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Got Tiny Bumps All Over Your Forehead? Do This...

59 346 views | 23 Mar. 2016

I struggled with tiny

I struggled with tiny bumps all over my forehead for years until I discovered this simple cleansing technique of double cleansing that got rid of them.

Watch today's video on how to double cleanse for smooth skin, plus the mistakes to avoid. If you don’t double cleanse your skin properly, you could dry your skin out, irritate or even damage it.

This cleansing technique not only helps clear up bumpy forehead texture, but can also help with tiny bumps on your cheeks and chin too.

Read today's blog post that goes with this video (plus written instructions and product recommendations):


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Tea Tree Oil For Acne, Don’t Make These Mistakes:


My Skincare Routine For Acne & Breakouts:


5 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Cystic Acne:


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Nancy Nancyy

Thank you for the video! i just wanted to know if coconut oil and almond oil could be used for the double cleansing method ?


I’m 13 and I been doing double cleansing it works it’s been helping a lot!! I still have bumps on my for head but not that many and their smaller now. I’m vegetarian and I’m trying to cut down on dairy. Thx for this video it helped me a lot

Coline Grande

Hi! I have this bumps all over my face. Just wanna ask if argan oil is okay to use? Thanks! :)

OfficialTina Prinsessa

Can I cleanse with olive oil and then African black soap?

Chanel Chalkley

Has this worked for anyone please comment below

Diana Tkachenko

I use an oil cleanser and then a gel cleanser(it's without soap or alcohol) and I still have the bumps

d van

I double cleanse using oily balm first than water based. Should I use the oily balm twice instead to help with the bumps and also I have severe flaky dry skin on forehead will grapeseed oil help?

yakee bubblegum

my skin type is combination to oily(mostly oily)and i also got stubborn bumps. is it okay to use oil cleanser/s to my face?

Amelia Bettina

Do you put a toner or moisturizer on after you have washed your face? If so, what would you suggest using?

Jem Silud

can you dry oil double cleanse to remove these bumps?

Dhillen G

Can I use aveeno brightning cleanser


I've been using the living libations perfect skin and noticed I got the tiny bumps on forehead and chin :( is it because I don't wipe it off enough after? and I also put a drop of it on after as a lotion and leave it on the whole day. I use the blemish kit that comes with the dew dab and also leave that on my pimples the whole day and noticed by face is extremely greasy like by the end of the day, maybe I'm putting too much on? But my face is pretty dry and flaky if I don't put on a lotion that's also why I put a drop of sea buckthorn perfect skin on after cleansing with it sorry if it doesn't make sense lol I'm bad at explaining


this video just saved me! although, I have no cleansing oil at the moment. Planning on buying the Desert Essence Creamy Oil Cleanser when I stop by Walmart today. I was checking out the One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil by Tatcha online but I'm on a tight budget right now haha.

Meme Collard

Will cleansing with honey get rid of these little bumps?

vzeref ツ

My doctor just gave me a Benzoyl Peroxide face wash that is a 10%, and I was wondering if is that face wash gonna help me with my forehead bump and if is gonna get rid of it ?? Please reply back.

Julie Kroko

I'm so sad your videos are not nutrition related anymore since you stopped being a vegan. These bumps are clearly related to digestive issues, specifically the intestins. Skin problems come from within.

Bianka Tolicki

I purchased the dermalogica pre cleanse, it’s oil based and claims it’s good for double cleansing.. would it be ok if I used that then go in with a gel face wash?

not em

I began properly double cleansing with Jojoba oil but have noticed that it doesn’t help with my bumps/makes it a little worse! Should I switch to Grapeseed oil instead?

Jorene Managuelod

It is okay if i use ultra care tea tree oil for hair and for my skin and also for my tiny bumps?

Maryam Shahzadi

so my skin is pretty bumpy. I'm going to do this for a weak or something, and update on the results hopefully yaass.


Is this sebaceous hyperplasia?

Caro sdlt

Is baking soda and coconut oil mixture for cleansing good for double cleansing and getting rid of these bumps??

jessuptonx x

I'm a teen so will my pimples sort themselves out over time? or can I sort it?! #awkwardage

Vinayak Sankar

I have a lot of oil on my face

Dina Rahman

Can I use cetaphil cleanser

BB 12

does Neutrogena cream create more breakouts?

Simran Gurung

Can i use baby oil

Jenna Perrine

I have sensitive and acne prone skin. So I use the oil free Neutrogena Deep Cleanser face wash. Since it says deep cleanser I use it figuring it would help but u still see bumps and and. Should I continue using it? If not, what do you suggest?

Byung Chan Lee

you talk too much, just get to the point.

Maria -

What brand should I use cleannclear, neuturgenoga


How do I wash olive oil of my forehead and cheeks naturally? because my skin gets reddened very easily, and no cleanser goes along with my face :( I m not sure if it's sensitive or combination skin

Jorene Managuelod

What if i use celeteque facial wash ?


Hi, does this apply to clogged pores? :)

rosario smith

Hi like your advice on double washing. On question does this apply for oily skin. ????I do this at the end of the day with cerave for oily skin. I am going green with my makeup and already. And I have switch to tata Harper but I will buy her oil wash very expensive too. Can you recommend something natural ???


Would you recommend double cleansing with noxema?

Jasmine Cheema

im 13 and i wear no makeup and have these bumps ??

Joy Sims

I'm 12 but I don't wear any makeup and I have tried everything and it's just not going away ?? I will try the double cleansing I really hope it works. For my age what kind of oil based wash should I use??


Right after tanning on the beach, I got a huge amount these bumps on my forehead, what caused this ?

Chloe Pittman

Can I use vani cream general face cleanser?

Lola Berko

I use jojoba oil all the time as a cleanser and that really helped but when I stopped using it , those pimples came back so I tried this method again but it didn't help me...

Petra Rumencic

I have bumps on my forehead,cheeks and chin and I live in a country where there is no products like you in America have, we have Gariner ,L'oreal,Neutrogena, Clean&Clear and a few more ,so do you have any tips on what can I buy from Gariner or L'oreal or Neutrogena or Clean&Clear that is oil based and that will help me?

Alice Bora

thanks for the information

Sophie Boukhari

I'm 15 wear no makeup, don't eat junk food yet I still have these bumps Can you recommend any drugstore cleansing milks for the double cleansing.Would the garner naturals honey flower cleansing milk work as it natural?

Brooke Lynn Barlow

Would you recommend this still if the congested pores may be from starting the oil cleansing method in the first place? I have combo type dry skin with mild to moderate hormonal acne . started with %10 castor, 90% jojoba.


I’ve been using the st ives apricot oil scrub grape seed oil is the first ingredient and I don’t think it’s working...

Ahmed Ismail

Can we use olive oil for both steps?

Madeline Brooks

I'm 13 and I've been having so much trouble with these bumps recently !! I don't wear makeup, but I did begin to get the bumps when I started wearing my hair down. But I have been wearing it down now for a good 6 months and the bumps will not go away! I use a foaming deep cleanser and then I put on acne toner and clean & clear dual action moisturizer. Nothing is helping and I don't know what to do anymore I used to have the clearest skin!

No No

People said that if u drink alot of water.Will that help?

P Vadgama

I'm in my thirties and i have these bumps. I used Hemp oil to cleanse and on my forehead it worked great but on my chin i started to break out a lot, so i stopped. I use Jojoba on my cheeks and chin, works like a charm but my forehead hates it. Would you happen to know why one oil works and one doesn't? I wonder if i should take the Hemp oil up again but am afraid of a purging period.

Madison Lightfoot

Does this work with active forehead breakouts? Like deep, red breakouts?


do you think a brown sugar coconut scrub would help remove the bumps?

Beautiful Girl

Hi how old are you?

Priya Chelsea

I am 23, have dry skin and tiny bumps on forehead and cheek.I have never used any makeup products. Can you suggest me some treatment?

hemana reddy

i need to apply a lot of oil because my hair is very dry, and I feel this oil drenches my forehead and I cant avoid so what do I do

kimma con

i'm only 16 do you still recommend jojoba oil for me? because im really scared that it will just make my tiny little bumps worse?

Raviya Heera Ismail

How long does it take for the skin to clear up? I’m at around 2 weeks now and still bumps.

Sofy Ziad

Hi.. I had that bumbs for a while then they go away but they left very bad scaring between my eyebrows and some on my forehead and they didnt go away and i never had my skin like this i always have clear skin idont know what to do please help:( btw you are gorgeous and your skin is amazing ❤️

Abbie DiCap

I've been doing this with rosehip oil for just over a month now, and I still have the bumps (they can gone down drastically) ... Do I just carry on in hoping they all clear up or should I switch oils?

elizabeth merillat

What would you recommend for a moisturizer right now I'm just using aloe Vera gel from the plant and I try to do it when after I cleanse with my cetaphil foam wash, but I still have the little bumps I don't really now any good moisturizers can you recommend anything :)

Idk Ok

How do u know it's and oil based cleanser

tin can

can i just use coconut oil or almond oil

Mallory Nicole

My skin tends to be really dry after I cleanse my face (no matter what I use on it) and it makes my face oily if I don't put moisture back into it, so would I still be able to moisturize after double cleansing?

Di Di

so i got these tiny bumps on my forehead. i wanna try hada labo oil cleansing and and hada labo mousse cleanser. but the customer assistant said that it's an oil based cleanser. it might effect my bumps and make my skin more oily? any oil cleansing suggestion for tiny bumps

Julia Groening

Would Castille soap work? It is all natural, so I don't think it is very stripping.

Sofis World

Thank you for the interesting informations! What do you think about the products of "la roche posay"? They are claimed to be for sensitive skin right?

Victoria T

can I just use olive oil? XDD

Claire Claypool

wouldnt using olive oil as a cleanser make your skin more oily? (this question may sound stupid but im just a tad bit confused lol)

Olvera Eric

What cleanser should any recommendations

Hiba Sayed AbdulRehman

What are these bumps called ?!?!?!? ?

Zulfa Sal

Is it possible to use E45 face wash cleanser? and just to say i also havr ezgema so will this be suitable
Thankss x

BB 12

does egg white face mask work?

Victoria T

is this comedonal acne? because I have tiny raised bumps on my forehead, and on my chin with blackheads. Will this video be beneficial for me?

Meme Collard

Is the cetaphill gentle skin cleanser good for getting rid of these little bumps?

Dharshini Mukesh

Hi can I use clean and clear morning energy face wash of apple flavour

Crafter frater

Hey! Can I use olive oil ????

Micaela Jean

Hey:) loved the video thank you! Just wanted to ask if it's okay rinsing my face with just lukewarm water instead of a washcloth?

Carla Yulo

Hi, I just want to ask if Cetaphil will work and it won't strip my skin?

Kimberly Chaidez

thanks so much for the tips, i have a question is it fine to wash with my regular foam soap and then use an oil based cleanser fine as well ?


Is Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap oil-based cleanser or...? I just bought it yesterday on the Internet but i found this video. I wonder should i start to use it or go find another oil-based cleanser.