How to take care of your eyes

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The Importance of Eye Health (Asia: English)

5 869 views | 28 Mar. 2018

Did you know that you can

Did you know that you can do more to protect your eyes through a comprehensive eye exam by a registered optometrist? This exam offers a more complete picture of your eye health and should be part of your overall healthcare routine. Don’t risk your vision like Jane does in the video. Schedule an eye exam at OPTICAL 88 today, and ask your HR representative for more information about how you can take better care of your eyes with VSP Vision Care.

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How to take care of your eyes

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8 Great Ways to take care of your eyes

3 118 views | 26 May. 2017

Qurious Healthcare

Qurious Healthcare Tips

In these stressed filled times, one needs good mental and physical health. Qurious Healthcare Tips provide general, yet invaluable information to help you face the rigours of day-to-day life.

Have a comprehensive dilated eye exam.

Know your family's eye health history.

Eat right to protect your sight.

Maintain a healthy weight.

Wear protective eyewear.

Quit smoking or never start.

Be cool and wear your shades.

Give your eyes a rest.

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How to take care of your eyes

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In our present session, let us discuss about taking care of eyes.


• Wash eyes regularly at least thrice or four times a day

• Maintain a distance of about 25 centimeters between the book and eyes.

• Don’t give continuous strain and stress to the eyes.

• Take fresh green leafy vegetables and carrots etc., in your food.

• Always read under good lighting.

• Don’t rub eyes when dust falls in the eyes, instead remove dust by washing eyes with water or blowing air etc.,

• Avoid direct exposure to lightening, gas welding sporks, eclipse etc.,

• Consult an eye specialist whenever vision related problem occurs.

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Watch this helpful video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfxidT4O_1U


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Don't wet your eyes if your tired from work
It's not good

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Sir we have to wash eyes openly or closed?

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Washing eyes daily with tap water is not a good thing to do❗

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When dust gets in our eyes we should only clean it with water. Blowing air will make your eyes a little dry.

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