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Fizzle or Sizzle: SPA LIFE Sheet Mask

453 views | 7 Dec. 2017

Hi everyone! Today were

Hi everyone! Today were tested out a coconut water sheet mask by Spa Life! We fall apart with sheet masks apparently because we couldn’t stop laughing! Enjoy the chaos! Was it a FIZZLE or a SIZZLE??

Have any fizzle sizzle ideas? Sound off in the comments below.

Thank you so much for the love and support,


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Kaity Lowe

You guys are silly haha I love sheet masks! But they look terrifying haha

Chelsea Pearl

This reminded me a lot of when I have girls night in with wine and sheet masks, hahaha. This was so fun to watch!

Behind The Scent

Love the editing in this, and so funny to watch! I do enjoy sheet masks but they're such a faff when they don't stay on that well and drip everywhere. I tend to go for the Tony Moly ones because they're super cheap but I find there's quite a lot of overhang. I don't notice too much difference between varieties of sheet masks, they all just tend to hydrate and not do a lot else. Laughed out loud at "I feel like I have a little ballsack" HAHAHAH. I always just leave sheet masks on until they're pretty much dry (like half an hour), I don't want to waste that serum! Your skins look nice, looks like it was quite soothing

Krista Burtner

I can never get a sheet mask to stay on my face. They all just slide off. I also have never really noticed a difference with them.

Mariela Merino

I did a similar mask last month that I got from Walmart and it left my face so wet too haha. I'm not a fan of them either, I have to try charcoal masks maybe those will work for me.

Ashley DeVino

Lmao this was hysterical. Especially because I LOVE sheet masks. I basically hoard them lmfao. I probably have at least 50 in my skin care drawer right now because every time I see them in a store I HAVE TO buy at least 2 lol. I actually don’t like the ones that come in tubes that you have to peel off or wash off. I think sheet masks are just so convenient lol. I stick it on my face. Let it sit. Take it off my face. And I’m done. No water or soap or anything! ??? lmfao. Great video as always ladies! ?

Juliana Kamya

I love sheet masks hahaha. You guys are super fun to watch toooo

Beauty Riot X

I love charcoal masks but they make me red too lol. I still use them though. They’re great at unclogging pores. My skin gets pretty congested.
But here’s my thing with sheet masks. I’ve used a bunch in the past but I can NEVER differentiate one kind from the other. One is soothing, one is for brightening, one of For blemishes. They all feel the same and usually wield the same results for me. Lol Am I alone here? Some great rinse off masks are by Nuug. Next time ur at target check them out.
It does however drive me nuts because sheet masks always slip and slide but I got a face mask shield in one of my k beauty boxes that’s rubber that you put on top of a sheet masks, slip it over ur ears and it keeps it still on your face. It’s genius.
*PS. Supple means pliant or flexible.

Elizabeth Rose MUA

Sheet masks can be amazing. Have you actually tried the Sephora brand fiber sheet maskes? The Orchid one is incredible.

Spa life masks

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Spa life face mask review

447 views | 8 Mar. 2016

Today I thought I do

Today I thought I do something different so I review a face mask product that I found at Marshalls 4 only $0.99 before applying this mask you are too wash and dry your face and applied mask on face evenly and leave for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I took the face mask off my skin then felt smooth and silky. Comment down below if you would like to see more videos like this don't forget to comment like and subscribe see you later

Spa life masks

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Sit and Knit for a Bit with ARNE & CARLOS. Season 2, episode 13

29 770 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Join us for our weekly

Join us for our weekly knitting podcast! Are you ready to SIT and KNIT for a BIT?


Sit and Knit for a Bit with ARNE & CARLOS - Episode 12


Check out ARNE & CARLOS merchandise!

Available via @Teespring: https://teespring.com/stores/arne-carlos

Hi and welcome to our channel!

Who are we:

Scandinavians Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison are highly regarded designers, textile artists and authors. They are best known for their craft books and their original, colourful and visually striking designs. Their work is highly influenced by their Scandinavian background and their everyday life in rural Norway. They work under their artist name ARNE & CARLOS, which they established in 2002.

We publish a weekly, new tutorial every Sunday on both our YouTube channel and our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy it!

• Instagram:


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• You find all the patterns in our shop


For any business inquiries please contact:

[email protected]


Lovely to see you both back together. Such a Joy to spend time together with you both. Thank you!!!!! Jo xx


In a pinch, I would absolutely have potato chips for dinner. ? I enjoyed your discussion about the Norske Strikkemønstre books, the various editions and how they have been helpful. The moose was a bonus!

Erin O'Shea

Thanks so much for the moose!! ?

Kaila Cramer

Welcome back! So glad you’re back home and keeping each other company. Today, I notice that Arne’s cardigan coordinates beautifully with the cushion near his left arm!

amy lorino

Is Helmar a standard poodle?

Ency Austin

How wonderful to see you happy and back together again. This episode was so "warm" as Arne said...I felt so good after watching it. Onward and good health to you both! ❤️

Susan Carroll

I think the block should be called waiting for Carlos, because we all were waiting for him with Arne!!!

Susan Toper

Dear Arne and Carlos could you please do a review of Norweigan Knitting Designs 90 years on. I'd love to hear what you think of it and how it compares to the original book. I really enjoyed the sit and knit today, especially Arnes culinary adventures

Angela Carnes

My heart just melted when Arne named the block “Waiting for Carlos”. I love these sit and knit and chat episodes.

Catherine Khalili

Very enjoyable episode. It is snowing here in Richmond and I was feeling boxed in. Your YouTube lifted my spirits. ❤️❤️

Ann Kirschner

Happy to back sitting and knitting with you both! Arne, I love your cardigan—brilliant design and I love its historic origins.

MariaLuisa Ponce

I'm glad to see you Carlitos???
I'm so happy to see you guys together again. I'm a little bit under the weather. I have the flu , we went to California on the 28 to get my mom. I'm sure I didn't get the covit-19. My mom told me a lot of people died all around the block.
We got to California, picked her up, in and out my oldest son went with us , my son and my husband drove, never stopped. In and out . My beautiful California has turned into ugly California. I grew up in California, back is the 70's it was beautiful., not no more . ?
?Any way, I'm so happy to see you back together. Love you ??? my beautiful people ???

grete klingenberg

sa fint a se dere sammen igjen. jeg har den boken ogsa, min er fra 1975

Sherie Rodrigues

OMGOODNESS, really, is this your view from your home. I am so happy envious of you both. Hugs to you for sharing ? Sherie Rodrigues from Australia ?

Becky Koch

Arne isn't crazy, the cauliflower in salt water for worms is a real thing - I always do this with cauliflower I grow in my garden and it works! But I've never felt the need to do it to grocery store cauliflower ;) Missed you guys!!


The cauliflower thing had me crying with laughter. I assume it was something his family did because they grow their own food. You have to worry about supermarket vegetables that never have any evidence of pilfering. If the worms don't want to eat it maybe you shouldn't either. And seriously Arne, It is very cold and very dark in Norway in January. I know you don't swing that way but I think you know how it works where you end up with a baby 9 months later.

Heather Smith-gearns

Love you both. So glad to find you well, and worm free! ? Arne, Cooking is tough, and I totally understand. Glad Carlos is feeling better. Stay well please! Thanks for catching us up!

Lisa gimblett

Welcome back Carlos! Glad to hear that you are feeling better and on the road to recovery. I laughed so hard about the cauliflower worms!

Marcia Arndt

Happy your back, appreciate your pod cast. Knitting with cat in lap, the best! Marcia

Christina Gely

OMGosh! Guys! It’s so great to see you both together once again! This was such a great episode and I laughed so much about the wormy cauliflower!! Also just a note that I absolutely LOVE Sitting by the fire knitting and Still knitting by the fire with Arne! I still put these on and enjoy the quiet!

Becky B

Arne my dad ( a farmer) grew lettuce he always put it in salted water to draw out any bugs and yes worms too, they would float to the top of the water. I havent thought about that for years. Thank you for that memory of him doing that. Also, from your last cooking video you can tell a hard boiled egg from a raw egg by laying it on its side and spinning it. A hard boiled egg will spin an raw egg will not it just wobble spins.

Margaret Killick

It's lovely to see you back together, I am glad Carlos is feeling better and thank you for the moose :)

Éva Csipes

Those September children indicate happy Christmas holidays ?

Carla Cottrell

How amazing!

Annette Alberti

I’m so happy to have you back! I finished a pair of socks while enjoying the podcast. I loved hearing about Arne’s cooking and how you each spent your time apart. Would you post a list of the YouTube shows you watch?

Linda Rockwell Warner

Welcome home, Carlos! I'm glad you're back and feeling better!

Joslyn Neiderer

I love my laminator, too!

Jane Michie

You live in such a beautiful area. Absolutely love the mittens - I'm going to have to make some!

Boston Picker

Thank You for mentioning Norwegian Knitting Designs 20 Years Later. I just ordered a copy. I’m so excited and I so appreciate you both. You’re a joy in the world.

Tricia B

Love the MOOSE MOOSE intro! So so very happy Carlos that you are improved so much and that Arne did so well on his own with premade foods. You two are terrific

sue c allen

So glad you are back, Carlos. And, Arne, I totally loved your slow-knitting video. Some times I want the quiet but with company. Thanks.

christine h

You are so talented! Your knitting is amazing! Thanks for your video:)

Mamie Armaly

Lovely to Sit and Knit for a Bit with both of you again! I've had potato chips and wine for dinner many times when my husband use to be away on business trips. It's so delcious and comforting.

Deborah Scheers

So happy to see you are doing so much better Carlos! And very thrilled that my most favourite knitting friends are back ❣️

Laurel Stieg

MOOSE !! MOOSE !! what a delight..thank you both for sharing and giving of your time..hugs to all..❣??????

Dana Giles

Oh I just LOVE Kate!!!

Lieve Guastavino

Lucky Helmer!

Nina Brookes

Fascinated by the traditional Norwegian patterns and hope that we can tour some museums with you. Great to see you together again.

Lolly-Lou's How To's

The room you are sitting in is beautiful

Audrey Farrelly

Great to have you both back and looking forward to lots more episodes. Sounds like you both missed each other and your routines a lot. Shows what a great couple you are, stronger together!!

Ellen Stork

Nice to see you guys. Love your decor!

Peggy Bo

When I Was a child, my mum put the cauliflower in salted water before cooking like you did, Arne. She had it in the garden and sometimes there where worms in it. But often it did'nt help and we found a worm while eating the cauliflower. ?

Nina Rowe

All the births maybe in September because January is very cold

Kathy Connaghan

I’m so happy to see both of you! Missed your videos. I wish you both the best of luck and good health.

Sue Edwards

Hey it’s great to see you both again and life is starting to get back to whatever can be called normal in these COVID times. Thanks guys for the effort you make to brighten up everyone’s eyes. I am sorry some people say negative things. Like you say if you don’t like it switch it off and if you can’t say anything nice don’t say it. I get fed up with people tearing each other down. We should encourage, see the best in everybody and build each other up. ❤️

Gloria Fung

Arne being “interrogated” by Carlos on his cooking?

Kate Hill

The square being called Waiting for Carlos made made me feel a bit sad for Arne. But so pleased now that Carlos is home and everything is right in the world again.

Robin Bunis

I hate it when there are worms in my cauliflower !?

Raye L.

Glad you are home and a new season for Sit and Knit. And I love the name Waiting for Carlos!! Take care you two!

Jannie Knits

it's so nice to see you two back together again at home! I love the name 'waiting for Carlos' for the square, very touching.

Patti Shanks

I wish I could “like” this episode multiple times! It’s so wonderful to see you back in your home, Carlos. Arne, as always, is so funny during these podcasts!

Irene MacLeod

i started to macrame but put it down i was so interested in you guys i had fun listening to you thanks see you sunday

Judy Wichman

So good to have you together again. Glad Arne was able to feed himself. And happy Carlos is feeling better. ❤

Laura Lenkey

Hey Arne, did you count back 9 months and see what was going on in your countries history? Maybe something going on causing folks to stay indoors?

M H.

I so enjoyed this video. Happy you are home Carlos and on the mends and back with Arne. You are both special people.

Diane Rayburn

In the UK, when I was small my mother and grandmother always soaked the cauliflower or other vegetables in salt water because the local shop bought direct from the farm, and in those days they didn't use pesticides. It meant lots of insect life tucked in between the florets and leaves.

Antoinette Bilocca

Hi there glad you are getting better Carlos some times I make myself a chip sandwich Carlos it’s good ?

Jennifer Johnson

What a lovely week: my Zumba classes are happening again (not Zoom) and Arne & Carlos are back in session! I'm so glad Carlos is in fine fettle and has reunited with Arne. That was quite the catch-up--thanks for sharing!

Ena Sharples

ohhhh that's what you were doing...I did wonder what you were picking off him and giving him to eat!

Anne Mizen

So glad you two are back together. Very interesting knitting book with lovely traditional patterns, it makes me want to try colour work in my knitting.

Deepti Zaremba

Frankly, I absolutely agree with Arne’s cauliflower preparation. Well done.

Jennifer Congdon

What a comfort that Carlos is back. I love that you love your dogs. Way to go !

Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra

So pleased you are on the mend Carlos, I think you were really missed on the home front.

Michel McNinch

Thank you for sharing your beautiful life!

Annette Derksen

Carlos that is the way my mom taught us 4 girls how to clean cauliflower.
Wash whole and then soak in salted water for at least i/2 hour. Good for you Arnie.
Just love the way you two banter back and forth. Made my day. So tired of all this isolation
and we still have a long ways to go here in Manitoba. Keep safe and thanks for sharing your experiences and time with us. Hey Arnie when I was alone my favorite food was to make cream of potato soup. Go figure but it was easy to make. Hello from Winnipeg.?????


Good to see you’re back together again , stay healthy and take care ❤️❤️??

Anne Lokken

Hi guys! So nice to listen to you chat! Your book suggestions were so interesting, I ordered the Norwegian Designs book right away! About the squares - I still enjoy knitting them so if you keep designing them, I'll keep knitting them!! Takk xoxo

Sue A

So lovely to see you again and spend time in your company, currently I'm working on a primrose throw, it's taking a while but i love doing it and great to work on with the podcast. Thank you for sharing with us xx

Isabelle Gal

Arne..they ....your ancestors were cuddling in cold January

Amabilis YouTube

Glad you are back Arne. You're lucky to have a chef for your rehab. Our hospital food is terrible. It's made in another location, frozen and then re-heated. Blah!

Angela Willshire

So glad to have you back!!


❤️❤️ Hope you can get vaccinated soon

Rena Messenger

What a wonderful time spent sitting and knitting with Arne & Carlos. So happy to hear you are feeling better Carlos, and happy to hear Arne survived his own cooking, Ha Ha. Potato chips for dinner- that's funny. I really enjoy seeing your knitting history books and how you were so creative in preserving the one book that was in need of tender care. When I'm able, I am going to get a book with some of those patterns and try to make some mittens, the ones you show are soooo lovely. Thanks again for a wonderful podcast. I look forward to the next one. Carlos, please continue to get plenty of rest as you recover- even if that means no videos some weeks- your health is most important.

Christiane Berghoff

Regarding the Cauliflower......I grew up leaving cauliflower in water with vinegar to get caterpillars or other creepy crawlies out.....I do have them with local organic vegetables! Conventional veg treated with pesticide Will not have alive creatures......xxxxx

8468 Ohio

Love seeing you all together again and that room is beautiful. ❤️


It’s so wonderful to see you back doing your normal podcast! All feels right with the world and I can see how Arne looks so happy that you’re home. I REALLY loved the book show and tell and I’ve already ordered one of the books - I love Norwegian designs so thank you for that! I also REALLY loved both names for the new square but ‘waiting for Carlos’ is just lovely - it’s so heartfelt. :) Love the new square - please keep going (if you don’t mind!). I find it’s such a great connection, especially as this was all started during covid and we’re still dealing with it. Love you both! xx

Linda Erman

OMG they're back. Too adorable! Pausing till I get my embroidery.

Isabelle Gal

When bringing cauliflower and broccoli out of the garden if you soak in salted water the worms will crawl out

Kathleen Kaar

I loved knitting in front of the fireplace. I sat with Arne, looking at the fire between stitches. It was lovely. So nice to see you home and back in good form Carlos,

M Callan

Just discovered your channel and I’m hooked! I’m from the UK and currently it’s really cold (although not as cold as where you are!) and I’m looking at those mittens Arne is wearing with envious eyes! Look forward to discovering more about your lives and knitting! Stay safe x

Sara Opie

The worms in cauliflowers! Brilliant!

Patti Kubacki

So happy to see you both together again. Keep getting better and stronger Carlos. Take care.

Jenny Considine

So happy you're back together and healthy. Chuckling over the food conversation while I'm finally working on the second mitten from Knit Stars.

Carola Bruinink

About the cauliflower and the 'beasts', a story from ancient times. It was in my family too, homegrown vegetables, without any toxic stuff, were laid in a pan with salted water. For an hour or more. Rinsed then cooked.

Dee Kay

I'm so happy to see you both today. Thankful that Carlos is getting better.
Thank you for sharing the moose video. Such an amazing creature, we had one in our front yard a few years ago, he was very hungry so needless to say our landscaping changed very quickly...ha ha ha.
The dogs are so happy to have the household back to normal.

Karen Wasson

Thank you for sharing the beautiful moose sighting. Something we’d never see in Australia!
Can I ask, did you make those beautiful cushions sitting either side of you on the sofa? I couldn’t see if they were knit or sewn. They are gorgeous ❤️
Hopefully there is no more ‘waiting for Carlos’


Putting the cauliflower into saltwater is an old (and very real) household tip. #TeamArne ...lol

Monika Wiedmann

I guess if March is a good month to make babies, they get born in September? :)


Love you both so much!
How Norway has not declared you both as National Treasures is beyond me??

rochelle batagower

So happy you’re back. Fun episode.

Carla Garner

“Waiting for Carlos” ?

Annie Boulton

Hello Arne and Carlos. I enjoyed your podcast. I sat and crocheted on a blanket as I watched. The visit by the moose was very special, I'm glad you spotted him and got some footage. I hope you keep Elmer, I'd love to hear that he is staying with you two for good. Love the block Arne. I'm so happy to see you back Carlos and that you are recovering well. Take care guys. See ya soon xxx

Inferniel Solvang

Carlos, i'm so happy you're on the mend...lung problems are no fun

Joy Wilson

Lovely to sit and knit with you again. Xx

Mary Reddin

A treat to watch and it was the perfect length for me to weave in ends on two projects that have been sitting for awhile.

Karen Pepperell

I love the squares. Please keep them coming. So generous of you.
Good to see you back and well, Carlos!

Barb Downing

You two are just plain AMAZING! Happy Valentines Day!

Linda Hamilton

Clearly, the dogs are soooo happy to have you both home. Very interesting chat today

B Takane

Awwww, Arne! So sweet! “Waiting for Carlos” adorable!

Summer King

So wonderful that you are back at home Carlos. With all the physio I have no doubt you will be back to your usual self in no time at all. Arne, got such a giggle from all your cooking exploits, but it did the trick - you did not fade away during Carlos' absence. Love the new square. As it takes no time at all for you to knit them (so envious of your speed) would love for their creation to continue. Maybe a moose, to celebrate them in your neighbourhood, which you showed from the traditional pattern you have :-)