How to stop balding and regrow hair

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How to Stop Baldness and Regrow Hair Naturally 100% proof Men & Women

3 201 views | 29 May. 2018


How to stop hair loss baldness

Please use the links to the products now.... Don't wait till you are totally bald.

Abner moore

Great product

Stephen Dev

Fuck this. Is it naturally? Edit your video title

Buom tut

Did your hair ever fall out by using these pls reply back

Moses Medina

Just use the most effective and popular Hair Growth products with no bad smells - Vive Naturals Hair & Skin Care- Available online and in organic health food stores. www.vivenaturals.com/ Promo CODE: THANKU15 - Our products contain garlic and rosemary but NO BAD SMELL! Its actually Eucalyptus and Mint. Check out our website for customer testimonials.

Eric Moore

Good product, I got some great result too

How to stop balding and regrow hair

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Detoxify the Scalp, Stop Baldness and Regrow Hair?

3 045 views | 3 Oct. 2019

In this video I outline

In this video I outline how to detoxify the scalp using a few protocols that may not only stop baldness but actually regrow hair.

The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

Ryan G

Do you recommend to put hyaluronic acid / vitamin c serum to the scalp like said in some videos or does that act as a buffer? I heard it is great for the skin after dermarolling and in some dermarolling the scalp videos they dermaroll the head hairline and then apply oil to it afterwards. Usually after dermarolling you apply hyaluronic acid / vitamin c serum. Please help +Drue Fit. Thanks

Adam Parker

Great vid man. How do you make your structured water?

Muhamadh Hakeem

I would try Hair Boss before Rogaine

Shumon Kumar Karmaker

Hair Boss is like a miracle hair product for people with thin hair

Michael Hood

I think a similar result could be produced through topical application of bicarb soda to remove gunk.
Check out dermarolling/microneedling too. Can bring back hair on even the shiniest scalps. We need to break the fibrosis and calcification, encouraging blood circulation and lymphatic flow.


home of ase cgannel....she has allopecia and has tons if new growth from applying urine. i know you know ut but i thought id mention her channel. have a great day ☺

tayefahmed hridoykan

Hair Boss goes on like a hair pomade which I like way better that Toppik

nico belecic

onion juice?

Jonas Zdanius

Half a year later now. Do u think this cleansing helped a lot?

Mark Knight

Hey kind of random but I saw your videos on urine fasting. Do you think urine fasting can help heal leaky gut? Thanks

Irish Arms Co.

Do you still do urine therapy?

andrew robert

hey drue the best results ive been seeing on the internet is from using a dermaroller ive literally seen guys with a full shiny bald scalp regrow tons of hair its crazy

Positive Vibrance

Bro what about the urine? there is a guy from India, that has a Tedx Talk video about how the urine cured his Dandruff, and had a better hair, and stuff :O

Pedro Moreira

Hey Drue. I’ve been mixing potassium chloride, baking soda, magnesium sulfate and boron with my water. Do you have any thoughts on these minerals, since you said magnesium bicarbonate only? Thank you

How to stop balding and regrow hair

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STOP BALDING! - Regrow Hair Naturally with Dermaroller! Real 9 Month Results

117 648 views | 26 Mar. 2019

This video shows you the

This video shows you the results of using a derma roller also called micro needle to regrow hair naturally. There is footage showing the results after 1 month, 3 months and 9 months of treatment. There is also brief how to derma roll footage and DIY link provided. For scholarly articles on techniques used see the following articles:





debanjan mukherjee

It really a guy who told d truth

abobakr bin hasan abobakr

مانوع العلاج الذي استخدمته مع الديرما رول هل هو مينوكسيديل

mimi menon

You look really cool ,keep it up

Alex John

Any updates? Are you still dermarolling? Maintenance or any further improvement?

Chris Smith

Just remember it took years to go bald, it’ll probably take years to regrow.

Jumping Frog

Many thanks for your post. This helps so many bald bros


This is great!!!

ganeshaddala kumar

Brother I want to use this hair oil can send me the were can I buy this bottles..

abobakr bin hasan abobakr

هل يمكن فيديو ب العربي

Johji Uehara

is this for real ? wtf

Dinu Comendant

Hey Scott, I live in Europe and they cannot ship Hair Metto. Is there any other alternatives to it? Thanks in advance

The Blue Thunder Bunny

Amazing man. Thank you for your input and sharing on this. You really do have to be religious about the application in order to see results, I'm glad you did this.

Dilip Kumar S

Keep rocking bro

Igor Arruda

Great video, sir. You give me hope!


Just saw new commercial about "hims", anybody knows how good it is?

Tasnim Shahira

Is it work for women too?


Nice man im gonna do it with a 0.5 too. Nice results!


you got some pretty remarkable results! what size needle did you use? also, have you thought of / do you know about restoring eyebrows? would it be pretty much the same drill, you think? thanks


1:51 come on man...use the same lighting


I noticed quite a bit of dandruff in the areas the day after derma rolling. Anyone else get this?

Top 5Central

Derma roller which number of size do you use


Dude any updates???? Thank you!

j lindell

did you try doing it twice a week or more? as some people say once a week and other says twice or three times is better ?


I'm doing the same thing here in a bit, but with a 2.5mm dermaroller. I also have a bit more hair than you, haha.

Nice results man.

Rudy Ramos



Hi Scott - I have been following your protocol for about 6 months. The hair isn't growing, but it's not getting worse either. Any suggestions?

Tony Gabashvili

Hey, I think you have retrograde alopecia along with regular male pattern baldness, just in case you didn't know

piergiorgio papadia

Hi, I'm using dermaroller 1 mm without any lotion. Does it works anyway? How many times should I do it? Should I bleed or not?

Propan Butan

I started balding at 24. Yes it sucks yes my confidence was low. But stop lying to yourself you bald and nothing will make it better. Just live with it shave it or leave


do you use rogaine at the same time?


Your result at month 9 is spectacular without minoxidil. I have seen that you have been cited in « the best hair regrowth videos ». Congratulation, I am happy for you and try to have same results. Blessings

Dan G

I think it's great that the leader of Russia is teaching us his hair growth technique

Jack Gross

Did the hair regrow as small fine white hairs at first and then become thicker?


Hi there,
I was wondering if this will do more damage to my scalp?
And is getting special oil needed? If so what one should I buy? Or supplements.
My hair is longish so you suggested getting the 0.5mm?
And will I do all my head as if I only do the receding parts won’t the other areas start going bald?
Will this help with beard were it’s thin in some areas?
And if I decide to use this in my face will I need special oil to?
Also got told not to put boiling water over it.

Any help much appreciated!
If you can answer all my questions I end up buy one or two (might get my dad one.)

Louis l

What size roller did you use

Art Design Hobby

TY - got to try. Not good to be bald lady,,,

Loubna Oumoussa

Hey Scott .. thanks a lot for your videos and for giving us a new hope // I just wanna know if I can use derma roller with oinion juice or will it be irritating for the scalp?

debashish mohanty

How are you and your hair now???

aakhri aawara

Hi Scott, I have gone through hair transplant to reconstruct my hair line. Its not dense, I want t to look much filled so can I apply derma roller with minoxidil in transplanted area ?

Yass Y

Be careful before doing this.

He is using Saw Palmetto in his oils, which block DHT production and can cause issues with your sexuality (bad erection, low libido, block beard growth).

Basically Saw Palmetto is the natural alternative for Propecia. So we can't tell them if this man regrowth his hair thanks to that, or just thanks to Dermaroller :/

Maybe we will dermarolling 10 years without any DHT blocker and we won't have results.

I hope I'll see a genuine before after video as good as that one, but with only Dermarolling process !

Scott Binney

Any new vids on there way Scotty?


Great!! I'm going to try this on my eyebroes

Ali the Dazzling

Hello Scott, are you still using this technique? Any improvement? Thank you so much


Damn. A testimonial of a product that doesn't link to said item, implying completely paid sponsorship. ?

Just my temples are receding. Minoxidil is growing one side slightly, while the other has very little regrowth; should I try this?

YTC Thrive

Best video on natural hair growth ever

Ar De

Thank you sir for the video, it is very helpful. Recently I've learned that balding happens from high estrogen and low testosterone. The DHT link is false. I've learned a lot though thank you.

Sativa 989

I cannot get my hands on that Paula's choice exfoliator that you recommended any recommendations for a alternative exfoliator?

Kawser 1.

What size was the needle?! Please respond

Tik tok

This worked for me really thank you sir from bald to hairs cheers ?

Adam Kapraun

I had come up with a technique to regrow my hair in a balding area. I wash my hair with white cleaning vinegar every other night. I use the dawn dish soap every night. Then I take a ( sanitized needle ), and I poke all over the balding areas of my scalp. Personally, I like to make certain the most of the poking penetrates the scalp slightly. This forces the body in theory to send its recovery team to that area to make repairs and push more blood flow to the balding area which in turn, surrounds each follicle with blood. I’m already noticing faster results doing this than any other “chia-pet” miracle grow solution. I was so impressed by the fast effects that I did a search to see if anyone else was crazy enough to puncture their bald areas with a needle to regrow hair. That’s when I came across your video.


that intro is terrible

Jeekai Wright Seabrook

You give hope so don't doubt the little you've regrown is a victory


Been dermarolling myself for just over 2 months and it is working on regrowing new hairs. Just dont expect rapid results straight away. Takes time.

G Squared

I balded so much too. My hair thinning had such a bad impact on my confidence, I was finding hair all over my house all the time... until I started using the Rejuveniqe Oil I bought from https://getyours.mymonat.com/ca/rejuveniqe-oil-intensive/ I started seeing results after 2 weeks. They have a 25% VIP discount and a 30 day return policy so I decided to give it a try


You don't use Minoxidal?


I get flaky scalp after dermarolling then using saw palmetto now going on 2 weeks.

Dedric There

I did the derma roller the first time yesterday and put my minoxidil about 90 minutes later. It stings!


Only way to go back to your hair in the past is to destroy calcification and fibrosis in the scalp also fibrosis is also linked the gut issues and gut bacteria. Dht is not the culprit

Subhan huseynli

Which product for hair? Please give me info.i'm have dermo roller & minoxidil kirkland.

Rahul Kumar

Hi Dear,
Hair exfoliation how many days do you use..?


Great vid by the way Haha shows everyone how well dermarolling does actually work on regrowing new hairs.


good results !


2mm rolelr will pull hair

Ali the Dazzling

How much of this success would you attribute to the derma roller? I see that your daily routine involves stiumating bloodwflow to the scalp and using the white hair metto. Do you think there's a way that that's actually doing more work than the derma roller?


Hi there I know I have troubled you before but really need some advice. So I have been using a 0.5 Derma roller once a week but am going to purchase a 0.75. what I want to know is how often should I use this. No one seems to cover 0.75. so really don't know often I should use this. Should I stick with once a week or once every two with this new length. I would really appreciate some help.

Kawser 1.

Do you wash the oil out or leave it in?


Did you notice any shedding when you first started it? I tried for the first time two days ago on a 1.5 mm and noticed shedding today. Is that normal? I wonder if I should go to a 1

Vishwanath M

Sir how stop minoxidal without falling hair sir

KO Zippio

looks great brother!!

fname lname

They say you can sell anything to a balding man...The current hair loss industry is built on top of this. The top notch honesty from you , is a breath of fresh air


your hair is just longer, that's why it looks thicker

bar zaruk

How did you get a result at the bottom close to the neck? Do you use the serum also on that area? Do you use dermaroller there?


Great video! What do you think about laser technology? It seems to have great results ?

John Price

Hi mate ! Didn't know that micro needling could help that much. Thanks for sharing your story with us, you look awesome mate ! Cheers.

Paul Cooper

Hi..a great video thankyou..I've used a 0.5mm roller twice and my scalp flaked off like sunburn really bad,has done this twice,will this stop?

Jumping Frog

Wondering if you used minoxidil along with dermaroll process or just oil for day today maintenance please?

yakub Abdi

I massage darme roller every day but hi make dray cover off hair I don't know whay

Jeth Rodriguez

Thanks sir for sharing your sucesful journey to reverse hairfal godbles

Tashi Mikel

Can We Get An Update Please???

CJLC 713

Great video. I'm proud of you. You help others with your experience. Means a lot! GOD bless u!

Abdul Matin

This kind of hair grows in my arms pit after only 4 days ??

Graysson Winter

Hi there, how old are you when you started that month 0 treatment? Did you consider using Minoxidil or Finasteride with the roller? Thanks

s jk

May I ask
Do you wear a hat when you are in the sun?
Bald sun will lose hair


Good job. You look good.

Jeekai Wright Seabrook

Also I was told the hair is dormant meaning they are asleep. They just need to be stimulated.


Hey scott, the hair gotten better at the bottom as well as u mention at 2:00 ...
did u use the dermaroller down there too or did it come back without using it on that spot?

Sarah Jahangir

After how many weeks can you start seeing the initial baby hairs? 3-4 weeks?


had to come back to this video for more inspiration. I have been a bit more aggressive than you, but noticed my hairline with no hairs im starting to feel soft hairs growing in - can't see them, but I can feel them now. Im using 1.75mm weekly for about 10 minutes each time all over the head. Using PEN instead of the roller as it hurts way less and im finding it more effective. Hair density in my hair is getting stronger and thicker. This is only a few months into it using the PEN weekly 1.75mm. Since you got some insane results doing your thing in a year I am hoping ill see big changes in the coming 7 months.

Tere mius

Can't believe this kind of treatment is spreading so slowly. Incredible results. Would this work for genetic baldness too? I would like to try but this hair metto costs a bit..

blu xpretion

'stopbalding' wheeze

Sea Life

Hey Scott I noticed there is the .05mm 1mm and 1.5mm roller which one did you use and is there a better recommended one? thank you

abobakr bin hasan abobakr

ماذا استخدمت مع الديرما رول

Guille Rdgz

What if you used it twice a week? Would that be.too desperate?

Semi mathi

heyyy any updates :)?

D. Sanchez

how many months u began to see effect bro?

Gold Minks

Scott How many times a day do you apply the serum ?

Don OG

Is there a difference between the Paula's Choice White Bottle vs. Black Bottle. Looks like its the same product

Sean Catlin

Good job ... I used a laser and good pretty good results but I got off the pills they gave me made my hair quite dark and my eyebrows . But 5 years alter I haven’t lost any more hair .... so pretty good!