Peptides and vitamin c

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FRIDAY Q&A | Copper Peptides and Vitamin C | LED and Melasma | Tighter skin PROTOCOL

42 899 views | 1 Nov. 2019

Disclaimer: This video is

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this Youtube channel is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or skin related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this Youtube channel should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare/skin professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this video are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is important that you check labels to determine if a product is right for you. Before starting any treatment at home consult a health care or skin care professional to determine if it’s right for you.

Some of the products linked below are affiliate. That means if you click on them to purchase I will receive a commission.

Friday Q&A time!!!

Thank you for being here my friends!

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Kelli Watts

Hello penny

So I watched your video when you talked about Timemaster Pro and you said to use a collegian gel but in this video you said to use nothing on your skin when using led lights. I am a bit confused can you help me please understand the difference between the two.


I have a led light with blue red yellow
Is the yellow good for melisma?
Blue for acne
Red for anti aging
And mine said yellow for skin tone ?

Jane Wong

How much do you like the Dr.Dennis gross face mask

Cassandra Lohr

Hi Penny,
My esthetician used a hand held device that used light and radio frequency during my facial-
I want to buy one-
You can change the light to different colors... thoughts??

The Messy Kitchen

Nice well done..great video..keep it up

Keshia Parker

Penn or anyone could answer this ?, I know at the 7:40 mark u talk about layering when using an acid. I have just purchased Cos de baha glycolic acid serum, sukoyaka shade urea moisturizing lotion, azidern azelaic acid 20% cream and cerave in the tub. How would I layer these products.

Heidi Oerlemans

Hi Penny! I’m not sure about something and hoping you will help me. I bought several serums for skin thightening. My question is can I use the buffet with copper peptides with lactic acid and vitamin c in the morning or can I use it only in the evening with retin a? If you could tell me I would appreciate it greatly.


Should one use a vitamin C serum before using LED to prevent oxidation?

Juanita Oneil

Hello Penny! Thank you for another great video! I love how you give us info that I can understand. I see where you note that you use retinaldehyde at night. I use Osmosis Renew and I use my Osmosis in the am. Just too expensive for me to use 2x's daily. I use my retinaldehyde during the day b/c my daytime routine is on my face at 14-16 hours and my night time routine is only on about 6-8 hours. Is this OK to do. I know they say to use vitamin A at night, but for the reason I have already stated, I do not. What is your opinion on wearing retin A's during the day? I do of course use sunscreen. Thanks again Penny for such great and informative videos!

Rachel Weinstein

I don’t know if you would recommend an LED mask for my skin? Mild to moderate Rosacea is a concern. Would it make it worse? Have also sagging a, wrinkles and I’m 68. Thanks so much Penn. Loving your videos and thanks!???


Can I just say, I find your Chanel and I can’t stop watching, I appreciate your knowledge than you for sharing.

Britny Snyder

What's a good copper peptide?

Callie Andrew

Could you do a video on matrixyl please? I’m interested in starting a peptide but don’t really know that much about them yet and which will work for me. I have acne and pigmentation but am also interested in anti aging. I’m only 22 but have fine lines which I blame to not wearing sunscreen and sunbed use in my teens? love your videos penny you explain things so well, such a knowledgable woman ❤️

Linda Dunlap

After watching Wednesday's video I purchased IS Clinical Super Serum for the copper peptides. After watching this video I understand not to use the same night as my Osmosis Correct. Can I use the IS Clinical Super Serum on the same nights that I use Osmosis Stem Factor, Rescue and Replenish or should I hold off on any/all of those on the nights I used the IS Clinical Super Serum. Also, how many nights a week should we use copper peptides versus Vitamin A? Thanks so very much. You are so knowledgeable and I look forward to learning from you.

Lori Wrightington

Is the Ordinary buffet with copper peptides a good serum? Love your videos:)

HotMessNess MUA

Help ! Would love a calendar or protocol for a month or even start at a week ... lets say you needle ( nano , micro , cosmetic ) , you use the cleansing spatula , derma plane , peel , and led ... can u do a video explaining when you do these things ... it doesn’t have to be an overly detailed video , but a general monthly protocol . Example : day one Monday cosmetic needle , day two etc ... I know you have a fantastic month long video explaining how and when with all the types of needling . I just don’t know when to add in my derma planing , led , and possibly peels .. xoxo ! ( and micro current devices )

Wennie Taylor

Will copper peptides cause peeling? I just went from the Retin A .05 to the .1 I definitely don't need any help in the dry/peeling skin department. ??

Fazile Kepadia

Hi Penn! Thanks for your AMAZING videos on microneedling. I've just started doing medical microneedling at home and your videos give me so much information to do the procedure for myself with confidence. I have a couples of questions about using EGFs (I am currently using Le Mieux) after microneedling.

1) When is the best time to apply the EFG serum after a microneedling session? Can I apply it immediately afterward?

2) I am currently also getting laser hair removal on my face and am wondering if using an EGF will conflict with the purpose of the laser treatments in slowing down hair growth. I read somewhere that EGFs help with stimulating hair growth. Is it advisable to use the EGF serum after microneedling while undergoing laser hair removal treatments?

Thank you so much!! I can't wait for your next video.

Rossy B.

What LED do you recommend to use at home that isn’t a mask ?

Michelle Cox

Hi there Pen. I am enjoying your videos quite a bit. So thank you very much! I use the Clareblend Mini Home Use Microcurrent about 3 times a week. I also own the Pulsaderm RLT. In the directions of the Pulsaderm, it says to use it 3 times a week. Can I use it the same day as the microcurrent treatment? Or can I use it everyday? I thought I might be overdoing it.

Carla Machado

Still missing products exemples and how to use them all

Deb Gilbert

Thank you! New subscriber. Very informative.

Antonietta Bonfiglio Vetere

Penn because the led mask can cause heat making melasma worse, do you have a reasonably priced tool or panel with multiple light color?


I am soooo glad that I found your channel!!!! You’ve given me so much information!!! Thank you!


Ok everyone! Here is a link to Dr. Pickart’s website. His products are “Skin Biology”. I just ordered a bunch of stuff to test but I wanted to provide you with the link. It’s not affiliate in any way, just wanted to give you some direction ?


I’ll be doing follow up videos after I test these products for a good period of time ???

Jennifer Ruth

Can you use hyaluronic acid along with copper peptides more specifically the ordinary the buffet + copper peptides? Thank you for any advice you can give me

Karen De Kock

Fantastic video! Thanks for all the information x

Aksha Sohail

Hi penny, I have a couple questions for you. I know you mentioned something about microneedling for hair growth. Can microneedling be used specifically for alopecia areata? I got medication-induced alopecia almost two years ago and my hair hasn't been the same since, even after stopping the meds and getting steroid injections for the scalp (which are super expensive when you get multiple sessions), so I was hoping I could use microneedling and get better/longer lasting results.
Also, I've read that high frequency can have benefits for the skin and hair, do you have any knowledge about that? I'd love to get your opinion on it. Thanks!

Jessica Leslie-byrn

I'm still trying to figure how to fit in a once a week nano and once cosmetic unless I could nano with copper peptides..ah wait nm I'll just have to needle in the morning

Lisa Snider

How is red light different than LED? Which is more beneficial?


I did a lot of research on IR and Red light therapy. Most devices on Amazon are just cosmetic and are not strong enough to do anything. If they don't give the stats of strength , wavelengths steer clear.

2 brands I found that provide all info w correct wavelengths are:

"Red Light Man" from the UK, devices are approved for the EU

2nd seller:
Also approved

Can we use red light after microneedle? Thanks

Leonie Marie

Hi Penny! This is such a helpful protocol to know what to apply when and what with! But I really really need to know where EGFs fall in this protocol? I purchased the Le Meiux serum I learned about from your video- by far the most expensive product in my regimine so far... and I am afraid to use it because I don't want to kill it with all the other actives I am alternating between (vit A, vit C, AHAs, copper peptides, etc). Please help!

Sarah Forstner

Hi there - my understanding from Deciem is that copper peptides can be used with bitC derivatives (?)

Jason Oswald

I am trying to reduce pores on my nose. What cartridge do you recommend. I’m not sure if I should use the 12 needle cartridge or 42. Your insight would be great, thank you.

Tiffeny Wrench

I am wondering what serum you would recommend for use with the myolift mini. Price is definitely an issue and I use the conductive gloves. Thank you.

Lisa hart

Hi Penny ! I’m 52 and looking at the Copper peptides to help with wrinkles and sagging. Which would be better...Gen 1 or Gen 2?

James Cook

How much should we be spending on an LED mask? I see most are around the £80 mark but some are as much as £2000 but I can’t really see any differences in the products.

Also, I don’t see many marks that offer the infrared, can you recommend some?


Is the NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum considered a copper peptide?

Christy Michelle

Hi, new sub here. I’m loving your videos, very informative which is so refreshing. I wanted to ask if you have ever heard of Love Skinfood by Leila Roberts? It’s micro encapsulated anti-aging ingredients in a powder form. There are other brands with the same concept but I haven’t seen anyone really diving into these to review. I would love to hear your take on these? Looking forward to binge watching your skin care videos!

hillhouse designs

I've been using Dr. Pickart's CP serum for years. It's incredible. This is the first time I've ever heard a YouTuber talk about his products. (Yay!) You are so down to earth and enjoyable to watch. Love your channel! ?

Amrita McIntyre

Hi Penny, I was wondering if you had an EGF Serum you could recommend from Sephora, they have a 20% off coupon right now and since it's a high price item, I was hoping to snag one at a discount! There are two I was looking at but I'm not sure if you have any other recommendations. 1. BIOEFFECT EGF Serum 2. STACKEDSKINCARE EGF Activating Serum - Thanks so much!


my skin is not on the Fitzpatrick Scale. I’m Scandinavian, African-American, and a little bit of native. I have medium tone with yellow undertones. I burn like crazy. As badly as a skin type 1 or 2. Then I tan very, very dark, but can still burn with a tan. There’s no number for mixed races on the Fitzpatrick scale, which I believe was made in the 70’s? It certainly needs to be updated.

Jennifer White

Wow such great information every time!

Sonnenschein Rosa

I Loved it

Amrita McIntyre

Hi there, I have another question, so sorry to fill up the comments with questions, haha! Have you tried any serums from https://yeouth.com/ and if you have, would you recommend any of their serums? They seem to be pretty affordable with minimal ingredients. Thanks!

Lisa Falanga

Thanks Penny for this recent post & help?But, Dang it! Just now seeing Dr. Pickart’s site..Have already ordered on DECIEM’s (23% off entire site)..NIOD 2nd Generation Copper Peptide Serum for $46...Also ordered NIOD Fluid 12% Opacity (Kind of a no foundation/foundation-filter/blurr etc.)...
Well, looks like we have an experiment!
Appreciate to the MAX all you do for us, Penny..?

malak angel

Hey penny I love your videos.. I started watching you 6 months ago and I need to say .. what happened to your simple videos ? They have become so complicated that I stopped wanting to see them
. Not all people know the scientific words you use .. but thank you for all your tips and advises in the past.. hope you keep it simple like you used to

heather matthews

Hi Penny. I am looking at purchasing an led mask. I have a very small face and wondered what your thoughts are on the Aduro LED 7 light colours. It is a more pliable mask that I feel will sit on my face better. I am comparing this to the project E mask. Many thanks. Heather from the UK


I've been using Dr Picards products for probably 20 years. Absolutely the most effective skincare ever!

Just Jacquie

Such an informative video, glad i came across your channel

Kathy D

Hi Penny! Can you please address this study from Dr. Pickart regarding the dangers of HA use? http://reverseskinaging.com/hyaluronic_acid_increases_cancer.html

Marthelena DA

I bought a led mask and I started using it and every night for 30 minutes (Whig has is the default setting time)
An esthetician in YouTube suggested to use the led treatment two or three times per week to avoid “skin uglies”.
Could you help me? What do you think? I want to get the best of the treatment.

j wilk

Hi I started derma rolling about two weeks ago and I noticed some dark areas and splotchy markings on my face that weren’t there before. Have you heard of this happening before?

Susan Mousseau

What are your thoughts on hand held led face massager?


Help! I have overused my actives and my skin is inflamed and stingy near my outer eyes and inner cheeks near nose! I have a wedding in two days, yikes! What will soothe the skin? Help please ladies! Never happened before. Urggg! ??‍♀️

Lisa Monique Beauty

Uh oh, I've been using both Tretinoin and Copper Peptides for the last few weeks, lol. What do you mean by the don't work well? Skin irritation or something else?

Amanda Hope

Can you recommend a LED mask or lamp that works and is somewhat affordable?

April Hill

Penny do you have any feedback about the brand NOID skincare products under the Ordinary umbrella of several different lines. The price point is higher but was wondering if it’s that much better then the regular ordinary copper peptide buffet serum ??? They use a lot of pretty specific scientific skincare terms and my head just started spinning......? Just thought you might have an opinion?? Thx Penny for all your great info.?


Question: do you have an opinion on JJ Lab’s EGF Copper Peptide serum? I know you e mentioned JJ Labs, but not related to copper peptides (as far as I could find). Thanks so much!

Fearless Girl

Thank you so much for addressing the issue re: red light therapy and melasma. Few people seem to know about this potential problem as I have searched about this for years. I spent a high amount of $$$ on red light treatments and was utterly devasted that my hyperpigmentation and melasma was exascerbated SIGNIFICANTLY, it was so horrible.


How old are you madam

Jessica Leslie-byrn

i only have one question, Matrixyl Synthe'6 Serum 1 oz , is the matrxyl 3000 is that a peptide/

Diane Joa

Would love to hear your thoughts on the NIOD copper peptides products. LOVE your channel!

Jess lyn

Any updates on this skincare? Does Dr. Pickart skincare really work?

Donna Donner

I bought the Original Buffet with Copper Peptides and am not sure when to use it and what serums not to mix it with (I use Tatcha serum, Biotherm life plankton day and night and retinol capsules only at night and of course vitamin c every morning) . I’m 68 if that makes a difference.

Debra Raiche

In the study ~ were they using just Red LED or Near-Infure Red? Which is better red led or Near? Been looking at purchasing a mask but unsure of which one to purchase. You have 2 choices and I have looked at CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask? Any help would be great fully appreciated . Thanks Again Truly appreciate and love your educational videos.

Nancy Vasquez

Awesome video. Thank you!!

Maika Valentine

You are the best beautician online , sadly that many dying luxury retailers like Sephora , Sak in NYC they do not employ or train their employees with your knowledge to sell pricey items . Clearly the technology & research make all sense for affordable product at top quality , mass consumers trend no longer desire to spend on their belief that $$$ range is the only option . I bet 450$ a jar won’t make a wonder on 10-25$ item collectively at the high concentration . You definitely will be successful to open your own brand in combination of your blending talent , experiments via import ingredients from the top lab all over the world . I am interested to co invest with you , email me at [email protected]gmail.com , LinkedIn Van Thanh Vu . At least , glad to keep in touch w you, smart girl as one of your fan and friend . ❤️ you

Lorena Alvarez Roccatti

What suggestions could you give me for a good squalane moisturaizer? Is the Augustus Bader good option with copper peptides? I read the ingredients and it does have the squalane but it also has lots of ingredients that I don´t know it they would block the job of the copper peptides. hope you can help :)

x tian

For anyone interested, NIOD has just released a copper peptide in a Squalane base - CAIL 1%


Please recommend a green led light

miu miu

Can I use this formulation after cosmetic mn?
Distilled Water, Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6, Phospholipids (and) Sphingolipids, Copper tripeptide-1, Tocopherol, Benzyl Alcohol & Glycerin & Sorbic Acid.

aquaair pl

Penn what do you think of Foreo Ufo? It’s led plus mask plus heat/ cold treatment.

Michelle M

Thank you for this video.I have been watching your videos for a little while and have been getting confused with all the products.

Jason Morris

The supplement DIM and DMEA can cure malsma watch Leda Lum channel


Hi Penn ☺ I have been trying to figure this out myself but I had a stroke a few years ago and get mixed up pretty easily. My brain is ready to melt down and I still haven't been able to figure out if it's ok to use copper peptides ( I bought the buffet + copper ) with vitamin C derivatives like SAP. That's pretty much my go to, I use the Mad Hippie Vitamin c. An ok combo or still keep 'em separate? Thank you so much!

Heather Hernandez

I don’t have a thyroid so can I use LED on my neck?


Thank you Penny ? ~ Charli

Sandra K.

Is vitamin c an antioxidant? What is a great vitamin c for acne prone sensitive skin? Are there alternatives if vit c shouldnt b used?

Love and Light

You give the best info-✅

bobbie ackerman

Hi, Penny! I have a question. On the nights that I use The Ordinary Buffet + Copper Peptides can I also use the JJ Labs Brightening? Thanks for your help...always!

Karen Criner

Thank you for your wonderful video. I use a Celluma Pro.

Mary Ahrendt

Hi! Love your channel! I am microneedling for the first time and the list of items on that video with an * most are no longer available. What are absolute items for successful needling with A7 pen?

Natalie Kelley

Not sure this has been asked on Friday Q&A yet, but here goes... After I do a BB Glow, will resuming my Retin-A negate the BB Glow treatment? Thanks Penny, for all your great information. Sometimes when I'm watching, I think, "Gosh this gal should go to med school. She's so bright and passionate!"

Sandra Weise

How often should someone use a celluma pro 30 minute treatment?

Denise Macmillan

Is it safe to LED after microneedling?

Pedro Libra

What do you think of injecting ghk cu 5mg and injecting 1gram of vitamin c everyday for 20 days in the stomach fat?

HotMessNess MUA

I have the copper peptide in the JJ labs . I just alternate using that serum . I am always confused which ones don’t work well with each other . I need to get a Jj labs without copper for the alternative days

Kasia A

Hi Penn, I’m very happy that I found your channel, you share amazing recommendations!
Would you please recommend products for skin glycation reverse (AGE). I am 40 years, and my skin looks crepey and dehydrated for years now, no mater what products i use ?. After doing some research I believe I’m aging prematurely due to skin glycation. Thank you for any tips ?

Tami Ibarra

Penny, I can't stop watching your videos. I can't get enough! I absolutely love watching them! You are so passionate and you work so hard to help us! I'm amazed at how much I'm learning and actually understanding from you! I always felt like this kind of information was too complicated and overwhelming for me to really get into but you are such an amazing teacher and you make it so easy to follow and to understand. I'm filled with gratitude for all that you do and all that you offer to all of us that want to learn. It's very easy to see that you do this because you genuinely love it and you have a passion for it and for sharing it with and helping others. I just wanted to tell you that I truly appreciate all that you do. I want to say thank you so much Penny! I appreciate you so much! I'm just beginning to learn about skin care through watching your videos, but as a woman that's never taken care of my skin, had a skin care routine and a child that grew up in the 70s, baking in the sun every summer, that's now seeing my skin change and age rapidly, you make me feel like it's never to late to start and to learn and that I can absolutely learn how to take care of my skin and to make some positive changes to it. I am forever grateful to you. I am also so grateful for the lower cost alternatives you find and share with us! It means more to me than you will ever know. Thank you! ?

Irina Sweeney

Hi Penny, what do you think about LED lights that are like masks that you put I on your face vs hand held devices? What are the hand held devices you would recommend? Or do we need to pay attention to when choosing a device? Thank you!

chrislida C

Hi Penny! I hear peptides can be mixed with niacinamid and vitamin c. Is this true? And if it is, does this mean Copper Peptide can be mixed as well, or is it just for other forms of peptides? Thank you! ❤️

Lori Riggins

Thank you Penny. I just asked a few of these questions on another video and this helped answer some questions. Thank you!

Andressa E

you are the best . Thank you

Karyn Murray

Hi Penny! Love your videos and info you provide and have shared them with my facialist . Re: a wonderful resource for Copper Peptides.... I can’t speak more highly of NCN Skincare. I’ve been using her Copper Peptides for years which has contributed to my skin health at age 66. The science behind her products is excellent as well as her willingness to communicate info. It’s the one constant for over 10 years ... and I always get compliments.

elena Cassandracastorpollux

Love you Penny and all your videos! And is there a must use ingredient for sagging cheeks a part from vit c a e and copper Guku peptides? Niod came up with a product copper lipids that promises something along the line of "tightening" but it has a horrid price and is quite not nice in texture! Have fun!

Marsha GW

How is Timeless Matrixyl synth 6 and Matrylx 3000 different from dr. pickart peptides ?! Thank you in advance and for all the wonderful information you always provide ❤️

Letaderm Praxis Ästhetik & Dermatologische Kosmetik

Dear Penny thank you again for another informative video. I wonder if copper Peptide are suttible for needing and if you have any experience of using them with needing! Appreciate your opinion and love your channel :)

Hey G

Hi gorgeous!
Me again,picking your brain!lol
I have use emu oil for a very long time.
It has help me tremendously on dry skin.
Have you try it?
What are your thoughts about this oil?
BTW.. I find myself impatiently waiting for your videos!! Lmao
Thanks so much for your hard work!????????

Kim Carroll

Wow! Thank you for all the great info! Can I just fly up to Portland and hire you to do a skincare regime for me? LOL

Peptides and vitamin c

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FRIDAY Q&A: Peptides+Vitamin C? | Microneedling | Nano | Growth Factors in Needling

26 623 views | 16 Aug. 2019

Disclaimer: This video is

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this Youtube channel is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or skin related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this Youtube channel should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare/skin professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this video are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is important that you check labels to determine if a product is right for you. Before starting any treatment at home consult a health care or skin care professional to determine if it’s right for you. Hello everyone! Thank you for watching today's Friday Q&A! In this video I'll be discussing the interaction of vitamin C and peptides, microneedling and growth factors, nano needling and more! I hope you'll spend some time with me today and definitely ask any questions you have for next week!

Happy Friday!!

The Dr Pen I referred to in the video is the A6:


A6 Nano cartridges:


Cos de Baha Hyaluronic acid serum:


Remember you can visit SkinBeautifulRX.com and use my code PENN20 and get 20% off plus free shipping in the US!

Visit me on Instagram at:

Penn Smith Skincare

My Amazon Favorites for microneedling, skin and miscelaneous fun:


The above links are affiliate and if you use them to shop I will receive a commission. Thank you for your support of this channel! NOTE! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Miriam Avila

Hi Penny love love your channel
Still learning so I was still wondering if we can Nano Cooper Peptides? Or if anybody knows
Thank you
God bless everyone

Christian Solidum

Can I use The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum while microneedling? Is it safe and effective? Thank you!

Jessica Hamby

Hi Penn. What do you think of this Korean EGF serum i found? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sidmool-Galatokside-Real-N-M-F-Barrier-Serum-33ml-1-1oz-K-beauty-EGF-FGF-IGF-/172647158730 . It seems to have some wonderful ingredients! A dupe for the Le Mieux EGF serum maybe? Thanks for all of your advice. Lots of love. Tonia xxx

Olya Oppenheim

Hi Penny, I really like your channel, it's very informative! I have a question about microneedling: do you think that it can somehow treat ingrown hairs?


Hi Penny I’m 52 and have lost the plumpness in my face which makes me look tired and older. Also I have the beginnings of a double chin. I hate the way I’m aging not so pretty. Please help what would you recommend. You are so knowledgeable and I truly love your videos. Thank you for sharing.


What’s the difference between nano needling a regular one? Tnx

Never too old !!!

Congratulations on hitting 20K subscribers!!! I recommend your channel whenever I can - the information you provide is priceless! You are a great resource and you are very kind to spend so much time answering our questions. ?I just love your content! And thanks for another great video!
I have a question regarding micro-needling. Can you micro-needle if you have psoriasis on your face? I have patches of psoriasis and I have been hesitant to try micro-needling because I have noticed that if I have a small wound (anywhere on my body) it sometimes turns into a patch of psoriasis. I have not seen any warnings regarding micro-needling and psoriasis so I am not sure if a person that has psoriasis would be a candidate for it. I know I can skip over the current patches, but I certainly don't want to create more.
Thanks so much for taking these questions!!! take care, Ginny ???

Silver Fish

Thank you ?

Mary Armstrong

Can’t wait for your copper peptide video! Thank you so much for such thoughtful explanations to all of our questions. I’m curious what you think of the Inkey List formulations. And if you are hyped on bakuchiol like others. I have also been a little obsessed with hado labo products that contain tranexamic acid with good results on my sunspots. Have you seen or experienced this too? Love love love your channel!!!???

Cosmetopia Digest

I haven't tried peptides, but love Vit C for fading PIH. Wound healing? I should find out more about peptides! My derm prescribes an "EGF gel" to use straight after laser, for about a week... IDK if it helps with the pitted scars or not, but it helps form scabs over the laser marks faster, and helps them fall off sooner. Your channel has been the best discovery for me as I'm battling pitted acne scars - thank you for all the informative content!


YAAS!!!! ?Copper Peptides! ?? Thanks Penny! Grateful for your videos! ☺️

Tennille Hash

Hello Penny! Love watching your videos, very informative. I am looking for more recommendations/ information protocols for microneedling the scalp. I haven’t heard you mention anything about the scalp yet. I am a professional in the industry and have taken microneedling training, but I want to know more about this subject. I appreciate any tips you can give me. Xo

Andrea Lipson

Heard that you use AnteAge. Is the Procell Therapies microneedling serum the same? (Meaning anti - inflammatory growth factors as opposed to pro - inflammatory) I have heard that Neogensis Recovery serum is pro- inflammatory like the TNS. True? Lastly, I have access to the Procell Therapies MD serum specifically for microneedling to use at home... smart or not? & do you find that there is additional benefit above and beyond the needling? Great video! Looking forward to more of the series - especially Sunday's!

Elina Ilakova

Hello Penny, I absolutely love your videos. Thank you for all the information you are giving us :) . I have a question about the numbing cream for the microneedling. I have watched your videos and the one you recommend is very expensive for delivery in UK. Could I buy something similar and what to look for? Thank you very much and have a grate day ???


Thank you for answering my question about growth factors!! Which do you suggest and where in the routine do you use them. Thank you for all your knowledge....appreciate it!

Debbie Blair

Hi Penny!! I love your channel and the great information you have shared. Since I have been watching my skin has noticeably improved. So much that I have shared your channel with friends who have asked me why my skin looks so great. My question is: I have extremely oily skin and constant blackheads. I’ve tried the recommendations using 2% salicylic acid wash. What can I do to help stop this without damaging my skin from harsh scrubs? I also get red, dry, scaly patches if I use harsh acne treatments. Help please!


This is what I wanted to know about Vitamin C and Peptides!! Thank you for your videos ?✨

Beauty Love

Hi Penny, Which product would you recommend as a Glycolic acid for days after microneedling?


What about milia on fitz 5-6? Any ideas on preventing hyperpigmentation? I LIVE for your new vid notifications!! ????

Felicia Brown

Hi Penny! I've been watching and following your videos for at home Microneedling and I'm so grateful for it! I was so scared to do this myself and thanks to your videos, I feel confident doing it myself!

I had a question about Microneedling for Acne Scars specifically. I'm 27 and I've done 2 sessions at home so far with a .25mm dermaroller and so far I have used Hyaluronic Acid and Growth Factors.

I keep hearing contradicting information and was wondering: 1. How often can I safely microneedle to maximize results? 2. When can I safely step up to a .5mm dermaroller? 3. What serums do you recommend as a protocol SPECIFICALLY to maximize the healing of acne scarring?

I would appreciate any help you can give, I'm so very lost as most microneedling seems geared towards wrinkles and fine lines. Thank you so very much Penny and thank you for all the effort you put into these videos! <3

Kathy Marler

You answered so many of my questions Great info

Suzi Q-zy

Hi Penny ? another great Q&A! Thanks so much for continuing this weekly series. You mention using a high molecular weight hyaluronic when needling. As a topical I use H-Pur by Isomers Labs which only has 2 ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate (HMW), Sodium Hyaluronate (LMW). Can I use this for nano, cosmetic, and collagen needling?

LiveLoveHula Kim

Hi Penny
Love your channel!
Question: If .25 derma rolling is good for product absorption, what products to use after session? Heard Hyaluronic acid isn’t good for dry climate. Shouldn’t my goal to be to put a lot of awesome products before the channels close?


Hello! Can you Nano if breastfeeding? Thank you


I have a question for you, do you advice dermaplaning exfoliation?

Heather Hernandez

If I use vitamin c at night,which step should it be and do I take anything out of my routine?

Aimee Rivera

Can I use the Dr. Pen for microneedling? I don't have one yet but I want to purchase something for microneedling. Sorry, I'm new to your channel so I'm a bit lost. I am 34 yrs old and I have noticed my nasolabial folds are starting to show ?. Will microneedling help with that??

Adilya E

Such useful information for me today. I have been debating on whether or not I should keep spending the money on a peptide serum that has the added copper in it. I have been using a serum that had peptides and copper in it twice a day. So yes, along with my vitamin C. Now I think I will get the same serum without the copper and rotate it in. That is going to save me some cash! You rock!

Robin Stewart

Such an informative video! You are a wealth of information and I love how you are so willing to share your knowledge. I microneedle and also do chemical peels. I have recently read a study that found doing a 15% TCA peel immediately after microneedling was more beneficial than just the peel or microneedling alone. Would love to hear your opinions on this and if you agree, a video on how to properly do it would be fabulous! Thanks again for all you do.

Irma A

What is the difference, if there is a short answer for micro needling, cosmetic needling, nano needling, and medical needling? Is medical needling the same as micro needling? And is cosmetic needling the same as nano needling?


Thank you for another wonderful and informative video, Penny! This is why I love watching you!! I have been using growth factor for the past month, but will be stopping thanks to your information. I had a squamous cell carcinoma in my jaw almost 2 years ago and had to have the lower left side of my face reconstructed after it’s removal. It is definitely not worth having to ever go through anything like that ever again. You might save someone’s life with that kind of information and I am blessed to have heard it. Have a blessed weekend lovely lady! XOXO

Claudia Dolsø

Hi penny :-) Loooove your channel - I'm watching you every day <3 What do think of Paula's choice Peptide booster? It looks like all the ingredients are ok for microneedling ?

Ken Robson

Hi Penny! Do you have any Skin Care 101 regimen/product recommendations for guys?
My current regimen is pretty basic: Cleanse face with a deep moisturizer body wash and spray on sunscreen (spray is easier to apply to thinning areas on the scalp). Thank-you very much, some great information on your channel:)

Margie Louise

Question, I notice I get really dry after microneedling. I’m already super dry. Is it just not for me or is there a way around? I was using a .50.

Tracey Y.

Hi Penny. Great video. Could you recommend some growth factor serums that you like. Thanks !

Claudia Glows

Thank you so much for this! I had been confused about the peptide and vitamin c usage and am so glad you cleared that up! Love your videos ?

capre diem

Can vitamin C for injection be used after microneedling?


You look stunning!!

Ryan chow

lovely skin.

Gail Bishop

So do you use the hyaluronic acid before or after you needle?


What about vitamin c and retin a? Do they cancel each other out?

Melissa Everidge

I just watched this particular video for the first tine today and had a question. You mention a Fractora procedure for jowls and neck. One of my biggest concerns / issues is with my jowls and the non-symmetrical lines and wrinkles that surround them! ??. I was kind of disheartened to hear that micro needling wouldn’t help them.! ? Would you say that Fractora is the best plan of attack or is there an alternative approach to addressing my main concerns. (Chemical peels?).

skinBEAUTIFUL RX - Leah Parks


Karen Wygal

Hi Penny! Very informative as always! I have a question about eye creams. I am currently using the sukoyaka urea cream that you recommend. However, I have pigmentation and lines under my eyes (turn 40 next weeek!). Do I need a different eye cream that will help with my issues in addition to the urea one? If so, what do you recommend?

Leslie Thomas

I know that I should be wearing a sunscreen other than what is in my makeup, but every sunscreen I have tried makes my face burn and is so uncomfortable that I usually end up washing it all off and even after washing it off it will often make my face burn for the rest of the day. The last sunscreen I tried was a mineral by beautycounter but I have the same problem even with chemical sunscreen. Why does the spf in my makeup not irritate? I watched your video on sunscreen. I am afraid of spending money on something that won't work again. Which of your top choices would be a good choice for me to try? Oh and is this a common problem? My oldest daughter suffers the same fate. By the way you are absolutely fabulous! I have learned more from your chanel than any other, I always get so excited when I see I have a new video by you.

Michelle Burnstein

You are the perfect end to a long week. Love the Friday vibes with Penny. So thorough. Incredible info shared like no other. Thanks!❤️

Kathleen Powers

I can't thank you enough for these videos; watching them gave me the courage and confidence to finally start micro-needling at home. I acquired the Dr. Pen a6s after watching your product comparison video (6 times lol), and started my first treatment last night. I also love the AM/PM skin care routine video you did, and your product comparison videos.

Lauren Rothman

So excited to hear ur thoughts and recommendations for copper peptides video! Been hearing how amazing they are you for your skin. Also if ur not a big fan of the tns skinmedica serum which growth factor would u recommend that is anti inflammatory? Thanks so much:)

Janice Lutes

Hey Penny, Do you have a video listing your AM and PM skin care routine? If so could you give me the YouTube date so I can find it? I think others on the FB group have asked about that also. I got my Beta-Glucan serum today, but don't know when to use it. Maybe last? I don't use many products besides Retin A.01. Thanks for your help. I'll pass anything along to the group as well.


Girl I’m getting copper TONIGHT!!!! And the tns!! Inflammatory??? Ummmmm no?! I used two bottles and saw nothing. I need yours. ? love this format too!!!! So informative my smart muffin!!! Love you!!!!??

Paula Togashi

Hey, Penn! I Love your channel. Let me ask you: should I microneedling a scar? I have a scar on my leg from an accident. The skin is very thin and dark brown. Tks ?

Shannon Taylor

Hello, Penny. Your vids are very educational and I try to remember to follow your protocol for cosmetic needling for serums etc. Absorption and the protocol for collagen induction with a .5 up to a 1. I just purchased my Dr.Pen. x5 which came with 12 needle cartridges. That session went ok considering I didn't have and numbing gel yet. A couple of "F" bombs slipped out and realized quickly that I had to turn down the needle depth to a .5 or lower. But now it's been a week and 3 days and i went ahead and did a cosmetic needling at .25mm would that depth be similiar to nano depth and would it then be ok to put serum on after of SkinCeuticals C furrelic( spelling?) And then also Osmosis Calm(vit. A) Or was .25mm too deep to be doing a week after a .5mm collegan induction and was vitamin C and Vitamin A not the serums safe to use right after? Thank you so much.

Margie Louise

Can’t wait to hear more about copper peptides.

Bella Damato

I am really enjoying the Le Mieux EGF-DNA from skinbeauti.Rx your video on that changed my thoughts on growth factor, and you have a coupon code which is great! Great video tonight Penny??

w rsg23

Great Q&A. Particularly interested in comments re growth factors, spacing out botox/microneedling and too much lidocaine for all over microneedling.


Hi I use the Ordinary serum are these ingredients ok? Aqua (Water), Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, Panthenol, Ahnfeltia Concinna Extract, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Propanediol, Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6, Ppg-26-Buteth-26, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Citric Acid, Ethoxydiglycol, Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/the-ordinary-hyaluronic-acid-2-b5.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwy97qBRDoARIsAITONTKRgWP6eFG5luH7F4Ozp-FaYzfByZVPhpN0cwdRjcYMJDfCFFyzDN0aAjyrEALw_wcB&ef_id=Cj0KCQjwy97qBRDoARIsAITONTKRgWP6eFG5luH7F4Ozp-FaYzfByZVPhpN0cwdRjcYMJDfCFFyzDN0aAjyrEALw_wcB:G:s&campaignid=850353343&adgroupid=43137233643&network=g&device=t&keyword=the%20ordinary%20hyaluronic%20acid%202%20b5&placement=&creative=334173942378


Several months ago I purchased your Dr. Pen A6 upon your recommendation. I have not used it yet. Do you have to sterilize the cartridges before use or do they come pre-sterilized?

Alexiis Soto

Can you use the dr. Pen on clients? Is there and is it anti backflow designed?

Debbie Blair

Oh and I’m near 60


Hey Penni! Recently discovered your channel - what a gem! Love your personality and find your videos really interesting! And you are just gorgeous! Re: question for next Q&A, what is the best way to handle sebhorreic dermatitis on the face (especially the nose)?

All That Beauty With Lori

I am glad you went over Copper Peptide's as I was wondering what it was about that, indifference to just Peptides themselves or if there was a difference. I did use before from Obagi a growth factor I think it was the Zo Obagi line and loved it, so good to know more on growth factors. Thanks for sharing, been doing some skincare catch up. Love and blessings xoxo ??

Michelle Marom

Hi Penny-is it ok to use a nano cartridge that is not made by Dr Pen but fits the Dr Pens? The ones you linked are out of stock but there are other versions made by other companies. Was just wondering if you tried a different company. Thank you for your enormously helpful videos.

melissa pintone

Great video!! Yes I’ve had the Morpheus 8 and I had great results! Did it on my neck and under eyes. Had a series of 3 spaced a month apart. Will be doing one once a every year to maintain. I did a question do you still recommend .05 once a month? Thanks ?

Liviu Dorobantu

Can I use homemade flaxseed gel when I am microneedling?

Candy DeVille

there are some amazing skincare products that are made right here in the USA!!!

Trixie Marie

Thanks Penny. Great informative! Thinking about getting a pen and this helps so much!

Raffaella Civardi

Hi Penny, thank you for your info about Dr. Pen and all other information you gave, You are really special !!!!! I have a question: I lwould like to buy Dr Pen but I live in France.. can I charge it with the USB witout the plug.. because in Europe we have different plug. For the beginning what would be your recommended needle lenght and what product for dry, hyperpigmented skin?
Thank you!!! xoxo ?

Bonnie Jansen

Have you ever heard of this machine? https://www.derminator.com/

vivix Waldo

Can I use Peptides with Niacinamide?

Melanie Bristol

Hi Penn... My mom and I love your videos, very informative and excellent information. I just bought my Dr Pen A7 (still untouched) it comes in Needle#12, so I ordered some nano. My question is I am not sure the speed that I am going to use? When you have a moment please? Thank You Kindly...Mel

Forever 29 Beauty

Yet another thoughtful, informative video! Thank you! Wish I lived closer to you! I’m all the way in New Jersey.
Ps just picked up the Dermaflash Dermapore . It’s an ultrasonic Pore extracting device. Would love to know your thoughts!?

Annette Vanderzon

So, in return for all these vids, I thought I'd go out and do some research for you Penny. As a biochemist, I decided to go out and look for the chemical reactions of Copper and Vitamin C. Here's the issue summed up nicely:

"Why the recommended separation in time between using copper and vitamin C?

Ascorbic Acid has been shown to reduce copper (and iron) ions during
the conversion from ascorbate to dehydroascorbate, a chemical reaction
that can generate strong oxidants. There is not much free copper around
in our bodies (it is bound to proteins) but for people who use Copper
Peptides frequently, the interaction with vitamin C could become a
problem. Although copper peptide helps with healing, when it comes to
collagen, vitamin C is far more important. In fact, excess copper can
inhibit collagen synthesis and promote its degradation. It is worth
noting that having EDTA (used in some commercial vitamin C serums)
around will not help because the metal is still available to ascorbic
acid, a small molecule."

So, in summary, don't use copper peptides when you use Vitamin C because it negates the action of Vitamin C which is to produce collagen. It not only negates Vitamin C's action, it degrades the collagen when Vitamin C is present.

Copper is a mineral which causes reactions.
Vitamin C is a nutrient which promotes chemical actions to produce various cells including collagen.


I did find this nugget of gold at NIH:

"A combination of 0.5% ferulic acid (a potent antioxidant of plant
origin) with 15% Vit. C and 1% Vit. E can increase the efficacy of Vit. C
It was noted that this triple combination was very useful for the
reduction of acute and chronic photodamage, and could be used for
prevention of skin cancer in the future.[3]"

3. Farris PK. Cosmetical Vitamins: Vitamin C. In: Draelos ZD, Dover JS, Alam M, editors. Cosmeceuticals. Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology. 2nd ed. New York: Saunders Elsevier; 2009. pp. 51–6. [Google Scholar]

Additionally, "
Application of Vit. C to the treated skin surface after microdermabrasion and CO2 or Er-Yag resurfacing increases the transepidermal penetration of Vit. C 20-times.[2,16]
It has also been observed that Vit. C is a good priming agent and a
post-operative agent for the prevention of erythema following laser
resurfacing. "


Aby Berry

Hi penn thanks so much for your informative answers ?and i have a qs for you hopefully you answer it ^^, can i use aloevera gel befor or during microneedling? And is it okay to apply vit c after nanoneedling ? n TIA!

Michele Penn

I am loving all of your videos! So much great, professional information! Thank you! I'm so happy I found you.


How long should a wait after micro to do nano

Julia G.

Hi Penny, this isn’t necessarily skincare related so hope you don’t mind me asking here but I have noticed recently that my hair thinning has accelerated quite a bit and I’m curious if you have any tips for improving density? I’ve started minoxidil again and I’m planning on seeing my doctor but I’m kind of freaking out in the meantime. Since I do balayage and I condition quite a bit that probably makes the problem appear worse than it is. Is there a way to keep my hair healthy without also making it so flat and lifeless? Hair powders and dry shampoos do help but I haven’t hit on the right combination of products yet. Thanks in advance if you see this!

(I feel like I need to start paying you a fee for all my questions! ?‍♀️?)

Theresa Jopson

My favorite videos are yours like these! Would love to see more on chemical vs. physical exfoliation. Also do you use high frequency in your facials in your professional practice! I have one with argon and neon wands and would like to dig it out and use it more. Thanks So Much! Great Job!

Jennifer Joyce Beauty

Great video mama

Every Inch Of Chic

LOVE you ❤️and your videos! Thank you for producing great, trustworthy content on YouTube! I have a few questions for your next Q&A video: 1. Can I still micro needle (or nano needle) if I have one or two blemishes? Can I go "around them" with the pen? My acne has greatly improved over the years but I still get hormonal breakouts (I'm 33) and I would like to work on my old acne scars. 2. Do you think microcurrent devices are a good alternative to relaxing forehead lines and the pesky 11's? I tried both Botox & Dysport but did not have a good reaction (I got headaches that lasted weeks) so I'm seeking alternative options. Thank you for your time in advance!

Jessica Hamby

A great website for detailing the ingredients in most cosmetic products http://www.cosdna.com/

Beth Crane

Penny, you are the best! Thanks so much for answering my question! You go the extra mile in your videos, that’s why you are loved by so many!

Mingo O'Rourke

Just jumped over to insta and followed u!

B.J. Hall

Thank you Penny! Great information, as always. I use the Le Mieux EGF. For me, if I use it with my face dry, it's completely different if I use it with my face damp. I'm interested to know how others use it and if they feel a difference. Thanks again Penny?

Graham Bielby

Have been using the nano heads but don’t feel like much is happening x

emma /a

Vitamin C chelates copper from the peptide resulting in free copper, and free copper is terrible for the skin, under any condition

Graham Bielby

Can u show us exactly how to dermaplan at home and what to usex


Penny have you seen this article? I had used DefenAge a few years ago but found it extraordinarily expensive. However the research tied into micro needling looks compelling. You can google the name of the study, "Study Shows Microneedling Plus DefenAge Revitalizes Aging Skin Faster than PRP"

Aleksandra Wiza

Hi Penn! How do you find using your Osmosis products? Btw, I ? watching your videos!

Sadie Rodz

Hi Penn! Can you do a video on this make up look ❤️


Thank you for your videos. If you are for anti-inflammatory products, isn't microneedle cause inflammation?

Jill E Crist

God that blue shirt bringing our your eyes!! ?? Love this series- I always learn so much!

Anthony Castro

So can I use any vitamin c, etc, etc with the microneedling? Does it have to be a certain type? I'm a man, I don't know the do's and dont's. Thanks in advance.

Christina B

Can you needle in the Cos de baha peptide serum? I’d love to mix that with the CDB HA serum!
Thx girl, you’re amazing!!!!

Monika's Beauty & Lifestyle

Great information Penny. Microneedling seems much easier then dermarolling to me so i appreciate your insight. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jessica Leslie-byrn

so what do you think about using vit c in the morning and then copper peptides in the evening..would that work for alternating?


I'm really glad you mentioned the thing about skin cancer and growth factors. Always appreciate and trust you, Penny!

James Mowry

Very informative video! ?

Alex Kruse

I love you videos, I love that you just get right to the “meat” of it without posing for for the camera for 10 minute lead-in! Also really great info - thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Debbi Dillon

Penn. I'm fairly new to your channel and love all your videos. I have a question. I'm about to do Plasma Pen for my hooded eyes and I'm wondering what product/s you would recommend using after that first week (after they heal up). The esthetician I am going to recommends more than one session so I plan to use this product after a series of sessions.


Nice! Thank you ? I never would have considered the possible numbing cream reaction ???

Peptides and vitamin c

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5 117 views | 28 May. 2020

Do copper peptides work?

Do copper peptides work? Do copper peptides help with anti aging? Here are some doctor and expert opinions on copper peptides.**Subscribe here http://bit.ly/2CeEqSN **


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DR DRAY https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnxmUrGMtpQT844Yd_l7Zyg

DR ANNE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEjhYHT0AjCPaE4vTNfaK7A

Dr Pickart https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180130005059/en/Skin-Biology-Receives-Patent-Non-toxic-Skin-Cancer

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Gloria Martinez

I value your opinion a lot. And have a question that hope you can answer is it okay to apply vitaminC and peptides together? I use VitC in the morning and my peptide serum at night. Would love to hear your opinion.XO

Julie Smith

Thanks for showing all of the opinions. I have used the ordinary and liked it, no side effects..

Paulette Richards

The problem with youtube one says one thing another says another so who do we believe ?

Blah X

Is it okay with BHA?

Ryleigh Lloyd

your blouse is beautiful.

Tara Priddy

Intro 00 - 1:20
Penn smith skincare 1:20 - 4:34
Ashley the chemist 4:34 - 5:35
Dr Dray 5:35 - 7:12
Dr Anne 7:13 - 9:47
Paulas Choice 10:17 - 11:14
Mix Copper Peptides? 11:14 - 12:19
Closing 12:19

w rsg23

Been using the Niod CAIS 2 and find it great. Helped my rosacea. Pricey but it lasts several months. Only need couple of drops and use 3 times a week when not using retinol.

Maureen Hansen

I’m so glad your going to test this ingredient Tara! I can listen, read reviews, opinions all day but because I trust and value your opinion so much I’m excited to find out if the Ordinary’s version makes a difference and is worth the price compared to the OG buffet!. I’m super excited to learn how it works for you probably more than any other person i follow on skincare!?

Michelle K

Hi Tara, I bought The Oridnary’s Copper Peptides a couple of weeks ago aftrr hearing Penny (Penn Smith Skincare) talk about it. I’ve only used it a couple of times. It’s hard to try and fit it in since I’ve been trying to use the ordinary’s peeling solution at least twice a week (battling some breakouts lately) and Retin-A on the other nights. I really wish it could be used at the same time as other products ?

How many nights a week will you be using copper peptides?


Very informative and time saving. Thank you. ❤️ Subscribed!

Angela Jane Lomax

I have been thinking about trying it. I have The Buffet from the Ordinary.. Im not as impressed with it as i thought id be. I will wait to see your thoughts on Copper Peptides in the Buffet. I really like the way you show the information you have found. Thankyou xx?❤?

Nicole Ernst Boris

I used the Buffet but didn't repurchase. I was just not sure if it was worth using. No bad effect but can't say anything dramatic happened either. I might give it another try :)

Wendy Gessner

I started to use "The Buffet" a short time ago, I'm still on my first bottle. I'm enjoying it but don't know yet if it's doing anything. I'm sure like everything else it will take time to know.

Mariana Tirante

Great video Tara!!! Thanks for your time!

Dead Talk Live

Very interesting clip ♥♥! As a current YouTuber, I am on the lookout for new ideas! Nice Job!

Julie D.

Hi Tara! I've been waiting until I use up another peptide serum I have before getting a copper peptide one. Now, I'm going to wait until you do a review on it. I know I can trust any opinion you give! Have a great week! ~ Julie ~

Diane Joa

Great video. I have been using niod cp and the ordinary buffet with cp. Copper peptides do not like to be used with anything acidic. It turns your skin copper colored and look like something out of a bond film? because you have to be so careful what you use before and after the copper peptides I only use it once or twice a week. That said I do love the results?


Great info, as always!
I do have a question about copper peptides: since copper peptides shouldn't be used in conjunction with so many other skincare items, is it even necessary to use copper peptides? Can I get just as good results using other products and just skip the copper peptides?

Francesca Reese

Thank you for showing the multiple views....

Pajama Mama

I just got my Buffet copper peptides from Sephora. This video came at a perfect time, I haven't even crack the bottle yet LOL I bought the inky list Co Q10 serum to have an antioxidant to go with it. I've actually heard that retinol can be used with the copper peptides just not retinoids. What do you think?


On TO web they say to avoid using copper peptides with direct acids (means low ph)

Ginny Burley

I’ve been using The Ordinary copper peptides for quite a long time, maybe a couple of years. I’m 70 years old so I don’t expect miracles, but I must say that my skin looks very good: few wrinkles, little texture, and normal pores. I don’t use a lot of skin care products, no acids really, but I’m very pleased with how my skin responds to the copper peptides and the other nurturing, moisturizing products I use.

Devil King

Here in India Tara means Star⭐ n da video is so informative thanks for dis, my mom suffering from skin dullness she's 51...will gonna share with her... thank you

Maureen Hansen



I tried copper peptides (from Dr Pickart) about 12 years ago. I used it for more than six months and I didn't notice that much of a difference. Back then at least, there was a lot of talk about copper peptide uglies in some of the skincare forums that I frequented. A lot of people were hesitant to use it because some people reported really negative changes in their skin (which was also part of the reason why I didn't continue using the product for a very long time).

I just found your channel and subscribed! Looking forward to watching more of your videos. :)

Diane T

I use NIOD’s Copper peptides when doing deeper microneedling and the Buffet’s w/copper on a few days per week basis. I feel it has definitely improved my microneedling results. I know that is only anecdotal but that is my experience.


I like your top. Where did you buy it from?

Wonnie K.

This was SO informative thank you!!!

Hunter's Grandma

I've read the term "copper uglies" in some of the beauty forums. Some people claiming it made their skin worse.


I've had The Ordinary Buffet with Copper Peptides in my basket for quite some time. I hadn't decided if I should try them. Thank you for providing easy links for our own research.

Paola F

Hi Tara! I don’t think I have heard of Copper peptides!

lisa olivia

Which peptides are the most affective and most anti ageing?

Lisa A

I bought the ordinary buffet, and have been using it for about a week. But it’s difficult to fit in with my routine. Since I use both vitamin C and retinal. I’ve just been washing my face in the am. Then I put on the copper peptides while I have breakfast and workout. Then I shower and do my regular day routine. Those few hours with copper peptides is going to have to do for now- until I figure out if it’s really doing something for me.

Cristina Risso

i have been using the CAIS (NIOD) when it first came out twice a day; it was the year of my 47th birthday. It could be a coincidence but that was two years ago and since then my lower face has been sagging so bad. I decided to only use it once a day in the AM and tret in the PM; two months in , my skin was super irritated and had to stop using tret for a full month. So, arghhhhh, i like the immediate results but a bit scared to use CP again now

Dead Talk Live

Very interesting clip ?! As a current YouTuber, I am always looking for fresh ideas! Good Job!


Thanks for this info. Permission to post. For those who might be interested, we do have a phototherapy patch that elevates the Copper Peptide. You can check this out bit.ly/stemcellpatch