Laser hair removal lip

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Laser Hair Removal | Lip & Chin

6 197 views | 28 Sep. 2017

Unwanted hair on the lip

Unwanted hair on the lip and chin can be eliminated by laser hair removal. Though all of us grow facial hair, not everyone has visible fuzz on the face. The hair only becomes visible, coarser, and pigmented due to hormonal change. Though hair on the chin can be removed through waxing or shaving, these methods are not the best way to remove facial hair. Waxing or shaving may still leave a shadow or bumps in the area because of the thickness of the hair. However, with laser hair removal, hair on the lip and chin can be removed permanently while also protecting the skin. Here’s what you need to know about laser hair removal lip and chin:

The process of laser hair removal on lip and chin

Patients who want to remove the hair on their lip and chin must undergo a series of treatment for laser hair removal until 90 percent of hair reduction is achieved. Because the lip is a sensitive area, the procedure may come with minimal discomfort as the laser delivers heat to the hair shaft. However, the level of discomfort decreases in the succeeding treatments as the hair becomes less and thinner.

In case, the hair grows back after a couple of months due to PCOS, patients must go back to the clinic to get the area treated. Otherwise, laser hair removal results in permanent removal of hair that also delivers a smoother, and healthier skin. The Havana Skin Clinic uses laser hair removal devices with cutting-edge technologies. Thus, their procedures are faster, less painful and more efficient compared to other clinics that use older devices. The Havana Skin Clinic offers the latest treatments developed with smart systems that deliver comfortable and effective procedures. If you want to get rid of your lip and chin fuzz, schedule for a free consultation now.



If you guys have any questions or would like to see some specific videos please leave them in the comments below.


If you would like more information on laser hair removal visit our website or check out some of our other videos:

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Havana Skin Clinic By Caroline Hooper

Have you ever had laser on your lip and chin. If so did you notice any difference between these two areas in terms of pain etc. Let me know below guys

Laser hair removal lip

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Peach Fuzz and Facial hair removal upper lip| Laser Hair removal (Infiniti)

563 views | 11 Feb. 2019

Hair removal for the

Hair removal for the upper lip. The Lumenis Infiniti Laser hair removal is also great for facial hair, armpit hair, legs, bikini area and no side effects for me. I cannot find a place in the US that has this so if you know of a clinic in the US please leave a comment where..

Thanks Denise for taking me to the Aivee Clinic. They have 2 clinics within 2 block of each other and only one clinic Performs the Infiniti Laser so double check you’re making your appointment at the right clinic

Thanks for watching and subscribe thanks my channel. Like and share this video too:)

cristina r


Sherri Dunning

Nice! I need one of these!

Laser hair removal lip

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QUICK Laser Hair Removal Update: Chin, Jaw, Upper Lip (Laser Hair Removal on Dark Skin)

6 485 views | 22 Oct. 2019

Super quick laser hair

Super quick laser hair removal update: I'm not done yet, but a lot of you were asking so I did this quick video. Make sure you watch the first video on laser hair removal on dark skin for info on the type of laser used, what the laser feels like, and more.


My dermatologist who does my laser hair removal:

Dr. Michelle Henry:

Harvard and Mount Sinai Trained Dermatologic surgeon

Instagram: https://tsabd.com/2LFHLwf

Office: 323 E 34th St, New York, NY 10016

Phone: (212) 686-7306

Email: [email protected]


Blog: http://www.thestyleandbeautydoctor.com

Subscribe to my blog: http://www.thestyleandbeautydoctor.com/subscribe/

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Dani O

Never had any laser treatment, scared of the pain.

Lory D

Hey girl! So I’ve spent a fortune on laser hair removal. I did the face, under arms and a full Brazilian (front to back) any who, my face hairs have completely grown back, I mean it’s like I never had it done in the first place. I had 8 or 9 sessions on the face. I see some hair return on the underarm and Brazilian area but nothing as drastic as the face. I’m most annoyed about the face because that’s why I started in the first place. Oh and get this, I still had treatments left and the place went out of business, took my money and all. I had purchased 6 VI peel treatments with them too. Girl a MESS! Needless to say, I definitely have to redo the face area. Smh..


Hi. Thank you so much for your honest feedback !!!
I’m doing my 1st session of laser in 2 weeks ?? My esthetician uses a MAIDEM machine.


Thank you for sharing your experience. Is there a video with the final results after the 9 sessions?

Jamila Eldridge

Am I first?!?? Love your content girl, always!

Realene Gray

I would love to get my chin done omg I’m super happy all the info is listed. I’m sooooooooo!!!!!!!! Happy I found you way to go Doc?

Ta'Miya Crockett

Is it painful? How long does it actually last? I’ve been debating about doing laser hair removal because I’ve been waxing (eyebrows, lip/chin, armpits, legs, and Brazilian) every 2-3 weeks for years. I’m gonna do some more research and then decide for sure soon! Thanks for sharing your journey!

Goddess Secret Life

Omg you have beautiful skin ? thanks for sharing that with us I’m also starting my laser hair removal journey and I can’t wait ...

The Style and Beauty Doctor

WATCH THIS FIRST IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqcRLXvD6P8&t=1s


Why did you choose laser hair removal versus electrolysis?

Ally Kai

?I wish I would’ve found your channel prior to booking my laser hair removal. I live in NYC and am a WOC, I would have loved to book my sessions with Dr. Michelle Henry instead?.. thank you for your content. I would love an update on your process.


Can you share the cost of the sessions please? I only imagine it be so expensive ☹️


Thanks for the video. I was literally about to ask


Did it work ? Can you do an update ?

Nelly B.

Funny enough, I've been taking something called Saw Palmetto for my PCOS and my neck/chin hairs have pretty much disappeared.

Louise Thevenin

Hi love I just finished my last laser hair removal on my face. I did half my lower face (chin, under chin, upper lip and cheeks) so far my results have been great. My hyperpigmentation scares are terrible from my breakout. Since laser I have less breakouts and the darks spots are finally starting to fade. Looking forward to having flawless skin in 2020!


I literally just had the same areas done earlier this month Along with my underarms. It didn’t hurt and i already see a significant decrease in hair. I plan to be hair less by summer ??

lizz lewis

Does it work on grey hair?

Janelle C

I've had laser treatments done on my underarms (wanted to do my chin but I figured it was safer to try underarms 1st). I bought a 6 session package and was burned on the 4th. Needless to say I didn't go back. I would like to try it again but I'm scared. I'm looking forward to seeing your end results, it'll help me decide if I'll try it again.

Jennifer Eldridge

Whew girl! Beauty is pain right? Pain is beauty? Sumfin lol
I feel like I've been watching your channel forever and like your an old friend but dang I missed alot! Lol I gotta go baaaaaack and watch your older stuff!


@TheStyleandBeautyDoctor, do you have a final update yet? I'm very interested!

NickMommy Nikki

I do need this, thank you for sharing your experiences... But 9 sessions ?.... Lol

Denice One

Yes having treatments done now on my chin 4 treatments in and underarms 2 treatments in. Best thing ever for me.


Loyally here to watch you zap chin hairs lol

linda jackson

Is this permanent.‼️❓❓Soo... the hair will never come back I will sign up for this if they guarantee the hair will never come back?