Sodium hyaluronic acid

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Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Hyaluronic Acid Injections

16 367 views | 28 Feb. 2018

Richard Iorio, MD; Paul

Richard Iorio, MD; Paul Lachiewicz, MD; Peter L. Salgo, MD; and Andrew Spitzer, MD, debate the use of hyaluronic acid injections for osteoarthritis of the knee, including the administration, efficacy, and adverse effect profile.

Une Afv

Racehorses running on this stuff everyday!

Vicente Nunez

I've got these treatment 3 yrs. Ago, and bearly beginning to feel pain Im a soccer player not professional but I play every week do a lot of workout and my job is stand up forklift operator play soccer tournaments 2 or 3 per year and I do a lot of home yard work with my plants,I'm planning to get insurance to get another set of these injections,so I can keep practicing what I like, God bless you all,by the way I'm close to 50's,if you don't do as much as I do ,treatment most likely last you longer?

Alfredo Simões

I would like to read here real testimonials from patients that have been submitted to Durolane experience (positive and negative ones). Hope that patients be invited to participate.

s andy

3rd pair of gel shots...most excruciating pain ever felt when a different PA did the injections. i wonder if he had never done it before. certainly didnt go into the joint where it should have, but back of knees got so stiff and painful. been a week and stiffness better but no good change in the knee joint. insurance wont allow for 6 more months.

MrDanger Danger

Can it work with FAI Femoroacetabular impingement hip to inject Hyaluronic acid into the hip joint against pain??

Patricia Villareal

I got these injections 3 months Ago Im still with a lot of pain I heard that if the Dr misses the right spot for these inyecciones most likely they won’t work. I was told that if I what to do it again I can but must have to be done with a Dr that uses sonography technology to make sure that he doesn’t miss the right spot where the inyección is need it so far still with a lot of pain?

Sophie's Corner

I can tell you exactly how it works. See, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol 119, Issue 3/1986. Paul H. Weigel, etal. Nearly all pain is a function of Fibrin. In order for HA to work, Fibrin must be present. The premise goes something like this: There is a specific binding interaction between fibrin, the major clot protein and Hyaluronic acid which are collectively, a constituent of the wound's extracellular process. This process forms a Matrix which is an extension of the original fibrin matrix. To put it simply, the new HA fibrin Matrix plays a major role in the subsequent tissue reconstruction. it is proposed that an activator is derived from a class of plasma precursor or platelets on surrounding cells which are produced during the clotting reaction and then stimulates one or more blood cell types to synthesize and secrete HA into the fibrin Matrix of the clot. It is at this juncture that healthy cells can migrate from the new matrix into the original matrix to promote healing. The Synthesis process produces new collagen which strengthens the cartilage between the bone; however, the original Integrity of the twofold fibrin process must be restored or fibrin will continue to attack the cells because the pain receptors have been shut down as a result of taking any type of pain medication during the process.

Gladys Fuentes

My meniscus was removed in 2006, I was age 60, white female, no smoker, by 2016 I went back to my Dr because I was falling frequently. We discussed the options and his first option was steroid or cortizone shot which I had already done my homework and I rejected it right off the bat, he did say I was a candidate for total knee replacement. So we discussed those options and I went for the Synvisc One injection, I did it for 6 months, and went for my 2nd, and 3rd shots...Today I'm 73, they work for me, no negative effects, other than slight inflammation, iced it, and went back to gym in 48 hrs...I recently had a Monovisc due to insurance issues...and going on 2 weeks, this medication has not kicked in...we are waiting for improvement...and getting a second opinion on the T.K.R. but I have back issues and want to address this as well, and feel a strong back is needed if I get that knee surgery...I must weigh my options because I understand the longer I put off this surgery, the slower my recover could be, which could also lead to other complications....I'm amazed how we all educate each other at these videos...

You F'coffee

Wet and dry arthritis???
These consultants probably don't suffer themselves from Osteoarthritis, yet. But as sufferer the best thing for me that has actually worked, (reducing the aggravation and pain), is sitting on a table with heavy ankle weights and gently swinging your legs for three minutes three times a day. You have to do it religiously but it works almost immediately.

Sodium hyaluronic acid

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Knee Osteoarthritis: Examining the Evidence on Single-Injection Hyaluronic Acid

21 268 views | 27 Mar. 2019

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This on-demand webcast examines the use of single-injection hyaluronic acid (HA) within the treatment algorithm and explores the differences in efficacy, clinical application, and duration of action of various HA products.

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my question is do you need to buy a specific product such as Synvisc One or can you just use 100% Hyaluronic acid?
I have 100% Hyaluronic acid and wondering whether I can use it for a knee injection.

Gladys Fuentes

Thanks so much for this video.While I obviously didn't catch all the technical jargon, I was able to understand the underlying message and conclusion I am a OA patient with perhaps candidate for surgery (so my surgeon says). Today I had my Monovisc injection, this is a 3rd injection and it works very well for me. I function very well with the single Hyaluronic injection. I have used the HA since 2016 due to removal of meniscus and this works for me. I am using supplements (and realize I'll need to increase my doses) to help build that cartilage while I understand the supplements are slow, if they work I'm ahead of the game...One big concern for me is: I have lower back issue of herniation L4,L5 & bulging and this affects me hip, my knee...will consider repairing the lower back before I tackle the knee. I have refused the Cortisone injections. Thanks so much for this video. Must interject...if OA is a DDD and will progress, at what point can you put off the TKR? I'm 73, and active in gym, fairly healthy except for my skeletal issues, osteopinia of rt hip, recovery later on in life would be harder to manage...so that's a downside of putting off this TKR issue and one I'm struggling with. ANY SUGGESTIONS? And I saw those x-rays, kind of look like mine (69yr old man), I'm a female...


im 33 years old and had two meniscus operations in the same knee and a small spot of artritis 2a3 where they removed a piece of meniscus 8 years aggo . I have had 4 single injections in moments where i had significant muscle loss in my legs because of not being able to excercise because of the pain or some other injury . everytime i had these injections it helped so much ... you know that crunching pain when you put your hand on your knee and you can feel it crunch... this dissapears over time because of this injection combined with working towards building your muscle . i was able to run 5 km with no pain after a week when i got this injection when a week before i could not walk of stairs or even walk whitout feeling pain . i never accepted a painkiller injection yet because i hear bad things about them so i tries this instead . i can definatly say it helps but i can also say that you have to combine it with excercise .. painfull for a moment when they inject because of my artritis but yeah it gave me a boost in moments where inwas not even able to sit on a bike . everytime i had some other injury though inbetween these injections wich keeps setting me back to 0 so right now im hoping 4 months in since my last one that i do not need another one . im confident if i keep going to the gym that i can achieve this but if the time comes where i feel i cant anymore because of the pain i will definatly buy another injection. to expensive though !



Pera P

Cheers for this, been searching for "what is the best thing to take for osteoarthritis" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Hanadelyn Banadison System - (do a google search )?

It is a good exclusive product for discovering how to get rid of arthritis without the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my brother in law got amazing success with it.

Denise Armstrong

Fuck my weight

Alex Solemn

after 9 seance of hyalgan injection I had no improvement in pain or on MRI
I have osteoarthritis type 2 this is moderating type ????

Sodium hyaluronic acid

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HSS Minute: Hyaluronic Acid Injections for Knee Osteoarthritis

10 168 views | 11 Dec. 2019

Hear from HSS primary

Hear from HSS primary sports medicine physician Dr. Kathryn McElheny about a study aimed to compare efficacy between single and multiple hyaluronic acid (HA) injection formulations for knee osteoarthritis.

"HSS Minute" is a video series geared towards educating patients on the expertise and innovations at HSS.

Lilian Woo

Can injection also reduce stiffness in knee

Vick Moneymaker

I had 3 and did not worked .stop ripping off people !

simhi free

I had only one injection and it worked.