Peptides and retinol

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PEPTIDES, CERAMIDES and RETINOL,Look YOUNGer w/ Affordable Anti-Aging!

421 views | 11 Jul. 2019

Check out these exciting

Check out these exciting latest additions to my skincare routine, including affordable Ceramedx and Derma-E.

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Jackieblue beautytips

Hi gorgeous girl!!! These products sound wonderful and TFS !!! Skin care is so important!!! Good ingredients!!!! And yes love derma e products !!! Hugs and love ❤️xoxo

Older Women Rock . Fashion Over 50

Thanks so much Tracie , great info. I’m all for cruelty free ?❤️


Hey Tracie Beauty i want to be very respectful and i am here because i would really love to say is that your channel is so amazing and i love all content you have on your channel its truly the best and its awesome and cool all together and i hope you will do alot more well soon and in the future keep up the spectacular work and you are doing great and i am proud of you as well and i will always be there for you and i want you to stay strong and proud and dont feel down or sad and i will always send all of the love and support to you and dont give up and you will do excellent and i believe in you always and would you like to subscribe its okay you dont have to its fine ^^
-Hopes and wishes from Drewyn

Robin's Beauty Over 50

Love all of these ingredients..good stuff..I totally understand, skincare is so expensive and I want to make sure they work, and there are products out there that are affordable that do a great job as well..thank you for sharing, Tracie..???

Susan Stewart

I love Derma E products? I think that brand is underappreciated. Great share on the ceramide cream too.⭐?


Hi Tracie peptides & ceramides are so important?love cruelty free??enjoyed your review & have a fabulous weekend!!!

leda lum

OHH!! that ceremedx sounds good!! i was looking for a clean ceremides cream. thanks you!!✨?✨✨?✨


I like derma e creams they natural and affordable


Hi Tracie!!! Very nice video...I've been using some form or another of Matrixyl and Argireline for awhile and Copper Peptides....Can I honestly say that I've seen a difference, I really don't know...:) BUT it can't hurt....:) and I figure as long as I keep using my skincare, and using it consistently then I'm ahead of the game....I"m going to keep these products you mentioned in mind...By the way, love the pink on you!!! Love, Lee

My Life Wendy

Hi Tracie!! I really like the Derma e (also check out pharmaca they always have sales plus there is always at least a 20% coupon .. just look on the page) they carry Derma e right now its 20% off and an additional 20% off on their site with code wellness20.. (had to share ;) ) I have never heard of Cermedix but I will for sure check them out.. This was super informative and helpful.. Thank you so much my friend ! You look Gorgeous your skin is amazing!! Have a great week my friend xo

Pam: Over50Beauty&Lifestyle

Hi Tracie! I used to use the Elizabeth Arden ceramide capsules too! Thanks for the great info!??????

Peptides and retinol

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THIS Can Work Like Botox?? Effective Ways to Use Peptide l Do&Don't

52 449 views | 10 Sep. 2019

“Botox-like” Peptides In

“Botox-like” Peptides In a Bottle? How to Properly Apply Peptide and Work Miracles on Your Wrinkles!

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TatzRules Yay

Can teens use it? I really liked it.

Eleonora Seno

Should I use the midnight drop BEFORE my toner then? Cause I know timers help to balance the skin after cleaners and prepare the skin for all the other ingredients (essence, serum, sheet masks...), so I’m quite confused ??‍♀️


How about the best ingredients for combination skin products specially in sheets make please also what we should to avoid


Haha, finally a good product for living in Australia...


Is it best to take the blue drops before or after using an LED light mask? :) <3


Scientific research only shows that peptide has humectant-like effect, meaning it does nothing but act as a humectant (water binding agent) that binds the water into your skin. Peptides for anti aging... uhm.... just doesn’t have enough data to actually prove that.

She’s such an amazing dermatologist discussing topic about skin care ingredients.

Mona Verma

In india klairs products sell offline in nykaa luxe store. But we dont have this blue drop serum and blue sunscreen and vitamin e gelly mask and vitamin 75cream etc. Plz request wishtrend to sell all these products in nykaa stores in india.

Dechen Wangmu

Waiting ?

Pizza _123


Parthasarathy Aalavanthar

If you're can make video for pedicure & manicure

Victoria Gomez

I wish to buy the peptides for my mother's 60th birthday nxt mth. Is this suitable for her?

SpaceCowboy Eddie

Wait, so...you said to always use the blue drop first before toner...but then you show a video with the instruction to do the exact opposite and put the toner on first? ??

Meena Kumar

Does this help undereye wrinkles? Does it have side effects , do we have to use it always? Thx



Wishtrend TV

How was the video today? Leave us a comment if you have any questions or requests for our next topic for Do & Don’t.??

javeria karim

Dear ur videos with bundle of information i wants to know about hyper pigmentation and melasma products for the age of 30 and with dry skin

Pramod Kumar

Can you please make a video on how to get rid of white patches from cheeks


I live in a very humid area so my home can get pretty hot inside when the AC isn't on. Is it okay to store my it in my fridge?


I thought Vitamin C goes hand and hand with sunscreen so making it best to use it in the day time ?‍♀️ cant you confirm this theory? ?

Artist Flare

so you can't use peptides with toner?????

Carla Marie

Omg Eunice looks like a robot whenever someone else is talking. You can tell she's just saying "yes" with her head but not listening ??? idk I always see that and wonder if everyone else notices


Could I use this with Hyaluronic Acid?

Priskila Rottie

I just want to share my opinion on peptides and the EGF (also a peptide) in the Blue Drop based on some research/articles.

The issue is that EGF is so good at stimulating cell proliferation, and remember that the definition of cancer is “cells proliferating out of control”. So, EGF is mitogenic, and if you do have cancerous cells or moles, it means that EGF will help them spread.

Better think twice if you wanna use skincare products with EGF IF you have skin cancer risk factors. If not, then way to go.


On 1:44 in the video, the second question.

You shouldn’t pair peptides or EGF (like the sh-oligopeptide-1 in the Blue Drop) with vitamin C or AHA, a dermatologist says. Because, “acidic environments can break down growth factors”. So, it is not “any other skincare products” like said on the video. Even though they did explain it later.

I apologize if it’s wrong. But, I think it is better to be safe than sorry.

More info:

Maggie B

What skincare routine using your products would you recommend for an oily acne prone teen? Thx and I love your videos ♥︎♡♥︎

Yousha Noor

Can i use other vitamin c serum with blue drop instead of klairs vitamin drop?


Sooo I had mini breakdown yesterday evening when I realized my midnight blue drop is empty ???

Mounika Alekhya Yerramalli

Will the peptide cream work effectively for neck wrinkles as well ?

Jamie Spafford

Why are you using a very young teen in your demo ? And where does one find "specific" product recommendations? Thk you. JAS55

Reba Maharjan

I m 17 can i use it?

Guillain Barré

can 20 year old use this?

Aldrene Natividad

New subcriber here?


How about when using with a retinol product? Would you need to alternate blue drop and retinol products, or is it safe for use together? (Like the chemical exfoliant, would we need to wait 20 min to use?)



Lucy Lessly

1:47 Yellow on white background is difficult to read. Please change that in future videos!?

Putra IGP

It's about the order I guess. The question is how about the other brand that has not the same consistency like the blue drop? They come in thicker form. So, when we apply them before the hydrating toner, will they still good to be layered?

Nhi Ngo

Hi Wishtrend TV, if I use a first treatment serum like the sulwhasoo or the SKII essence, which one should I use first? The first treatment or the blue drop??

Mahmuda Khatun Mridula

Recently I buy a peptide serum.thank for the content.its help me more

Lay Sereyroathtana

Hi! Can I use polyphenol in propolis 15% in ampoul with klairs blue serum at night time? And if it can, which one should I start first?

Lilian Li

Where we can find peptides?

Yulimar Vildosola

How about the ordinary copper peptides

Ericka Panmei

I want this can i order please suggest me


I’m using your products but acne with no puss keeps coming on my face ;(( Why? Is it because I’m worrying too much? Can you please make a video about taking care of pimples with no puss but it’s read and hurts

Carmen Guevara

Hi! Can the peptides be used before Tretinoin Cream?

Kawaii me!!!

I have lots of bumps on my face. And I can't just get rid of it. Please help ~_~



Teky Hnialum

what about retin A cre... people hve using so much? what's ur. opinion??

Nus Qad

Hi wish trend .... is this blue youth activating drops a “ growth factor serum” ?

Rose Cruz

Do i need to moisturise first before peptides? Or no need?

You got Bill Cosby'd

I ain't tryna watch this. Can someone me a time frame for a legit good part. Thanks

Ate Se

I am 49 and today is my 4th day using the youth beautiful skin line. Can i add the vit C drops in this routine ? How about the ginseng serum it is also an anti aging ?


So is the Midnight blue serum good for 40 and over? I just stated using it

Marina Diaz

when using the blue drops with vitamin c which one do I apply first?

Farnaz Gadkari


Afrena Hoque

I am just 20 years old should i start anti-aging care by using mid night blue dropss.. plz tell mee

Lhait kgardai

Peptide❤️❤️I was waiting for ingredients series. Love it :)

Peptides and retinol

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17 656 views | 11 Jul. 2020

What’s the tea about

What’s the tea about peptides? I’m pretty sure you have heard about peptides in skincare: Matrixyl 3000, Argireline, copper peptides, and so on... But what are they and do you need them?

? Remember to leave a like on this video and subscribe if you want to see more!

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Yesstyle Rewards code: CYRILLESKIN to get 5% off.


?Products mentioned

The Ordinary Buffet + Copper peptide ⎪https://amzn.to/2ZkuGC8

Geek and Gorgeous C glow⎪https://geekandgorgeous.com/collections/101-serums/products/c-glow

Paula’s Choice C15 ⎪https://amzn.to/2ZhBpN6

The Ordinary 20% Ascorbyl tetra isopalmitate⎪https://amzn.to/2ZhmdzA

? ? Moisturizers I recommend

Curel Intensive moisture cream⎪https://amzn.to/2QOtWk2

Hada Labo perfect gel⎪https://amzn.to/3bwSJ45

Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight ⎪https://amzn.to/2Uki8Ir

Klairs Supple preparation all over lotion ⎪https://amzn.to/2zIuy5d or https://ystyle.co/2DJQ

Klairs Midnight blue cream ⎪https://amzn.to/2N6FbSC or https://ystyle.co/nCgE

☀️ More Sunscreens I recommend

Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen skincare milk SPF50+PA++++⎪https://ystyle.co/Z2kz

Dr Jart SolarBiome Ampoule SPF50+PA++++⎪https://ystyle.co/CuL5

Klairs UV Soft Airy UV essence SPF50+PA++++⎪https://ystyle.co/ksXe

Purito Centella Green level unscented sun SPF50+PA++++⎪https://amzn.to/2ukJDHp

Biore UV Athlizm skin protect essence SPF50+PA++++⎪ https://amzn.to/2vOUvOa


? Videos

How much sunscreen do you need⎪ https://youtu.be/XUglkikQ4-M

Best sunscreens of 2019 ⎪ https://youtu.be/Mwt4a-NIIEo

Sunscreens for dark skin tone⎪ https://youtu.be/jy4-9r_NKkc

Tranexamic acid⎪ https://youtu.be/MPuWHo5-WZ0


Music by Rögg Collins - Out The Window - https://thmatc.co/?l=6A3CEEA5








Please note that I am not a physician. I only recommend cosmetics that are not medicine. A dermatologist should treat any skin disease. I try my best to suggest hypoallergenic products. However, you may develop an allergy and should consult a doctor if it is the case. If you have a skin disease, I strongly recommend that you consult a physician before testing one of my recommendations or routines. I am 100% independent. All opinions are my own. Unless mentioned all products are bought by myself.

Thank you for your time and support! ?

Much love and respect! ?

Mili Pedreros

I also have the niod one but again unopened, lol will be trying it soon though.

Konstantinos Georgiou

any links to pubmed ? :-)

Viv Lee

Enjoy listening to the science explanations you presented. Thanks for the knowledge!


What are your thoughts on Argireline / Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 causing skin sagging? After reading some articles online I immediately stopped using TO Buffet and I avoid it like crazy when I see it in ingredient lists ?


Your English is improving! In the beginning I sometimes could not understand you because of the heavy accent, but now I understand almost everything! (English also isn't my first language, which make it extra hard for me) keep up the good work, absolutely love your videos.

Laura Salazar

Hi !!! Could you do a video about hidration AND creams recomended while on retinoic acid treatment for acné. Thanks for your content!!

Linda Joy

Cyrille, I love these science based skincare ingredient reviews. It's how I found your channel some time ago and it's why I subscribed and also why I hang around ???

Anthony Parkinson

This video was perfectly timed because I was searching for you talking about them yesterday, but there was no video.

safae tamansour

Hello l hope you are well.please van i mix buffet +copper peptides sérum with retinol serum.thank you


Im currently using Ordinary’s Buffet + Copper but when I use it with retinol my skin gets very sensitive. Help!

SoCal Bella


Diana S

Would additional peptides from a product like Buffet potentially boost the regenerative effect of Matricium?

Dee Dee

I wish when and if you have time if you would check out the products from Alastin and read whatever papers they have published and let me in or us know your thoughts ?


Loved that you went a bit in depth about the type of research behind that family of ingredients! Would be awesome if you did a video like this about ceramides.

Martin Moore

As always your neediness is thoughtfully applied to the topic, with a lot of information and yes, you do bring fun to the table also. I’d been aware this was coming for such a long time and now glad, from various clues along the way I’d suspected you would not be unequivocally over the moon about Peptides with not enough research. Again Cyrille is swimming up river against the tide of popular opinion. So, interesting to see some results for Argireline and particularly Copper Peptide, would love to see the in depth review of The Ordinary Copper Peptide, I’m about to reorder it. Merci

Jenny Jones

Never getting rid of my tretinoin!? Nothing can replace it

Katerina K

What's your view on EGF? I see it popping up (in K-beauty and recently in the Inkey List's 15% Vit C serum). Is it worth the hype — and the price tag?

Nelson Ladrido

Buzu2 bye bye hair. Time will tell you'll have the same hairline with Bruce Willis.... he3 that's what you should be concern because there a lot of remedies now how to make our face beautiful... but balding hair, I DOUBT!

Anchan 86

Hi! Salut! I live in Japan, and there are many actives (serums) here with things like fullerene, placenta, and proteoglycan. What do you think about these ingredients? Fortunately, this country is a beauty paradise as you know probably and there are many little known cosmetic and chemical manufacturers with quality products for reasonable prices...

Sugawara's wife

I have never introduced peptides into my routine, but I still learn something in this video! ?

Valerie Reyna

So happy you made a peptide video! I feel like everyone keeps buying peptide/antioxidant labeled skincare but don’t know what they are using and if it even works! I just stick to the trusty ABC Vitamins

Fedra Ruiz-Aleman

Hi! So many mixed opinions on peptides not combining well with tretinion. Specially copper peptides, the retinoic acid breaking down peptides. Same with vitamin c ?

Liane Levy

I love peptides! My skin is extra sensitive due to a medical condition so I can't use most stronger actives, and peptides are hydrating and calming to my skin. I don't think too hard about whether they have any impact on skin aging, I just wear sunscreen and focus on prevention, but I'm also only 32 so I don't have any wrinkles yet.


I used to be a stem cell researcher for quite some time..what...10 years? You cannot be older than 35!! I refuse to let you be older than 35!! I research and I am under 35..and you are 100% pure baby skin!!! Continue to teach me your ways but please don't burst my bubble :P

sue lou

Thank you! This info has made it easier for me to ditch my Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide.

Lizzie over 50

I would LOVE a review of the Buffet + Copper Peptides!!!

Ginger Tunstall

Excellent! I hope you can answer this question. Since Argireline has a molecular weight too large to penetrate the skin can it still have any effect on the muscles below the skin? I LOVE your nerdiness! Thanks so much.

Sushi and Beyond

So what do you think of DE’s polypeptide?

Ekaterina Kozlovskaia

Thanks Cyrille! It would be great if you review copper peptide one. I tried it. It's nice but of course not possible to know effect after just one bottle.

Ray en Patricia

Yes pleas a review of the buffet + Copper

Ana G

Is it ok to mix peptides with retinol at night?

Cielo Skin

I looooove this kind of videos when I can learn sooo much from you! Thank you ?



βικέντιος Γώμης

First! ? Waited so long for that video ❤️❤️❤️


Wow really really really love this video. It was so well done I loved your explanation of breaking down peptides as well as then explaining the importance and role that they do play. I like the way you mentioned tretinoin and vitamin C as really important as well as acids in our skin care routine. And if we really want to we can add them and then you also recommended your most interesting peptide to try. I would love to see a full review and your thoughts on the copper buffet peptide. Thanks again! ❣️???

Tomie Kawakami

I was just thinking how to use peptide serum ?

Ela Campusano

Hello Cyrille, it was very difficult for me to understand everything you said. I wanted to ask you about the DMAE cosmetics that are acetylcholine precursors, and if they really work. Thank you very much, take good care and greetings from Chile ???

Bayleigh Chappel

Hi, I have a bit of an interesting question. I have a rare condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and therefore have defective collagen, and among some extremely debilitating and painful symptoms, it effects the skin by making it very delicate. I’m always looking to find out how to better take care of my skin, since most skincare products are about boosting collagen production. It sounds like peptides are a good idea, but can you suggest anything else? ❤️

Olina Young

Lol, “... super bougee?”, love your humor. Very helpful, thank you ?!! I do enjoy a few peptide products but not a big deal for me to exclude.


I’m in nursing school, and I have a friend who’s working on her PhD in pharmacology, and part of her work involves doing literature reviews. I spoke with her earlier today and last night alone she read and took notes for FIFTY SIX research papers ? and she’s nowhere near finished. I’m sharing this to say that I’m certain that your videos involve a ton of work behind the scenes that most people aren’t aware of, and I’m incredibly grateful for your willingness and eagerness to share your knowledge with the rest of us ?


Really interesting. I've been dabbing a little bit of TO's Argireline around my eyes, but not sure I've noticed much of a difference. People have also been hyping the NIOD Superoxide Dismutase mist a lot (it is constantly sold out).

Sherry Hilliard

Thanks Cyrille ! Was waiting for this ! I bought the Niod CAIS but have not started it yet... I believe I"ll have to alternate it in the evenings with Tret - we shall see if it makes any significant difference. I have also purchased Dr. Sam's nightly serum - won't use it until I've done a full couple months of the Niod CAIS to see if it works. But... still wondering if that nightly serum is worth alternating with Tret... ?



Mili Pedreros

I have the copper buffet from the ordinary but still unopened. Am excited to try this one.

Alina N

Thank you Cyrille ! Peptide products usually quite pricey and most of them contain tiny bit of it.I like to spend my money on things that work )

Selma Taratata

Bonjour Cyrille, I have been binge watching your videos. Thank you so much as I have learned a lot. It would be great if you could create a French speaking channel. I know it will require more work but I feel you would be so much more successful as I know no one who delivers as good and as educated content as you do. Thanks again and have a great day !

Prenant Sandrine

Aïe aïe aïe, terrible les traductions françaises, presque drôle! Dommage ?

joanne villasana

So happy for this video! I’ve learned so much from you and I was hoping for a peptide vid! I’ve used a bottle of The Ordinary Copper Peptide Buffet and now am using the regular peptide buffet. I’m using up what I bought because it’s all new to me. Is The Ordinary Matrixyl also a peptide I could try next? Thank you for all your videos. I never miss them ! ?


What about Adapalene? Which is a stable form of Tretinoin, it doesn't break down in light so you can use it during the day.

Susana Rodrigues

But can we use it with retinol? Thats what i still dont know

Marie Barber

Love your videos very informative, I was wondering if it is completely necessary to wait 20 minuted after applying a .09% retin a to apply any other products?

Never too old !!!

Thank you for these helpful videos! ???

Fhsjsvdhr Xjxiahwri

Thank you, great video super informative!

wrinkles & sprinkles

I’m a Biologist as well. Except my specialty is Wildlife. That doesn’t help with skincare at all so I must rely on you for that.?



Amanda F

"I know, it sounds a little bit sciency ... actually it is very sciency" cracked me up!

I've been using TO Buffet with Copper Peptides and it's nice. I haven't found it radically changing my skin but it is moisturising so if you do review this product, could you please go into a bit of the science of why TO says you can't use copper peptides with vitamin c? Thank you so much!

Clarissa Cecilia Cummings

Sat here laughing about signal peptides and ‘hey girl’ ?

Jeanie Jean

I'm into your nerdiness ?

Mili Pedreros

Yup VERY interesting, thknx, xoxo

Chacha Xiao

SVR A Ampule also contains 2 peptides !!

Nat GL

What about aminoacid serums? Do they work in a similar way to peptides? I use the one from the ordinary and I love it because it's very hydrating and soothing, but it would be nice to know if it has any other benefits like antiaging or antioxidant properties