Trim vs haircut

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How To Cut Your Own Bangs At Home✂️ CUTTINGS MY BANGS!!! Malayalam

350 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Hello my beautiful people

Hello my beautiful people ?

Hope you all are doing great .

Who doesn’t like bangs right , so I thought to share with you all a bangs cut.

My personal favorite haircut is bangs and fringes .

Watch me how I cut my own bangs ;)

Much Love ❤️


Mahesh Murari

Nice Video ???


So Very Nice Polich ta ???????????????

Unni Krishnan R

????(todays cooking video varunundo ithil????)

Salmanul Farizi


《Black Hwak》

Super ?

Trim vs haircut

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$10 Haircut VS $100 Haircut...**big mistake** | Can I Fix It?

274 725 views | 21 Dec. 2020

In this video we compare

In this video we compare price, quality, and time towards a $10 dollar haircut vs. a $100 dollar haircut.

?Video by: Edgar Arredondo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edgariarredondo/?hl=en


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/martyblendz/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MartyBlendz




Wahl magic clip - https://amzn.to/3c8DQpS

BaBylissPro Fx - https://amzn.to/35J8IfH

BabylissPro outlining trimmer - https://amzn.to/3kxqSVB

BabylissPro foil shaver - https://amzn.to/2ZNePvA

Braun shaver - https://amzn.to/3iCRNPo

Derby razor blades - https://amzn.to/2RAVNUz

Elegance straight edge razor - https://amzn.to/33EkIMD

Got2b Hair spray - https://amzn.to/3jiNI3l

Andis cool care disinfectant spray - https://amzn.to/2GggIuf

Fade comb - https://amzn.to/3myjewc

All purpose combs - https://amzn.to/3mwJTcL

Neck duster - https://amzn.to/3kvWP0S

Andis blade cleaning brush - https://amzn.to/2HdcbJa

El patron aftershave - https://amzn.to/2H71urn

Wahl clipper guides - https://amzn.to/3hBbtlu

Wahl clipper guides (1/2 & 1½) - https://amzn.to/3bhMQdU

Barber cape - https://amzn.to/2ZQ1naf

Neck strips - https://amzn.to/2RBLujp

Suavecito pomade - https://amzn.to/2FxNirj

Slick gorilla hair powder - https://amzn.to/2RFsbWl

El patron gel - https://amzn.to/3mwUgx4




Ashley Alvarado

In PR be doing $10 haircuts like the $100 haircut.

Dustin Perez

Oh shit now I see what you gonna do. I didnt know I wrere gonna hit him with the high fade afterwards. Damn u highlighted them angles too. Nice and detail is definitely there

Igor Potrovsky

100$ for a hair cut ?!?! ?

Chenar Mohammed

OK. With skin fade you win but he is a old school barber let's do a full scissors haircut comparison? Let's see who win this

Eduardo G

You couldve done better on the line tho clipper over comb or just thinning scissors


90 degreees???

Jesús Vilchez

enserio el tipo lo mutilo asi de feo??? omg


This looks staged! And there is no reason why someone should be charging $100 for a haircut!

Syeikh Nasrul

Next content to youtube . Go find younger barber . I think this uncle only know classic cut .

Jesse Karingombe

The confidence of this barber??

Dee2wavy YT

Go to the hood.

Dustin Perez

I like this barbara. He cool. Yiu should have went to him to begin with. Also he did a good job too well. I'm being very nice about that. Lolol

Larry Lasley


Chillx Chillx

Bruh man fucked it up after the 10$ haircut and charged him a big ass price


100 for a haircut? hell nah! My barber charged me 25 for a haircut every two weeks and I thought that was too much, so I decided to cut my own hair and now I got good at it. I don't have to pay for a cut every two weeks. I'm cheap bastard. Lol

lito leon

i think you should do a 25$ cut to a 100$ cut. Most 25$ cuts are clean but i think it’d teach people the difference that say no cut is worth 100$. still a great video tho.

co iut

Yo is it me or does it feel kinda nice when the hair machine over heats ?

Prankbooster `s

Gruss aus Deutschland! Was ein krasser Unterschied!

Giovanni Batista

Bro not gonna lie i think 100 dollars is steep I pay 40 for mine and my barber as the knowledge in cutting hair. He goes to hair classes in NY and LA. So can please show me and explain more why it’s 100. You are amazing yo I’m just saying that’s a lot of bread.


where the Chris Bossio gang at?


Dope dope content


The 100$ Haircut costs like 20€ here in Germany


Faze rug

Fares Aesthetics

Damn respect bro ????

Barbering with Alex

You should of let him do a mid~fade and fix it a week later


if you have ever been to barber school you would know you do not use "guide lines" when fading


This more like a $50 haircut


when I was young i would get $5 fades and would be clean, you knew the spot you went to didnt have a person that could cut but if you were to look for other places you can find a place that could do what you did for the same $10 or even $15. YOu Guys played old school

Angela Moorer

The first barber was funny asl ? Spraying the clippers to stall until he figures out his next move!


Well. You wouldn’t let him have free reign. You didn’t let him him touch the beard. And he had a lot smaller space to work with and more people watching him. Under unusual pressure. And also didn’t know amongst the friendly gestures you were marking him fully. Plus yeah the low fade vs high fade. But still your skills were very good. Appreciate the set up, your attitude and the dyson hair dryer. And just your ability to charge higher and put yourself out there.

Khoirul Rizqi

You guys spend 10$ just for haircut? I just spend about 1$ for it in my country

Almighty Glo

Lmao what if they say “ahh no puedes grabar” ????

Joset Delgado

Así cortamos los barberos que amamos este arte y tratamos de aprender día a día


Grande amigo!!
Yo estoy comenzando :)

Justin The Great Ponte

Yeah i see the difference and the difference is you get what you pay for


In my cuntry with 2 euro you will look very nice.

Avram Americanu

We out here doing 90's???

Marvin Petersen

Some people say he is still cleaning his clipper ?

Jorge López

with what number do you cut your hair?

Manuel Diaz

Eso quedo horrible jajajajaja

Yes it’s me Charles!

Bro didn’t want to retire. He’s not stopping. ?Lol does clippers need to be thrown away, overheated, dirty, half of bottle! He probably has never taken the clippers apart. All that hair that’s what’s causing the clipper to over heat and get stuck. Damn..

cisco sandoval

Dam he got the straight to boot camp special that fade high asf!

Tomas Eduardo Aguilar

Piwi from cumbia kings now cutting hair hahahaha jk jk you got down bro nice fix.

Samuel freddy Terceros fuentes

It's easy to criticize an older person sons of p, you gave yourself the time of the world and with white lights and everything. Face me your shit of Fade that must have cost you an hour I do it in 10 min and with one hand. More respect for older people. Greetings from Bolivia

Kill on Respawn ent.

Yo if that dudes licensed, I’m not scared about taking the test.

Stephen Tolman

I’d 100% pay that 100 to you ? haircut

Roberto Gonzalez

Es como ir a una estética, no tienen mucha experiencia con cortes modernos!

Tiikii91 Armas

Big difference your cuts are bad ass

Adam Maulana

My country Indonesia cut hair 1 dolar?

Marco Alvarado

How tf is this a fair comparison video? Should’ve been a video about the same cut from you and another barber and had to be weeks apart from it so it was fair and an actual good video


No haircut is worth $100 and I've seen the same quality or better for less. But I guess there's people dumb enough to pay.


También no dejaron que el señor se luciera vatos estaban chinge y chinge y eso incómoda

Issam Qamar

Lookin gayy as ff

Papii Vicioso

I do 100 haircuts for only 30 kids 10 New York barbers are fiya y’all gotta know dis ?

jeanpi diaz

Amigo saludos desde lima Perú .me.gusta tu contenido pero yo no entiendo inglés podrías poner subtítulos en español porque yo creo que tienes bastantes seguidores latinos que no emtienden ingles

Taulant Ramadani

I do that 100$ haircut for 2.5€ in Kosova

Ed Bu

Calmado calmado ???

Matico Cutz

Enserio bro? Comparas un barbero old con un barbero moderno hay mucha diferencia

Famoso Espinoza

Fire brother ???? fresh cut & 100 that’s over rated tbh.! But depending on where you from but the most at least 40

Sameats Cake

Ngl but 100 bucks that fade dissapears the next day lol

Steve García

Deberías crearte otro Canal y subir tus vídeos pero hablando español

adriel borges

Kd os BR?

Clay the baber

That’s my pops ??

Barber smurff



So when does the 100 dollar haircut come in ? Oh wait is it the guy with more expensive shit ?

The Samster

Wbere did he get the cross earring from? ?

Miguel Leon

Great fix. Midfade was still posible.
Repping Oaxaca, Mexico.

Damian Murphy-Morris

Yooo that final cut is BEYOND clean ???

Sarmilan Sakhtivel

Come over to France and try the 10€ cut

Dustin Perez

Boy said chill chil chill. U going to hard with that styling. U getting to fresh with it

Rob Guy

Wow he used da wholllle clipper spray on him lol. Sheese

Daniel Lopez

Haz videos en español también wey, saludos de Guadalajara jalisco perroo ??

Sports Fervour

Those glasses needed cleaning

Rebel Lion

Konten sampah

Rodrigo Guerrero

A high fade is easier than a low fade anyways


Where did you get that flannel I need one ASAP

Cristo De La Cruz

Damn ese es mi tio ???‍♂️


Man charges 100 dollars and has a 2 dollar bowl of a cut ?

David Vieira

Comparing an elderly man that’s used to the long style haircuts ... lmao he did a pretty good job if you ask me

Halwest Hasan

I'm not saying your cut isn't nice but the first Barber man has been paid to act like that that's clear This is fake and the second cut doesn't deserve $100 that's bulshit . No cuts in the world deserves $100 I now a lot of barbers doing same as good as your cut for £10

Viva Blasfemia

El Fade mordida de burro vs skin Fade ??

Jay Hunter

Lmao that 10 dollar haircut is terrible. I just cut my own hair during lockdown and did a better job than that and I'm not even a barber hahaha.


I still wouldn’t pay $100 for a haircut lol

Jamison Yzaguirre

I wouldn’t pay $100 for this cut. It’s nice though but $30 would be fair.

Pablo zord


Ed Bu

Love the Content


Damn who want a fade that takes 1 to 1 1/2 hours??? ?

Peter Zarate

More like 100 pesos


Just realised u all trolling lmaoooo even the barber fs

Zul Gaming94

10$ is okay as long its detail and style, yeah that man is funny, but worst haircut he had, he need practice more

Dante Soltero

This is actually worth 100$ ??

Илья Соболь

Какого хуя у меня это вылезло?)

Zakaria El gouchi

Te hizo uña cagada en el pelo bro jajjaj borralo ?


Que buen video en verdad lo disfrute por qué hablaste español poquito pero hasta me emocione, deberías abrir un canal en español tendrías mucho apoyo ❤️?

Robert Segura

?✅?Saludos bro ???

Mark Tadeo

It's a little bit biased since you only made the guy do the fade. Plus the guy thought you were all just trippin so he kinda played along. Buuuut the cut you made looks so awesome!


Algum brasileiro nessa porra ?

the solo gamer2323

Puta gente delicada al que le esta asiéndo el corte

panson grim

idk abt 100???

Jesse Cruz

Is this dude charging 100 bucks for real? That shit is typically 35 for the beard and hair. 100 bucks usually is a full service maybe even a shot of brandy. Who are the dumbasses paying this dude 100 bucks for a haircut?

Trim vs haircut

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Grown Out Mens Haircut Tutorial - Clippers VS Scissors | MATT BECK VLOG 94

64 786 views | 31 Jan. 2017

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Tyeshia Kirk

Love both techniques! I really can't see the difference.


I'm in love with this hairstyle ?
I wish that my barber too will be able to cut my hair like that ?

Soma Chakraborty

I like both of haircut ?.

Tara Gutierrez

I'm retired and I enjoy watching your videos. I came from the school of thought that you need to know how to use and Use all your tools no matter preference. There was no your only a scissor cutter,colorist, no updos, stylist you did it ALL. Times have changed I know but I did enjoy doing it all well! Good luck to you in your career! Oh and no matter what you do to save your wrists or shoulders,legs ,or feet you Will have issues when you get older it's a problem of our choice of carrier.Remember to have great medical insurance you will need it!✌?️

Kyla Mitchell

Help me pleeeeease Matt . . . . is this is what is referred to as a 'square' mens cut. Would you call your parietal and above zone uniform or planar form/technique??

Heidi Swallow

It’s still too bulky into the nape & around the ears

Sheena Stevens

I love the look of both wish I would've seen this before my last cut...

Shelli Adams

I like the scissor cut better


Nice cut.. not very nice styling tho

Lindsay Meinke

The clipper cut!!


That clipper side was so fast though, lol. Like wtf WHABAM done ??

Cindy Santana

I like the scissor cut best. I do mostly scissors with a clipper finish on men's cut.

Alejandro Cañas

Hello, I' am a video fan of you; I must ask you if shears lose some of the edge after cutting a mannequin hair? Tks, and God keep you blessed!

Joseph Grajeda

Subscribed love your vids!

Shelby Bearr

It sucks working in a salon where it is optional blow-dry ?

sara little

thank you so much for making these vids. they are so helpful. I'm just starting my career and could use all the help I can get :)

J Greenwalt

Clippers look is more stylish!


Hey Matt, do you have any haircut videos for long male hair? Like from shoulders down? Thanks. Your channel is just awesome!

Crystal Meeks

I've BEEN subscribed because I absolutely love your videos!

LuvU Robert

Great video! Hard to see though when cutting his black hair against your black shirt. Thank you! ?


I subscribed

Aretha Hatch

thx for sharing clipper cur was a faster & the same result achieved.

Saurabh Parkar

Finally found Hairstyle that I want!


Scissor cut Rocks!

Purche Hudson

Hi I’m a hairdresser and I see no difference. Great video

Gouri Thakur


Ian Cahill

Scissors only , clippers will never get near my head

Benjamin Brown

You know what would bee cool is if you did a cut with trimmer and clippers. The hair cut comparison with a clipper versus a trimmer. That would bee cool. I cut my own hair and I have both clippers and trimmers. To me, the clipper does cover more an area than a trimmer would. You probably have to have more passes with a trimmer than a clipper. But yea. That would bee fun for you to do a comparison cut with a trimmer cutting hair versus a clipper. I bet with the clippers it would bee done a bit faster.

Brittney Cramer

Hey, can you do a video on how to lighten previously dyed hair with the least amount of damage?

Leon Jenkins

I like both ways it was cut

Lisa Stafford

Newly subscribed, and loving the scissor-cut. Honestly, they both look amazing!

Nadeem Srouji

Wow Matt thanks I learnt a lot!!

Logan SenshiMan

I have subbed

Adrian B.

I have subscribed and I'd love to win ??

Amanda Mar

I SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like this comparison, you are right about clippers being quicker. I watch often when I am refreshing my memory and getting in my professional development.

Yelhsa Ballesteros

I just obtained my master cosmetology license and now I'm in barbering school
And I like the clipper cut more than the scissors cut

Lilia Mendonça


Jacqualine Fermin

I love that you're doing more men's cuts! I don't know where I'd be without you're videos. Keep doing what you do Matt! ?

Timothie Hill

This is the best way to keep up your skills when you are independent and work alone it's nice to have this one on one mini classes on the slower days I get a mannequin and go for it it's great fun !!

Tasha Butler

Really enjoyed thanks for sharing

Ch Garner

Would love to see you cut this style entirely with clippers(since it failed)...
Love, love your videos- as an amateur/novice, yet for 35 of my 49 years, I've cut hair for family, friends and on myself...
The depth of your education and your artful process has inspired me. Thank you so very much for your Free Salon Videos. I really can't say enough about your videos- :)


I appreciate how freely you share your knowledge but I always get lost whenever you explain anything technically. I can't imagine what difference it makes whether you push the guide into the new hair or new hair into guide. Isn't it about consistent slicing and finger position????? I don't get it.

Arnie Rodriguez

1. This is such a sexy cut.
2. You're so good.
3. This channel helped me through school and is still helping me out of school.
4. Loved them both, honestly. It's just personal preference.



can you do a "Lob" haircut. luv your videos they are so so helpful

tami harwood

thank you for the new video ? I have been using the info and techniques that you share on your videos.

Erin Lockwood

What is the difference between this cut and a women's short pixie cut?

Hanna Gengenbach

Hey! Love this video, what clippers are you using?

Dominic Latham

andrew does hair does a near identic video telling you how different the result ends up, what do we believe ??


I'm a subscriber!!!! I like the scissor cut the best! Has a more textured look IMO but I love both! I enjoy your vids so much thank you for All that you do ! Looking forward to the next vid !! ??‍♂️?✂️??‍♂️?✂️??‍♂️?✂️??‍♂️?✂️

Nelly S

hello! can you wear light t-shirt when you work with dark hair? because we can''t see top-shape while you cutting. thanks!

Kimberly Schwartz

I liked both! Really depends on the client. Thank you very helpful.

Bianca Tapia

Barb Butler

Great cut and look!

Crystal Meeks

i love the scissor cut better! great video, thank you!

Levi Hogue

I don't know much about hear cutting. I like the process of the scissor cut. it makes you think about what your doing for the end product. and more personal. Using the clipper is much quicker and gets the same lines. six in one hand and half a dozen in the other. My two cense

Samira Iskandarova

очень красиво?

muhammad nor


Bianca Tapia

love your work!

Katie Hunsdon

I'm subscribed! Any chance you could do a video on the difference in texturizing a haircut with scissors vs. with a razor. I'd love to get some of your specific tips on creating different effects like shattered, wispy and thinning in general. Sometimes clients are specific on which type of tool they want used in their hair and I would like to learn as many techniques as possible.

Becky Smith

I subscribed! I've always been intrigued with haircutting and styling. Thanks for this!

Arielle Cuyugan

As a newly licensed cosmo that is currently a barber apprentice, there's this notion between cosmos and barbers that when the majority of the haircut is done with scissors, you're able to charge more. What do you think about that and why? Would you charge the same price for this haircut whether you used your clippers or not?

Stvano Noly

I try to add I on snapchat but ur name not going please check ur name


I m a hair instructor for hairdressers and students for quite a few years. My personal experience in real clients says that cuttng with scissors instead of clippers has a great difference and the client sees that when his hair is growing. More soft edges of the hair and more natural look. Not to condemn the clippers i also use them but for really short look . Great video by the way. Thanks for ur time and knowledge!


what's the name of this cut plz

Kelsey Stempko

love this cut! I prefer the clipper over comb technique personally but I like the end result from the cut done with shears! Thanks for another great video.

Joseph Grajeda

Love it! This has always been my go to grown out hair cut!

alap angie


Renee christisen

I like both.

La Tana Ferro

Ojala estuviera traducido al español! ! Gracias!

Kaley Green

You should wear a lighter shirt when doing videos with darker hair. It's really hard to see otherwise.

Martin Forde

Spectacular, I favor the scissor but the clippers was so quick?#goodstuff

Leon Jenkins

I have Subscribed to the Channel

gail fahy

both work for me thanks