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Vortex Razor Red Dot Sight

250 503 views | 15 Apr. 2013

The Vortex Razor is a

The Vortex Razor is a aluminum framed 1.4oz mini-reflex red dot sight. Vortex has been known for building good quality affordable optics for several years. The Razor is their latest entry into the red dot sight market, and I believe they've upped their game with this new sight. It's well made, durable and offers many of the same features found on more expensive sights. Vortex also offers a lifetime warranty, something the other makers don't offer (like Trijicon).

The downside is that it's a bit bigger and doesn't sit as low as sights like the RMR. On the upside it's several hundred less expensive and it's tough enough to use on a defensive weapon.

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Ed Burns

Excellent video. I really like your comparative product analysis and recommendations.  

Sam Taylor

how well does the razor hold up to the recoil of a 12 Ga. does it keep its zero well?


I'd pick up this Razor if the price were say $300 ish (I do like Vortex and have two Strikefires). But, since a Trij RMR is only $200+ more I would go for the RMR instead. Also, the battery life on the Trij is 4 years vs. the Vortex's 1 year. For me, that is worth the price difference alone (jmho). Great review as always MAC. v/r Hondo.

Phantom Hemi

Fast fire 3 is on Amazon right WITH a mount included now for $215 with free shipping.

Lizard King

I see that you have the Razor mounted in the rear sight post. I have a G34 MOS. Looking at mounting the Razor, but need sights...because Murphy's Law. The Razor sits pretty high on the MOS. Are you aware of any sights that will clear the height of the Razor in the case of a malfunction with the Razor?

Gunship Flex

Great review MAC ..

Mississippi Knife Nut

your better off saving your money and get a venom or viper for around 230 or 240, i just bought me a venom for 190

jehmin jung

will you ever have a comparison of this with a Vortex Venom?


Burris FastFire III is much better than the FastFire II and still half the price of the Vortex.

James Sage

Stay away from trying to sell things when you don't know what your talking about. Fist fire's come with mounts and adds only twenty additional dollars to the cost the Fast fire III is only 249 also you don't have to remove the fast fire site III to replace the battery. 

Joel Williams

You guys basically inspired me to buy my Tavor 5.56 a couple years ago, based on your wonderful review & live fire demonstrations.

You pretty much convinced me to get this little #, over the Burris FastFire III.

My 1 stop shoppe for intell gathering on all things fire arms. CHEERS!!!


This is how a weapons and accessories review is suppose to be like no BS, music in the back ground just real fun facts on the product. Great job I'm subscribing right now thanks 


MACRAZOR code is not working.  Any suggestions?

Deplorable Dave

Price on Amazon is $399 with free two day shipping for Prime members. $349 shipped for a refurbished unit that still comes with Vortex lifetime warranty. I have had 100% luck with any "refurbished" optic.
 Usually they are unused open box that are indistinguishable from a new one. (Thank God for spell check. LOL)

The Triple Rider

Be American, buy American.


On the slide of a pistol it must be pretty tough. Whooda thunk it 20 years ago?

A. Foster

$279.95 on GovX right now.

Patrick Huszarik

getting one of these with an offset mount for my AR. kinda want one on my glock 23/19 do i have to have a rail milled into my slide?


You lost me when you said price is four hundred......and I backed out of the video. Lol

Concho Pete

What are your thoughts on the Leupold Deltapoint as a reflex sight for an M4?

Phantom Hemi

You can pick a mount up for under $50. Way to much for a red dot.

James Ladnier

Is it made in America is the question

Pat Bensen

Do you still have your Razor?How is it holding up?

mark cummings

U get what u pay for...... Vortex wins in my book lifetime unconditional warranty hands down!


What's the battery life lookin like?

BRK 12

Can i put 6 MOA dot vortex razor on my Mossberg 590 shotgun?Is dot be too big for shotgun?I can't buy 3 MOA version.


Discount code no longer works. :(

Jim Rozzi

Fantastic...I am impressed I like it !


Did those boards come from IKEA? ;)


awesome review.  you sold me on it when you dropped it like 4 times!    I have a sparc 1 and 2.  vortex makes good, accurate, reliable sights.  I am looking for a micro red dot for my Scorpion EVO 3 SBR.   Unless the Venom or Viper look better when they come out, my EVO will be sporting a Razor.  Thanks for the review MAC.


Those are nice...love my Bushnell trs 25 tho...its rugged and has a great red dot.

Mr P.N.Z

Sweet im sold.

DJ Ryan

Why do you prefer the 3 MOA over the 6? Easier to see target?

Nate Gahman


Craig Wildfeuer

Now the fun part, finding a set of sights that co-witness with this RDS on a G19 MOS.


I am interested in buying a Razor for my G41 MOS, and I would also like to replace the factory sights with some form of night sights with Tritium tubes. I like the look and height of the Ameriglo Suppressor sights, but not sure if the co-witness will line up. Anyone that has dealt with this before please feel free to leave some info that may help my search for the right combination of night sights with the Razor for co-witness.


Are you getting paid by razor or something? “This one is $200 *and then you speed up and say quickly*, this one is $480 just a little bit more”

A little bit more? Two and a half times the price? $280 more? That’s just a little bit? If that’s just a little bit to you, I think you’re alone there.

Sam Rumade

Mine is junk.


Great Video !!!

Jed Kenneth Bernardo

what do you guys think about mounting this rds on a 45 degree offset rail?

George Walker, Jr.

What mount is that on the Glock??

J. Colon

What were the attachments you had on the glock?! Is that a 50 round?!


If you buy this sight off of primary arms they'll throw in a free primary arms 3x magnifier and thumb screw mount.


You were a Colonel in the Marine Corps?


My reflex sight is way off i cant figure out how to zero it

Colorshine Painting

Has anyone attached this sight to a rifle with a magnifier in front of it?? if someone has id like to do it. Not sure if this sight is too small for a magnifier though!!

Nate Gahman

its burris. not burrist. and its vortex. not vortec.


ive seen it for 399.00 retail

John Doe

Great review.
Now I want one.

Salvador Sanchez

I lost interest when you said the price.

Nelxon M.

What is a vortek?


This or the Vortex Venom?

United States of Embarrassment

you said you hate the dual illuminated RMR, what exactly is it you hate about it?

Jax Jocson

hey MAC do you have any vids on EOtech?

Dalton P

Vortex= 3 moa dot, Trijicon= remove zero when changing batteries. I CANT WIN.


2nd for USA. I'm getting the rmr for my s&w core m&p


VorTech? :-) why not EOTex then, or Trijisun while we are just pronouncing them however we feel like it? :-) just busting chops man, great review, I'm going to pick up the VorTech:-)

Camp Carnage

thank you for taking the time to put this comprehensive review together. It was exactly the type of review I was looking for in my search for a red dot sight.

Lyle Johnson

and the Burris ff3 auto adjusts...


Do a review of the Insight Technoloryg MRDS

Jack Smith

RMR 06/07 can be had for $350.00

David C

You drop that one more time and I'm coming through the cam and gonna smack you.

lol I'm getting one of these thanks to your review. 


thanks you just made this my next optic

Billy Weeks

Stop with the infomercials.


Great review :)


Wish I learned about this before I got my hands on an RMR06 but $600 later I've come to love the look, performance and ultra low profile of it but re-zeroing my G19 after a battery swap kinda sucks though that occurs once a year so it's not that bad, just embarrassing having misses wide groups for a bit. Though I'm still open for another red dot and Vortex's warranty is pound-for-pound superior to Trijicon's.


Mac you forgot about the Vortex warranty. Unconditional lifetime warranty.


Damn, the price has jumped up quite considerably in 3 years..


Seems funny to me the same guys who hated C-More now love the same stuff simply because its made by someone else..when the C-More optics are FAR FAR better in overall quality.  C-More were the first to engineer their optics to mount DIRECTLY TO A MOVING SLIDE...


I bet that little red dot sight would be perfect for a Marlin 336 rifle for deer hunting!

Tom Mohr

Thanks for the great video, I purchased the Razor for my Beretta 92fs based on your review.

Brandon Melikian

$479 is the msrp price you can grab them for like $350 online. awesome products with an even better warranty. you can literally throw a grenade @ any of your vortex products and they will rebuild or [email protected] no cost


Does anyone know what knife he was using at 8:18?

Paul Bargo

Vortex has the best warrant period

Adam Johnson

Have you ever tried the Eotech MRDS?


I love Vortex products, and I hate being a stick in the mud, but they aren't made in the USA and being a small business owner really has me doubling my efforts in regards to supporting businesses that make their stuff here and employ American workers. Trijicons are built by American hands in Michigan.. Vortex is built in China and the Philippines. Great review as always MAC.

Blake Iron

500 dollars. shit. I'm just an E4. anyone know if there is a place that has these for a lower price?

Raz Fiasco

Can someone please do a review of the Armasight MCS Daytime Sight?I've been trying to decide between this or the MCS but have not been able to find any reviews on the MCS.I like the MCS because of the NV compatibility and the included protector and sunshade.Plus,the MCS is only $300 compared to this at $479.Thanks.


Can it handle the recoil from a 44 mag desert eagle? Looking for an optic for my desert eagle in the 44mag and maybe the 50ae.

Michael Juliano

Hm. You keep adding a t to Burris when you say Burris Fast Fire, and you keep saying Vortec instead of Vortex.


Great video!!!!! I learned a lot about the vortex. Will buy it soon.

Lyle Johnson

don't bust on the burrist fast fire too much...lol...I have a Burris Fast fire 3 and it it pretty solid. these reviews get too cheesy. you sound like a used car salesman.

Pat Bensen

Do you still have the Razor?How is it holding up?

A Stang

DeltaPoint Pro is twice the optic this is. And made in USA! And can be had for under $400. Vortex is trying to pry their way into the market with this "unconditional warranty". All well and good, but the only thing Leupold won't cover is deliberate damage. I don't deliberately destroy my optics. I've talked to Leupold reps about the 2 year electronics warranty and they said they've never not fixed a red dot or rangefinder that was sent back, as long as the damage wasn't intentional.
I want to support US workers. I buy Leupold.

James Lawson

Thanks for the review.


This answers my quetion that it will take a shotgun recoil. Anyone know what muzzel brake is on the VEPR?

keenan walker

Idk about anyone else but him dropping that gun ad sight makes me cringe lol but glad he did it so I don’t have too ?


it works on his 12 gauge, should be fine with a .44


Any thoughts on the Fastfire III yet?

Texas Tool Vault

So 200 bucks from the vortex to the RMR is a game and mind changer but not the over 200 bucks vortex to the burris fast fire...lol

Nicholas Fox

Must have missed it but I would have like to see how bright or dim the red dot gets.


Does he show how it is installed?

Desert Duck

How does this compare to the Leupold Deltapoint?  The Deltapoint is closer to the Razor's price than the Trijicon RMR and Burris FastFire, and I like the triangle reticle but it also seems like the Deltapoint doesn't come with a pic mount...

011100011000101110 1010101111110

Hi. I have never used a red-dot sight. Im from norway and here its riflescopes all the way. I was wondering if a Razor or a Sparc would be a good choice on a Ruger 10/22 takedown? I Was thinking about low weight, and be able to get some optic that fit that bag the rifle comes with

salmon taco

I wonder if you had the newer FF3 with the protective mount at the time of this video if all these guys would get so emotional about it still.

Brass Heathen

3:54 You call that fun? your a sick man Mack ;p . That was the equivalent to seeing a classic car getting written off in a movie.... One word: Cringe.


Vortex all day every day

Joe Alexander

Geeze, I guess they went down in price a bit. I just paid $329 for my Vortex (not Vortec) Razor.


"Burrist FastFire"  lol

Red razor

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Razor Red Noise - Normal

5 639 views | 15 Jun. 2016

Follow me on Instagram:

Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/_alexmcmillan

matthew brown

i wont your lyrics for Razor Red Noise - Normal

Alex Andreyev

Astonishing lyrics. Really touched me


Been watching you since you did Linkin covers all those years ago. Always come back and hear your new music. Amazing how you have gotten better after all this time, why are you not famous and making albums for the masses? Your better than 98% of the crap out in stores.


amazing song~ very like~

Hiro Mahtava

I like this

minsoo kim

I'll be waiting for you!


Great lyrics


Love love love this :-D

Jaclyn Furnier

Omg it'so strong, sends shivers down... ???

Steiger 1288

Omg i Love your Songs and your Great Voice !

Emanuel Lima

Brazil heree \o/, I like so much your job man!!!!!

Earth 1

They hacked the computer in my car, so I destroyed it, in the near future an asteroid is coming for planet earth, Elon musk has built a rocket, and I know what to do with this rocket, earth will die and I will be the death of her! Everyone is going to die! Come with me if you want to live!


good job man! long time fan! i would like to do some vocals with you. You can give me the lyrics and go from there. lmk if you want to!

David Čuj

WOOW best song :)

Liam Krimmel

Kinda sad about the Hiatus but I know it'll only lead you to more success Alex!


2020 still here

Honey Barapatre

Dead awesome song!!! ???? Loved it. Keep making music!! ???????

George White

Great song dude, remember you from all LP covers, you were the best at it. For maybe 5 years I haven't watched your videos until now, and here you are, making your own music, amazing music, wish you luck man, you deserve it to be at the top.


it's a nice song , nicely sung , i hope that you'll go far


Wow, that was amazing. Stunning vocals on this track. Keep up the great work!


<3<3<3 Thank You Alex :)


omg I used to download all of your covers onto my little ipod nano 6g :D
Now years later you're on Spotify!!


The sign of a truly talented musician is the ability to intrigue someone with a song that comes from a genre that person generally dislikes. I am not a fan of this kind of music, but this song I like. Very good stuff Alex. You've come far since we first met. You've don't have the views you used to have when you did Linkin Park covers, but you definitely should.

Earth 1

I need cocaine in the future

Earth 1

Venus might be a star, hidden as a planet, masking all other habitable worlds!

Alejandro González

awesome chorus, really enjoyed this track
Btw it would be nice if check out my tribute of you at souncloud.
"Living like in circles - Alex McMillan Tribute" ;)

Дима SV


Kelly Islas

beatifull.....:3 me encntas sigue asi soy de mexico, soy tu FAN :D


These lyrics are perfect right now. Thank you


you definitely have to update your mic bro, good job anyway !


Amazing song!


Woooow speechless...

Red razor

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Vortex Razor Red Dot

156 605 views | 18 May. 2012

A high-end red dot sight

A high-end red dot sight built for top-tier performance and ultimate versatility. http://www.vortexoptics.com/category/razor_red_dot


would this optic be ideal for use on a KSG? will it hold up to the repeated shock?

C Hammi

Will it work with vortex magnifler with slip mount?


Just picked up the Spitfire 3x and am planning on getting this to either mount on top of the spitfire or on a 45 degree mount. What it the battery life on the medium brightness setting?

rlcarr Carr

what are the dimensions of the sight window Is it bigger than the RMR . AND what Is the max depth of water for the razor how much does it weight and can I match it with the vortex 3x magnifier


Just took the Razor red-dot out today for the first time on a light weight AR build. With a 1/2" riser and the included picatinny mount it co-witnesses perfectly with Magpul gen2 backup sights.. Incase anyone has one and has noticed the adjustment screws still turn while the "lock" screw is tightened, I found that though the windage and elevation screws still turn and feel "tactile", the dot does not move. That is until the lock screw is loosened. This is my fifth Vortex optic and probably not the last. Keep up the good work guys.

Brutal Arms

I am wondering if you guys have done product testing of this product on 12 GA products.


what riser is that and is it high enough with factory front sight

Vortex Optics

We do not sell a mount like this- only the lower 1/3 cowitness quick release mount. Thanks again and please let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.

Sam Taylor

is there a quick release mount available for this on shotguns? which is better this one or the venum?

Vortex Optics

I'm not aware of any plans to do a green dot but I would be happy to pass along for you. I agree- that would be a cool addition to see! Thanks for the input, we appreciate it.

Vortex Optics

Thomas is right- the Razor has a very clean dot but the camera definitely does have a sharpening effect on it. Excellent quality, nonetheless!

Craig Wildfeuer

I have one of these on my G19MOS. It works great, but I am having difficultly finding sights tall enough to co-witness.

Alex M

So is there any chance you guys will make an AR height mount that attaches directly to the sight?


ok is that dot super imposed if that represents what it looks like its nicer than my aimpoint


Great video.  Which MOA would you recommend for a 12ga shotgun? thanks

Peter Acero

What MOA should I get for competition building a glock 34

George Treepwood

Jimmy is a great rep. He does not come off like a car salesman or a carney, Vortex has a great reputation and goo rather great customer service ..


What are these retailing for? o_0 I likes.


is there a mount for absolute co-witness available?

Sam Rumade

Not impressed with mine. First time I’ve used it,won’t turn off. Thought it may shut off automatically....wrong.....ran batt dead. Put in new battery,only way to turn off sight is remove battery,,....brother in law got a cheap China knock off on line that is way better than this. Paid 300 bucks..rip off....

rlcarr Carr

can I use a magnifier with it like the 3x vortex

Aaron M

Now that is a lady killer smile! Knock em dead!!


Will this sight handle the recoil of a Benelli M4 12 gauge with slugs? I have one for my Colt M4 and wanted to switch it over to my shotgun.

Vortex Optics

For more info on the Razor Red Dot including MSRP, where to buy, and detailed specs please see the link provided in the video description above.

Vortex Optics

imstricken06- It wouldn't let me reply to your comment for some reason but the clicks are positive enough to tell you are making clicks. Definitely softer clicks than a riflescope but there are definitely able to be felt. Thanks and please let me know if you have further questions. I would be happy to help. - Jimmy, [email protected]


how do you think this would preform on my desert eagle 50?


Tried one at Shot 2012 and was very impressed. What sort of mounts come in the box for these guys?

Vortex Optics

Thomas is right- the dot on the Razor is very clean but the camera seems to have an added sharpening effect on it. Excellent look to it, nonetheless!

Billy Bates Jr

How about lever action rifles ?

rlcarr Carr

battery life

William D.

I notice that you have this mounted on an American Defense AD-170-VPG mount. What type of co-witness would this provide with the MagPul Pro BUIS?

Thomas Harless

red dots always look better in pictures and on cameras. Im sure it's not quite that clear, and there's other factors in play like the operators eye condition etc.

Dean Grifin

could this be used for a 308 at Short range for a back up 45 degree adaptor got much this wiegh


GREAT ... Vortex 'bout to take more of my money.


does it attach directly to a picatinney rail without using an adapter?

Vortex Optics

@WildGunmenOsborne A picatinny rail mount and a CR 2032 Battery are included in the box with the Razor Red Dot. There are other mounting options that are available for purchase. See our website for Accessories in the Red Dot category.

Rebecca Griffin

the only thing keeping me from buying this is I would like to see atleast red and green reticle color options and multi reticle options. this was the main reason I bought the truglo red dot.

Vortex Optics

Elevation and windage are adjusted with an allen wrench which is included with the product.

Vortex Optics

Yes, this should hold up fine on top of any 12 gauge. Thank you for purchasing a Razor Red Dot and please let me know if there's anything else we can do for you.


Will the razor mount to a Glock 26 or is that too small?

Vortex Optics

Thank you for the feedback. We really appreciate that. Recently, the warranty was changed on our red dots to include them with the rest of our optics as having our unlimited unconditional lifetime VIP warranty. Thanks again and please let me know if you have any other questions.

William Dunne

Saying "limited lifetime warranty" doesn't do Vortex justice, there customer service is bar none even compared to outside the shooting community.

Open Range Reviews

What are the differences between the venom and the razor? thx

Vortex Optics

Thomas is right- the Razor has a very clean dot but the camera definitely does have a sharpening effect on it. Excellent quality, nonetheless!

Alan Nguyen

Will this be able to handle the recoil of my 50 ae desert eagle?

using tubes

how come these arent more popular on ar's?

BRK 12

Can i put this on my mossberg 590?Is it hold zero?


will this mount straight on to  ruger scout rifle? in this video it its mounted on top on something else. is that required for a rifle mount?