Petroleum jelly lip balm

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Pure Petroleum Jelly Skin Protect Moisturizer Cream Lip Balm Makeup Gloss

950 views | 13 May. 2019

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Petroleum jelly lip balm

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3 DIY Flavoured Lip Balms Using Vaseline || GuiltyBytes

34 934 views | 29 Dec. 2016

This may be the last post

This may be the last post on the blog, wait, before you start getting any ideas, I mean 'last post' for 2016. New Year already looks promising but before that, here'a a DIY that most of you are going to love this winters. Say hello to multipurpose tinted lip balms that can be made easily at home that too in 3 different flavors.

My favorite happens to be chocolate (for obvious reasons) followed by rose and saffron. You will be surprised how super duper simple are these balms to create at home, all by yourself.

sarah ahad

How long can we store this remedies?

Priya pandey

Loved the diy and the all look so delicious ? i will try to make a lip balm for my self rose ? specially i can use it as daily lip tint loved the video !

monika sehdev

waoh. so beautiful

prerna sehgal

My favourite makeup memory of 2016 is trying glittery and sparkling eye make up for the first time. It looked so good on me that I would do this on regular basis. Also I would love to explore more eye shadow palettes and kiko milano is one of them.So I would really like to win it and surely flaunt it. #cantwait #guiltybytes #kikomilano #giveaway. .. My Instagram handle is sehgal_prerna ..

Dennis rzx



wow!!! nice options...m gonna try them for sure :)...subscribed u...keep in touch :)

yash Jain

Is there any replica of vitamin e oil

Take a Stance 101

Great video!! Huge like our new friend!
Steve Alice and Sasha

Thalia and John

Awesome video :) Thank you for sharing it with us :) We look forward to watching more of your content :D
Please check out our channel (you don't need to sub - so no pressure) - we would just like to hear what you think of our videos :) Thank you so much for your time :)

Ana Gastarova

I subscribed your channel, subb me back :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmbCUe2gxSU

Afiya Begum

Hi!beauty MashaAllah vry nice DIY. Apne jo honey use kiya bahot thick tha MashaAllah plz kya ap bologe kounsa honey hai mai dabar use kr choki hoon lion honey b try kar choki hoon itna aacha nhi tha woh product. Plz its a humble request reply karo

Pink GlamGirl

Thank you so much for visiting my channel!! I am loving yours!! I need to make these!! They look amazing!! Subbed<3

Tori's Beauty World

I love this! Thanks for subscribing to my channel. I just subbed back. Thanks for sharing.

YouTube WithKaay

This is great!! love these recommendations! :)

Leiny Muniz

this I love???

Steny Varghese

Hi... instead of vitamin E oil can we use coconut oil??


super easy to follow. Thank you and just sub.


These look so cute !

yash Jain

Is there any replica of vitamin e oil

The fairyland living

That's a great video I just liked it ?

Jessica Khan

Can I use melted chocolate for lip

Kira Channel

Hello! interesting video! Like and subscribe! welcome to our channel!

Irrri Descence

looks delicious!!!???

Deepti Ghai Sharma

thanks dear for subscribing and lovely comment on my channel...subscribed back....:)

jhansi lakshmi

can i use coffee powder in place of coco powder


Great video! I randomly came across your page. It would be great If we could support each others channels. I will sub if you will as well


Wow this is so cool! I will def be trying this! Thanks for the great idea! I'm subbing and would love for you to check out my channel as well <3

Alexus Fraser

I love how professional and useful your videos are. I subscribed!

Trini Mom Beauty

thanks for sharing, this is so cool

Rajput princess royal rajput

Please do videos in hindi

Lithical Icycle

I love all your DIY lip balms. How much of each do you add? teaspoon or tablespoon?

Isa Ramirez Youtuber

fantastico, like

Pooja Khadka

You have used water based ingredients with vasaline which will get ruined soon . And vasaline is not so great for your body . Instead try using beeswax


Hi, I'm new to your channel and I love it??!!!! First, thanks for Subbing to my Channel?! I will try these Lip Balms as I have all the ingredients and my Lip Balm just got over!!!!! Have a nice day❤️!!!!

Amreen abbasi

Vitamin oil ki jaga nariya oil or golab or vaslin ko mix karsate please reply to me

Bushra Sayyed

I love rose kip balm alot ????

swamini bodke

Can we store this lip balm at room temperature?

Deepti Sehgal

I'll surely try making lip balm this winter season.
My make up memory of 2016 is trying Bird Eye eyeliner (inspired by Sonam Kapoor and Namrata Soni) It reqlly suited me and i got loads of comments. I would really love to try kiko's latest eye shadow palette and lipsticks. This is the Brand i look forward to in 2017. MY INSTAGRAM handle is deepti.sehgal25 . #giveaway#excited#guiltybytes#kikomilano

Jose Manuel Hiniesto

Good video, thumbs up. Visit my last video, THANK YOU. Greetings, happy week

Manoel Dias


Dipanwita B

Very nice ?


Instead of petroleum jelly can we any other substitute


Happy New Year to you and your family and wish you a super year ahead ... :)


I will surely try it out making

Destiny Clare

thanks for stopping by my channel, i subbed back girl xx

Cozinha da Gabby

Great video and I am subs here. I hope u in my channel too. I am from Brazil. Thumbs up! See ya

Mommi. Angle

hey devina..could u plz tell which highlightning hair color is suitable for our asian warm skin tone??m worried for a right one which suits me the most


love it can't wait to try this out myself


hey devina!!! louved the saffron and honey one .. will try it soon ...


Awesome upload! Thank you for sharing! ??

khadija shariq

can we use coconut or olive oil instead vit e

Maia Ritchie

Lovely lip balms, love your recipes hun :)

Verena's Videos

oohh this is cool! might have to try!

Anwar Hussain

Can we use coconut oil instead of vitamin E oil?

Rachel Ann

Wow this video is amazing! Just subscribed. Looking forward to watching more of your videos. Thanks so much for visiting my channel. Thumbs up!

Shell My Belle

Thanks for sharing.i'm going to try the roses lip one. Thanks for sharing. Just subbed back. Thanks for stopping by my channel.

Sonali Saxena

these r so awesome rose lipbalm as pink is my favv??


Awesome video. Thanks for sharing! :)

ameesha gupta

loved the pink one ??

The Two Sisters

Love this!! Just subbed ? hope you check out my latest video and we can support each other!



Queen saf

I live in Kuwait and I can't find vitamin e oil here can I make it with it

sanjana Ahana

I don't have red food colour ???


Great demo. I'll have to try this!

ItsYaGirl K

Really good video! I'll def have to try some of these recipes! TFS

Oge Ubabuike

Wow you did a great job


wow this is absolutely a great idea!

Ratna Awasthi

Kitne time tak store kr sakte hai chocolate and rose lip balm ko

Street Food Tk


Petroleum jelly lip balm

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How to Make Lip Gloss with Petroleum Jelly : homemade lip balm with petroleum jelly

1 447 views | 23 Nov. 2017

How to Make Lip Gloss with

How to Make Lip Gloss with Petroleum Jelly : homemade lip balm with petroleum jelly

how to make lip balm with petroleum jelly and food coloring

how to make lip balm with petroleum jelly and coconut oil

how to make lip balm with petroleum jelly and crayons

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make lip gloss with petroleum jelly

Abdul Qadir