How to increase collagen synthesis

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Gelatin supplementation to increase collagen synthesis

460 views | 5 Jun. 2018

Sound bite from Podcast

Sound bite from Podcast Episode 6. Listen to the full podcast below.

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John Brown

hi how much gelatin does it take to produce a good amount of collegen? each day

How to increase collagen synthesis

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Collagen synthesis | Easy and funny way to remember collagen synthesis | USMLE STEP 1

91 913 views | 20 Nov. 2016

* I forgot to mention

* I forgot to mention about the highest yield point which is defect in cross linking in last step which occurs in Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, menkes disease,so please take a note of that.

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* If you are first or second year medical student or if you have more than one year to prepare for USMLE Step 1 or any other exam then I strongly recommend you to watch Dr. Najeeb lectures to make your concepts very clear. If you don't have enough time to prepare for USMLE Step 1 then I would not recommend you to go through all the videos of Dr. Najeeb, just watch Neurology and Immunology.

Brian Rufus

nailed on.

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praise melchizedek

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This explanation and tricks are epic....thnx a lot?????

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this is awesome ; thanks for this

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Great mnemonic! Thanks! Also, I loved the birds chirping in the background. Very calming.

Dr Sumaya Mahmoud Abdi


Pranav Chavhan

Excellent video!!! Highly appreciated ?

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thank you so much for the explanation, you are really good.

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thank you man


You explain very well

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this was very helpful! thank you.

اولئك هم خير البرية التفسير يا ناس

do u have mnemonic for Elastin synthesis please ?

Karla Kozak

Hey thank you for making this video. You are a saint.

Shifa Shaikh

i loveed your video , it was up to the point , i want you to make more videos on each n every topic mentioned in first aid book ...i havent found a single video who tells us exact what is wrritten in the book please its my request add more videos like this @meetpatel

Si Lilly

I usually look for animated USMLE videos. I skipped past yours and had second thought to just take a peek. I'm so glad I did. I'm so going through all your videos Dr. Patel. Thank you.

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youre a genius, i love your accent

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Great explanation

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I'll be having an exam tomorrow and this video helps me a lot to understand the Biosynthesis of Collagen! Thumbs up!


best ever

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Loved the way u ve explained it with the story.?thanks

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Please explain more in Dermatology...thank you

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You're too awesome. you have saved a med student's life.

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Very well-done ?

Medicoz with Arooj

Amazinggggg. ..all my queries solved

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You make things really easy to remember .. please continue to post more videos ..

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Thank you so much! :D

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Thank u soo much for explaining so clearly yet making it interesting

Fofo Fofo

Thank you it's very helpful, I hope to explain more and more in histology

avid traveler

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Maki M.



This was quite good and very creative! I hope that you have succeeded in all your endeavors! Always a blessing when people help others.

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very nice video... Thanks a lot :) ... I have a question regarding iron.... When and where iron is required during the collagen synthesis? please any one respond this

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This video is amazing!! Thank you so much for making something so complicated so understandable! :D :D

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Sir please make a video on keratin and elastin

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Nice trick??

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You made this topic very easy for me to remember. Very good style and your writing is also ???thank u soo much

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Remember that if there is a problem with the finaL step it results in Menkes or may cause Ehlers Danlos

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thank you so much sir for this vedio...It is very useful for my assignment

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Fantastic video - so easy to understand and follow

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Should make more videos like these..it be a bless ???


Great help! Had a hard time differentiating between collagen, procollagen, and tropocollagen.

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Excellent video and explanation. Thank you.

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Can we use banana fibres for scaffold making instead of collagen

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Extremely helpful and useful presentation. Very clear and easy to understand. Exceptionally talented and knowledgeable teacher/faculty presenter. Thank you.

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190 301

Does it increase height

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Sir I'm in ist year.....should I start reading first aid


This is a great way to remember the pathway!!! Thank you so much!!

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Doctor of Medicine


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I was keep smiling till the video ends,it was funny at first and the explanations was good . I like the way you say "ogeyh" for okay ??? Btw tqsm for making this video.Really helpful

How to increase collagen synthesis

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What stimulates collagen synthesis?

531 views | 10 Nov. 2020

Breaking down our research

Breaking down our research on the impact of resistance exercise and protein intake on connective tissue (collagen) protein synthesis.

Our research study:


See other references in the related blog post:


See you in the comments section!


This video seems pretty relevant to your research. https://youtu.be/uq01xj66bjM

DJ Obnoxious

I'm really diggin' the science on this, bro. Keep 'em coming!

Sven Debruyne

Very informative as always man, always happy to see an new video from you.
So we MIGHT see better tendon healing from collagen protein ingestion?
Are there any studies on wether collagen protein works well for contractile tissiue repair? Is there enough leucine in it to spike MPS as well?
In other words, might it be a good idea (personal experiment) to swap out the 40g of pre-sleep casein or whey with 40g of collagen protein, without losing the muscle building potential?
Seems like a promising idea to delve deeper into

Sarah Cosby


Sean Lagman

Cool! Didn't know you guys had a channel. Thank you so much for all the info! Been reading on your website as well!


I really like your videos dude! But they are so rare you age between each of them...

Benjamin Wetscher



It would be interesting to see studies about undenatured type 2 collagen vs Glycine.


To be honest I was really hoping for more information on the impact of glcycine/ Kollagen pre- exercise. Would love to see a video of that. On a side note: you may speak a bit faster, I don't think many people would have difficulties with that. Love that you spread your research findings on social media though, please continue doing so.✌️


Very underated stuff you are talking about. Just recently found out about you because of Jeff Nippard's Youtube videos he did with you 2 years ago.
Love the science behind it. The Collagen and the Whey comparison would be interesting.


thanks for sharing

Sarah Cosby

LOVE this!!!!

Dr Saafan Al-Safi



your videos are fascinating, thank you for the good work


That part related to discussion was awesome!!

Esteban E

Great! Keep these coming :)

Helmut Krüsemann

I´m really confused by all the studies. One question please, what is the minimum amount of protein I have to eat per meal, to definitely stimulate muscle protein synthesis? I´m 193cm and I weigh 70kg, try to build muscle. I aim for 4-6 meals per day. Thank you very much! I appreciate that you share so much great content