Vampire skin

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New *VAMPIRE HUNTER* in Fortnite! (Season 4)

1 007 455 views | 6 Oct. 2020

New Fortnite Chapter 2,

New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 Victoria Saint skin item shop update gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!

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Andre u should do the only stream sniper loot challenge

Robert Silski

Check Insta Tg I sent a gift to you

ice boy role play & more


Johanny Perez

Fish on me?


Ninja or Alex ace maybe

WarriorX BTW

Can I have shout out

Ollie Fm

I unlikes silver iron man

Jakiyah Green

Typical gamer gave me a shout out!!!??


On tg play you should do another spawn island challenge

Co'Mari Davis



Remember his GTA mod gameplay?

Polizei 004




George Sumu

peolpe where being annoying in the live stream they cant even wait for him they all say late late late

Cla'Juhn Harris

Happy inversely

Sonof_Mary 82

That snipe shot win was Sweaty!

Jaquarius Collins

Get the pump

NOAH the routine family

Typical Gamer can you give me the battle pass my loser name is Mommy Trina

Samuel Ramírez


christian berg

Helo typical gamer can you gift me a skin my fortnite is madmax 269

Baking With Abby

How are you so good?!?!

Jax Storm Zero

if you love god like

Rosalind Davis

Friend me plz at midas-ghost9

Angad wahi

typical gamer can you gift me this seasons battle pass i am a default plz help me ??? you have so many v bucks
i used your code and subscribed you

jacob peacock

Whole stream was muted for me

Jacob Rottman

Don't open for pie Pokemon

Orange gamer

Use code typical gamer in the Fortnite item shop

Bry Littlesky

you work to hard love you man


Typical Gamer I love your videos and I hop Samara and your cat's stay safe!!!

Hawanya Jones



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Dark Legend

I love how every stream is about 3 hours



ML ρlαуєя

Pls im a big fan and plss gift me skinn i dont have any skinnn plssss ive been wanting a skin for 3 years if you see this pweessss gift me a skinn

Ian Kuar

Can you make a 1v1 vs ninja

Latifah Shahid


Xan Agent

I’m not even gonna streamsnipe but can u do random duos people’s reactions are hilarious

byrianna dunbar

i love that skin

WeiLee Tan

Typical gamer how did you get so many v buck?

Ryder‘s world #ad


Emerson-Luckett Triston

What’s the code

Alex Apostol Year 07

you shoud surprise your girl friend with the best gaming chair ever please and thenm i wil like and suscribe to your

Kristine Lear


Ian Kuar

Can you give me a Skin

Vivi Vera

what time

Fred Weisner

Fortnite sucks

Vicki Morgan


K-dog Morris

Avengers Tonight?

yhazsminda bright

i love your video's keep up the good work man

Kristy Alexander

Suet up

Emerson-Luckett Triston

Samera you and typical gamer should get marid

Buck Taylor

I subscribe to YouTube and I love you Google love you

Matt Hamilton



Don't forget to gift Samara the skin lol

Przemyslaw Kokoszynski

I like your stream sniping I also used your creator code

Roblox fan YaL


Przemyslaw Kokoszynski

Gg bro

Lee Gibson

I have Midas flopper

Roblox fan YaL


Chris Franco

22:45 her hand lmao

Michael Fowler

Can i 1v1 u tipical gamer in rocket league

Black Water Guide Service

Lovely channel! Keep up the great work. If you have a second you could take a look at my channel ? ✌️

typicalgamer #1fan boy

Did u remember when samara had to buy tg a ps5

Marianaimalay Domenech

why did you stop going to iron mans place you are a god there

GIovanni Harvey

i love his outro


He estado viendo tu vídeo y lo cierto que con lo pésimo que soy en Fortnite hay algunas cosas que me van a venir bien. A ver si me veo tu contenido próximo y así aprendo algo más!

Un saludo amigo! Ya si vieras mi canal sería genial!

Dark Legend

24:47 I think I prefer hat on

Cla'Juhn Harris

I will im a fan i watch your first video

Co'Mari Davis

i like your Video

Abhinav Sharma Gaming

What your looking for is 1:13:06 your welcome

Keith Jones

I havent been playing fortnite

Dominic _ seawright


Kye Barrett



Keep it up TG let's go 11M, ?

Also you keep me inspired to continue to stream. ?

Kameron Neptune

I saw Apollos version of the stream

Unicorn Kiera

Subscribe to kazim fn plz ??

Mohammad Shaikh


Dark Link

4:48 I love the little blood bottles that she has on her hip and the bag


Happy anniversary to u and samara long life and prosperity, hope you guys stay together forever!!!

Rita Mendez Andrade

You are so good

Sammie Lacy

TypicalGame get me skin Vampire hunter of the Oid West

Akuma Uzamaki

Games not going his way complains, a player does exactly what he does to other players he complains ??‍♂️

Ghazi Alqawasmeh


Janeth Valadez

Y have victiora she is my favorite skin


Bro what’s going on with the sniper scope

ice boy role play & more

Sup bro

Laquetta Allen

my son loves you


my player name jb201315

Keith Jones


Buck Taylor

Tweporxcklwqpnmzxcvbmnbnpkliuyyttrrweqfqrwywyiiiuuuuyyyreywtwiheihehfrhgrugrurhur I love you too typical gamer

Areeb Ahmed

I like and sub your channel everyday

Sammie Lacy

Vampire hunter of the Oid West.

Roblox fan YaL


JÅKË ØP davidson

ive seen 2 Renegade Raiders in this stream?


Is he streaming today ??

PUBG Gamer

I wonder how do he know where people at without them shooting at him

Aj Owens


Yolanda Mitchell



You should play Tannenburg

zj afflick


Vampire skin

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New BLADE *VAMPIRE HUNTER* Skin! (Fortnite Season 4)

1 713 852 views | 25 Sep. 2020

New Fortnite Chapter 2,

New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 Marvel's Blade bundle pack item shop gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!

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Nathan Scimone

hi!!!! you are the best youtober in the world

Weston Penner

I live in canada

Fatasia Petties

I got the wolverine skin aquaman skin and even Deadpool also all the battle passes all of them I also got blade

David Wonner


TaureanJ. Baskerville

BLADE is my favorite movie

Maribel Espindola

hes lame he screams to much and i dont like so im not subcribed


I know I’m really late to this but the manta pack looks great with Blade’s second style

Katie Truelock

U can 1v1 me if you want

George Starks

my name is tall-tab2

Tre'shawn Thurman

Tg “ this guy has to be in the fence” then “ did you just assume my gender?

Wyatt thomason

I just my first Solo win a minute ago


Hear me out y’all, Blades pickaxe is giving me hope that they could make Lightsabers into pickaxes now.

Charvez Young

I can’t get nothing because I no vbucks

Camron Johnson

Typical gamer win you go live

Isak Sehlin

plz can you gift me 10000 vbucks and i whould cry of happiness typical gamer plz
username isak the man07

Ian Markley

You’re the best Fortnite player

Jennifer Bergeron

your a noooooooooooooob

Wyatt thomason

Really love watching ur fortnite videos reallys helps me with fortnite

Dilan_The_VILLAN _PLAYZ Delgado

Hi im one of your favorite fans i love you vids and I watch every vids you make right away because i have notifications on and i try subscribing with every moblie or devices i hope you hit1 billoin subscribers



Blade 2318

That my fortnight name

Caleb Johnson



To the person that's reading this:

You're very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine?

My Dream is to have 2k. I been struggling to get there???

Jamie Stein

Fortnite streams

Del Walters

It’s only a cop with the fish trail LOL.

Katie Truelock

Who hates dirty docks

Jamie Stein

I like the default version.

Ethan Garcia

I wish I Had blad

j d


Amari Haynes

this dude suck


Y’all no this skin was inspired by the movie “vampires in the Bronx” right?

Addylynn Leffler

I am in 2 Grade

Adam Rahoui

tu est une merde a ce jeux mdrrr


Fsdgui usefgyogfsdhufgsdogfesegsfhgaefg

Micah Memeus Legrand

The gamer I'm Samuel can you give me that skin that's so awesome

Cannon Floyd


JJ Nunez

I love your videos

Anonymous Ghost

I have all their strengths none of their weaknesses they call me... THE DAYWALKER

Jason woodward

Omg I have not been here in 3 years and he is a god

Jamie Stein

So cool how he takes the pickaxe out of the backbling

Silver Gears

Blade isn’t even marvel

Ancient__ 210

40:13 i regret my decision

Fire Gaming


Daniel Pusnei

No guns only

Yoxari López

Follow my fiancé in twitch please, Modernsniper004

Ian Markley

Do you Gree with season four is the best TG

jimmy wade

I’ve been watching you ever since I was a kid

K Sniper

When you kill someone with the pickaxe it turns red

Stale_Bread 223

1:48:49 ok but that was SLICK

Jamie Stein

Especially the pickaxe. Such a cool animation.


Did anybody notice he has palm trees in the background this is for typical gamer only why so you have them?

Ethan Playz

Gow to Wolverine but have a basil

aldrin perez

i love bts i both the bts emote

Rashad Wheaton

I have watched blade before


I like the payment


Especially l really want to go to pickaxe.

Justin Ferrin

I got the Midas flopper boyyysssss

Busi Dlamini-Johnson

Can you gift me the skin pack my epic is koyanzo

Kody Tsakalos

By Typical Gamer I have to go to school

Hypekingdj STEVO

TG can u give me some vbucks becues I am trying to get the blade skin and don’t have the right of vbucks to get them


me too

Gerardo Trejo

I wish I got everything from the item shop?

Micah Memeus Legrand

Open YouTube game everywhere ??????????

Cate Geiger

Tg all the way I have the skin I love it

Rishab Pansare

They should put a terminator skin in fort nite

Jamie Stein

Search on twitch tv storming cast follow if you injoy the streams

Nathan Scimone

you are cooler than shcool



Bryson Taylor

i need vbucks names bryson3260 on fortnite

Fatasia Petties

I think you should do the blade only challenge we’re if you want to do the emote you can only use the blade emote if you want to use guns only use stark guns and pumps if you want play duos my name is king kass 7 I’m a sweat.

Connor Flynn

ebery time he strans he gets a victory Royale

Erin Kaake

I watched every single blade they're really good

John Thomas

great gob bro

Micah Memeus Legrand

Don't stop blood to drink somebody's blood when he kills somebody

Jamie Stein

I just bought the blade pack yesterday it is soooo coooolllll.

Hypekingdj STEVO



im no skin

Lacey Lobetta

Vampire calige

Javas Nararya

I just sad you know

TahiRuaToru Whaa

I HAVEN'T WASH BLADE AND MY NAMED IS Rupene And Put your name in I time shop

Arai jonathan

Can you play more bfv

Dark Link

This is my favorite skin in Fortnite Blade is my favorite Marvel character ????


you are insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

albert osburn

Don't stop blood to drink somebody's blood when he kills somebody

Jose Torres

Hi bro im you,r fav

Kim Simpson

How much do the blade skin cost

Micah Graham

Let me see you're vebuks

Kody Tsakalos

Typical Gamer get 16 wins in 3 hours


Hi tg I love your vids watch them everyday it would mean the world to me and many others if you could please bring back "GTA 5" like if you agree please

Karen Flores

699696969696969696699696969696699696969696696996699669699696696996966969699696969696966966969696N OOKLGFOFROF


blade, yeah i remember the movie


Your awesome bro


i want blade skin
im korean
fortnite name:kchjh
please give it to me as a gift

Anna Munaf


Justin Whalen

It’s kinda sad a lot of the player base doesn’t even know who blade is

My tocos!! I love tocos


Hawk aka Eli

Hi Bub and thanks so much for taking time to meet me yesterday with my friend and me for being in a position that would have to do something that is more difficult for you and your kids are doing it well in your own way too many things to make sure that the person who you want is the most powerful in your business to make sure that your company will provide a better solution for the business of your youth to be successful and be successful with the work of your team and your work to be an expert ? the next time you have any other opportunities to get a new one and a few other ideas on what I want for the Christmas gift for you to go with and how you would be happy with your work you can be 8th to me 7th grade 30th of May or not until then so that is a very important reason I will not have a job at this point and if you are going through it I can send it over and you will be happy with it if it works out with the new place in a year and then it would have to do something like this to me that would have to do something like this in my mind that you have

Pink Panther

I'm Canadian to??????????????


I've watched blade. Great movies!

NyZaiah Cameron

I love the swords sound

railroad boi gd


Vampire skin

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Is The Most Expensive Vampire Giant Skin Worth it?! - Stick War Legacy

307 448 views | 8 Aug. 2019

Is The Most Expensive

Is The Most Expensive Vampire Giant Skin Worth it?! - Stick War Legacy

Subscribe if you like it! - https://goo.gl/bFsG6q





Watch more videos:

Ravenfield: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-Z3t6fouxc&list=PLT3Q2Ltb5AnGL_LeIsaFiwMMIniFPtG-N

TABS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjl5fYeF02Q&list=PLT3Q2Ltb5AnHqBw-vKqq29pujL-AYelq5

Ancient Warfare 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2ZGEVRi9FU&list=PLT3Q2Ltb5AnFGyTITC-Z8T7VQQa3rWcaK

Forts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkXmWnudN6k&list=PLT3Q2Ltb5AnERlshqJxrJhUsXDXcEUEdV

Brick Rigs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5_Y2sxu8r0&list=PLT3Q2Ltb5AnHV4L9Z5GpbhYKTCdzoCkyj

Paint The Town Red: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjeQCHGgp9w&list=PLT3Q2Ltb5AnH6fLzY4efzqxRGR5i3xgNW

Kingdoms and Castles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mPiGpmv9ns&list=PLT3Q2Ltb5AnFd6omw_GYLPrpFIF1nQ5gY


Visit my second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/BaronVonTactics


Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BaronVonGamez

Watch Streams on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BaronVonGames

Check out my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/baronvongames

Pancho Garcia

When you control a unit they can regen hitpoints

paula osborne

I payed 3000 gems for the camp faint

ada yang

I have just won a tormant with all swordwath


im a hacker i only hack games LOL hack the gam its better if hack the game unlimited gems if you buy the things in the shop it gives you gems if buy skins well......you will lose 1gem

Alice Lok

my name is Shawn

angelo toto

Actually for me no because
It's already big heslth it don't need the life steal ain't worth it


Why did you buy the vamp skin giant? You know is too expensive right?

Dan SP

Baron survive 150 nights with all your skins lava. No power ups are allowed.

Johnz craft


Mette Burild

The vanpskins are totally not worth it.

Elton John

Baron if you don't know you can still keep the giant on the battlefield while the miners go back at the spike thing

Develop Vids

Baron when i first played thats exactly what i thought is that the giants had an messed up hand that looked like those hand slappy things.


Hah I didn’t use gems, I got it from a chest


Jdmkwwhkm2njskskwjsskik1jxksjjskeksjskkejjdidkikkdkoojsjo2fmkkdk1kfkdkekekkkdkekekkekee,dkddkelrlrlrlrlrrrllroroeoellelelrkkrkroortkroeieikrkrkrkrkeoeodoldldlrllrlelwlldlrl rkkdkdkdkkfkdkdkdlrktkktkktktkktktkfkflflltlflflflltltlrlrlrktktkkdldlldldlkfldldldlfiroroorkrkeoeooeooorkkdkfolr8mekelldldl88888kdldldldlddlpelep


Baron. Play warmongers! It’s like this game. But you (the knights/kingdom) Vs Trolls. There are spear men, knights, archers, flag boys, wizards, flailers and more. You can upgrade their armour and weapons too! Plz play it!

Naseem Abbas

The giant was awsome

Battle Ninja

Does anyone remember when the giants in this game just went into fights on the other side even when you were on defence formation


You got any tips on defeating the magikill in normal campaign

Kristine Lourice Entienza

vamp s good because of there life steal


hey r you in amerika? i kinda like spending dimonds but im a kid i need too be lile you ):):):):

audrey !

he have money its 4254 but i see its 0

poopy Head

Spending on something so Expensive


bawi thang

So your lava giant is 62 damage +6 so your lava giant is great

Alice Lok

This video is good ???

Alpha Huang

Yeah the vampire skin is the best

Samuel Tiong

Barron how do you beet magkill

The real Inferno

Ya know since before baron played this game its like the creator has given up but when baron play the creator keep updating the game thanks to baron :)

Apekshya and aavash Ghimire

plz do defald only challenge
in endless mode plz pls plz plz like this comment


i think castle archers shoot flame arrows that will block out the sun


I recently found out a site from which you can get free coins, gold, gems, diamons, etc.. It is Dantasguides

Ayinde Phulgence

Is this game any good?

Carlito Torres

2 lines of gaints vs the end boss

lara may lacap

Baron how about there was a golden spearton was a zombie

Crystalina -thepinkfluffyunicorn

Love y’all haha

bawi thang

Lol Baron is sooooooooo rare

Birdie Mentle Gen

Leaf Giant + Giant Avatar = Trains faster than Magikill.

وليد سالم

He Red no man This like 504

ei moh moh

You can buy ice skin for the swordmen so you can kill the giant. Because if you control the swordmen it freezes more than the ai

Rhoda V Ramos

I have max already

Kristine Lourice Entienza

and the vamp skin can use two abilitys life steal and poison emunity

John Robles

Baron you dont need to spend money use mod apk


Love how its called 'no mans land' but then they have miners which are men XD

lunar torch

You don't have to spend money to get gems

Jagmohan Singh

Add update to stick war Legacy

The Founder

Bruh this game is super easy

Charumathi A

I think you should the use ice ,i think that"s wise!

When The

God I miss this game.

Alice Lok

2 Giant over power

Chickenman man

Controlling the giants allow u too use earthquake attack

Minerva Yutuc


Kristine Lourice Entienza

on its own

bad channel

That's not fifteen hundred that's fifteen thousand

وليد سالم

Hi i am good you No 'man,


I’ve beat this game like 5 five times it’s fun

Point Blank

The only thing you forgot to do is control a unit in a battle or a miner to increase efficiency in their specific roles

Dan SP

Baron complete a hard tournement with all your skins default. No power ups are allowed

youtubeman 1

Baron in feel bad for you spending money just so you know install tutu app it's an app were there are a lot of hacked games like so baron sees

Vibe Checker

Lava giant is overpowered, it when it gets damaged the people that damaged it also get damaged, damage reflect

BuffGamer 101

The lava giant is better due to the damage to life steal ratio. I’m not a veteran war commander, but I do math and the statistics point to the lava giant being better. If you read this, thank you. If this has helped you, your welcome.

bawi thang

62 damage +6

Bobby Lynas

The stick is a little hard to say and it has been an awesome way but it doesn’t matter if it does something that I would get to know about you or I will just stick it on it to the other people I can do a few things I can think I should get it to you

Shanta Rai

How did you get giant with out fighting them


Lava skin is my favorite skin

Loreta Sustitjya

Comment spearton

Like giant


Tip: Use archers with atleast 1-3 giants. easy win.

Vibe Checker

Vampire Archidons, Lava Giants = Very Overpowered

Charles. L. Sanga

I like ur video

Nestor Tiongson

I love lava

Carlito Torres

Baron how did you get many gems

Svetla Dimitrova

I love your vids

Curtis L.

I’m an intermediate, I got all the ice skins, and leaf skins, plus a savage swordwrath, spearton, and archer, vamp swordwrath, and miner, with skills and strategies, tip: giants can’t garrison (if that makes sense)

bruno youtube

quick answer!


jerome Tavas

Baron the giant has a new ability earthquake


I have ice

Nguyenle Quangdinh

what baron doing is ok but not good
he could have done it better like controlling a fodder troop (swordmen) and have archer attack the giant
while distracting it with the fodder you are controlling
this trick is effective in most mode and is cheaper than trying to gain money for giant vs giants and is safer
also vampire skin is worth in zombie
but campaign ... yeah i will just use leaf instead

X voidsteR

how we can take skin statue

Don Owen

I won 4 tournaments in 1 day by only using vamp swordwrath and got most of the avatars except for the giant one,and soon ill have all the ice and leaf skins I just need 500 gems also your videos are soooooooo awesome also you should try and win the tournament with vamp swordwrath only it will help make gems easily.

Mohammed Ayyan faisal


John Vizcarra

Baron why mine don't have a skin


Try the ice giant I think he might AOE freeze the enemy

этот советский

Personally I prefer more damage since it’s a giant and it does splash damage so the more lava troops you have the more damage is reflected back taking out the giant faster

Me Me Lwin

Btw lava skin is the best skin

Edmund Lacamen

Use the leaf skin for the gaint control the leaf gaint and see a second mobe he have a shock like griffon smash the ground with hes foot

Minerva Yutuc

i want to see if you kill a something in a giant vamp if they kill someone its said 100 plus

Birdie Mentle Gen

Hard work pays off. Had to earn the skins the hard way. But it feels good once you achieve something after a long time.

Nestor Tiongson

I have lava nation


I recently found out a site from which you can get free coins, gold, gems, diamons, etc.. It is Dantasguides

Lost Darkening

12:12 That statement hurt me.

Claudia Borges

Giants cant retreat to the "Fortress" keep your miners back, the giant Will come out as he builds up

I don’t know What

My vamp cost 3000 diamonds ?

Kristian Kember

Baron the minors are faster when you control them, so you can make them mine 2x as fast for a controlled minor and switch between them.

Rodobaldo Nunez

Vampier giant skin is 3,000 not 6,000

Alice Lok

2 Giant over power

Anthony Nguyen

Life steal o:

wala wala

I got a vamp skin while opening a chest

Rayan Gaming

Me:* checks if I have it*

Me: ok I have 60 of them

Arthur Johnson


Can I get 1000 subs with 1 video ?

I have a hacked version of the game so I can use the vamp on all of like the gains the swordsmen and yeah like everything


is it me im on a chromebook i played stick war legacy i start pressing random buttons i notice they are b and g for some resson g gives my chest and b gives me gems why is that


Archidons don t do the trick against giants the sword guys do the trick