Long fingernails meaning

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Question about pinky nail ? (long pinky nails) (Alex Acosta #40 2009)

43 231 views | 20 Apr. 2009



Ryan Gonzales

Ogs brought me up on that pimp shit long finger nails cause all i touch is money and hoes

My Names Tommy

I grow my right thumb nail and right pinky nail. Its just for the little things in life. You dont realize how useful it is until you have it. Like for peeling off a sticker or scratching off something idk. I eat apples and oranges a lot so its good for peeling off the sticker on the apple and the skin off the orange. like i said, it sounds pretty dumb in text, but if you had it, you'd realize how useful it is in everyday life


It’s a good ass picker


Grrrr hot longs nails


for picking your nose and ear


snorting drugs


Picking n flicking mocos

T. R.

In ancient Asian culture, royalty would grow their pinky nails (some times ringfinger nails too) to show that they did not have to do hair labor, so their nails would not break. Somtimes they would even were long gold nail guards to prevent nail shattering. :) I tried growing my pinky nail too but it kept breaking.

Ferdinand Winstein

In Chinese fengshui, People with pinkies that are shorter than the distal joint crease of the ring finger have poorer luck with financial fortune. Having a longer nail in order to extend the length of the pinky to meet or exceed the joint crease is helpful to improve one’s financial fortune.

wedi eri

niggga thats couse when you have pinky nail growing upp that swag niga swag

Tyler Porter

Shows you make your money without getting your hands dirty, Manuel labor sign of upper-class and knowledge power. But i like to do it to get a little more stretch on my guitar fret hand pinky finger

Voice Overs

Is it an indicator of homosexual activity?


my pops had one of his pinky nails long and hes had it like that his whole life.

DaffaDon TheGreaT

my reasons are both, figure it out og's


Just grow them longer. Looks cool!


man damn you look old !!! long nail to cut that coke

Mark Gross

Gay lls

oui ja

Rep points with trash. Scoop peanut butter without bacteria respek.


lmfao @ gagoou.....but um ur nails r nice wish mine would grow like that i have 2 file mine for them 2 be square like that

nunyo binuss

Both of my pinky nails have been around 3-4inches long scense I was 15 people always ask me why,,I always respond fir people like u to ask questions about lol

Blake Mericle

Nigga made a video 10 years ago talking bout a finger nail .


Why are you soooo sexy? Will you do a 15 minute video on that topic? ;o)

4 lays

yuckkkkkk biggest put off???

Kimmarrey Stewart

He’s fine ? didn’t even hear a word he said

pianoman lee

I grow my out for my ukelele. it's easier to strum/pick with long fingernails

Manthey Manthey

pick my nose, clean ear, and remove leftover meat between my teeth

palvasha popal

Looks nasty ?

Stony Tony

My cousin had his pinky nail long but he ain’t a crackhead so ion think it was for coke

Motarboy Motarboy

Top longs nails grrr

Mike From Kentucky

Close your eyes. I hear Charley Murphy. RIP


It helps me to wipe my ass and store the smell of my ass for hours and hours of pure ass smell

WaZzeR Tr3nDz 猿

I thought it was cool

Rather Notsaynunweird

I thought it was for good luck

Ue Mackay

All three reason you gave are bullshit, it's a African trait they grow the little finger nail to clean the asshole after they shit. That's 100% the truth they don't use toilet paper they use thier pinky finger nail. Disgusting.

Sita Lamamasita

I'm white and the pizza delivery guy came to.the door and He had a long pinky nail, I asked if I could ask him a personal question he said sure so I asked him about the long nail. He is about 20 something he lies to my face and tells me when he was young he use to bite his nails so his mama told him to grow them.. Aha! Sure

Julio Hernández

Get rid of it ?

Fort Nite

I cut boxes since I stock shelves. I cut the packing tape with my Dracula Pinky nail. I got blessed with thick ass nails that grow back in 2 days.


You do it to symbolize that all you touch is money and women, you square

Daniel R Dunnigan

damn u fine daddy shit

Aaron Daniel

seriously this shit makes me sick damn near every black man I've ever seen has long finger nails the shit is gross!

Cristian Nunez



It's a tool.

Hilde Venegas

I did it because it shows that you're intelligent, you take care of youself, and even thou you're a men you still know how to be smooth with a girl.

Rose Gold

....to pick your nose with it? lol

Art 333

I only see black guys with long nails. Yuk


I use it to itch/pick nose and ear. I dont do it whenever i want tho ill go to a bathroom n do it and wash my hands right after. Just a q-tip replacement for when im out n about really. When im home ill get one from my mom's bathroom.


I grow my pinky nail but wait I’ll tell u pls don’t call me weird I didn’t know it means for drugs or whatever

I saw my bestfriends cousins pinky nail long. I don’t think it’s just for drugs because he’s 5 years old I think


helps me tuck access weed into the rest of my joint

Metoprolol Tartrate



you are sexy


Helps me pack my Js