immediately after violating that oath. The problem with online investigation is that sites can be edited at any point to alter the content and/or definitions. Seen it first hand with the term Fascism.

Carol S

Why don't you ask Whitmer what it means to her and let her admit or deny that she was calling for the assassination of the President?

Puck 269

Kinda disturbed that this didn't show up in my sub feed

Daniel Wilcox

What scares me the most out of this , is that how many other factual history points have they removed to suit narratives before


Very Orwellian. In the novel, teams were constantly revising news, history and dictionaries.

Carol S

But on second thought it doesn't matter what it means to her, but what it means to those individuals who saw it.

Toddfather Gaming

In case you haven't looked lately, the page is being considered for deletion.

And Orwellian was the word you were looking for.

BofA Deeznuts

Fuck, I hope Gretchen Whitmer gets 86’ed

Remington Smooth

I think Trump is kind of obligated to harp on this as if it was a threat only because you know if the roles were reversed this would be good for a solid 3 days of the news cycle, but come on man.

Lester Chua

Which is why Wikipedia and online articles are not recommended for research. Because you cannot cite them and expect them to exist without changes.

Matt S

didn't Merrium Webster change the definition of a word during the Supreme Court Nominee?

vudek coomzos

They are mentally preparing you for the news cycle that we will see.

Shaquesse Jones

86 literally means 8 feet long 6 feet deep. Dimensions used for digging graves.

Jay Thomas

Tim. I know you attempt to not be fanatical and jump to conclusions, but you really don't know what Whitmer is thinking. You keep saying "she doesn't really want to kill President Trump" but you're assuming. Love your work btw


She has a maritime war flag hanging up, not the title 4 flag. This is fully intentional as this flag does not represent our Republic and nor does she. Nothing in this image is by mistake. You are looking at an enemy of the people. POTUS is just highlighting this as it is totally blatant. Remember, symbolism will be their downfall.

Scrubs definition

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Definition of scrubs

67 views | 26 May. 2015

2nd host GB dispute

2nd host GB dispute

Call of Duty® Advanced Warfare



Your Laugh