Painful bumps on chin

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Delicate Face Cyst Removal. Dr Khaled Sadek. LipomaCyst.com

49 305 views | 11 Sep. 2020

In this video Dr Khaled

In this video Dr Khaled Sadek removes a large epidermoid cyst on his face. This cyst had been present for over 5 years and it was time to come out! If you would like more information on cyst removal or lipoma removal then please reach us on:

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Dr Khaled Sadek removes a deep pilar cyst which has been there for many years. These are common and occur commonly on the back. They are removed from our cyst removal clinic in London.

A sebaceous cyst is a non-cancerous growth commonly found on the skin of the back or face, but can occur anywhere on the body. Just as its name suggests, these cysts occur as a result of epidermal cells, cells from the top layer of your skin a.k.a the epidermis, overgrow in a confined space. The buildup of these cells under the skin results in a “cheesy” consistency and often a pungent odor! sebaceous cysts are typically harmless and have no symptoms, but people often seek removal due to the appearance of the bump or because the cyst has become inflamed or ruptured. If you have a ruptured cyst you may notice, sudden redness, pain, swelling, and heat around the area, all of which can lead to an abscess forming. Surgically removing the cyst can cure the area, but the entire cyst sac and all of its contents need to be removed to ensure the cyst won’t grow back!


Dr Khaled Sadek : Uncut



That first squirt reminded me of Silly String!

Tina Kowinski

Nice job Dr S.?

Benjamin Sewell

Lovely Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you thought about - Mackorny Destroy Tumor Blueprint (do a google search)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for getting rid of lipoma lumps without the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate after many years got amazing success with it.

Ann M Brooks

Cut you off again! So no question heard!

Susan Treadway

Excellent work Doctor again! Rather large cyst with a small opening. TYDR

Alessandra Testa

Amazing job, Dr! It seems that gardening has helped you to develop a kind of sweet touch. It's the impression I have when I see your hands: soft hands, as if you were touching an artcraft of a great price. Your patients are lucky to be able to be under your care.

Laura James

You’re always awesome

Faith Mitchell


Sophie Jones

Hats off to the camera work today - excellent job following the action ?

Belen Hernandez Benavente

Thank you for the "special effects" ... You know popaholics needs perfectly well ??


The technique you have I called it the catch and twirl. I don't see any other doctor online doing it like that.

leslie smith

That didn’t look very big, but it sure was full. Not to be greedy, but 3 videos per week it not very many. Lol. I look forward always to a new one. ???

Pati Fagan

Yep another excellent video


Have you smaller hemostats? This looks like silly string....pop..... ;)

Rhonda Burke

Great pop!!!!!

Sweet Dreams

Good numbing and fancy stitch work.

Carla Johnston


Marie Pettersson

Wow just lovet that splach of cysts. Lipoma is not so funny,
My boyfriend have bump the doctor said it is fat..
Is that what you call liksom?
Stay safe,
Marie from Sweden

Terri Jennette

It looked like there was more debris in there....

Uno Honcho

Now everyone knows where 'Batchelors Super Noodles' come from

Kayleigh Evans


Gill Glancy-Strachan

What a fantastic squirt. Loved it. You’re simply the best, better than all the rest. ❤️

Joanne St John

Great job Dr. Sadek that sack was not making it easy for you


What was the question?

Betty Roloff

Here we are, it’s Friday night. Your working and I’m watching you work. A job well done . ??

Maryann Karimi

Since the cyst was small couldn’t you have used the punch biopsy tool for this procedure?

Cindy P.

It amazes me how much is under the skin. Was the patient on blood thinners?

Martha Perkins

Love the video. Thank you.

Jackie Nish

Anybody else feel a bit seasick there?? Xx

Jennifer Velez

This was not done in an ER, no?


I had one on my left cheek a few years ago xxx Sharan ??

Dave Mcgettigan

Love your style of twisting the forceps to break adhesions.


Even in slo-mo, that cyst splattered out fast.

Ape Regina

Very small cyst on the very beautiful patient, but, dr Sadek, I love you!

Lulu Bubu

Another nicely removed cyst, fair to say he’s probably quite happy to have this trespasser handily removed, especially on the face. Thank you for sharing once again, nice to see surgery without all the “blood and guts” so to speak. Have a lovely weekend Dr. K.

Minnie Curry

? Silly string indeed!
I didn't here the message at the end.

Debra Ciehanoski

I love your videos but you sound Really Conceited when you say my fantastic videos

Deborah Steger

I really like your work you are talented Dr!

Andrea Marin

Wow very very nice stitch work!! What about his ear blackheads though?


Missing your smile and wave!

Lori Wallis

Just curious, why so bloody?

sue lassman

Replat? Maybe you meant replay?


It looked like he had a zit in his ear and a other cyst or ingrown hair to the left of where he was working. Go to the beginning when he first starts working and you will see.

David Venditti

Please don't change the camera angles it takes away from the view

marsha baum

Good job ?

Chris. P Bacon

"no matter how big or how small Dr Sadek does them all!" lol

Denise Boriqua

Nice ?

Buby Talavera

Hi Dr.Sadek! From Paraguay - Sudamérica ??

Norma47 19

Please MrMss cameraperson there are times I thought I'd gone back in time to my childhood . My nemesis the T pot lid. It was bringing back memorises of those queasy days ???

Pauline Hawkins

Well done Doctor. ?

Bonnita Claus

I like it more when they are close to the surface and comes out in one piece..... nice and clean.

Susan Ammons

Very nice Dr.! Enjoyed!!

Nora B. Montgomery

Hello little facial cyst, you have been here long enough now you have to go. Now don't be stubborn and cause a fuss. Dr. K is patient and he will get you. . Now that squirt almost got him, but he prevailed yet again. Great job, Dr.K.


I enjoy your work but you do need to listen to what your audience is saying. You don’t have to show the intro twice.... if you wish to speak and promote your business etc,just incorporate it in the numbing process etc. it’s a pain in the butt watching and then seeing some thing mins later

Christi Halliday

I love that you now do the slow mo instant reply! Very good?

jane Patterson

Beautiful job. I said it before and i will say it again! You are the best . Stay safe dr k

Susan Davis


Ld Lutzow

Tough little booger?


Cheeky Chester Cyst is my name for your patient's cyst. Dr. Sadek, I do love your vids. Been watching your channel since the beginning. So happy you kept the wave ! Cheers

Patti Dale

Hmmmmm. Shouldn’t you explore a bit with a cotton tipped applicator to verify all sac remnants removed? Just asking..


Silly string ?

Elaine Fleming

Enjoyed another great extraction Dr Sadek. Minimalistic, small scar if any. ????????

Elaine Rice

Camera way too shaky and too close so everything is pixelated.

Brooke Oscarson

The surprise pops are my favorite

Angeles Victorero

Hola Dr.Khaled, veo sus vídeos aquí en la Ciudad de México y son muy interesantes ,hace ver como que es fácil sacar el saco ,me gustan mucho pero mas me gusta oír su acento al hablar el inglés de Londres ,además de que tiene una linda voz, Gracias ojala algún día me conteste, yo entiendo el ingles bastante bien. Nuevamente Gracias.

Pamela Rickers

Well done Dr S for managing to remove all that while keeping the scar small. Beautifully stitched too. What is the name for that kind of suture?


The spread and twist method is wonderful.

Tonya Tedder

great work Doc.!

J Ungerman

If I ever develop anything similar, I’m on a plane straight to see you!!! Least amount of damage to the skin that I have seen. Your patients are lucky!

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Victoria Egan

Greetings from Gilford, New Hampshire, USA. I watch all of your videos and enjoy your work. You are the best at what you do. You beat our Dr. Sandra Lee (Dr. Pimple Popper) by a long shot.

Andrea Capo

It Amazes Me, how you get the entire contents and the sac, with a small incision, Just Awesome

Princess Skate

Hello Dr. Sadek! A great cystectomy again! For a 5 year old cyst, the sac wasn't as thick and tough as one would expect. It held a good amount of content though. Thank you for sharing and amazing us with your skills once again, sir. I love to hear you talk-your accent is nice. :-)

Gill Green

I can’t help wondering why you never cauterise the small blood vessels that have been nicked to stop the blood obscuring your vision of the cyst/lipoma. All the other doctors who operate in your field seem to do this. I’m sure you have a good reason, but would love to know what it is! I love the cysts that explode like this.

Birgit Weihrauch

Sehr saubere Arbeit

Ann M Brooks

The next video cut yours off, so didnt hear your comment! Listening and watching again

Kara Hoyte

Course classes clinique( dani ). sandwiches iron

Jeff Hall

Ohhhh Doctor - I’m so happy he came to you!!! That perfect procedure will ensure no scarring on that (now) perfect face!

Margaret Miller

I am so amazed how you do a 360 with your scissors. I love watching that, it seems to get under the cyst much easier. Your the BEST Dr. K

Lana Campbell-Moore

Thank You?

Dawn Sunshine

GREAT ? Pop Dr!! ???

Joyce Bauer

Great pop fun to see inslo motio it is surprising how much can comeout of a small lump.the closure was wonderful there shouldn't be much of a scar.stay xafe everyone the numbers are goi g upagain.

Vicky Velez

No puedo creer que llevan mas de un mes con estos videos ta tan aburridores hagan caso.

John Philip Burdis

Good job, a lot of stuff in such a small cysts. They do tend to go deep. ??????

Patti Dale

Odd shaped tool you’ve got there for blunt dissection

Kristie Lynn

That cyst was a little tricky and very friable. Great job getting it all out.

Judy Stanko

DR K. Why would this be a epidermal cyst verses a pilar cyst? I don't understand this is on the face where there's lots of hair . I'm totally confused how do you know the difference when this could be either one correct?, please let me know the difference? ?????

Judy Stanko

Oh I Love " Sadek Swirl" patent the name this would be Fantastic on coffee cups, etc. Maybe some kind of creative art work after the saying!!????


?The visual effects are great as well. Thank you both for sharing.?

LeeAnn Dusci

Love watching you do sutures ???

Ann M Brooks

The sac seemed like it would be bigger. Nice work.

Judith Bernd

I love to watch you Dr. Sadek. U are amazing. I live in LaCrosse WI USA??

Daniel Garcia

Damn, there was a lot for a small spot

Dee Warner


Christy Rawlings

Excellent job ?

Idrissa Uqdah

Cyst was so small.
I like the big fat ones!

Lisa Williams

Great job as always you are a wonderful Dr. WISH I lived in London I would make up medical excuses just to come see you.???


Thanks for sharing, dr Sadek.
I thought there would be a question at the end of the video. Was I so enthralled by what I was watching I didn't hear you ask it?

Patricia C. DeHart


Patricia C. DeHart