Natural remedies for dark spots

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2 170 815 views | 29 Jul. 2017

This video will teach you

This video will teach you how to eliminate Dark Marks, Acne Scars and Face Blemishes from your Skin.

All you need is Apple Cider Vinegar and Water.

Kindly watch video to see the full treatment.

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Katende maria jascent


Ambre Camara

You are so beautiful. Thanks for this video. Kiss from Paris ?

Perfect Nicolelyn

I thought you were wearing make-up. Your skin is BEAUTIFUL!

lhen dimaapi

hello! your skin is soooo beautiful!!!
i will try it! but may i ask if can i use other brand of apple cider? Bragg brand right?! with 5% acidity if i understand well?! i need answer soon! thank u sooo much girL for your simple beauty tips! ???

Kelly nono

it wirkst good

Janita Kirby

Ms. Lady, I appreciate the knowledge you putting down, but DAMN You TALK to much...

Cincinnati to Atlanta

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp of water or one tablespoon of honey cotton ball wipe it on your face go to sleep wake up in the morning wash your face do this every day?

kamati martin

So want your doing ts on harder or on strength do not lose yur talents

tellex rocsy

Hay you talk too much

Player O

Do I use on a freshly washed face or can I apply anytime in the day?

Ify Njoku

is like face cleanser, but what if i stop using it hope my face won't get darker

Nadine Facey

It brings out the spots on my face more

Omos Lingulin

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Stir Fry

Such a great remedy. MAY God bless you.

Melanie Nita

this is my second day and my face looks the same but am still doing it. more pimple came

Shellai s Bell

You Tallk way To much just get to the point please ?????

Shantale Siyoni

How much honey do you dilute it?

Mercy Ibikunle

Not working for me o I have an out break and the spots haven't cleared

N Walsh

Your video was very helpful. Thank you so much. I am going to try your remedy and definitely will comment about my results. Starting today July 11th, 2019.

Candy Candy

Been doing this for abt 2 weeks, it works...

Melisa John

Can I apply over my body ???

Okum Jeremiah

Hw can I get the apple cider

Simply Me

Does regular vinegar work?

Ase Jones

Those things ruined my skin, trust me it spoilt me completely

Nengi Horsfall

So basically she put a full table spoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with a table spoon of what to avoid stinging leave it for 10-20 minutes, or she sleeps with it overnight then go ahead and wash it of . Thanks dear for the video . ❤️❤️

Nicholina Ohemaa Afriyie

Please Tomi...can I use white vinegar instead?

Lily Mars

So anyone that has tried this, did it clear your acne scars? Pls reply ?

Aigbehi Omohan

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Gracepiration Motivations

Your skin is so beautiful sista

Houcine Nyange

This truly works thank you! I've been using apple cider vinegar & water for 2-3 weeks and seeing great results! Also used apple cider vinegar & honey even better!

Sylvia Ada

I have flat warts on my face what should I use please?. I ve tried almost all kinds of stuff but it wont go away so annyoing

Ruth Odia

Please how can I get it ma?

Adekoya sikiru

Good job sis !!!

Clara K. Mallah



You are so pretty!!!!!!

Sparkles Brite

Hm I have tried so much things this won't hurt I guess

Ganiyat Adeola

Am using apple cider vinegar for 4 days now but my face is getting darker than before please what should I do


Guys I swear it works

The voice of me

Next time please go straight to the point we already know ACV thank you ejo po


Thanks for sharing darling

Chantel Anyanwu

I really needed this! Thanks for sharing ????

T e s s a

Your face is so so pretty sis! God bless you ✨

Mamta Arora

How long did it took to cure your skin pls tell? Like an year or months?

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Cruz Jenny

Can I use any of the apple cider ?

Alvina Ndebele

I never diluted it lol guess i dnt have sensitive skin plus i am used to acids on my skin

Charles Chris

Because l have dack sports

Kirabo Anita stacey

Can Apple cider American garden work

njide chukwumezie


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Ernestina Abapoli

Do you use tomato along side ACV?

bella osaro

Can I rub it all over my body both leg

Victoria Marie

Are you a Cameroonian?

Clara K. Mallah

She's so beautiful. Clean skin.

mera Kay

Awesome video thankyou so much sista

MzJamaica Mee

You are so Beautiful !

Mbongeya Noella


P.P Mncube

My question is what do you applying your face after using this solution, because my face gets dry and itchy?


Does this work with regular vinegar as well?

Ene Audu

Can I use it on my legs?

Lola Red

I’m starting today

don oyster

Are you related to skepta

Pedosky Xoft

Does dis works for men??

Kemigisha Joyce

I lyk yo skin looks smooth,hw about using it on infected finger nail?

Natalie Campbell

She is soo pretty ?

Vanessa Anthony

So it only apple cider vinegar you use???


I use this and tea tree oil as a toner. Works great!

Minnette Campbell

Wow the way you are so beautiful I cannot stop staring at you. Wowww

Ingrid F

I poured little of the acv in my clean and clear face wash n it helped in clearing my clogged pores in just one use

Amumpeire Sheillah

Two days n my skin is already showing good signs why dint i find this sooner

Aset Kemet

I would never want to lighten my skin! That’s the only reason why I’m scared to use the Apple cider vinegar

First Kiss

Please can i used the one in the fridge

Stella Okoroafor

Please help me,where can I get apple cider vinegar in Nigeria,and how much


tutorial starts at 2:30

Violet Moraa


HeYBAbeS Xox

Is this healthy for teens? x

Thomas Thawng

I always see people with beautiful skin everywhere I go and it seems as if the world is against me and I'm all alone with my acne face. But, looking at the comment section made me feel better because I'm not alone. If only I could meet you guys in real life to share my pain TT - TT

Ene Audu

I will try it and see


Why do you keep reposting the same video content? Isn't one video enough?

Charles Chris

I am. Black beautiful but this dacksport make me bad ,l want to be more than you Ton you have nice colour thanks.

Njoku Joy

Am actually inlove with your hair.. what do you do to it

Keren Osabutey

What face wash do you use in addition to this

Charles Chris

Hi ,but me i used Toothpaste to apply for my face,can l use this toi

David Raymond

Hi! Pls I'm a black guy and i want to know if I can applied it on foot because my foot is darker than my body


Can I use white vinegar

Mr 3K A Day

I thought her fine ass ? was wearing make up ??‍♂️?

Nita 83

You're so beautiful ?

Aset Kemet

Wow your gorgeous!

Esther Quayson

Won't it bleach the skin

Lonhlupheko Food Liner Supermarket

You are living proof that black women are stunning

Claire Ejiogu

Hi can I can I apply it on my neck?

Akinwumi Ayomide

Can I use it everyday?

Nomphelo Ndima

Love your complexion girl?...melanin popping all the way ❤❤❤

Chez Skin

Hi Tomi what if ur acne n dark spot is at a result of hormonal imbalance what do u do pls reply been trying this but it goes n comes bCk thank you

Susan Omon

I just got my Heinz apple cider vinegar today; starting my own treatment tonight and I cant wait to come and testify. I tried the Irish potatoes tutorial you did though, but it itches my face and I wasn't getting results after 2 weeks so I had to stop (so much of pimples and dark spots on my face and neck). Anyways I love your videos. You're a darling

Dani A Michael

Just Love your lips.. thats what I was looking at till the end of the video... thanks for the lesson ok.. Gonna introduce it to my friend

Molly Sagina

I have the apple cider vineager but im too lazy to do the simple thing. I will try from this week

Lilieth Fox

You look like an snapchat filter?

Busayo Esther

Can I use it for spot on my leg


Thanks a lot for sharing this. I'm still suffering from acne and got black spots all over my face. I have apple cider vinegar at home and didn't know it works for acne,wow! I'm gona try this today till i get the result! God bless you Tomi. ❤ from Ghana.

Noma M

Im going to buy Apple cider vinegar i cannot wait. Ur skin is clear and u beautiful ??