Rook piercing infections

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The Whole Truth - Rook Piercing

29 059 views | 7 Feb. 2020

==Everything you need to

==Everything you need to know about the Rook Piercing==

How much does it Hurt?

Where should it be placed?

How long does it take to heal?

What are the common problems?

...and More!

Anna Maile

Lmao i got my rook done by a 23 years experienced piercer, and she made it the most painful piercing ive had so far...idk what she did but my friend said she went agonizingly slow with the needle and inserting the jewelry

Olivia DP

Can you sleep on a healed rook piercing? Or will it continue to stay senstive and cause bumps due to sleeping on it when healed?

Allison Howard

i just got my rook done yesterday and it hurts when i smile or when i move my head quickly or bend down, why is. this happening?

Janne Bjertrup

I love my rook piercing. It was only a little paid getting it done. It healed just fine and I have no problems with it ?


Got mine pierced 5 days ago and it hurt like an 8/10 ? still hurts when I clean it but I love it it's so pretty

Xmys Soooz

I got mine 4 days ago and it during hurt while getting it done bit now it hurts so bad and throbs and it’s swollen ?

Wendy Boenke

My rook more sore than getting done. But my cartilage is really thick there. Love how it looks.


Rook was the most painful piercing I have ever got ,,, but goes really well with my helix

Faye Harding

Can you do a Snug piercing video!, mine is still kinda swollen even after 8 months!


HELP! my rook doesn’t look like it was pierced shallow at all however the bottom part wasn’t pierced that deep ?

Nathalie Garcia

I had mine for 1 year more already and its size still has not shrink or has not gone back to its size like before. It's not even swelling


Rook was the most painful piercing I have ever got ,,, but goes really well with my helix


3-6 months healing HAH one year later and mine is still not healed ?

Douglas Griffiths

My ears are like the first model ear---too shallow. Same with the daith. I can't get either, and it's too bad because they're so cute!!! (Jan Griffiths).


I got a rook piercing 8 months ago, and I am still having problems with it not healing. I remember when he pierced it, he stopped after going through the first layer of cartilage and then pierced the second and I think it is at a different angle because I have trouble changing jewelry (which I try not to do unless I really have to like for an MRI). Will it ever heal if the tunnel is crooked? Thanks!

Alexis Cao

Just got the rook yesterday! It definitely hurts a lot when it got pierced, afterwards, it felt like nothing. Absolutely gorgeous piercing!


I have quite a few piercings (incl. industrial, daith, conch, tragus) and I have to say that the rook hurt by far the most for me.. I would give it a 9/10, all of my other piercings are a 3/10 at most. I’ve had it for 4 years now, still isn’t healed?

Tomato bastardo

I just found out I couldn't get one and ended up getting an industrial instead

Lucy Wink

I’m getting a vertical lebret and a rook tomorrow I’m so nervous I don’t know which will be more painful

Julie lambert

I want it but idk I’m a tattoo person lol

Shanikah Dwyer

I hope my ears are like the second ear cause i really want mine done?

They were I got it done I'm so happy I did?

Productive Studylife

The rook did hurt like a MF for me, got it done two hours ago. It’s thick folded cartilage so yeah :( but it’s really beautiful and I love it! Also doesn’t have that hot throbbing afterwards like some piercings do


snake eyes please


took me a year to heal mine but it was worth it :) i love it a lot, would def recommend
pain: 1/10, didn't feel it at all actually but i was a bleeder
healing: 3/10, got an irritation bump once

Gabija Kiaušaitė

That is super helpful, thanks a lot! I have 12 piercings done so far, I would say the forward helix had the longest healing, at least for me. My Mum just passed away, and this rook piercing will be dedicated to her <3

Anna-Maria Dex

Guys everyone is different but I will say for me it only hurt a 4 out of 10. In currently on my third day of healing but it's going nicely. Havent had much pain besides when I take big bites (your ears move when you do that believe it or not) but other then that it's fine. Obviously have to see how it goes but go for it. Pain is fast and piercing is cute


how would i know if my piercer is a quality piercer


Hey, I have a new rook piercing which I did myself three days ago, but the barbell fell down and I don’t know weather I should try to put it back on now or wait two more weeks/ month till it has healed up a bit since it hurts now and seems to be stuck in place?

louise morrison

hey! what’s your piercing shop called and where are you located i’d really like to come to you for a piercing you seem excellent at your job!


Would love a room ?


Does it help you quit smoking

Robyn Harvey

Anyone watching this just after getting a rook piercing ??

Dombele Aminata

Got this piercing 3 days ago and honestly...I almost didn't feel the needle pain level : 1/10 ??‍♀️ but the healing is painful


I had my rook done 1 and a half year ago, and I love it dearly! It took quite a while to heal, and it was painful in the beginning because I have myopia, so I am a glasses wearer, and the glasses temple presses on the ear - it makes the initial piercing inflammation last longer, in my case it was for about 2-3 weeks (Yes, I sometimes wear contact lenses, but way less often than glasses).
Tho when it fully healed, it was perfect and now it's my preciousss


While my piercer had a needle in my ear she said it was shallow. It’s more out than I’d like.


It's honestly my favorite piercing, along with my tragus

Jessa Hill

it's been 18 months, the bumps are back, and my rook isn't healed yet, my tragus healed in under a year, I'm not sure what's wrong

Amy Huang

My rook piercing hurts sooooo much when I got it done.

Taylor Janes

god damn i started with a ring oh no

Jaime Sablitz

got mine pierced about 2 months ago

pain: 3/10
- it didn’t bleed
- it didn’t get infected
- I didn’t hear a crunch sound
- I didn’t get a piercing bump (not yet at least)

Angelina Rose

Very informative video! I love the editing, and that pain-o-meter! ?

Lauren Cantello

i’m watching this because i had mine done about a week ago now and suddenly it’s flared up, it’s red and swollen and my whole ears sore ?

Nicky Chal

Can someone tell me whether this piercing hurts? My tragus did not hurt at all, my daith was super painful and my conch did not hurt at all. I was just wondering if it is on the same pain level as daith?

Emily Farnham

I love my rook piercing, I had it done in February 2020. My only complaint is that I have a bump on the top part that often opens and bleeds when I clean it. Other than that the healing isn’t too painful.. my ear is often a little sore if I bend my ear, but I like that it isn’t in the way and never gets knocked or tugged on accidentally. Getting it actually pierced was pretty painful for me, but not too unbearable

Lillie Dolton

My Rook didn’t hurt at all nd the after care was fine x


You pierced my rook in February and I still love it!!

Isabella Jacqueline

I wish my wasn't as painful and done properly. I always go to this certain shop for my piercings. Hadn't went there in a couple years but wanted to get my rook pierced there cause it was a positive experience in the past. The guy that always have done my piercings was out on vacation. There was an apprentice there and I saw on the site he did a rook piercing in his portfolio and he told me he had a month until he was done with his apprenticeship. My brother came along with me. I felt the guy not only pierce it twice but he also pretend that he didn't. My brother saw it as well. The best way I can describe it was that it felt like it wasn't pierced fully through but then he pulled out and re pierced the same hole but it went through that time. Felt like when a nurse is looking for a vain with the needle in your arm. Super painful and even wind blowing on it would almost give me a headache. Took two years to heal but so worth it. I love the look and I'm glad I stuck through it. Doesn't hurt at all anymore and looks fresh.

? Hazel ?

I’m so happy that my piercer recommended a rook instead of helix for my first piercing (other than the ones on my lobe). My preferred earring looked better on the rook. I can definitely see that it’s easier to manage and doesnt get stuck to anything. It looks so great, I love it so much! Only 1/10 pain level ??

Rae Gilbert

Wait so my piercer put a ring in when I first got it done. I didn’t change it into a barbell until nine months later.

Aissatou D.

I just got mine today and the pain level for me while getting pierced was a 7 and healing/soreness is an 8 right now lol but I love it !

Holly Naim

Rook was 10/10 pain, Snug was 8/10 and Anti Helix 4/10 for me


I got mine pierced 2 weeks ago and just yesterday it started swelling. The top of my ear looks like a fat piece of meat! What do I do?

Maria Margarida

Question: I've seen a few videos and does it always bleed when you pierce the rook?

Sahar Varona

Thank you for the video!! I've been meaning to get a piercing (besides the usual ear lobe) and the rook is my fave.

katie x

please reply! but like with a rook piercing should i of got a barbell first then waited for it to heal? i got a hoop straight away. now i have a piercing bump. if you have any tips to get rid of piercing bumps tell plz! but i also got a hoop straight away can u tell me if that’s bad?

Rook piercing infections

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#LulusAnswers IG Piercing DM's | Nose & Rook Piercing Bumps

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You got questions we got

You got questions we got answers. The Lulu's team heads to our Instagram DM's to answer piecing support questions.

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i got my daith pierced with titanium. got bumps but they went away ?


Never had an issue with my rook and I’ve had it for years, easiest piecing for sure!!

Nayia. M

I have my snug and cartilage piercings and I started using the sea salt paste on them every night for 2 & 1/5 weeks then slowed down to every other day (all overnight) and my bump that was on my cartilage piercing for the past year finally started getting small and it’s almost gone within a month of using. And the bump that appeared on my snug out of no where disappeared within a week and a half of use.

EpicEmilyy. Original!

Rooks are a pain. I cleaned mine twice a day with saline and it still got infected as heck. So I used peroxide once a day and saline once a day. A year later it's fine.

Veronika Valickova



thank you so much for the video!!


Lolllll the George Foreman grill????

Holly Blue

The lady who changed my rook used my ear to change one for the first time and gave me a bump managed to get rid of it tho

Bashair Jimenez

I got a rook piercing recently but I had to take it out because the area stayed swollen. My whole ear began to swell and had to see a doctor who prescribed antibiotics and cleaning for healing. Am still not sure what went wrong. Also there was pushing outside on the cartilage area but not coming from inside the hole weird? I don't know.Any idea on what may have happened???

Rad Borg

Hey!! Can you pl share some precautionary measures and do's n dont's before going for septum piercing. Kindly help as I am dead scared and nervous.

Therese Vijverberg

As soon as you said George Foreman Grill I immediately though of Michael Scott from The Office ?


You don't even realise how tempting it is to send you guys a picture of my navel piercing??

Myra Hiep

I had the same problem with my forward helix. I got it done by a professional 3/4/20 and it was healing beautiful until my ear suffered trauma three weeks later leaving me with a pressure bump. Honestly for me the tee tree oil made it worst so i toss that out and used what my piercer told me to do. I used crushed aspirin along with neilmed wound wash and made a paste out of it. I did this every night before bed. And hebiclens twice a day and it slowly started to work and a month almost two months later i am bump free. I also used rubbing alcohol two weeks ago and that too help it heal nicely! Everyone is different and i'm only telling you what i used and how it work for me...?


Harout, I say this to you with respect & no hate......please stop shouting, there's no need for it. You have a microphone, it'll pick up your voice. At times I have to reduce my earphones when he speaks.

Reshni Mani

U guys are awesome ????

Yule Loohuis

I have bumps in the exact same two spots! Thanks for the tips!


Love your videos

Itzy Ochoa

I recently had a nose bump on one of my nose piercings and literally what he said “keep it simple.” I would wash my face, use a q-tip to dry around it and avoid touching it and turning the jewelry. The drastic difference it made, the bump is 95% gone. Sometimes we see online that putting all these different things on your piercings can help or whatever but they just irritate it even more, I learned that with my cartilage piercings.


one off the microphones sound weird

Marta La Perra Que Habla


Jackie McCary

Ya'll were making me laugh SO hard in this one lol
Appreciate these videos... still trying to heal my daith!

Anne - Marie

Do you do actual piercing videos anymore?? Miss them ☹

famous cash

Had a nose piercing bump on my nose .. all I did was spray it with h2ocean everyday and it went away

Bashair Jimenez

Forgot to say. They use surgical steel

Andrea Calderon

I want them to opennnn ??


There's a rumor that sea salt paste will cause keloids or other bumps on peircings to disappear. That's why she's applying sea salt paste.

Dannah Ossi

I have a rook that just wont heal... i have it for 4 year. somethimes its good, most of the times its not. Im sacred of taking it out and my nightmare is rejection. I have more cartilage piercings, and im a slow healer. with or without soaks... but 4 years!!!! I stopped touching it, so i bought a spray, not helping. when i sleep i know im sleeping on that "rook-side". But it wont fucking heal... Help!


For anyone who struggles with bumps (not cheloids) use tretinoin cream on the bump (avoiding the hole obviously) it will gradually flatten the bump and make the skin shed, I've used this for my rook and helix that had bumps for no reason even after being healed and it disappeared completely with this cream and now it doesn't come back anymore

Jennifer Tyson

It's hard for me to get peircings because I'm allergic to surgical steel I've had to have 3 peircings removed becasue of this

Liz Plawman

Noticed the same bump on my conch today. Pierced two was ago, but did sleep on it


what a coincidence that those are my two most wanted piercings


Lmao if only you saw my navel piercing??‍♀️

Rook piercing infections

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32 680 views | 26 Oct. 2016

For an update on my rook,

For an update on my rook, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW1fqJYLC6A&t=2s

Long story short - it didn't go well... easily my most regretted but also missed piercings!

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Drusilla Jokon

So i just got my rook pierce 5 days ago and it HURTS!! i mean day one and two was good but 3 4 n 5 hurt !! I was told the first week or two is when it hurt the most.. I had got ot because everyone said it was the easiest piercing they had but heck my industrial didn't hurt like this.. LOL.. So good you telling the truth

georgia Major

Oh my god yes!! Mine is killing and it was done like 4 days ago. I can't tuck my hair behind my ear because it hurts so much

Thomas Latomate

Cool video! I just have a lobe piercing in my ears and thinking of getting a few more, but I don't think I'll choose a rook piercing, I'm not good with pain!^^ Althought the pain is different for everyone, I have heard the rook is one of the most painful piercing, and surely others hurt less^^

Lotus Grace [ she - her ]

I got mine done like 4 or 5 months ago and its only just starting not to hurt. my piercer had to pierce it twice since the first time it was too far forward and there was a risk of it ripping out. she also had put the jewellery in the first time she pierced it and then had to take it out in order to pierce it again. so yeah, quite a painful experience for me

Kristen Dewar

I just got my rook about 3 days ago. It’s so swollen and red. Not to mention tender. The initial piercing was just pressure and the crunch. But damn!! I keep accidentally bumping it.

Britney Ball

See mine didn’t hurt that much the first few days but it’s been 5 days and on the 5th day I’m in so much pain

Kristina Sandnes

It hurt if I touch it, since it is a fresh wound, but other from that I don’t feel it at all! No bleeding or anything! :) It looks so amazing too!

Sonya M

I've had my rook pierced for about 3 months and its really painful to the touch..


I've had my Monroe and my Daith done for almost 3 weeks and when I got them done it didn't hurt me whatsoever. But for my daith it was a lot of pressure and it's sore now

Jen R

I got my rook pierced almost 5 months ago it was sore for a week or two nothing major but it does act up a lot. Normally if i sleep on it or bump it somehow. It currently is acting up and it does hurt but not unbearable pain just discomfort. I had my tragus pierced a few years back and I dont remember any pain at all with that one so the rook is for sure a more demanding piercing i feel. There are days im so tempted to get rid of it but I'm sticking it out hoping once it is fully healed I wont have issues.

stephen pawlik

it looks so clean tho

Jessi Miauu

I had my rook done about 28 months ago, and I absolutely love it. Of course the healing process was awful; I too had my struggles but I don't regret it at all.


Took mine out today after 2 months. Sore everyday

Goldie Puffs

Can u make a video on you're tragus piercing? I'm planning on getting it

Eva olvera

I had no problems with mine at all. Doesnt bleed doesnt hurt. Its a regular piercing for me ?‍♀️ sea salt with no iodine and mix with drops of hot water. Make a paste and put on your ear and leave it my friends! Thank me later

Barbara Wilson

Got my rook done a week ago and it hurt like hell. Like i went white almost fainted and i usually handle pain fine as i have multiple piercings. A week later its still really swollen and very painful.

Freya Smith

mine absolutely kills it feels like my ear has a heartbeat and the whole of my upper ear cannot be touched because of the pain

Rebecca Louise Elmer

I got my rook and conch pierced, four days ago. My ear is already extremely puffy and warm to the touch. Does anyone know of the best way to reduce the swelling? I can’t help touching it to check every so often - just to check that it’s not getting embedded in the skin. Please, I need advice ASAP ?

josh chippendale

felt just like my tragus

Plant o won

I got my rook perced 7 days ago and it didn't hurt at all , it still doesn't hurt

bethany smail

bit over the top ngl, doesn’t hurt that much besides u clearly know nout about piercings going by the fact what your saying.... my rook has been done for a week and a half and it doesn’t hurt that much... just sayinf


I love my rook so much!! However, I'm 8 months into the healing and it's still getting bumps and acting up. I really don't want to give it up as I love it so much! The annoying thing is the process of getting it done was a breeze and form hurt at all but the healing has been quite painful unfortunately ?

Loc'd Biker

Thanks so much for being honest. I got mine done for the second time yesterday and it hurt like hell. I think this is the most painful piercing. I have my industrial, daith, helix, conch, nose and septum done and this one hurt like hell worse than the others. The second painful one for me was the daith. The others were not so bad.

Rebekah Tucker

I got my rook pierced two months ago and it’s still as swollen and red like when I first got it pierced. It’s like it wont heal. I sea salt soak it every day now, and sometimes it gets better temporarily but then goes back to irritated and red. I’m so close to taking it out.

Jasmin Marie Rutter

I've had mine for a week and it sucks! The actual piercing didn't hurt but the healing hurts. I may be taking it out soon!

Sarah Mann


Lisa de Vries

I have had mine for a year and two months now, and it STILL HAS NOT HEALED. It still hurts to the touch, I can't sleep on it and no matter how often I clean it (everyday) it still gets bumps. I've also looked up how other rook piercings look, and I'm now noticing that other rooks, like yours for instance, are placed way further away from the head than mine is. Min is truly hidden in the little nook. I cannot reach it with my fingers. I cannot GET IT OUT. I have tried and tried and tried. It hurts so much and the little balls just won't unscrew for some reason. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I actually tried to snip the metal today (sounds really dumb I know), and I almost pulled the entire piercing through my ear, it was really traumatic. Pls someone give me some tips. Should I just give up and cut off my ear already?

Crystal Vanegas

Finally someone who agrees! Most painful piercing I have!!

Hollie Walden

I can relate to every single thing she said in this video. Had my rook done 3 days ago. The actual piercing wasn't that bad but this after pain is awful. Can't even touch my ear and I've got constant throbbing :/

kelsey baxter

i’ve had my rook pierced for 3 almost 4 months now and it’s still sore to the touch. it’s insanely hard to clean too :(

Lilian Ackerson

so i got mine 6 days ago. piercing it didn‘t really hurt. Like 20 min it was like a small pressure there but then i felt nothing. Cleaning did hurt a little but the pain was equal to the moment he pierced it. Mine swoll a bit but thats gone and i already can lay on it carefully. It’s beginning to itch a bit but since it’s not swollen, it’s just the wound healing. So i’m loving it and for me it’s working so good?

Just a Basic emo

I got my rook done about 2 hours ago. The actual piercing hurt a bit but was manageable. It burns a little now but is fine.

yeilina hernandez

I literally have the same experience i did my rook and daith and my daith is not painful or swollen and my rook is extremely swollen thank god they haven’t bled but its so painful i got it done yesterday and i cant deal with it ???i cant wait for this swelling to go down

me bob

All of my piercings were a 2 out of 10 for pain. But when I got my rook done it was a 10 out of 10. Wost pain ever!

Brenda Santos

I have my nipples piercings and my industrial and tongue. I don't think this would hurt as much..? Lol

Chelsea Clegg

I just got my Rook pierced a few days ago and its almost like a throbbing pain constantly, have to take paracetamol to try and get rid of the pain, it aches so bad and my ear is so swollen and warm, is this relatively normal? i’m hoping the pain goes soon because its really aching.

Samantha Martinez

I got mine and my thirds at the same time and the swelling traveled down my ear and it almost sucked in my thirds I had to get hoops in them ??


It's been two weeks sense I got mine (except I got mine connected to a conch piercing, so it's one long bar, kinda looks like a vertical Industrial)
I loooove it
Yeah getting it pierced and the healing is a bitch but I personally have no regrets


This video is exactly how I feel?how does your rook feel now, thank god I didn’t get my rook before my gcse exams I would be dying

? The Ultimate Variety Channel ?

I got my Daith done it was sore for a few days. Nearly 2 weeks now (24/4/18) and it's not sore at all. But I'd love to have my Rook done next.

My nape was the sorest out of all of my piercings. I've 12 now!

Leah Lo

I never felt my rook piercing but my septum was the WORST

Taylor Dun

Wow it’s so weird seeing everyone say how painful it is because I just got mine done 2 days ago and it was maybe a 2/10 to get it done and it stopped hurting after about an hour and hasn’t hurt since. I can even lay on it and it feels like there’s nothing there. I don’t sleep on it cuz Ik that’s not good to do on any piercing, but I literally keep forgetting that I got it done it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s a little sore to touch when I clean it with a qtip but its probably the easiest and least painful piercing I’ve gotten.

Ayesha Elizabeth xo

My mums rook hasnt healed and she has had it for 3 years she has only just changed her bar and it still hirts her ❤️

Hallie Lallier

I’ve had my rook over 2 years and it still hurts


i got my rook pierced two days ago and i didn’t feel the clamp at all but the piercing hurt more than all my others (which isn’t surprising because i only have triple lobes on both sides) but now it’s just kinda sore but not bad at all

Alexandra S

I got mine 2 days ago and mine still hurts too!

Sadie Li

I’ve had my rook pierced about 3days ago and it’s swollen and always bleeding.I’m so worried about that.....

Emma Scott

I got my rook and tragus done a couple of days ago and I'd say the tragus was a sharp pain whereas the rook was more of an aching dull pain, cleaning them aches but besides that I can't feel them at all, the first day my jaw ached from my tragus but it's all good now just my rook is slightly swollen just because it's so fresh, definitely recommend both of them if you've got experience with piercings

b :p

how long is your bar? xox 8 mm?

Sandy Eu

Want it and I can’t wait to get it! Got my conch tragus 1st, 2nd, and only my 3rd on one ear, daith and double helix

Kate Rooks

I think your rook was pierced too far forward. It should be in the "rook" of your ear, hence the name of the piercing. Maybe that why its been hurting for 10 months like you mentioned in your other video.