How to get my natural hair curly

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How I Make My Natural Hair Curly

452 753 views | 10 Jun. 2015

This is not a tutorial!

This is not a tutorial! You all wanted to see my hair regimen and what styles I like so here it is. I use all Shea Moisture products and I twist and bantu knot my hair to make it somewhat curly. :)


SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo

Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner

Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie









How to get my natural hair curly

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How To Curl Short Natural Hair!

66 976 views | 7 Sep. 2018

How To Short Natural

How To Short Natural Hair!

How to curl natural hair for black women

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Sorry but I don’t see any curl try again

Aroneika Dixon

there are so beautiful

Larvin laze

Watching this single??

Ali Baba

Am just 14 but i think you guys look really cute together ❤❤?

Mercy Ndujilo

He looks innocent?

nadia Mcfee

Love how she's so honest lol who has f..ing 1000 for weave?

c yavelle

Correction: no matter what stying product you choose, ADD water.


What a cute ass couple!!! But girl that hair isn't curly! Lmao. You needed some water. But that's alright I just had fun hanging out watching you two. Best of luck!

Olu Osewa

Stop swearing baby girl. Leave d swearing for d street girls☹?


Our inlaw?

Nqobile Ngcobo

love your mans eyes

Drucilla Nsubuga

Ugandan???yass sis aww


Ammm? Come again

Ifechukwu Chioke

Pre-cum? Am out

Dimetrice Rutherford

Wow a very good massage ???

Jungkook maknae_is_a_hyung_now

Omg this is so cute!

english doll

?? I cant find the curl tho?‍♀️

Queen Vee Gonya

Ok I'm sorry could not find the curls guys.i was so looking forward to the end result.???

Kyomuhendo Rose

Ur too beautiful my darling

Lessie Davis

Cute couple

Teresa Quinn

Honey tht is not curly but love ya'll

Faith Peace

Beautiful African Sister and my English brother. This is how the world should be. Love you guys. May the Lord keep you and make his face to shine upon you. :)
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fadzai kativu

Lol ecostyler gel looks like precum???

Jennifer subs_

Such cute couple... I love dem bt the girl sound nigerian and yea she so pretty

Olu Osewa

Stop swearing plz & b real

Faith Peace

You sound like a Nigerian ooooo

kawino rebecca

Its the same

Charlene Claire

I saw the curls and I only have one eye so idk what some of these people are talking about lol

Nokuthula Nkiwane


TikTok Videos

You look like China MacLaine

Angella Fergs

Didn’t wash the cussing turned me off

peace kisi

U just wanted to show us your boyfriend, but that hair ain't curly girl.

vanessa mendez

I like you two the best couple ever but some white people are races to black people

Ruth Myers

I love you two guys. I just love, love, love listening to the both of you. It’s like you both were born to be together. This Is the way God mean’t for people to be.

Laura Oguttu

There no curls

Rebecca Matthew

Its the yawn for me????

How to get my natural hair curly

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235 654 views | 3 Dec. 2018

Hey Y'all!


Hey Y'all!

I tried to use Vaseline to define my 4C natural hair and..... I did not expect this! In wash n go tutorials for 4c hair, there's usually 5 or 6 products used to get you hair curly, and my hair still ends up dry and brittle. #naturalhair #4chair

Here's the video I watched before doing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6R1NycvjFc


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[email protected]

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Chukwu Amaka

Your hair is relaxed right?


I tried Vaseline . I have 4c hair. It didn’t work but when I try water ?

Lemba Bobette

This is my second vid I'm watching and I still can't believe its true ??

Tashida Gawachas

I love ur video's


Other things Vaseline works as
="eyebrow gel"
="Lip gloss"

Refentse Thebekwana

Did you use a dryer?

Auchie Thomas

that hair is popping girl!! <3


My Grandmother Told Me That It Grew My Edges Back

Davis Starsha



I was like 10 years old when I found out not everybody used vaseline on their hair. Meanwhile, my mother would slather me down from the top of my afro, down my face, all the way to my very little tippy-toes every day. ? good times...

Naomi Angel

OMG i've got to try this!!


I think you have 4b honey. 4C has very lil curl definition, yours has more definition.

Ngabire Dinah

Babes Your hair is so long!

Nantongo Retinah

Did you really use the usual Vaseline

ashley rogers

I've been slippin! Watching this 12am at night and Walmart not even opened for me to go get a jar of this so I can try it out on my hair!! ?


Your expressions are very funny.. lol


Lol...Honey Vaseline aint gone make ur hair fall out...growing up, Vaseline, Blue Magic, Sulfer 8, Crown Royal were the grease you used to keep ur hair moisturized and thats what grew your hair....a myth popped up in the world that petroleum was bad for ur hair? I think its at least 3 jars all over my house...it looks great

Elle Marie

Vaseline is a sealant so it can definitely be used to seal in moisture and define curls!


At what point did you apply the water? Your curls look awesome though!

Melanin Queen

im mixed with like 3c/4a or something honestly idk but im like the only girl who wishes they had 4c hair?

Monique Desireé

You remind me so much of Kellie Sweet

あけみa k e m i

Did anybody went through the mute process or was it just me?

jessica nasulme

anyone's video also just lose all audio halfway through ?

Eve louis

Okay but it’s just so surprising that people don’t use Vaseline on their hair on a regular basis, because Vaseline really helped my hair growth until I stopped it because everyone was telling me not to use it. It actually didn’t clog my roots or nothing like that, it is really moisturizing and my hair was always shiny and healthy.

Hailee Nero

what kind of vaseline did you use? or does it matter? bc i doesn’t look white at all

Ellen Dube

I can not believe it works

Maya drawz

mmmmmm vaseline is a common ting in our african setup in my famly its like so common its like toothpaste thats how common it is

Boluwatife Grace Ogunbiyi

Is Vaseline good for hair?
Won't it spoil the hair?


I knew this before you showed me it but the thing is we ran out of Vaseline I need to go get it and my mom doesn't want me to put Vaseline on my hair sooo anna opp-

Aset Kemet

I absolutely enjoyed your video you are adorable and super funny thank you! The ending was hilarious

Niquella Maxwell

Who else got their Vaseline after she was finish.....:-)...

LIZZIE Wamalwa

Mine dint just work at all

Kailah A Thomas

My eyes watered watching this ? I never knew this could happen for me


omg wtf My hair curled after I applied some vaseline too!!!

Nia Pharoh

I dont thibk u have 4c hair

Barbie Collections

I’m definitely gonna try this in my hair

Violet Njoki Sorenson

How long does it last before the next wash?

Kirabo Moey

I look how shocked you look????

Lowkey Janaya

Did anyone else lose sound or just me

Lemba Bobette

Her hair came out perfectly ??

Ms.Lovely_ lxi

I have 3c hair and I thought that the was she got so hyped was cute nd funny ?

Rosa Ithindi

Why tf would you be proud to be “a white”

Amari Brown

You could use pomade instead of Vaseline

Ndagire Jacquelyn

Will my hair become soft coz it is too hard

Boyie Chick03

Your hair was already curled so..
You looked pretty anyway❤?


I think every baby I know have put a lot of that in their hair, and think they cute.

Jonie Anthony

No no no bye


https://youtu.be/CCuD1JCVrkI Vaseline is toxic longterm. Use a beeswax pomade.


I tried it works ???


Tell me why I just grabbed some Vaseline to try this ?

Rita-Cascia Marley

I’m definitely trying this when I take my braid off.

bad bleep

me after melting my vaseline because i thought it would make lipgloss: ?????

Reetha Choshane

Your reaction was priceless ?????

Smangele Mngadi

How long does this last?

Lit IT Marvel

I dont have a soft hair ,will it work cos am scared something bad might happen to my hair

Irene Oluchizara

Like seriously


Wait until you try to wash it out

dallas sophia

Anybody elses audio went off? Or is it just me?

The Digital Empress

You don’t have 4C hair. This is matted and dry 4a hair.

HerName. Treay

Lol Vaseline grew my hair

Alicia Riley

Not to mention I know u ain't tryna mess up that ?gloss while u talkin


Here the tea on 4c, its so mfkn curly it's straight ?

Amile - black _ diamond

Cool I tried it it didn't work I think I did it wrong tnxs

Amour.x3. Kay

I always grew up with Vaseline in my hair ass in that’s what my mother massaged my scalp and my hair grew so muchhh ?

Makai A-P

Thank god I found this, I’m saved

Taryn Michelle

Alright here's the tea. What if we're doing everything wrong. What if people with naturally tight curl patterns are actually royalty and people are supposed to help us define our hair because if we were to define our own curls as small as they are it would take forever. Not to mention the fact that we can't see the back of our heads. I just wanna know what it would look like if every. Single. Curl. Was defined.

Dani dollaz

Vaseline is magic hunti, especially for my lil eczema baby!!!

Toni LaPorte

why did you say the b word

Xxrose blueberry queenXx

Mine is 4b

christine blue

????her reaction though

Inonge G

You look really nice without makeup

Angela Tate

Yeah it's funny how she is excited about it we've been doing this 4 years putting water in Vaseline and. And it would curl up that's nothing new Under the Sun maybe new to younger generation but it's not new to us I have done it when I was a teenager when I want my Bangs to Curl

Wairimu Wachira


Princella Baidoo

This is so cool

Christ-le Clear

4:11 She said "I'm really speechless" and the audio cut out until 6:06
That was so crazy! Anyone else have this happen???

Mimo Kgari

I was so excited for you?

Shy Lewis

Thank youuuuu I need to try this

Lydia Tahsoh

Just watched the youtube video too

Justin Seagull

lol y'all didn't know, I've been using this to get some curls and it grows your eyelashes and brows when applied each night going to bed.. blue magic does the trick too

Richard Nsakanya

SIS YOUR HAIR CAN BOUNCE!! omg.. high or low porosity??

Trinity sky

That's awesome ????

Reetha Choshane

Is it just my wack ass phone or did the sound go away for a while ?

Julia Lia

your hair is just dry 4a/b ?


? ? she funny and she happy looks good

Tracy Austin

No skinny bitch lol.... That video at the end had me dying?... Where her mama... Shake bitch lol..... I can't???


I don't even know my hair type?

BlackWomenMatter Too!

Girl, if you want curls so bad......texturize it lol.

i play the recorder

wheres the audio halfway through

Onekai Makaranga Mapfumo

if u live in Africa n i do u would know to use vaseline.

Shizi K

who here becuz they gotta go somewhere in 3hrs and tryna do they hair

Jasmine Hrtbrkr

Do a twist out and your curls would be hella defined. ?

Makhosi Mkhize

Listen, ?I’m going to get my Vaseline right now!!!?? South Africa ?? approves

PrettyBrown One

?? Just let your soul glowww, just let it shine throughhh yeaahh? ??? New Subbie!!!!

Weird Myst

Vaseline is my makeup, lotion, hair grease, and lip gloss.

Taiwo Adeyemo

Wow i love your hair??????????????????

joleen masha

I will try this my self and also to my bb girl ?

Kayla Girl

I always use Vaseline on my 4c hair. My hair loves it

Jamaria’s Channel

“Beeeeyyych” ?

tash isele

whose here because there in,quarantine during covid-19 outbreak.??

Christian Harrison Ukpai

Idiot liar