Shaving after spray tan

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Can you wax or shave after an airbrush tan?

176 views | 29 Oct. 2011

Will shaving reduce the

Will shaving reduce the life of your spray on tan? When is the best time to shave before or after spray on tanning? What about shaving in between a spray tan? What about waxing between tanning? http://www.bronzeandbeautiful.com/

Shaving after spray tan

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Preparing Skin for Spray Tans

2 views | 20 Dec. 2020

Preparing Skin for Spray

Preparing Skin for Spray Tans. Part of the series: Preparing Skin for Spray Tans. If you've decided to spray tan your skin it is important to properly prepare your body before tanning. Get an overview of skin prep for spray tans with tips from a beautician in this free sunless tanning video.

Shaving after spray tan

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Men's Spray Tans | Men Can Wear It Too

20 580 views | 19 Nov. 2018



Let me show you how easy it is to have a spray tan applied and the benefits they can offer. Getting a simple spray can boost your overall confidence making you feel so much better in yourself.

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Spray Tan Used Today: https://www.superdrug.com/brandshop/skinny_tan?ds_rl=1244706&ds_rl=1244670&gclid=Cj0KCQiA28nfBRCDARIsANc5BFCcE5yWGX41ftau0wvjjPpFnkQ28EYbmNGPWscLIeRm6ugvcwq_HHUaAnX5EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

Aaron Bear

I want to fake tan now ??

haqi moh

i nead ❤


You didn’t talk about the most important thing that puts everyone off. When it starts to wear off...unevenly lol!!


Super cool ❤️

Ciaran Gillece

Lovley Video Carl your videos are amazing

Zeenat Siddique

How to get v shaped forehead hair line plz carl I need help

turkishe adel

Super cool ❤️



Look at the colour of your hands lol

Eugene Dippenaar

Looks like you wearing gloves.

The Don

Nothing annoys me more than pasty hands when wearing fake tan.. It just ruins everything in my opinion. Just get a dome make up brush and tan your hands too. Best and neatest way I guaranteed you.

Riz Kler

Why did I watch this? No not that ?? I know enough guys that need this advice ?

Aqua Rios

hi guys my name is coconut ✌️

D.L .G

I never understand why white people want to be tan but hate dark skin color?

Carl Cunard

Follow me on Instagram @carl_cunard

Sandy Mcdonald

Sorry...your hands look very white .

Jon Campos

Smoking body bro.

Vipin Vairagare

hey carl please make a video on take care of skin in winter

David McNicol

thanks...you inspire me !

Yeah buddy

no they shouldnt.... because its fake and false looking.

jamie davies

I’m not tan expert but I’m sure they’re meant to do the hands too ??

Romeo Semenov

Carl-the best!?

Steven Foucher

How often do you get the spray tan and do you have to pay dry after shower? I’ve had problems with spray tan where it will make you look like a cheetah from driving off With a towel lol


I am a professional spray tan artist. Great brand. One thing you need to avoid all of these issues you mentioned in the video is a rapid tan. St. Tropez Professional Spray Tan have a rapid tan, 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a med tan, 3 hours for dark - all work with the melanin in your skin. Also dries in 60 seconds. Meaning you can wear a white shirt, sit on your bed, it's non-transferable. If you apply too much of it and it does go on your sheets, it comes out. Another one, is from Flordia, it's called Perfect Glow Sunless, literally one of my favorite. Great video. Spray tans are better than tanning bed. Way better. Your skin looks flawless Carl.

Meme Icon

It's only a spray tan lol, ofc they can

M•E•G Sim

I’m a spray tan artist also, and your hands are waaaay too pale, instead she should put barrier cream on your hands, and put some slightly. I have never had any orange effects or anything!