Petroleum jelly bad

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Pellet Rifle DIESELING - Good, Bad or Ugly?

688 047 views | 8 Aug. 2013

We demonstrate what

We demonstrate what dieseling is, and the risks to your pellet rifle by doing it. Most people use a light oil or some other flammable liquid to do it but we use mentholatum ointment (aka VICKS), which has a base of petroleum jelly (Vaseline). It's actually quite flammable! Does dieseling REALLY make your air rifle shoot faster?

Rather than use a chrono, I thought it would be more interesting to actually sync up the shots so one can see for themselves. Otherwise, people would be disputing my findings by saying my chronograph was broken, etc. Remember, high speed cameras don't lie! Chronographs sometimes do show faulty readings.

Filming this was difficult because I wanted to show the muzzle of the air rifle in the tiny frame of the 1200 fps mode of my camera and it was hard to hold it in that position and concentrate on aiming at the same time.

Ted's HoldOver awesome pellet rifle channel:


Seth Abernathy

I think dieseling does more damage

Paul Thomson

bad science at work in this clip leading to erroneous conclusions

Jeffrey Reedy

love your show but you're incorrect I see no evidence corner graph proof of just 800 feet per second dieseling will add a hundred feet per second at least and I have seen other people dieseling and corner graph show a hundred feet per second more and I have done it myselfand if you would like me to prove you wrong or you prove me wrong put the corner graph up there and do it on video

Cec Farns

No chronograph means no idea what your saying.. Sorry.. Facts speak everyone has opinions.

Theo Schutz

Sorry wrong here
Measure it...you get 200fps more fact

jimmy Burnett

Really, no chony.Dieseling dont make more power? ive seen chonys say differ and what i see from you is nothing.let me see blown out seals.Show me what it does because you didnt here

susan Marie

hey Jeff .Pellet Rifle DIESELING does have  a very big effect on a pellet rifle 'that is if the rifle has any power at  all before it is dieseled  'apparently the rifle you were using hasn't got much power to start with .it takes a lot of compression to make Ky jelly to explode I have a hatsan 125 that I had custom built 5 years ago .it average's  1325 fps with out dieseling .but when I do diesel it .I get over 1700 fps .and that a big difference .of course at that speed I cant hit anything unless im right on top of it .but it had the power .around 54 fpe at the muzzle ..I had this rifle built so I could do long range target shooting .I make my own pellets for the job .at 150 yards I can hit am explosive golfball

Tom Brown

Wrongdoing wrong science here

Jacob Thompson

Redo this with the chrono

Trần Hải

Băn thê ko băng sung chun chung tôi chê. Như cưt

jimmy james

Perhaps leaky seal? I've seen new pellet rifles have bur cuts on the cylinder seals. So a thought

Jose Salgado

Has anybody tried this on a pellet revolver like the .357 from Crossman? I’m looking to buy one and wanna know if it works and I know it damages the seal on a riffle but i don’t care even if it’s worst in a revolver, still I just wanna do it.

Jorge Medina

How would you know if there was a speed difference without a chronograph?

Oh Danny Bear


Angel Perez

I don’t understand how the gun gets the power also does it rifle in the barrel ?

Gulf Coast Florida Man of the Gulf Coast

I think by ramming it forward you are losing the pressure...I watched a guy do this with a Chrono & went from 940fps to 1120fps


I diesel my suppressed air rifle. It sure shoots alot harder.

Dino fabrizzi

Dieseling is a bullshit ,,,,. It only works if your airgun is already powerful, at least 800 fps,,and still..


I had a cheap spring-air pellet rifle from Wal-Mart as a kid, and I can say a drop of 3-in-1 on the back of the pellet, and no additional seating depth, pushed those pellets fast enough to make a supersonic crack. It hurt accuracy, probably because my velocity was really inconsistent, but they certainly had more power. It also didn't smoke like yours, I think it burned much quicker leading to higher pressures.

3rdEye Spy

I've seen Chrono testing with Dieseling vs Non-Dieseling and there is actually a HUGE boost in velocity....Break Barrel Air Rifle Was consistent within 800 or so FPS.....but with Dieseling the same pellet and rifle the Chrono was reading at around 1200 to even 1300 FPS.... that's a MAJOR increase, but you could potentially be hurting your rifle, so I'd have to respectfully disagree on this one man...!!
It definitely does increase FPS a substantial amount..!!


The best dieseling effect is with transmision fluid, the cheaper the better. Just a drop. Vaseline is not as effective. Don't push the pellet in the barrel just fill the rear cavity. I am getting over 1300 ft/s this way with a 1.77 cheap crosman pellet from 850 ft/s. Those pellets can nearly puncture a 1/16 steel plate.

Eric B



Are you using a chronograph? Because if not you have no way of knowing how fast its traveling. I've seen videos of this done with a chrono and it does add around 200fps

Jesus Castro

KY is not flammable

Jade Mccluskie

I'd love to see you recreate this but next time put the excellorant in the skirt of the pellet instead.



Very scientific. Would you notice a 200 fps increase in velocity by looking at the impact on a brick? Probably NOT, yet that would be a significant increase in kinetic energy. A useless video.

Kaffir Fromgod

How can you say one bullet wasn't faster than the other, the dieseling was clearly faster. Plus the science behind it is real it is not fake it's called dieseling for a reason it mimics a tech of a diesel motor. If you have a 700 foot per second gun it will increase that foot per second velocity to about 1000 ft per second if you have a gun that shoots 850 ft per second it's only going to shoot about 1,000 feet per second if you have a gun that shoots 1200 feet per second it's not going to go any faster by filling the cup of the pellet you would have to introduce a lot more fuel 4 it to propel faster than 1200 feet per second. And this is only a .177 caliber I haven't played with a 22 cal I would assume the same progression.


Get a crono wtf


I can't believe nobody picked up on this: the energy you put into pushing the pellet into the chamber took away from the peak pressure and rate of pressure rise when the piston slams forward, in automobile terms it's like lowering a 9:1 compression ratio engine down to 5:1

John Paul



You should revisit this video.

Eccentric Smithy

Its called dieseling because you are suppose to use Diesel. Put a drop of diesel fuel in there then give it a go.


Could you use pyrodex

Steve Fox

This will only work for springers or pcp, you can try all you want with a co2 rifle and nothing will happen as the co2 means there is no oxygen for the oil to burn in.

Regular engine oil works well, Little is better than more and you literally need just a single drop, less than what it takes to fill the pellet skirt.

It will absolutely destroy your rifle if you do it more than a handful of times, the shockwave can shatter the piston, break the spring and will blow out both the breech and piston seals but on a junk rifle it's fun.

I chronographed a crossman phantom with a strong spring In it and straight it was pushing the pellet at 700fps with a 14.5 grain pellet, dieseled it was hitting 870fps and makes a hell of a bang.

Accuracy takes a huge hit though, it's causes the gun to be all over the shot, when your used to the accuracy of a co2 rifle it feels utterly useless but fun none the less.

T Sanders

I heard you can use butane bro. I dunno lol


Can u tell me what this airgun u uswt please؟ name and number please i think its chaines gun but wich one؟

Ron Arcovio

Please revisit this!! I'd love to see the crono.

Kane Lee

On a side note, petroleum will ruin the rubber o-ring

Cory Sanchez

Jeff u got a chrono and high speed.camera now u should re do this test plus its not a real gun youtube might even let u monetize it


Watching this just confirmed many stupid people making bullshit video and using "fake" none science within them

ຮຸ່ງ ພຸ່ງແຣງ

Next VDO try using pure oxegen instead of air please.


I use a benjamin (gas-ram), which has already about 40J (35 to 42 depending on the pellet) and an exit speed of ~ 1200fps, dieselling it increases the speed to ~1500 fps !

A Chris of all trades

Is like to see a pellet gun with Double, heavy duty seals. And pellets pre loaded with petroleum jelly ?

Nor-Cal Transparency

Its all fun and games until the spring block in the back of the fun pops out and takes out your eye.

Jamie Clemons

How exactly did you determine the speed from eyeballing?


That crack you hear, is the pellet going supersonic.

Victor Robison

As both a firearms enthusiast and a diesel mechanic, I doubt if you are actually "dieseling" the air rifle. The added substance may be adding smoke and pop to the show, but if you were achieving compression ignition in an air rifle, I think you would destroy it. Compression ignition is a very destructive process, which is why a diesel engine is built so much heavier than a gas engine. Also, if you were generating pressure that would speed up the pellet by an amount you would notice, the spring piston assembly would dampen the effect considerably. True ignition would both accelerate the pellet and cock the gun, possible overcoming the strength of the rifle. This seems to be a dangerous path to travel. Before you go far in this direction, check out the pressures involved and the construction of your air rifle. It just seems like a dangerous path to follow. Best of luck, however you decide to go.

Hardworking American

Lots of crony testing on dieseling and yes there is a significant amount of fps but you are correct in that it does beat up your pellet gun .
I would try it on a decent breakbarrel but only on occasion . Wouldn't try it on an expensive rifle or a junker .
Anyone out there beef up their seals and whatnot to accommodate for the extra wear and tear on your pellet guns .
Once I break in my .25 I think I will try it .

Agustin Herrera

I Dieseling my pellets with 10 w 30 oil, I just drop in to the pellets box?? and ready to go, I believe I doing this for years.

dale carpenter

You made to much area when you pushed the pellet in !
Put the prpellent in the bach of the pellet and load normally !
This has been tested with a machine and it is faster and harder hitting !
Yeah it my damage the rubber seals ( because they are rubber ) a more heat resistant seal material would prevent the heat damage !
If you want to debunck then use a scientific method instead of bias opinion !

English Bulldog

Wow your fantastic you got exactly the opposite effect of everyone else and also people like me that have been doing this for years ony chronograph I get a 40 - 50% fps increase and no loss of accuracy

Richard Brown

Jeff I love your videos, but I have deisled my pellet rifle for more than a year now. I have never blown out any seals or damaged my rifle. Also I don't have a chrono but I know for a fact it increases the velocity because when fired at 3/4" piece of plywood undeisled it gets stopped inside the board. When deisled it blows completely through the board and dings the backstop. Again I love your videos keep up the good work ???.


Your doing it wrong! Put vaseline in the back of the pellet. Made my rifle twice as powerful.

Experttroll Trolling dirty 2020

I tested this with my old 22 it definitely made a difference cos I shot it at a small tv and without dieseling it didn't stick in when I did it, it stick well in. Cos some of them old LCD TVs have harder screens than you'd think it surprised me it was a pretty good test actually but no I wouldn't do it with my new one


Its called 'Dieseling' not 'Mentholatum Ointmenting' for a reason.
Use actual diesel fuel, it ignites at the pressure an air rifle runs at, unlike ointment or vaseline.

Mguelangel Sancho

Is proven diesel or oil increases the speed also you need a more powerful stock rifle one around 1000fps those really show effects of the dieseling.


I dieseled for ove 5k rounds on a Benjamin Titan NP in .22 and had no problems. It just died at over 10k. I can tell a major difference in power because it can pen a washer at 15 yards dieseling. Without it it will just leave a dent. When you push the pellet forward, your actually decreasing chamber pressures so you don't get the same velocity. I can tell a difference in time of flight doing all of these things. I use regular old WD40 on my stuff.

John Stoffel

Jeff your voice has changed over the years.

Van Boy

Couple of days ago , after a bit of overzealous oiling to try and preserve it against the humidity of this place I was taking shots. Some hundreds shots in as if the oil in the chamber ignited the front seal blew out in a small explosion, opening the action and there was a literally deafening bang. Thought I'd lose some hearing for a good amount of time. Even having shot a 7.62 nato rifle in the army without earpro the sound freaked me out! (Partly because it was unexpected). Rifle was not permanently damaged although the signs of it leaving tiny puffs of thick dark smoke which stuck around the barrel after every shot should have warned me. I guess I was too liberal with the insides and didn't wipe it off enough hoping it would spit it out! Point is, can get nasty scary easily, be careful with 'dieseling'!

Black_Jackle Demon

diesel effect...an [albiet harder hitting] inconsistency issue that takes a couple rounds after a proper oiling to correct.

Saint John

WHO_TEE_WHO Chrono'd using Vaporub and Rem Oil and got significantly higher velocities. (especially with the Rem Oil.)

Ken Mullins

Find a nice big pine tree with a flat patch of bark. If your results are like mine the one with oil definitely goes deeper by a quarter of an inch.

Abby J

Wd40 with a gas piston gamo has way more power than that


Not true it's proven with a chronograph to increase fps. Your eyes have a built in chronograph ha ha.


The chrono says different 2 to 3 hundred more. Please do a video showing all the damage done by deiseling, I have been doing it with the same 22 rifle for years with no damage, i have heard a lot about it but never seen and cant find a video showing it. Thanks

Don Herbel


Paul S

Did it last week and the 177. went through a 18mm (3/4) ply wood board from 15m (17 yard's )using WD40

Shane Newton

I tried this today. I had a metal 5 gallon bucket. With regular shooting it would go through one side and dent the other. When I added oil to the pellet it blew through both sides of the bucket. Shooting from about 20 yards.


Your using the wrong combustible.
As with detonations the rate at which your combustible burns must exceed the pressure wave to add to the actual velocity of any given energetic reaction.

Steve M

chrono that shit

Joe Graff Hobo-Elect

Thank you . I was gonna try this but I'm fond of my rifle, so it's not gonna happen now.

Rob Lee

People just do it cuz they like the noise that's all ?☝️?

kieran O'dea

use a light weight oil not petroleum jelly, and don't push the pellet down the barrel at all you wan't a small combustion chamber. All in all it might add 200-300 fps to your pellet at most. Probably not worth ruining a pellet rifle.

John G

There's a difference, people have put them on chronos.

Nico ultimate focus RS2

"dieseling" ruins the rifle?

David Long

Doing that with nitrocellulose lacquer would be interesting.

. . . 1or2there . . .

my asumptn is that ther is les resistanc when dieslng sinc the pelet movs out of the barel mor swiftly which is actualy easier on the seals, mayb u'r rifl wil last longr by that rekonng . . .


I don't see any advantage of this technique I've tried it . I didn't find pellets had more speed or impact energy.

Bao Bo

His neighbor at the back is building a bunker. .177 research today - tomorrow who knows?

E Normous

Why would it not cause any increase in velocity if it increases the damage to the pellet rifle?

Nick Rangel



I've used hand sanitizer it works a lot better

James Sorensen

In my experience firing at a tree over 25 meters away I noticed a significant decrease in flight time when dieseling vs clean shooting. I used WD-40 which is probably a bit more volatile and I didn’t advance the pellet for a larger combustion chamber.


You didn't do it right.

Gangsta Gaming

Is it safe to shoot bricks like fr I be thinking they will Ricochet

Dan S

You're an idiot.

Colin Mill

Like most Brits who were kids in the 1950s and 60s I know fine dieseling works as most of us had both airguns and model diesel engines. The latter ran on a mixture of ether, paraffin and oil. A drop of this on the back of the pellet did the trick perfectly. The penetration of the pellet into a phone directory or two was all the test you needed to confirm the bang really did mean more speed.

As for damaging the gun, I never heard of anyone who had an issue with it and my Gecado of 1958 vintage is still working fine on the original leather seals.


Please redo this with chrono results and high speed footage. No need to push the pellet in, just put the oil in the skirt of the pellet.

Lance Dreher

1:09 well.. you can hear that it went faster.. It broke the sound barrier and the other didnt.

Akın Orhan

i use cooking oil, this lubricates and minimizes the friction of the piston seal


Geez...shooting a brick? Dumb video.

Do a legitimately informative test like shooting through telephone book or layers of some uniform material. see if there is an actual difference in the penetration power between the two.

Kenneth Hopple

If you don’t recommend it, why did you then show it? Think of how many people not knowing how to do this, that now know how to diesel. I thought you were smarter then that.


make a new test with a minimum drop of oil right in the skirt, only push it down a couple millimeters. I'm sure you can gain 30% fps from almost no oil with the right mix.
When increasing gas volume, I believe more interesting results are made with a heavier pellet and/or larger caliber.

UniversallySpeaking556 TikTokOfficial

Yeah no I use vegetable oil soaked pellets wipe them with paper towel and then put them through your Gun


Wd40 works the best


Funny enough I’ve been a long time TFM viewer and have nerve or don’t remember seeing this video. I have a gas piston pellet gun that smokes like crazy every time and all I do is ad the pellets. Any idea why? Maybe the lubrications I use?

Lance Lawson

In every attempt I've made to create dieseling it has been a total failure. I even loaded the back of the pellet with black powder with no effect. IMHO desilting is an urban myth.

Jeffrey Clouser

I would think that a drop or 2 of gun oil in the barrel would be a better way to get more fps and not damage the seals on a Nitro Piston air rifle.

Terry Lusk

Gives about 300 FPS. Faster.

Dr. Spamy

If you want to see effects from dieseling, do NOT set the pellets any deeper as usual ! You'll need this little extra resistance that is there when the pellet enters the barrel/rifling, to get proper compression. Also the "empty space" itself, when setting the pellet deeper, decreases the compression. And, don't worry, you wont blow out your seals.