Snug piercing

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getting a haircut and new piercings! (daith, snug, etc.) // nissi rivero

2 598 views | 24 Jul. 2020

hello beautiful! welcome

hello beautiful! welcome back to my channel! :')

btw, we wore our facemasks every time we went out!

*my s o c i a l s*

instagram: @nissirivero

tiktok: @alexeinissi

*time stamp*

haircut: 1:12

piercings: 2:10

*where i got pierced: @piercebewithyou_ on instagram! (Pampanga & Bulacan based)

*price list (including the earrings):

anti-tragus: 700 Php

snug: 700 Php

flat: 400 Php

daith: 500 Php

*previous piercings:

rook: 500 Php

conch: 500 Php

helix (endless hoop earring): 150 Php

*what i'm wearing:

top: https://shopee.ph/product/171710905/4931647700?smtt=0.0.9

pants: uniqlo

face mask: https://s.lazada.com.ph/s.bFOo4

contact lenses: https://shopee.ph/product/396096/46730729?smtt=0.0.9

thank you so much for watching! :') love you!

God bless you!


Hey how is the snug healing!!!

Sofia Ane

ate from where po yung denim shorts nyo sa thumbnail ksksks i really love your style!!!! and ur new haircut suits you ???

Rheign Ponce

"ate nagmahal na po ba kayo?



Nath G

yas yas yas ?

Ricardo Mendoza

gm ms 47yrs olderman I'm a new subscriber thanku RICARDO

Sean Domingo

Nays ideth iskils! ?

Greene Domingo

Pasharawt po

Nicole Inah Cuyugan

ang ganda!!! ❤️?????


please do a piercing update and care tips hehe


I’m obsessed with your ear piercings. They look so cute! ❤️

Sebastian Blythe Dalangin


Elle Reyes



Ang shakeeet ata siss

Cyril Colette

luvluvluv!! ? nainspire akong pumunta sa piercerist

francine nika

omg glad to have come across this video!! you've got all my dream piercings HUHU

i'm done na with triple lobes, rook, and helix. looking forward to getting a conch and flat once this pandemic ends <333

yshie daniella

PRETTY !!! ???

Adrian Rivera

"Boyfriend does my makeup voiceover" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA pls lang naiimagine ko na yung kalat ?


Ate you look so good in literally anything!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Kian Angeles

a bit late pero grabe ang pretty talaga ate nishi!!! ?♥️♥️

Sean Domingo

Mukhang ang sakit mag papierce hhhaahhahaha

Carmen Etelca

You are a badass!!!!!Those piercings are soooo painful!!!!??

cleo patra

Bagay sayo hair mo?? I'm your number 1 fan na? kahit ano isuot at style bagay sayo,,ate Janine mo 'to,,

Greene Domingo

Mukbang po ate

Sean Domingo

Mukbang ampalaya po!!!! Wag snob ????

Will Sowden

Very cool piercings, guess you’re slightly into piercings haha, love how you were trying to convince them to get piercings. I have my ears lobes, septum and navel pierced! But I am planning on getting seconds, thirds, helix, and more!

Thea Pangilinan


Rachel Frye


Rheign Ponce

bat walang price list nung jollibee

Tiara Oyardo

Vlog about your nails!! They’re pretty ?

Amity Rae

Ur sow pretty!!!?❤ shorthair suits you betterr its sow qqqtt!!!!❤❤❤

Alyssa Hood

Did ur snug heal OK? I heard that the healing process is a pain

Snug (piercing)

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Jenny's Snug Piercing Experience | UrbanBodyJewelry.com

49 947 views | 4 Jan. 2018

Watch Jenny get a snug

Watch Jenny get a snug piercing done by Matt Southwood in San Luis Obispo, California. Cartilage jewelry link & promo codes below.

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Music by: Joakim Karud


I hope you're ready for the healing process!
I got mine done 2 years ago and I am FINALLY able to sleep on it without it being bothersome and it being sensitive.
The healing process is a bitch!

Guiada Valdez

You suck ?

shane George

i can guarantee she had an issue with that size barbell. these piercings swell like no other ive heard people and seen videos of people with a 14+mm barbell and that swelled to it so im sure this was bad

Erin Carroll

I want my snug pierced but I hear frequently that the healing process is a bitch and a half. My body does not handle piercings all that well so a snug piercing probably wouldn't be a good option for me ):

Yessica R

This piercing is soooo pretty ?
I really enjoy this videos, makes me want to try it

usagion themoon

i wanna get mines done so bad but it looks so thick im afraid it'll hurt

rebecca xx

when i got my snug and rook done, the piercer was literally forcing the needle through my snug cus its so thick. It really damn hurtt but its worth it! Snug is the most painful cartilage piercing tbh


Jenna if your watching, did it hurt!?


I enjoy these videos


For anyone getting the snug piercing l would totally go for it, l literally didn’t feel a thing and the healing process does a hurt a bit but mine healed in like 4 months. l’M IN LOVE WITH IT


Well done

Samyuktha Chandrasekar

when i went to the piercer i got my snug and my helix done. The snug hurt probably a 3.75-4 out of a scale of 5 but I didn't feel much pain at all after that...im in the healing process rn and its not causing me any discomfort!

Scarlett P

so mf cool, planning on getting one for my 16th

sammy bacalso

wait what kind of needle was that? did u purposely bend it?

Alex Jns

Would this fit a man?

Darija Dragšić

I believe it also depends on the anatomy of the ear. I’ve got three cartilage piercings , the rook, tragus and helix, and they all seem to take forever to heal. I did my tragus about 4 months ago but it’s still swollen. I just think that it’s cause you obviously sleep on them, that’s why the healing process is so long. My rook one is still red even though I did it about 3-4 weeks ago and I am aware it’s gonna be like this for the next 6-8 months. And yes I agree with everyone that say that the piercing thing itself is not as painful as the healing process. I had my earlobes pierced at the same time with my rook and to be honest with you all, they are way more painful than any other piercing I have to look after.


Im getting this

Kimberly Menjivar

i have had the snug since july of this year and both sides have keloids. ive done sea salt soaks and tea tree oil and nothing. hopefully they go away on their own, this piercing is not as common as others and its cute

Snug piercing

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This Piercing Messed Her Up!!

77 953 views | 2 Sep. 2019

Snug piercing and helix

Snug piercing and helix piercing removal.

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anya kalakota

The flesh bulging out of her ear was relatable - I had the same problem with my helix. They used a gun and I had no idea how bad it was Bc I didn’t research enough. I had to take it out and have a scar. My other five piercings are okay.(and my other helix )And I did my seconds myself, and they were so much better than the ones I got .


I can’t stress this enough.
Edit: I’m thirteen so don’t kill me about not doing my research. I learned my lesson ?

Tori Groves

Shout out from Nashville TN!! Love you guys!!

Sunkissed Nae

Place a longer bar in it. Dab some tea tree oil on the bumps, after every cleaning. In a few days it should clear up....that’s what helped with mine

donna berwick

Guys, I cannot get enough of your show, (and I cannot get enough of Johnny ? ?!!!) So now we only see you guys a couple times a week, please can you make the videos longer !?! PLEEEEEEEEEESE!!! Xxx


Got my post notifications on

Bradi Johannsen

So if you have a piercing with a big bump and decide to take it out, the bump will go away? It won’t stay and scar?

Bradley Purcell

That’s literally what mine looked like and there was a massive blister on the back of my ear too from the piercing but now it’s pretty good now it’s doing well

jess moss

I sincerely hope whoever pierced her gets their liscence taken away...how on earth can someone who clearly doesn't know what a piercing is be a piercer?! Like that wasn't even close to a conch piercing let alone the type of jewelry is probably cheap jewelry

Nikki Conners

My cartilage rejected and it was done with a needle. I have a bump where it was, it was done 3 years ago. Will it ever go away cause I wanna re-do it

Breezy Glover


Sinful Sphynx

Y’all are so sweet the way you take care of everyone. That poor girl went through so much in such a short time. Hope she had good results after taking care of everything!

big boi

the girl in the white shirt that walked behind was the girl who got the toungue peircing w her bsf


More like her piercer messed her up. Glad she went to you guys and is getting real treatment and will get the dream team working on her :) .


When i got my industrial the jewelry was the usual stainless steel and my ear rejected the jewelry, so i had to get it switched to a gold plated. Its been a year, I havent had any problems with it but now i want to switch it to rose gold bars I purchased on Amazon. Would they cause the same reaction as the stainless steel one did?


One of first comments ? I like the more graphic as it shows that side of everything xx

Lacey Miller



My snug was awful. Painful to get done of course but healing process was dreadful too. Took it out after about 18 months.

Maya Papaya

The snug is so hard to heal, and not everyone has the best anatomy to have it. Most people also don't have the patience to heal it. You cannot sleep on it at all. My snug is over a year old the first few months it was so incredibly swollen. But now it is beautiful! I haven't slept on my right side in over a year.

Rosa Velazquez

omg was that girl in the background the same one that went in w her bff to get her tongue pierced & was being dramatic? ? that was so funny reminds me of when i got mine done


I am an italian piercer and i never seen a conch in this place....ILLEGAL

K Seg

So for the last 4 piercings I've tried to get, they developed a bump that grew and grew, so I always end up taking them out. What am I doing wrong, or is it just my body?

Rowan 01

i’m rlly tryna get a piercing from there i’m from paramount maneee i’m only like 19mins away ???

Anna Prendi

You guys need to come to NYC and do piercings here bc I wanna be pierced by you guys so badly

Zoe van den Berg

I feel so lucky that my snug healed so fast ?


I pray to Jesus Christ himself this never happens to me ? i just got my daith pierced three days ago. I pray it heals fine


I am healing a conch and a nose piercing and they are doing so well, but these are my first ones in years. This makes me so sad for her. I've had my fair share of bad piercings, especially my helixes. Those looked and felt like her snug. I was grateful to keep them but unfortunately I was pierced with a 20g and not a proper 18g.


Other than in both earlobes I have no piercings myself and I don’t understand the appeal. Will someone explain to me please?

Mrs H Fibro

You talk really fast

Stephanie Marie Witherell

I love my snug, but it can be a pain in the ass. I got it done March last year and t still gets irritated if I sleep on it or bump it. But mine has NEVER looked like that. I’ve kept it clean with just baby soap and the occasional Neosporin

Kathleen Cooper

Aww? poor thing!!

Skye Burkett


Kathryn CW

Notification squad ❤️

shawna Damami

Ok whoever did her piercings need they license taken away .....Smfh

dennis shafer

that piercer really fucked her up. Like how does one still have their license being that bad at their job? How do you not know the proper positioning for a conch piercing? your job is to make sure that it’s done correctly. i feel so bad for that girl. she was clearly excited about them and now with such a fuck up as that piercer was her attitude for piercings will now have most likely changed. hope she is well and hope she visits y’all soon to have some truly dope ass piercings and dope jewelry to accompany it.

Meiralora Duncan

Glad she found you through Instagram and came to get help. That looked painful and to have suffered with it for months can increase the pain level. The lobe piercing sounded like it had been done with a gun because they can cause the back to get stuck. I hope she comes back after it heals. That has to be rough putting your trust in someone to eventually realize that they didn’t know what they were doing and their actions caused you unnecessary pain and damage to your body.


I am SOOO glad that my snug healed! It did take a while, but it was never very bad! I only want 2 more piercings and then I'm done with my piercing journey. I have 15 right... 13 in my ears.

Krystle Schultz

I had the same issues with one of my daiths. I lost that daith bc of it. I feel her pain.

Jessie Marie

This girl is freaking out about every little thing.


I hope she is feeling better! I laughed when he said the piercer should have their license taken. I don't think I've ever heard any of you guys say that. I just, in the last two months, found a good piercer cause my first one fucked up, really bad, on a forward helix. So glad I found a new person who is good. It really isn't always easy knowing who is good and who to trust.

Brooke Cummings

I feel so sorry for her that poor girl was in so much pain I know she has to have a big release of pressure

Yaqui Silver

Post notification squad

Catherine O'Mahoney

Harout you are soooo cute ❤


Oh man I feel bad for her! I hope she's doing well.

Tamara Girodie

Poor girl... thank you guys for helping her and respecting her privacy

sandra pavlovic

get done with that and give me some tools Ahahhahahahah i cantt


I had to take out my Helix today because it got infected and it hurted so much. I was really sad about that because it was my first piercing ever and I only had it for 4 weeks :(

Tangie PM

That was awful for her. You guys are professionals. Client first. Views second

DSS Reptiles

Hey guys from Scotland :)

Brittany Saum

I had my snug pierced years ago and I had it for about 6 month and it never healed. I had to remove it. Once I removed it, it healed immediately.

Catherine Waddell

Well done I fely sorry for her pain I had that inner skin pop out after my Daith was absolutely painful so felt every ouuuchiee

Ellie Mae


Vineripe Beauty

Poor thing ? Feel so bad that she had to go through so much pain! Having a swollen & tender piercing sucks but having multiple at the same time is horrible. Thought she handled it really well but I'm glad you guys ended the filming so she could just get through it as easily as possible. Really hope she has a speedy recovery and feels better soon ?

Christina Lang

My worst piercing was my Daith piercing to heal. I actually got it pierced with gold and I followed instructions to the T. 1 yr and 4 months it was still not healed properly. I was talking to my mom about it and turns out she had told me that she was allergic to gold and asked her what her symptoms were and she told me: puss coming out, tender, and very sore. Almost the exact thing I was dealing with. I went back to the person who did my piercing and told me it was impossible and they refused to change it out. I decided to get a second opinion. She told me to remove it and more then likely it’s the jewelry. Removed the gold put titanium barbell in and all the symptoms went away.

mean queen

I sleep on my side and punch a dent into my pillow (feathers) to sleep comfortably with my piercings. Especially new ones.

Harrison Reid

why am I eating good food while watching good vids?


I have heard soooo many people have had problems with their Snug piercings and have had to take them out. I guess I got really lucky with mine - it took forever to heal and for my ear to return to it's original shape/ size but its fine now. I've had mine for around 8 years.

AyeYo Nia

I really hope she heals up well. I felt her pain through the video. Good luck to her for sure and I hope she drops her original piercer.

Tonia M.

better to get the faux snug. conch and helix. looks better too, on top of being easier to care for.


You guys are so sweet, you were so concerned about her being in pain with the removal and helped her stay calm. Hope she heals well ???

Samyrah Sanae

I miss when they do videos like these?hope they do more

Brittan Doverspike

I have hypertrophic scarring on both sides of my daith and it's been that way since December and I've been soaking it in salty tea tree oil water for a few weeks and it's still not gone :/ it's gone down only a tiny bit


Poor girl! You were very professional

noeliaaa coleee

Notifications ❤️?

Julie Duuh

That broke my heart. I hope shes doing okay


Ouchhhhh ?

Megan Padilla

The snug was the worst and hardest piercing I’ve had to heal! I had to take it out!

Makaila Sharp

i keep seeing videos of people with bad snug piercing experiences, and i want one so i’ll watch them, and it’ll be like “i fell on it” “i was cleaning it with (something you shouldn’t clean it with)” so i feel like if i just take good care of it, it won’t get bad

Sarah Grace

The title should be "shitty piercer f*** her up".

Karen Bernal

I’m sorry but haven’t you guys pierced peoples ears on both sides at the same day.


Johnny is just like butter ?he’s just gorgeous ? Love Harout’s energy in every video. Please come to the UK xxx

Skye Burkett

early ? i love you’re videos so much !!

Kelly 111

My snug was the worst pain and healing wise. And I have 21 piercings. But now I love it the most of all them

Kathryn- Louise

I absolutely love watching your videos and I wish I could come to your shop to see you guys ❤

Belinda Pearson

Feel so sorry for her. Hopefully she has healed up ok ?

carrie white

How's come you guys didn't finish her video?

JulieJay Minister Marauder

Y'all were both so sweet to her. She was in pain, and scared, and y'all helped her stay calm, you stayed professional, and respectful, thank you! I hope she tells us how it heals. Sweet people.

No Name

That conch was terribly pierced omg?


Got my industrial done by Johnny yesterday. Quickest and least painful piercing I’ve ever gotten. Thanks y’all ? also the entire staff is so nice and helpful and made sure I was able to even get my industrial and told them I’ve been watching y’all since season 1 and honestly was so happy to have this one done by such professional people

Emily May

Damn, that looks like it hurt

Darlene Jordan

I feel her pain. I hope she got some better jewelry

Kaylee Houghtalen


Celeste Kenisky

I like how whenever she started to be in pain you put down the camera and didn’t continuously film her??

Ben Sleath

Wtf, I got a conch piercing at the weekend, how did the piercer Mis-pierce a conch that badly!