Split peach hairstyle

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BYE 6ix9ine...Recreating Nicki Minaj “Trollz” rainbow wig | Laurasia Andrea | Shambrey Hair

249 008 views | 15 Jun. 2020

This is a Laurasia Andrea

This is a Laurasia Andrea video of: Recreating 6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj “Trollz” rainbow wig

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Hey Fairies,

Im giving you another wig video, Finally. Im highlighting a black owned business using a hair brand in LA on top of giving the barbz something to talk about lol. It is pridemonth so i felt this video was perfect. But dont forget. Black Lives Matter & Black Trans Lives Matter. Lets continue to show our support.

Hair color:

Kiss colors

Red: ruby red, crimson, cherry bomb

Orange: neon orange

Light pink: neon peach, dusty rose

Yellow: ginger, funky yellow

Neon green: lime light

Dark green: hunter green, lime light, neon green

Light blue: cyan, azure

Dark blue: aquamarine

Purple: vivid violet

Pink: Hawaiian fire, pink petal, neon peach

♡ Shambrey Hair ♡


Beverly Hills Blonde 30” 30” 28” 28” 26” 13x4 20” Lace Frontal https://www.shambreyhair.com/product/beverly-hills-blonde/

Shambrey Hair Official Website: http://www.shambreyhair.com


Instagram: @shambreyhair

Twitter: @shambreyhair

Facebook: @shambreyhair

#6ix9ine #nickiminaj #TROLLZ

marissa foster

What's the brand of your blow dryer?

Kookie & Ari

Look how she ate that????

Bandaid Baby

What’s sad is that I only watched his video for Nicki because I knew her whole being was going to be fire!


One word, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Love Laurasia She Taught Me So Much Been Watching Her For A While Now. Tae Be Slaying And Yours Came Out Identical Sis.

Alli Brielle

Doing this for my birthday! Going to try and mix horizontal with vertical colours

Alexandria Jay

@DriaLuxuryKollection_ I sell wigs, bundles, frontal , closures and lashes


when i saw the thumbnail i thought you were megantheestallion
you do be lookin like her doe

Mary Jane

Minha vontade de fazer isso no cabelo é grande, mas a falta dinheiro que é o menor

Emilia Luyindula



Love you gurrl... love your resilience..how you "go for it"..your determination and spirit.... stay pushing and dont stop unless to relax ???

AJ Joelle

Totally made us brabz proud


I don’t understand why these hairstyles are named after artist they didn’t come up with it.just say rainbow wig is that too much or?but yeah I guess

Ayanna Legend


daya marie

When I saw how bright those colours where I had to subscribe

i cared luminal

oo to look like nicki would be a dream ?

Diva Demand Boutique

Amazing color jobbbbb!

Joyce Bivins

Wow wow we patience patience patience ur a natural professional that loves what u do yes its very beautiful all the colors came together prrrrrefect.

indira lewis

Can you also do a wig inspired video of the pastel rainbow wig from the trollz video???

amina. k

mama nicki reposted it, and that’s how i knew you did that. ?

Slayed by Sky

You did that ! ?

Sharmane Daniels




MIZ KaPoni

Of course you DID THE DAMN THANG!!

Nqaba Sibiya

You did that !!! ? I came here from arnellarmon’s channel ?

Jacob Diaz

This is art

Roseline George


absolutely_lee 263

Here from Arnell's video.. you did an amazing job ❤

courtney parrish

You cant say bye 69 if she just bit off what his hairstyle is lmao. His hairstyle is basically dennis rodman in the 90s but long

Jeny Pinheiro



this is beautiful great job ?


I saw Nicki had posted youu.. you looked goodt out of the rest..??

Nicole M Peterson

You bodied that!! good as fuck!!!!!!


new sub. Arnell sent me. ❤

Laziah Sade

.???? yesss

Héctor Piña

We barbz love u


Very talented


This ain't just hair

This art

Krystan Crandle

You inspire me so much. Thanks for sharing.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


It’s only 1 thing you did sis..... THAT. I love this!!!!

Jeny Pinheiro


José Ortega

This is sooooooooo pretty!!!

Rihanna McKenzie

Nicki posted your pic

Thando Gumede

Nicki posted your pic on ig congrats ?❤️

Life With Shamica

This is cute! I would like to see it curled! Omg ? that would be bomb!!!!


You cannot tell me that isn’t growing out of her scalp! You did that sis! ??????

Dionne Leaf

It looks the exact same to me.... good job boo

Da SweetestP D.

You absolutely Followed along well!...amazing work!


You ate this sis

Itz_Emma .O

I swear you were one of the girls on her insta



Gabriel Sanidad

Wowww omfg???

Jeny Pinheiro



You murderrrrrred this!

Beatriz Sousa

I think you did a super amazing job ??

Tuku Gaye

How you rocked the hair better than nicki like whatt you looking better in nicki's wig hairstyle than nicki

Alexander Berman

Hey! Great video!! What’s the song at 5:36?



Aaron Balsz

I slayyedddd tf outa this

Chantella ❤

your version is way better than nicki's. i think your colors blend so much better than hers

ree. inc

you bodied this

Tonia Mukami

came here from Arnelle's video and you popped offff????♥️♥️???

Kenyata Hobbs

Is that plastic wrap you're using?

Mira Hshm

Omg i looove it and u r sooo beautiful


It came out so beautiful


Where did you get your music intro from? And the name of it?

Itz_Emma .O

Your on Nicki's insta

Xavielle Hardin

"Babygirrrrrl!!!!" in my B. Simone vc YOU ?? DID ?? THAT!!!!

pooja whutisthisbehavior

omg that looks amazing??


Ya wig game is fireeeeeeee. Lol baby girl said this wig not coming off until 2021 baby??

Veronica Sutherland

Yes you made me proud i love it beautiful

ozmen harris

Can you please do a tour of your wig room and collection I love the set up you have ☺️

Francesco Zambito

My queen divine creature. ❤️?

Laurasia Andrea

Hope i made the barbz proud lol

Merelyn Giron

Wasn’t she on nicki page ?

Mia Janee’

The hair is gorgeous ?????!I saw this look on Instagram. I didn’t know you had a YouTube channel ?. Check out my Pride look ? on my channel inspired by the Trollz video!!!

Mariah Fauntroy

Yasssssss I Missed Your Wig Coloring Series Please Bring It Back. Your A Beast This Wig Was So Fucking Bomb ♥️

Da SweetestP D.

Wow!words cant express your skillset...off the chain guuurl..???????

Kiya Drumwright

this is so beautiful and it goes with your skin tone very well. i wanna try this ?❤️


Omggg love this look!!!


Soooooo pretty!!

cheyenne cowell

You did so good! It's beautiful ?

Zola Wisely Zarku

Hair ?

Patrice G

Im watching this video because Arnell shouted you out and I am not disappointed. Not one bit. You did the darn thing???

Kodi Lorné

If you’re looking for black owned press on nails check out the brand Keauxted Klaws on instagram. Very inexpensive and customizable too!

Ronnisha Franklin

You did great!

SoRena Dix

Hello Laurasia Andrea! Fabulous! Do you do custom orders? NYC in here!!

Fritz Duabe

Can I get one wig From you just for my birthday ???


I’m confused...bye 6ixnine but Nicki continues to get a pass? Backwards ass world smh

Malkia McKween

You BODIED this ??????????

Keke Love


Thither Shook

The barbz are heyah! ???‍♀️?✨


Nice ❤️

Jessica Amanda

Ughhh I need this much color in my life lol

Jeny Pinheiro


pay ezell

do u make and sell for viewers?! id love to pay you to make me this??

Brownskin Pocahontas


black james


Charlie Silver

The wig is dope. The music choices are amazing. I'm in love.

Shawnell Mullins

When she sticked her touge out that was ewww she not even cute she ugly lol

Split peach hairstyle

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Kim Kardashian Sleek Hair Tutorial (SO EASY)

193 130 views | 30 Nov. 2015

Ever wonder how Kim

Ever wonder how Kim Kardashian effortlessly wears sleek hairstyles over and over again without looking too overdone, wet or greasy? Today I was inspired to recreate her trendy chic wedding hair for an everyday easy look. Let's face it, 'tis the season to spice things up. You ready? P.S Be sure to enter my super easy giveaway after you watch this video!

*** Enter to Win Kopari Coconut Sheer Oil (used in this video) + Kopari Coconut Melt as an added bonus! ***

1 .Must subscribe (or already be a subscriber) to my channel http://youtube.com/sazanbarzani

2. Must Subscribe to Kopari's Youtube channel http://youtube.com/koparibeauty

3. Comment below sharing one way you would use the Coconut Sheer Oil if you win!

*** Note: 1 Winner will be chosen and announced on my twitter page @SazBarzani on Monday Dec.7th 2015 *** Good luck! ;)

{Products used in this tutorial}

Kopari: Coconut Sheer Oil http://bit.ly/CoconutSheerOil

L’Oreal: Hairspray

Tease Comb: Sally Beauty Supply

Bobbi Pins: Target

Tangle-free Brush: TJ Maxx (but you can get them anywhere!)

Straightener: T3 Micro Single Pass Flat Iron 1.5’’

Eyeshadow: Charlotte Tilbury Palette in “The Dolce Vita”

{Let's Hang!}

Twitter: @SazBarzani

FB: @SazanBlog

IG: @SazanHendrix

Blog: www.sazan.me

Don't forget to Sazcribe and tell me what you want to see next. ;)


Xo, Saz

youssef bounaamme

I would use it for my hair and skin,

Malak Alhawari

I would use it for my hair and to moisturizer my face!!

Zoe Mckenna

your videos new amazing such an inspiration, you look amazing too xxx

helen kurd

Hi Sazan, I'm kurdish as well I like your positive energy, also I have the exact features as you haha so your tutorials are very helpful and I end up with a little Sazan haha love from UK

Marvella Alquicer

??? me who wears glasses and gets in the way of Bobby-pins behind my ear

karla medina

loved it

Melanie Ortiz

I would use the coconut oil to treat my split ends, specially during the winter time my hair gets super dry so thats a must :)
-Melanie Ortiz

Natalia Novak

Hey guys. Just trying to share my new YouTube video about DIY room decor for this holiday season. I'm sure you will love it. Link is in a bio ?❄️

Naoual A.

Can I have your hair plzzzz loveeee it

INIYAH sulaman

Where are these earrings from? Xo

Brenda Greenan

Hi Suzan!

I would definitely use the Coconut sheer oil for a moisturizer because I have super dry skin in the winter and I have a feeling that this would be a lifesaver! I love how sleek your hair looks in this tutorial and I would love to replicate it for the holiday season with the The Kopari Coconut Oil! I love your channel your such an inspiration ! <3

Amanda Pereira

I would use this product everywhere! I've recently been obsessing over coconut oil, it is magical!??

Natalie Garcia

First of ahh I love you ❤️!! Second I have naturally curly hair, which mean I straighten a lot. Guess what that means ? it gets pretty damaged. But With kopari oil it would sleek and shiny. AndI could use it on my face. BONUS !


I would totally use the cream to help treat my split ends. I live in a very cold climate, and it's harsh on the hair, so any help is a God sent!

Mariya Hubanova

You are UNIQUE.You are so wild and beautiful! :* (hug)

Moonmoon Pati

Is this ur real hairs. They r awesome

Nairi B

If I win the Kopari sheer oil, I would use it on my legs to give them a healthy glow, especially when wearing skirts/dresses for the summer! x

Leah Diaz

I would love to use this oil to create a sheek new years eve hair style <3

karla medina

If i were to win i would use it on my hair to prevent frizz and help get stronger.


I'd use it in the mornong to prior my makeup application !

Paula Spadaccini

Where are your earrings from? They are so gorgeous!

Chelsea Thompson

I would love to win the Kopari's Coconut Sheer Oil and would mostly use it to soak in my hair and also, to rub on my legs. I have extremely curly, hard to manage hair and the roots tend to dry up so quickly, as does my skin (especially now that its the winter time!) I find myself fighting with the tangles in my hair, even after a deep condition and I feel that it needs a little extra moisture and care. The Kopari oil would be great to pair with my almond oil and to give my hair some TLC! Plus, the oil seems like a great staple and universal product! hayyyy! :)

Danit Simon

Nourish my hair please!!!


Do think it Will work on really curly hair


Great tips ur hair is beautiful I've subbed plz check out my channel and sub back if you like it xxx

Camryn Wreanni

You are so stunning!


Sazannnn your earrings! where are they from?

The Giant Project

Dear Sazan, I have a very sensitive and rosacea prone skin and would be using the oil to give my skin the extra pampering it needs. I would absolutely love to win the product, especially because the packaging is so amazing. Big hug, Nat

Nancy Bartlett

I just found your channel and I'm obsessed! ? I would totally use this oil for my frizzy hair ?

Abby Emini

I would use this on my hair to tame my big luscious curls and look fab everyday! :)

Raquel Esmeralda

I would use the oil for my frizzy hair and also on my body I suffer from acne on my face back and chest I know it would really work on me, love your channel im a big fan !! Xoxo

Katelyn Ruff

Hey Sazan!! I really love your top and your earrings and bracelet! I was wondering where you got them and if there was anyway in your videos you could link what you're wearing or where you got them?
Love your videos! I watch every single one of them and get so excited when you post:)

Ava Dosky


Taruna K

l absolutely love your videos Sazan!
and I would definitely use the Kopari sheer oil for fly aways or my makeup free days!... and the coconut melt after every shower! #looksofine #feelsosmooth =P


Love u

Bubz B

Love this, you make it so much easier! <3


I would use my Kopari oil on my lips as a night time treatment also as an exfoliator while in the shower with a bit of sugar. Exfoliation is key ??


I would use the coconut oil for the ends of my hair or add a few drops to my face moisturizer. ?

Lucy Kennedy

Would definitely use the oil in my hair - give a split end a break!


Can u do a tutorial on this makeup look!

Nadia Shaban

i love coconut, i'd probably use the oil in my skin and hair for hydration because winter is here! x x x


I would apply it head to toe and be silky and smooth all over! =)


I would use the coconut oil on my face to add moisture and treat my dry skin!

Jeannette Rivera

i would use it for my face and hair!!!!

Humaira Patel

Living in the northeast, my hair gets extremely dry during the winter. Though I apply coconut oil at night and before washing, this would be a great serum to use before leaving to go out! Also, my hair would stay taut through my walk to work! Would love to use this product. Thanks so much for introducing us to it :)

Rebekah C

I would definitely use this product to replicate the style for my work Christmas party!

Natalia Novak

Hey there, I just uploaded my new Christmas DIY room decor video. Please check it out. Love your videos.

Sarah B

I would use it for my hair for sure! My hair is super dry!


trop belle mais faut le faire en français merci

Roxanne Tremblay

I think that oils are the best makeup remover of all time !!!! So I'd probably use the Kopari Sheer Oil as a makeup remover but I'd also use it as a hair treatment !

Kristen Case

HOW? How is it possible for someones hair to be as naturally voluminous as yours! Seriously blown away you have the most beautiful hair I've ever seen!!!

ni Lili

Love ur erarring, where are they from!? :)

Rachel Jung

Such an awesome tutorial! I'd love to try it out.
Lately the LA weather has got my skin feeling dry this seems like an awesome way to moisturize, plus I love anything coconut! Crossing my fingers :)

Nour's World

I would love to use this coconut oil for my HAIR :))

Mysam Nassar

Hi Saz
I would use the oil to my split ends, i swear I tried tons of oils and none of them work. ( please saz can you also announce the winner on snapchat?)


Arwa A.A

tell us about your outfit

Chelsie Luchini

I would totally use it for my split ends! And to keep my face moisturized during the drying winter months! Love this tutorial, can't wait to try it out this weekend!

Sarah Figueroa

I'd use it to tame my frizz! Love your videos!

Reyna Damian

Cute! ??

Natalie Salim

I need this for my split ends and frizzies! ??

Shelby Bullard

For the backs of my arms and legs!

Fatma Abdulla

arabs and Indians mostly use coconut oil for their hair to grow and to make it thicker

Tetyana Khomyak

Gorgeous! Love it!


You have a really nice side profile, I'm jealous?

Jacob Israel

The uncentered part is driving me insane


I would use the product on my thick hair in order to prevent it from frizzing so I can have smooth hair :)


Penelope Cruz is that you? ?

Jaclyn Williams

Have you done a straight hair routine?? I would love to see how you get such a straight hair look/what straightener and products you use since you have naturally curly hair!:)

C. hernandez

I would use the coconut sheer oil for my hair and my skin. :)



Cristina Villegas

I would totally use this to recreate this look! I'd also put some on my ends cause they need the help!

Samantha Castro

I would love to use the Coconut Sheer Oil to try out this amazing look!!! I just love that this brand has so many uses so I can use it on my skin or try different hairstyles out

Des N.

please take the time to read this. even a dollar helps. god bless.

Merwa Alameeri

I subscribed to both !! I love the way the product made your hair shine! I'd probably use it everyday to give my hair a healthy sheen look and also to moisturize my very dry skin on these brutal winter months

Imagine Dragons

Monica Geller

Chagarlize Degiligis

sazan is so Beautiful

Kurdish Gal

do you live in the us


I would use this oil to help my hair look amazing, but most importantly I will use it on my body. I suffer from pretty bad eczema, over my face and body, and at one point it caused alopecia and I started to lose my hair. I find coconut oil to be excellent for my skin, and if this works for both my hair and body, it could be an amazing help!

Cristina Villegas

Hey Sazan!
Have you announced a winner for the oil yet?!
Keeping my fingers crossed!

Nicky Suleyvani

I would use it as a night cream as well as as a body lotion ;)
Nice Look Sazan !!

Sarah Patton

I would love to use this on my very very long hair, as it has a tremendous amount of split ends and I've tried everything to get rid of them, to no avail!! I need all the help I can get!

helen kurd

Hi Sazan, I'm kurdish as well I like your positive energy, also I have the exact features as you haha so your tutorials are very helpful and I end up with a little Sazan haha love from UK

ramya ramya

sleek hairrr jst like this!

Rawan Srour

I would use it everyday on my curly hair

Valerie Porragas

if i win i would use it on other people who need help on treating there hair . ?

Marwin Ewan

I'll personally use the oil for my dry hair

Veronica Velasco

I love the color of your hair...what do you ask your hair stylist for?

Rachel Kelly

amazing tutorial, love this look!!

Angela Lobova

I would love to use to oil to treat my split ends!

Gabriela Villamizar

makeup tutorial for this look please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


Hey Sazan just discovered your channel and I'm completely obsessed. I almost watched every video. Thank you for your honesty and the entertaining videos you're uploading! Kisses from Germany

valentina rodriguez

I would definitely use the oil to tame my frizzy hair (Florida probs) and also as a nourishing oil for my cuticles and hands! :)

ClementinePure Makeup

I would use the kopari coconut oil to moisturize my eyebrows and face , also to put on the ends of my hair because I finally bleach my hair and my ends are staring to look damage , their is just so much to do with coconut oil !!!♡

MaKayla Coates

If I won I would totally try out this look! Getting my hair cut tuesday because I am so in love with yours! :) xo

Bey Za

your hair is soo thick it look so good my hair is very thin?

Ștefania Dobrin

I'd use it for my cuticules , I think it will have the same result as normal coconut oil , or maybe even better.

Pakin Kaewmart

look so classy!!

Tasreen Zaman

I'd use a few drops of the coconut oil and mix it in my foundation to give it a luminous glowy effect.

Yasmeen Belal

Awesome vid! I would use it as a body oil mixed in with my fave moisturizer for sleek, soft skin with a healthy glow :)

Kayla Aleman

Would love to try this product for the Kim k hairstyle!

Split peach hairstyle

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? Dyeing my Hair Peach ?

709 390 views | 12 Jul. 2019

Hellooo ༼ つ ◕_◕

Hellooo ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Sorry for the bad sound I know it sucks!! I just dont have a microphone yet and i'm an idiot and filmed this in my bathroom lmao. But yeah here is just a random video of me dyeing my hair and talking about how I went from my dyed black hair to pink :-) hope you enjoy

oh and if you have any pink hair questions for me leave em below and i'll try and answer you :)

My Insta: https://www.instagram.com/kidjess/?hl=en

The Products I mentioned:

Muvo Ultra Rose Shampoo & Conditioner

Goldwell Duelsenses Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment

Music I used :

Coffee - prod. Riddiman



DLJ & TABAL - Deep Sleep



Sugiwa - Remember Me



BIDØ - Waves



Tony Stocker - Tranquility



Valdivia Hernández Bethany Rachel

You're so so soooooo sweet and lovely n.n love all of your videos!!! ✨

ii Peach


Tamsyn Coetzee

I just wanna know what lipstick she’s wearing at the end ??

andrea isabella ramirez duque

Le quedó muy lindo ese color ?

Salvador Marçalo yohimix

am i the only one who thinks the peach color looks like her natural color hahaha

Hiba_mc _duhh

How old r u

Belinda Lara

She's so cute!!

a creature

what happen if i put blue mix green on this hair? without bleaching it? i need answers aaaa i dont want to bleach it my hair will die again im keeping it long i dont want to cut it again aaaa love the hair btw!

Galvih karran hate page

This video calls me ugly in 85 languages.

thiminhxuyen tran

Please leave email because I want to talk to you thanks

kristel ann

You're cute ?

Chloee Boyle

ur so pretty!!

Cheche Lee

You're my fav Babygirl forever ???

sunset reveries

omg I saw you on pinterest, I didn't know you had a yt channel omg you were my hair inspo! ♡


me: sees the photo of the video

Also me a artist the uses Pinterest: “HOLY SH#@T ITS THE GIRL IVE ALWAYS HAD IN MY TO DRAW PIN!”

Holly Butterfly

She reminds me of Bianca Devins....

nikki colliver

Why do I recognise you with the brown hair!?

April Ian Dia

Love your hair.. Mine is very pink.. I think i will lighten it to pastel color

Madi Boyd

I’ve wanted to try ? for so long!! I’m platinum blonde and am worried about how hard it will be to get the color out and go back to blonde...any idea if I’d have to bleach my entire head again?

Everett Fillmore


sQueen Queen

God you,re really successfull???????

Kim Namtiddies

She's like the future girlfriend I want

Lystra ·

I love your glasses ?

Catie Davies

I really want to do this to my hair,, do you have an idea of the ratios you used of each dye to make the colour

sunflower seeds


Ariax Cox

You are so beautiful

brenda gomez

I just wanna know what lipstick you’re wearing ??

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

I'm gonna do that with the exact same colors and the same conditioner and hope it turns out just as beautiful uwu

April Ian Dia

I love your lipstick, what color and brand are you using? ?

Maeve Butscher

What is your nail color? It’s so cute.


it’s such a cute color!!!


I didn’t expect that to be her voice


I'm wanting to dye my hair this color to bring out my green eyes, do you think it will bring out my eye color?


wait does she have a british accent or american?????????

Blobby Blobfish

You look like my math teacher


idk it just looks like the "before" hair looks more peach than the after lol love it tho

Saskia Luna

Me : in quarantine

Also me: dying my bangs pinky peach at 1am


Mds, devia ser crime a pessoa ser tão perfeita aaaa

Janet Wang

I copied Jay Pham at least give her credit

Red_bean 5

Why are you so pretty?? Like I don’t understand? How can you looks so good with every color hair?!

Alex Baker

I love this color on you! I’m about to dye my hair the same color using the same products :) just need to bleach my roots first. My hair is the same length as yours and it’s a faded red (baby pink)


You are do pretty❤️❤️❤️

Angel mae gaming

Your hair was pretty peach, also your hair was really gergous? ilike the way it is❤

Hey Miki

I think i'm having a girl crush on her


Literally said “lady bird”

Lansnd Nsnsns

Soy la única persona que habla español y sin entender lo que dices me quedo viendo tus vídeos por que enserio soy fan de ti

Julie Lukasik


Noor Ashraf Nasr

How did you bleach your hair without it being ruined I want to dye my hair but I'm afraid of bleaching

Лиза Питерова

u look like netflix’s actress

Lil Squishy tay

I don’t knowwwww if I should dye my hair pastel pink or peachhhh can someone helppppp

ꨄ•Pęachii Bøi•ꨄ

I swear I’m strait.
When I watch this video:
I’m bi.

Joanne Azeez

Nice colour x

Bunny Mochi

Any dye color really suits you˘ ³˘

Nik Hy

In love with this color on you and your glasses ? where did you get your glasses from?

Blessed Biscuit

I want this toooooo.

But I don't wanna be the only person in my whole school with dyed hairrrr....

Btw you're gorgeous.

Antonella Marrero


caroline thibault

It je so cute!???? I wanna dye my hair like this, but it is resit to the sea water and swimming pool water?

Delia Della Porta

Hey! U look stunning with this color?? could u tell me the name of the dye u used?


i bleached my hair and then colored it ash pink

Jazzy DB

super cute!!!!!!!

Katie Espinoza

how long does the pink last ? i am considering dying my hair peach >:))

lorena guerrero

How do you remove color from your hair?

And 22

это же та девочка из сохраненок? я думала никогда не увижу ее,хвхзв

Debi Maharani Official

You soo pretty

Madiha Khan

Will it look good with dark black eyebrows


How do you look so CUTE the result shocked me??

Irfine _

Sub indo pliss

Abbie_ 456

Oh my god you’re literally the person whose picture I found on Pinterest and I gave it to my hairdresser to get hair like yours ?


Ive seen you so much on pinterest lol

Soc Oten

I love how your hair color looks, I love it too much pity that I don't have a color. lighter on my skin or darker

Grace Breese

u are so aesthetic?

Maria Samofalova

i feel myself so ugly after this video


Cute w I’m probably gonna dye my pair peach ?


Aaaah i could never bleach my hair BUT I LOVE UR HAIR COLOR!!! :D I might get a wig to wear of the same color

Khadija Jkgd


Joudi Daghstani


اوماي كاد اسمي جيس

Salvador Marçalo yohimix

u r so beautiful and i love ur hair color it really suits u❤️

Chi Phan linh

Can you tell me how the flowers you edit look on picsArt?

lina strawberry

" I bleached my hair three times in one day " your hair is better than my life

Eva Reis

honestly, u would look good in any hair colour

jenna menes

What hair color did you use before dyeing your hair?? because it looks like blackpink rosè's hair

Minnie z


Heidy Mariana Joya Ropero.

oh my good this is amazing
i love you kidjess

Belle Serenethie

That I pink


Did u put hair conditioner to lighten the color dye?

Elly Fu

Okay, may I ask you your lipstick colour? ? I mean, that peach hair is... PERFECT, and that lips match PERFECT too :") <3

Sonia Sharma

Where did you purchase this hair colour bottles???

Lilac ism

Does the arctic fox dye wash out and then you just keep dying it dif. pink tones once it does?? Or do you remove the previous pink somehow first and then re-dye?


I want that head

Sohini Mandal

She sounds like Kennedy Clair Walsh

Siena Bee

Guess I’m a simp now

nothing ruvy

You look so pretty????☺

Lilah Rankin

Dam why you so pretty. lol

Iris J

when you look nothing like your photoshopped pictures. crazy and sad to see.

Olivia May

Omg ur on my Pinterest and I put u on my peach hair dreams board

Camilla Jensen

Yeet butyfull UwU


Do you not need developer with arctic fox dye ? I’m planning on dying my hair but I’ve never done bright colors but with the blondes I’ve done I used developers


ok but where did you get that shirt!!

River is having fun

Türk var mı Türk ❤️??????

steve harrington’s child

Does anybody know where that striped shirt is from??